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The Art in Hearts - 2012

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Volume 7, issue 3

The Art in Heart’s First Sunday Funday

Table of Contents Sunday Funday 1 Event Photos 1 Giving Thanks 2 First of Many Sunday Fundays


Lend a Helping Hand


Craft of the Month



othing is better than when an entire community can come together and make something special happen. That is just what the locals in Stillwater, Okla. did on Oct. 7, 2012. Mallory Schrader, president of The Art in Hearts Foundation, was proud to host the first Sunday Funday in hopes to raise donations and inform the community of The Art in Hearts’ cause. The date of the event happened to be “World Smile Day,” which is to encourage others to participate in random acts of kindness. Members of The Art in Hearts asked residents of Stillwater and surrounding areas to come enjoy tasty food and family fun, while also making generous donations and a difference in a young individual’s life. Various types of art supplies were donated, as well as money to go toward materials that the instructors can purchase when needed. Previous of Sunday Funday, Schrader anticipated the event to be a huge success and greatly impact not only children, but also the entire community. Fortunately, Schrader’s vision was correct.


This event had the best turnout compared to every other. “Everyone deserves to be able to feed their creative side as much as they desire,” Schrader said. “Children aren’t always given the tools and patience to let their imaginations run onto paper, but at The Art in Hearts we are able to make that happen!” The Art in Hearts’ mission is to ensure children and young adults are given the tools and attention to let their imaginations flow. The staff members of The Art in Hearts Foundation are dedicated to creating a welcoming environment and encouraging success for the individuals’ futures. The Art in Hearts Foundation is planning to make Sunday Funday an annual event. The best is yet to come for the Stillwater community.

Giving Thanks


Mallory Schrader President of The Art in Hearts 1114 N. Duck Street Stillwater, OK 74075 (405) 691-3592

am pleased to announce that The Art in Hearts Foundation will be celebrating its one-year anniversary on December 5, 2012. I know for a fact that this foundation wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the amazing staff members, volunteers and generous donators.Also, the inspiring children, whom continue to amaze us every day, are the reason the foundation began. This is just the beginning of many more years to come for The Art Hearts. I knew from the day I entered art class in elementary school that I wanted to be an art teacher, however, it may have taken me a couple years after graduating college but I finally figured out my calling – giving back to the community. During this past year, The Art in Hearts has set wonderful attendance records; ranging from 15-20 children

in every class. Every day that I work with these young individuals is truly a blessing and I can’t express how much I’ve learned from them. I want to personally thank every volunteer and donator that has graciously supported The Art in Hearts Foundation. I hope that it has been worth every second and you continue helping children feed their creativity. Also, without our sponsors; Habitat for Humanity and Chik-fil-a, the Sunday Funday event wouldn’t have been able to happen. They were kind enough to help set up the event and cater delicious food. Overall, the amount spent on the event was a maximum of $500. The Art in Hearts Foundation isn’t going anywhere, get ready Stillwater because change is happening!



I started The Art in Hearts Foundation in December of 2011. Although the foundation was first ran stricktly through my home, I wanted to make sure that children could get in the holiday spirit with decorations and crafts just in time for Christmas. I didn’t want their circumstances at home to stop them from being able to enjoy the holiday season. What better gift to give than one you’ve made yourself?

• Raised over $3,000 at the first Sunday Funday • Recieved an immense amount of art supplies • Ten volunteer applications were submitted • Over 25 new students enrolled


Many More Sunday Fundays to Come

The Art in Hearts foundation is already beginning to plan different events, focusing on fancy dinners, jewelry-making parties and auctions for artwork from the children. Mallory Schrader, president of The Art in Hearts foundation, was extremely persistent with making sure Sunday Funday was nothing but successful. “Not all children are able to be fully creative and show their talents because they aren’t given the tools to,” Schrader said. “Either their guardians can’t afford it or they don’t support it.”


high energy and never-ending laughter consumed The Art in Hearts’ Sunday Funday event last Sunday on Library Lawn. The community came together and helped out one another immensely. According to the National Poverty Center (NPC), about 22 percent of children in the United States were living in poverty during 2010.

One family that attended the event stood out to the members of The Art in Hearts. Less than two months ago, their family home caught fire during the drought. They lost everything and are slowly recovering. Luckily, no one was injured and they didn’t have any pets. Their youngest son, 8-year-old Michael Carrington, is a born artist. Unfortunately he lost all of his work in the fire and the family is still unable to afford the art supplies he needs. He brought some penciled sketches to the event and his talent blew everyone away! His family had no idea about The Art in Hearts foundation and its mission.

On Sunday individuals pitched in by providing homecooked meals and a local farmer, Pete Moore, brought his two ponies, Lilly and Leila, so children could enjoy pony rides at no cost. Also, art students from Oklahoma State University joined in on the fun and took control of face painting.

Organizations like “I’m so happy that there The Art in Hearts are people like you all out give families such in the world, thank you.” as Michael’s hope. If people could see that it is easy to lend a helping hand, then life would be so much easier and worth living. As of now, The Art in Heart’s foundation is only local in Stillwater, but they hope to eventually grow nationwide. This event was The Art in Hearts first Sunday Funday and it won’t be its’ last!

Keith Williams, the art student who first heard about the event, went out of his way to make sure face painting happened. “It feels great to be part of such a rewarding cause,” Williams said. “I have always known my calling was in art, but now I am starting to think it is specifically teaching art to children.” Paintings from past students were auctioned off and the money raised was put toward The Art in Hearts foundation. The event made it possible to have an abundant amount of art supplies donated and awareness was increased.


What’s Next?

Lend a Helping Hand

Craft of the Month

If you are interested in volunteering at The Art in Hearts Foundation, please contact us and we would be more than happy to make you part of the team. Volunteers will be needed for all three events listed below, as well as helping throughout the week during creative sesssions.

Melting crayons on pumpkins

Call: (918) 691-3592 Email:

Upcoming Events Gobble, Gobble, Glue: November 29, 2012 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. Come celebrate Thanksgiving with The Art in Hearts! We will be opening up our building to anyone who needs company on this great holiday. Be prepared to feast and craft while thinking about everything we have to be thankful for. One-year Anniversay: December 5, 2012 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Art in Hearts Foundation is thrilled to announce that we will be celebrating our one-year anniversay! Everyone is invited to celebrate the incredible adverb we call creativity. Craft Camp: Enrollment begins on December 30, 2012 and the deadline is February 30, 2013. Visit our website for more information.


Caution: Make sure you have an adult supervising because fire will be used.

You’ll need the following items: A box of crayons, pumpkins, a lighter and something to set under the pumpkins to protect from the wax. Step 1: Take the paper off of every crayon you plan on melting. Step 2: Hold a small flame to the tip of each crayon (one at a time). Once you can see it start to melt, place it against the pumpkin. Continue with each crayon until it is completely melted. Step 3: Use as many colors until you have the results you want.

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