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southern interscholastic press association

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March 4-6 • Columbia. S.C. Columbia Marriott • USC School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Welcome to SIPA USC School of Journalism & Mass Communications Carol Pardun, director Glenda Alvarado Sid Bedingfield Jay Bender John C. Besley Kenneth Campbell Shirley Staples Carter Erik L. Collins Leslie Dennis Beverly Dominick Bonnie L. Drewniany Art Farlowe Scott Farrand Doug Fisher Karen Flowers Kathy Roberts Forde Debbie Garris Augie Grant Jim Haney Cecile S. Holmes Chris Huebner Sandra Hughes Keith R. Kenney Seihill Kim

Tom Klipstine Bruce E. Konkle Van Kornegay Karen Mallia Theresa Masters Carmen Maye Denise McGill Frank Mitchell Richard Moore Hugh Munn Harvie Nachlinger Rick Peterson Jeffrey Ranta Lisa Sisk Rick Stephens Andrea Tanner Miron Varouhakis Debi Wallace Ran Wei David Weintraub Tom Weir Lauren Welch Ernest L. Wiggins

Convention Welcome Want to know how Google is trying to figure out ways to make our cars drive themselves? Want to know why you’re more likely to be hit by a meteor than struck by lightning? Want to know how long it would take to start with a penny, double your money every day and end up with a million dollars? Become a journalist. As a journalist, you have an all-access pass to all sorts of issues of the day. In this age of fingertip information, there is no limit to the amount of data you can gather to help you understand the pressing issues of the day. By coming to SIPA 2011, you’ve already demonstrated that you are curious about the world. So while you’re here, ask questions, meet a new friend and think about the inquisitive life that awaits you as a journalist. All of us at the J-School are happy that you’re here!

College of Mass Communications & Information Studies Charles Bierbauer, dean Randy Covington Pierre d’Autel Terry Dixon Gayle Douglas Jill Chappell-Fail

Patty Hall Terri Moorer Elaine Taylor Nancy Twohey Jeremy Turnage

SIPA Convention & Competition 2011

Carol Pardun Director, School of Journalism & Mass Communications Associate dean, College of Mass Communications & Information Studies


southern interscholastic press association

all access

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Friday Adviser/Speaker Meeting Jostens Printing & Publishing Saturday Adviser Breakfast Herff Jones, Inc. Saturday Adviser Lunch Balfour Publishing Co. Convention Banquet Herff Jones, Inc. Sunday Adviser Breakfast Jostens Printing & Publishing Adviser Bags Balfour Publishing Co.

About Us

Southern Interscholastic Press Association University of South Carolina School of Journalism and Mass Communications Columbia, SC 29208 Phone: (803) 777-6284 E-mail: Website:


Information………………………......................………………..…………………………………6 Awards, Scholarships & Contests……………............………...……………………..………….7 General program overview…………………………..................……………………..………….9


Friday sessions……………………...……………………………..................………….……….14 Saturday sessions……………………………………………………………..................………15 Adviser Track sessions………………....………………………………………….....................16 Sunday sessions………………………………………………………...…………….................18


Coliseum (USC School of Journalism).…………………...........………………………………22 Marriott Hotel………………………………….…………………….....................………………22 Downtown Columbia………………………………………………………………..................…23

SIPA Information

Endowment fund……………………………………………………………………....................24 Convention speakers/judges…………………………………………………………................25 Who’s who in SIPA…………….……………………………………………………...................26

Meet Friday’s keynote speaker Paul Jon Boscacci As scholastic journalists in an ever-changing media world, we’re serious, serious journalists. Always pushing for deadlines; always looking for another story; always looking deeper; and always busy, busy, busy. So busy that we often forget to make time for the one element in a scholastic newsroom that might help us stand the pressure: laughter. Renowned cartoon journalist, Paul Boscacci, has never forgotten to laugh. “I guarantee they will laugh non-stop or their money back,” Boscacci said. But don’t be mistaken; Boscacci is not all fun and games. His ingenuity and hard work have landed his artwork in newspapers, magazines and online publications across the United States. In addition to keeping the laughs coming, his journey and knowledge of social media will keep student journalists engaged and provide useful insight. “There aren’t many syndicated cartoonists out there, and I can give … a view of the struggle it took to get me the contract and how I used the social media to promote the strip and communicate with fans,” Boscacci said. His cartooning started at a young age. By 12, he had published his first work in Boys Life magazine. Born into a military family, Boscacci’s family often moved. His most famous cartoon, “Fort

