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The School Day 9.00 am

Form Prayers & Registration

9.05 am

Assembly or Form Time

9.15 am

Period 1

10.05 am

Period 2

10.55 am


11.10 am

Period 3

12.00 am

Period 4

12.50 pm


1.35 pm

Afternoon bell

1.40 pm

Period 5

2.30 pm

Period 6

3.20 pm

End of School Day

Teaching time = 5 hours per day; 25 hours per week. registration/assembly times.)

(This does not include

Organisation and Care of the Pupils Each pupil comes primarily under the care of the Form Tutor, who will get to know pupils as individuals, register the group daily and look after the day-to-day routines. In addition there is a Head of Year with general responsibility for the Year group, under the direction of a Deputy Head. Year 7 Staff for September 2013 are: Head of Year: Mr. Santus Year Tutors:

Mrs Greaves, Mrs Harvey, Mr Taylor, Mrs Wiles, Miss Mapson, Mr Barton, Mrs Harrington, Mrs Carey

Uniform A school is often judged by the appearance and conduct of its pupils in public. The reputation gained by the school as a whole is of importance and value to the individual pupil both during school life and later when seeking employment. Experience has shown that in a school where all wear uniform it is relatively easy to foster in each pupil a proper pride in personal appearance, neatness and good taste. We reserve the right to prohibit unsuitable fashion/styles in dress and personal appearance. If you are in any doubt, please contact the school. The uniform requirements for September 2013 are shown later in this prospectus.

School Prospectus 2013-2014  
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