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Dear Friends, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.” Those words from the book of Ecclesiastes came to mind as I was reflecting on the content of this year’s “Momentum.” Our culture of obsolescence is too often comfortable with a different motto—“Do what it takes to get by or do no more than you have to.” We are all too familiar with the results of that attitude. So it delights me that the stories you will find in this publication reflect the first view, not the second. There is nothing minimalist in the attitude of donors like Neil and Gena Griffin or the community volunteers who make the Hill Country College Fund a perennial success. These are people who dig deep to contribute to something about which they are passionate. Similarly, as you read the stories about living and learning communities, our language consortium, expanded musical ensembles, student service engagement, Schreiner Recycles and an athletic program going places, I hope you see something of the passion for quality that animates our campus. Not every Schreiner graduate is as quickly appreciative as Stephanie Samayoa of the broad

interplay of learning opportunity and personal support a Schreiner education affords, but it is a discovery that many make not long after they graduate and go on to work or further study. There are various ways to capture this aspect of life at Schreiner. I have called it a passion for quality. It is certainly a feature of “learning by heart,” because what you do with all your might, you do from the heart. And of course, our ability to accomplish those things that have been done as well as those we are still dreaming of is intertwined with the passion that you, our friends and donors, have for the work we have claimed now for nearly 90 years. Again, to quote Ecclesiastes, “Two are better than one,” and we at Schreiner are indeed made better by our relationship with you—our community and our friends.

All the best,

C. Tim Summerlin President

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Momentum: Schreiner's 2012 Annual Report  
Momentum: Schreiner's 2012 Annual Report  

Schreiner University's 2012 Annual Report