SIPA Convention & Competition 2011

Knox,” chronicles the tribulations of a military family. “My comic strip ‘Fort Knox’ revolves around me growing up as a military brat,” Boscacci said. “’Fort Knox’ is my favorite cartoon because I really understand and love the characters.” Cartooning is not the only thing Boscacci does. He is creative director for a software company. His daily schedule is packed setting up the comics, installing text, sketching during his lunch and then adding ink, grayscales and color at night with his Cintiq tablet and Photoshop. It’s a delicate balance between work and hobby. He is computer-savvy enough to have even created a font based on his own handwriting that he uses with the text for his comics. While the schedule sounds tight, Boscacci is presently four months ahead on “Fort Knox.” Boscacci “writes what he knows,” as his editor, Amy Lago – also Charles Shultz’s last editor – once encouraged him to do. He thinks of Lago as his “everyday inspiration and a genius.” But he credits his biggest influence as having come from USC’s College of Journalism and Mass Communications. “The [USC] professors opened my eyes to so many different things,” Boscacci said. “I will be forever indebted to them.” - Haley Vann, Lee County HS (Ga.)

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Convention Info Sessions

All sessions are in either the Marriott Hotel or the School of Journalism and Mass Communications (SJMC in the Carolina Coliseum). There will be a break between sessions. Classes are listed by session time in the program. Buses will take students and advisers to and from the hotel and the SJMC Saturday morning and afternoon. A bus schedule will be posted in the SIPA registration area and near the Hampton Street entrance of the Marriott. Bus pickup and drop-off points will be in front of the Hampton Street hotel entrance and at the Blossom Street entrance to the SJMC.

Hotel Bills

Each adviser must settle his or her school’s bill at checkout, remembering room service and long distance phone calls add to the

bill. The hotel is cancelling access to payper-view movies in all rooms occupied by students. If students wish to watch a movie, they must leave a credit card at the front desk.


Quiet time will be observed from midnight to 7 a.m. Saturday and Sunday. Advisers must make sure students observe these hours. SIPA staff and hotel security personnel will be periodically patrolling the hotel each evening. Possession of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or any weapons will not be tolerated. All delegates must wear their SIPA nametags throughout the convention while in the hotel or the Coliseum. Students should conduct themselves with discretion in the hotel and in the city throughout the convention. Their behavior will be a reflection on SIPA, scholastic journalism and individual high schools. Advisers should know where students are at all times. Each student should be accompanied by at least one other convention delegate when outside the

hotel. Students should not be outside at night without an adviser or chaperone. Rudeness to other hotel guests and hotel employees; misuse of or playing on the elevators; excessive noise in hotel rooms, halls or other public areas; misuse or destruction of hotel property; and all behavior that is dangerous or inappropriate is not acceptable.

Student Elections

Only one person from each school may campaign for an office. The elected offices are president, vice president and member-atlarge. Only presidential candidates will give speeches during the opening session Friday evening. Speeches should be no longer than four minutes. Voting will take place during the dance Saturday from 10 - 11 p.m. in the Capital Ballroom. Each SIPA member staff in attendance at the convention may appoint ONE voting delegate.

Become a part of history!

Join us in celebrating 85 years of prestige and excellence, while honoring journalistic and academic achievements. Membership in Quill and Scroll International Honorary Society for High School Journalists lasts a lifetime and represents the best in high school journalism.

For more information:

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1957 Helena HS, Montana, Quill and Scroll Club

Quill and Scroll

1926SIPA - Convention 2011 & Competition 2011

Awards, Scholarships & Contests J. Grady Locklear Scholarship The J. Grady Locklear scholarship may be awarded at the SIPA Convention to a senior who meets the following criteria: 1. The student must attend the USC School of Journalism and Mass Communications. 2. The student must be a writer or staff member of a literary magazine. 3. The student must attend the 2011 SIPA Convention. 4. The student must be a student member of SIPA. Last year’s winner was Matthew Koon-Stack. Sylvia Daughtry & Betty Morton Future Teacher Scholarship The future teacher scholarship may be awarded to a senior who plans to become a classroom teacher. Applicants must meet the following criteria: 1. The student must attend the USC School of Journalism and Mass Communications. 2. The student must be a student member of SIPA. 3. The student must plan to become a classroom teacher. 4. The student must attend the 2011 SIPA Convention. McClatchy Scholarship for Minority HS Seniors One $1,000 scholarship may be awarded at the SIPA Convention to a senior who meets the following criteria: 1. The student must attend the USC School of Journalism and Mass Communications. 2. The recipient must be a minority student planning a career in print journalism. 3. The student must attend the 2011 SIPA Convention. Col. C. E. Savedge Fellowship Fellowships will provide registration for the 2011 Carolina Journalism Institute. Winners must be present at the convention. Publication advisers with up to three years’ experience are eligible to win. Last year’s winners were Greg Davis, James Island Charter HS (Charleston, S.C.) and Michelle Rose, South Florence HS (Florence, S.C.). Col. C. E. Savedge Scholarship Col. C.E. (Chuck) Savedge was an important figure in scholastic journalism and deeply involved with SIPA. The School of Journalism and Mass Communications at USC has established this scholarship for an outstanding high school senior who meets the following criteria: 1. The student must attend the USC School of Journalism and Mass Communications. 2. The student must be a student member of SIPA. 3. The student must attend the 2011 SIPA Convention. Last year’s winner was Justin Stevens.

