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The School of

Liberal Arts ............... Traditionally, the liberal arts are

the foundation of all higher learning, giving a student the knowledge and learning skills to succeed in any field. Many liberal arts majors go on to graduate schools in their undergraduate fields, while others use their degrees to springboard into teaching, counseling, law, creative arts or starting their own businesses.


has been my calling

since I was four years old. I have felt daily joy to have the privilege of participating in what is possible for human beings in this world.

Lighting a fire, not filling a pail,

is the approach I have always taken. Schreiner has been a place for me to

share, grow, learn, contribute and participate.� ~ Dr. Kathleen Hudson, Professor of English

Earned the prestigious 2010 Minnie Piper Stevens Award, honoring her as one of the top college educators in Texas.

Schreiner University Viewbook  
Schreiner University Viewbook  

The Viewbook of Schreiner University - Learning by Heart