Elizabeth B. Dickey SIPA Scholarship This scholarship will be awarded by the University of South Carolina School of Journalism and Mass Communications to an outstanding SIPA student during the convention. Applicants must meet the following criteria: 1. The student must attend the USC School of Journalism and Mass Communications. 2. The student must be a student member of SIPA. 3. The student must have a good academic record. 4. The student must attend the 2011 SIPA Convention. Last year’s winner was Caitlyn Chimento. SIPA Regional Scholarship One scholarship will be awarded by the SIPA Endowment Committee to an outstanding SIPA student who will attend a school of journalism and mass communications at an accredited college or university in the SIPA region. The student must attend the 2011 SIPA Convention. Last year’s winner was Wes Phillips. Jacobs Daughtry Scholarship for Continuing Students One scholarship will be awarded at the SIPA Convention to a USC School of Journalism and Mass Communications student who meets the following criteria: 1. The student must be enrolled in the USC School of Journalism and Mass Communications. 2. The student must be planning a career in mass communications. 3. The student must meet academic criteria. Last year’s recipient was Jenna Eckel.

Last year’s winners were Broadcast – Real TV, Stratford HS (Goose Creek, S.C.) Newspaper – Tribal Tribune, Wando HS (Mt. Pleasant, S.C.) Yearbook – Westwind, West Henderson HS (Hendersonville, N.C.) Joseph Shoquist Freedom of the Press Award This award, named in honor of former Dean Joseph W. Shoquist, will be given periodically when an adviser or staff makes a strong stand for scholastic journalism. This award is given based upon the situation. Last year’s recipient was Melanie HuynhDuc, Northwest Guilford HS (Greensboro, N.C.). * * * * * * Broadcast Individual Anchor Contest Students will write a script from copy provided; then the students will read the script on camera. Last year’s first-place winner was Sarah Weishuhn, Stratford HS (Goose Creek, S.C.); first runnerup was Tyler Veazey, Nation Ford HS (Fort Mill, S.C.); and honorable mentions went to Chelsea Jasper, Nation Ford HS (Fort Mill, S.C.) and Priyanka Juneja, Dutch Fork HS (Irmo, S.C.). Broadcast On-the-Spot Feature Contest Teams will conduct interviews, shoot footage, edit footage and complete a three-minute feature package. Last year’s winner for Best Storytelling – Patriot Primetime, Freedom HS (Tampa, Fla.) Best Videography – WSV News, Spring Valley HS (Columbia, S.C.) Best Overall – UPC-TV, Countryside HS (Clearwater, Fla.)

Dr. Kay Phillips Administrator-of-the-Year Award This award is given to administrators who nurture the principles of scholastic journalism by supporting more than one publication, supporting the professional growth of the adviser and the educational growth of the students, as well as supporting academic standards. Advisers whose publications are members of SIPA may nominate an administrator at their schools. Last year’s recipient was Tommy Gladden, Lugoff-Elgin HS (S.C.).

Southern Regional Scholastic Journalism Quiz Bowl This is the eighth year for the Quiz Bowl. The qualifying round Friday night will consist of a written, multiplechoice test. Questions will be on current events, journalism history, scholastic media law, AP style and terminology. The top eight teams will qualify for the Quiz Bowl rounds Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. The winning team last year was Wingspan, West Henderson HS (Hendersonville, N.C.) and the first runner-up was The Charger, Oxford HS (Oxford, Miss.).

Scroggins Awards Scroggins Awards for Outstanding Publications will be presented during the 2011 SIPA Convention. The Scroggins Awards are given in memory of Dr. Albert T. Scroggins, director emeritus of SIPA. A trophy will be awarded to the outstanding publication in each of four categories: broadcast, magazine, newspaper and yearbook. The following criteria must be met in order to qualify for the Scroggins Award competition: 1. The publication must have received an All Southern rating. 2. The adviser and a staff member must attend the 2011 SIPA Convention.

WED (Writing, Editing, Design) This contest is open to newspaper and yearbook students. They will interview, write, edit and design pages Saturday afternoon. Last year’s winners were NP Design & Overall – Revolution, Freedom HS (Tampa, Fla.) NP Writing – The Pitchfork, Lugoff-Elgin HS (Lugoff, S.C.) YB Copy – Saga, Spring Valley HS (Columbia, S.C.) YB Design & Overall – Kaleidoscope, Lugoff-Elgin HS (Lugoff, S.C.)

SIPA Convention & Competition 2011

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Keynote Speaker and DSA Meet Saturday’s keynote speaker, Chris Roberts Dr. Chris Roberts has seen it all in the line of reporting duty. It all started when he was 14 years old, and Rick Bragg, now an author and Pulitzer Prizewinning journalist, hired him to work at The Jacksonville (Alabama) News. “I was very fortunate,” Roberts said. “I didn’t know any better, and no one told me I couldn’t do anything.” He started as a sports writer. “Small newspapers always need help covering football games,” he said. “My dad would drive me to the games, and then drive me back to the newspaper office.” While working at The Jacksonville News, Roberts also took a swing at radio. “I found out I like to write more than I like to talk,” he said. Roberts kept on writing, working on the college paper and interning before landing a reporting job at The Birmingham News at age 23, as he finished work on his master’s degree. He eventually became a weekend editor and wrote a technology column. “I talked about the Internet before anyone knew what it was,” he said. Recently, Roberts has written a journalism textbook with Jay Black, one of his college teachers. Doing Ethics in Media: Theories and Practical Applications covers ethics in different fields, including journalism, public relations, advertising and entertainment. It was released in February. “[In the text book] we have the Ws and the H list: What’s your problem? Why not follow the rules? Who wins; who loses? What’s it worth? Who’s whispering in your ear? And how’s it going to look? And it has 13 chapters designed around those questions.” Coming to SIPA will also be a return to a former home. He was an editor at The State newspaper in Columbia from 1998 to 2006. While working at The State, Roberts was able to earn his Ph.D. at the University of South Carolina. - Nick Pappas, Northridge HS (Ala.)

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Elizabeth B. Dickey Distinguished Service Awards Elizabeth B. Dickey Distinguished Service Awards are given to teachers, advisers and others who have contributed extraordinary amounts of time, talent and energy to SIPA. Advisers, associate members, students or principals may nominate persons for this award. Generally the nominee should have seven years’ experience advising award-winning publications, and/or he should have made contributions beyond the walls of the school in state, regional or national scholastic press associations. Recipients of past Distinguished Service Awards include: Alice James,‘79 Ken Henderson,‘88 Patsy Towery, ‘00 J. Grady Locklear,‘79 Alma Blythe,‘88 H. L. Hall, ‘01 Col. C.E. “Chuck” Earl Straight,‘88 Martha Rothwell, ‘01 Savedge,‘79 Mary Ann Blaskowitz,‘89 Dr. Ronald Farrar, ‘01 Dr. Albert T. Scroggins,‘79 John Cutsinger,‘89 Will Felts, ‘02 Clark Chism,‘80 Betsy Owen,‘89 Margaret Sorrows, ‘02 Fanny King,‘80 Richard J. Fitz,‘90 Christie Gold, ‘03 Marianne King,‘80 David Knight,‘90 Sharon Deibel, ‘03 Dr. Regis Boyle,‘81 Richard L. “Rik” McNeill,‘90 Kim Stokes, ‘03 Hope Carroll,‘81 Karen H. Flowers,‘91 Carl Zimmermann, ‘03 Ann Herlong,‘81 James F. Paschal,‘91 Pat Jackson, ‘03 Eloise Howard,‘81 Carol Lange,‘92 Julie Dodd, ‘04 Dr. Dennis Jones,‘81 Nancy Ruth Patterson, ‘92 Mark Murray, ‘04 Charles O’Malley,‘81 Susan Earley,‘93 Steve Row, ‘04 Florence Hancock,‘82 Richard Johns,‘93 Tamela K. Watkins, ‘04 Nancy Green,‘83 Margaret Johnston,‘93 Beth Fitts, ‘05 Betty Morton,‘83 Sylvia Daughtry,‘94 Rhonda Moore, ‘05 Beth Dickey,‘84 Brenda Gorsuch, ‘94 Flip Schulke, ‘05 Bruce E. Konkle, ‘84 Judy Hines,‘94 Jane Speidel, ‘05 Patricia Hedden Wicker,‘84 Dr. John Lopiccolo, ‘94 Carolyn Terry, ‘05 Thomas Engleman, ‘85 Margaret Shearouse,‘94 Gary C. Dickey, ‘06 Carole Ford,‘85 Dr. Jack Dvorak, ‘95 Martha Herring, ‘06 Dr. Ruby Herlong,‘85 Linda Leatherman,‘95 Jack Kennedy, ‘06 Dr. Reid Montgomery,‘85 Chuck Stone,‘95 Amy Medlock-Greene, ‘06 Col. Joseph M. Murphy,‘85 Beth Hammond, ‘96 Ken Thornberry, ‘06 Kay Phillips,‘85 Judith Price,‘96 Charles Bierbauer, ‘07 Oscar Wetherhold “Tom” Dr. Richard Uray,‘96 Marilyn Chapman, ‘07 Reigel, ‘85 Robert Atwood, ‘97 Alison Shuman, ‘07 Lilla Scroggins,‘85 Mary Inglis, ‘97 Sandy Woodcock, ‘07 Herb Sirota,‘85 Nora Moulton, ‘97 Linda Puntney, ‘08 Sam Garner, ‘86 Lori Oglesbee, ‘98 Alan Weintraut, ‘08 Dr. Jack Hillwig,‘86 Martha Akers, ‘98 Bradley Wilson, ‘08 Bruce Watterson,‘86 Tom French, ‘99 Monica Hill, ‘09 Ann Bartholomew,‘87 Judy Mulkey, ‘99 Stella McCombs, ‘09 Hud Clark,‘87 Bobby Hawthorne, ‘99 Jake Palenske, ‘09 Dorothy McPhillips,‘87 John Grisham, ‘99 Joe Dennis, ‘10 Shirley Moravec,‘87 Tim Harrower, ‘00 Valerie Kibler, ‘10 Dr. John Butler,‘88 Carolyn Haldeman, ‘00 Susan Newell, ‘10 Mark Goodman,‘88 John Hudnall, ‘00

SIPA Convention & Competition 2011

Convention Program Overview Friday 7:30 p.m.

Opening Session Marriott Carolina Ballroom Presiding:Diana Barahona SIPA president Welcome: Mary Inglis SIPA chairperson Keynote: Paul Jon Boscacci Introduction of 2011 Student Officers Introduction of 2012 Student Officer Candidates and Presidential Candidates’ Speeches

Saturday 11 a.m.

Keynote Speech Marriott Carolina Ballroom Speaker: Chris Roberts University of Alabama

Saturday Noon

Adviser Awards Luncheon Marriott Capital I Special recognition: Mary Inglis Luncheon address: Valerie Kibler

Saturday 7 p.m.

SIPA Convention Banquet Marriott Carolina Ballroom Presiding: Diana Barahona Award Presentations: Mary Inglis

Sunday 11 a.m.

Awards Presentation Marriott Carolina Ballroom Presiding: Diana Barahona Announcement of New Officers Broadcast On-the-Spot Feature Winners Broadcast Individual Anchor Winners WED & Quiz Bowl Winners Carry-in & Mail-in Contest Winners SIPA Evaluation Awards Scroggins Winners Adjournment until March 2, 2012

Friday • March 4, 2011 3 - 7 p.m. 5 - 7:30 p.m. 7:30 - 8:45 p.m. 9 - 10:30 p.m. 8:45 - 9:45 p.m. 10 p.m. 10 - 11:30 p.m. 10 - 11:30 p.m. Midnight

Registration – Marriott Carolina Pre-function Area Exhibit Area Open – Marriott Carolina Pre-function Area Opening – Marriott Carolina Ballroom Keynote – Paul Jon Boscacci Introduction of Student Officers Introduction of Student Officer Candidates Exhibit Area Open – Marriott Carolina Pre-function Area Class Sessions Quiz Bowl Preliminary Round – Marriott Ballroom D Adviser/Speaker/Judge Meeting & Reception– Palmetto Ballroom (sponsored by Jostens Printing & Publishing) SIPA’s Got Talent! – Marriott Capital Hall Quiet Time Begins

Saturday • March 5, 2011 7:30 - 8:30 a.m. 8 - 11 a.m. 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. 9 - 10:45 a.m. 11 - 11:45 a.m. Noon - 1:30 p.m. 1:30 - 4:30 p.m. 1:30 - 4:30 p.m. 2 - 2:45 p.m. 2 - 4:30 p.m. 2 - 4:30 p.m 3 - 3:45 p.m. 4:45 - 5:45 p.m. 7 - 8:30 p.m. 8:30 - 11:30 p.m. 8:30 - 11:30 p.m. 10 - 11 p.m. Midnight

Adviser Business Meeting, Election of Advisory Council & Continental Breakfast – Marriott Capital I (sponsored by Herff Jones, Inc.) Exhibit Area Open – Marriott Carolina Pre-function Area Magazine, Newspaper & Yearbook Idea Swap Area – Marriott Carolina Pre-function Area Class Sessions Chris Roberts Keynote Speech – Marriott Carolina Ballroom Adviser Awards Luncheon – Marriott Capital I Address: Valerie Kibler (sponsored by Balfour Publishing Co.) WED (Writing, Editing, Design) Team Competition – Coliseum 3020A & 3020D Broadcast On-the-Spot Feature Contest – Marriott Capital IV Advisory Council Meeting – SIPA Suite Broadcast Individual Anchor Contest – Coliseum 4026 Class Sessions Endowment Fund Meeting – Marriott Alumni Room Quiz Bowl Rounds 1-4 – Marriott Capital I Convention Banquet – Marriott Carolina Ballroom Award Presentations: Mary Inglis (sponsored by Herff Jones, Inc.) Adviser Auction and Reception – Marriott Palmetto Ballroom Student Dance – Marriott Capital Ballroom Student Officer Elections – Marriott Capital Ballroom Quiet Time Begins

Sunday • March 6, 2011

SIPA Convention & Competition 2011

7:30 - 9:30 a.m. 9 - 9:45 a.m. 10 a.m. 10 - 10:45 a.m. 11 a.m. - Noon

SIPA Executive Board Meeting – SIPA Suite Class Sessions Quiz Bowl Rounds 5-7 – Marriott Capital I Class Sessions Awards Ceremony – Marriott Carolina Ballroom

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are you ready? Photo by Colleen Welch, Silver Bluff HS (Aiken, S.C.)

Photo by Shawn Chapman, Lugoff-Elgin HS (Lugoff, S.C.)

Photo by Celia Duggan, Lugoff-Elgin HS (Lugoff, S.C.)

Photo by Hannah Velcoff, Dawson County HS (Dawsonville, Ga.)

Photo by Kaleel Munroe, Marjory Stoneman HS (Parkland, Fla.)

Photo by Kathleen Liu, Marjory Stoneman HS (Parkland, Fla.)

Photo by Kaleel Munroe, Marjory Stoneman HS (Parkland, Fla.)

Let our national award-winning faculty prepare you for the 2011-2012 publication year. You will leave the Carolina Journalism Institute with designs, stories, photos and leadership skills ready to implement next fall. See you June 8-12, 2011 in Columbia, S.C.

ournalINSTITUTE ism

a sipa summer workshop

803.777.6284 • • • University of South Carolina

Class Schedule Pre-Convention Activities 1 – 5 p.m.

This hands-on workshop, designed especially for editors and advisers, will focus on how to use the politics of giving feedback on drafts to build skills instead of just correcting errors.

Desktop Publishing Jake Palenske This short course will teach you the basic tools and procedures of Adobe InDesign, as well as basic design principles to apply to your publication.

Final Cut Pro Amy Medlock-Greene

Maestro Meets Writing Baby Buck Ryan The workshop will focus and energize writing talents in the context of story planning that increases creativity and decreases frustration.

Online Journalism Valerie Kibler & Chris Waugaman Learn how to restructure the management of the classroom and staff so that news can be posted immediately in our multimedia world.

Visual Storytelling Bradley Wilson In this workshop you’ll learn how to sell photos and get a portfolio online quickly and efficiently.

Page 14

Design Lessons from the Trenches (YB)

Despite what they teach you in summer workshops, it’s not until you start designing on a regular basis and under real-classroom constraints and deadlines that you begin to learn the techniques and little details that take your work up a notch. Join us as we share some of the best design tips, tricks and lessons. Samples from CSPA Crown-winning publications will be used as examples.

Welcome – Diana Barahona, Student President Keynote Speech – Paul Jon Boscacci Student Officer Candidate speeches

Bruce Watterson Capital III

9 - 9:45 p.m. Broadcast On-the-Spot Competition overview (BC/REG ONLY)

Video for Convergence (ONL)

Learn how to plan and storyboard a video package for the Web, and to use whatever video-editing software available to you (Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, Premiere Pro/Elements, Final Cut Pro/Express) to export videos correctly and upload them. Compression formats will also be discussed as well as the best way to host videos online for free. Please note this is *not* a Final Cut Pro/Premiere video-editing class, but rather an overview of the online video process.

If you are participating in the Broadcast Onthe-Spot competition, come learn what the competition is all about, how to play by the rules and what you can expect tomorrow.

Amanda Alpert-Loveday Ballroom A-C

This four-hour session will introduce the principles of editing and expose you to some of the techniques required to bring your video footage to life.

Advisers Only All Students & Advisers Broadcast

7:30 - 8:45 p.m. Opening Ceremony (ALL) Ballrooms A-H

Building Better Journalists Through Editing Camila Domonoske


Friday • March 4


Breaking Into the Funny Pages: A Military Brat’s Journey (ALL)

Our keynote speaker will talk more about how he managed to become a syndicated cartoonist.

Jake Palenske Capital IV

Paul Jon Boscacci Ballroom D-E

10 p.m.

The Fixionary: How To Clean Up Your Writing One Word at a Time (NP)

Student Ice Cream Social (ALL)

The author of Writing Baby, Editing Dog & You turns a grammar slammer session into a laugha-minute funfest. You won’t believe how much you can learn about polishing your writing into something tight and bright.

Buck Ryan Ballroom F-H

Technical quality, composition and meaning apply to every image. For everyone who takes photos, captures video or works with design, this class will jump start your weekend.

Bradley Wilson and T.J. Maynes Capital II


Capital Hall

Adviser Meet & Greet

Meet and reconnect with convention participants and pick up your banquet tickets. Refreshments will be served. Sponsored by Jostens Printing & Publishing

Palmetto Ballroom

Photo 101 (P)

Literary Magazine Newspaper Online

SIPA’s Got Talent! competition


Quiz Bowl Preliminary Round (REG.)

All registered Quiz Bowl teams should report promptly to take a written test and go over the rules. Top eight scoring teams will compete Saturday.

Ballroom D

Photography Pre-registered Senior Track


Technology Yearbook

SIPA Convention & Competition 2011

Class Schedule

Saturday • March 5 7:30 - 8:30 a.m. Advisers business meeting & continental breakfast (ADV)

All registered advisers are invited to eat, meet and greet with other advisers from the Southern region. Advisory Council members for 2011-2013 will be elected. Sponsored by Herff Jones, Inc.

Capital I

9 - 10:45 a.m. Basic Photoshop (REG)

You will look at the basics, including navigating through the palettes, menus and dialogue boxes with Photoshop.

Mark Murray Coliseum 3008

Basic InDesign (WED participants)

This session is designed to prepare students who are signed up for the WED competition and are not familiar with Mac computers and/ or InDesign.

Anna Westbury Coliseum 3012

9 - 9:45 a.m. Taking Your Newspaper Online Quickly & Effectively (ONL)

Thought about doing more with your online presence but not sure how to make the transition? Limited by your staff size and know-how? This session will present how one newspaper staff organized and implemented a simple WordPress webpage that in two years has won a CSPA Gold Crown and a Best of Show at JEA/NSPA. Information on organization, multimedia formats, WordPress and hosting information will be presented.

Chris Waugaman Ballroom A-C 7 for 11 (YB)

Nothing stays the same. Stop by and take a look at seven trends for coverage and design in 2011 and beyond.

The Funnies Continue (ALL)

Start your Saturday morning with our Friday night keynote speaker and the creator of Fort Knox, a comic strip that depicts Boscacci’s childhood experiences growing up in a military family. Boscacci will discuss the development of his comic, his time at The State newspaper in the advertising department and how he balances his artwork with his full-time job as Creative Director of a Bay Area software company.

Paul Jon Boscacci Ballroom E

Building Your Staff Morale (ALL)

In the highly intensive atmosphere of the journalism classroom, it’s easy to lose focus on the most important element – the team. During this session, we’ll discuss ways to build staff morale and to improve communication among staff members.

David Ragsdale, Emily Allen, Alexa Friedman, Caleb Hayes, Emma Kissane, Carlo Nasisse and Tamar Schmidt Capital IV Adviser Track Session #1 (see page 16)

10 - 10:45 a.m.

A Journalism Degree? Oh the Places You Will Go! (SNR)

Whatever you do; wherever you go; if you have journalism skills, the world is your oyster! Just ask our special guest from CNN.

Stephanie Gallman Ballroom F

Top 10 Mistakes Broadcasters Make (BC)

Whether you’re in front of the camera or behind it, even the best journalists have made these common mistakes. Find out how to avoid these pitfalls to elevate yourself to a top-notch professional-level broadcaster.

Stella McCombs and Amy MedlockGreene Ballroom G

The Editing Process: Building Better Writers (ALL)

This session will focus on how to use feedback on drafts to build skills instead of just correct errors. It’s easy just to circle everything that’s wrong in red, but using editing to make better writers is way harder, and it’s such an important skill.

Camila Domonske Ballroom H Feature This! (NP)

Martha Akers Ballroom D

SIPA Convention & Competition 2011

Bench the boring, old, follow-up sports stories that have your readers putting your paper down for something better. Learn how to develop a complete sports section that includes sports features, opinion columns, interesting alternative copy and much more.

Chris Waugaman Ballroom A-C

Thematic Inspiration (YB)

With ideas from magazines and creative thematic developments in 2010 yearbooks from across the country, this session will jump start the creative process for your next book.

Martha Akers Ballroom D 10:45


Managing an Online Staff (ONL)

Don’t freak out when you think about running another staff! Your online publication can run using the staff members you already have. Learn how to organize your staff to maximize time and resources which will make your online publication efficient and effective.

Meredith Cummings Ballroom E

Learn how to kick up your feature-writing skills at this interactive session. Get ideas for writing features that will engage readers and keep your audience tuned in to your publication.

Cynthia Ferguson Capital III

The Complete Sports Section (NP)

Writing for the Ear: Some Basics of Scriptwriting (BC)

Writing for television or radio involves words just like any other type of writing, but there is a difference in which words you use. Learn how to write for the ear rather than the eye.

Stephanie Gallman Ballroom F

Page 15

Class Schedule Advisers’ Track (registration only)

Only advisers who have pre-registered should attend these sessions. If you have a particular interest in a session and are not pre-registered, please see Karen Flowers, SIPA director, at the registration table.

Friday Palmetto Ballroom: 10 p.m.

• Adviser/Speaker/Judges Meeting: Get some important information and get to know each other and the Advisers’ Track instructors.


Using Your Dream Team To Scheme Your Theme (MG)

Learn tips to develop a solid theme for your magazine. You’ll discover how to include cover art, verbal and visual spinoffs, folio work and the student body’s ability to work with the topic.

Chuck Walker and Morgan Stewart Ballroom G

Gap Year: Making a Difference in Your Future (SNR)

• Team building, staff management & organization

SIPA Suite: 10 – 10:55 a.m. • Maestro & full coverage method; interviewing; story ideas; writing news & features

Capital I: Noon – 1:30 p.m. Advisers Luncheon SIPA Suite: 2 – 3:15 p.m. • Advertising sales & ad design; editing; staff assignments; staff manuals

SIPA Suite: 3:30 – 4:45 p.m. • Writing headlines & cutlines; designing infographics; NP design; photography

Sunday Palmetto Ballroom: 9:45 - 11 a.m. • Editorials & columns; news & features – general sessions with students

It’s easy to make noises using mass media. To craft harmonious messages takes art, skill and experience. Chris Roberts, who started his career in mass media at age 14 and later was president of the Alabama Scholastic Press Association, will talk about the instruments you need to make your publications sing.

Noon -1:30 p.m. Adviser Awards Luncheon

Camila Domonoske Ballroom H

All registered advisers and special guests are invited to this luncheon, during which we will present Elizabeth B. Dickey Distinguished Service Awards. Luncheon address by Valerie Kibler. Sponsored by Balfour Publishing Company.

Come to a critique session where we will read and analyze a news feature and a commentary that won Pulitzers as a way of saying, hey, maybe you can win one, too, some day.

Capital I

*WED contestants need to check bus schedule to the Coliseum*

Buck Ryan Capital II

The Visual-Verbal Marriage (YB)

Beyond Posing and Plucking Keynote Speech (ALL) Chris Roberts

Ballrooms A-H

Is a gap year right for you? Come talk with a college sophomore and former Journalist of the Year who took one and says she is a better writer and a better person because of the time she spent away from academics.

How To Win a Pulitzer (NP)

SIPA Suite: 9 – 9:55 a.m.

To capture your reader’s attention, it’s best to have the dominant photo and headline communicate the same content or make a visual-verbal connection. This session will look at techniques used by professionals to use a “wow” factor and stop the reader to look at all elements on the page.

1:30 - 4:30 p.m. Yearbook WED Competition (REG)

Bruce Watterson Capital III

All yearbook WED teams should report promptly with necessary materials. No one will be admitted after the contest begins.

You sound, like, kinda...dumb? You know? (ALL)

Newspaper WED Competition (REG)

Interviewing is as much about your credibility as the questions you ask. Speaking like an inarticulate reality TV star while you fidget with your cell phone and squirm in your chair won’t help you get the best answers from even the easiest of interviewees. This class will teach you how to use your voice, words and body language to be the best interviewer possible.

Jake Palenske Capital IV

Adviser Track Session #2 (see page 16)

Page 16

11 - 11:45 a.m.

10 - 10:45 a.m.

Coliseum 3012/3020A

All newspaper WED teams should report promptly with necessary materials. No one will be admitted after the contest begins.

Coliseum 3020D/3028

Broadcast On-the-Spot Feature Competition (REG)

All broadcast on-the-spot feature teams should report promptly with necessary materials. No one will be admitted after the contest begins.

Capital IV

SIPA Convention & Competition 2011

Class Schedule 2 - 2:45 p.m. Advisory Council meeting

All Advisory Council members, including those elected at the morning business meeting, are encouraged to attend this meeting.

SIPA Suite

Multiple Publications, Multiple Jobs: You can’t do it all (ADV)

This session teaches advisers how to manage multiple publications and how to empower students to lead the work of their publications. Learn how to distribute work, empower your staffs, plan your calendar and develop leadership skills in staff.

Chris Canter Ballroom A

Crisis Communications (BC)

In a school crisis (from a weapon on campus to a violent intruder), your parents will be calling and texting every person they know to find out what’s going on, including you, the media, the school and other parents. Hear true crisis stories and get ideas on other angles you can take to retain your audience long past the crisis.

Chris Floore Ballroom B-C

Chicken salad anyone? (YB)

Section editors’ copy is late, most of the photos are weak, and your production deadline is in 36 hours. How are you supposed to whip up award-winning designs under these conditions? Simple: By revamping actual spread techniques in minutes, not hours. Samples from CSPA Crown-winning publications will be used as examples.

Bruce Watterson Ballroom D

I found this great photo on Google Images, and ... (ALL)

When is it OK to help yourself to someone else’s photo, video or music that you find on the Web? You may have more — and fewer — rights than you think. We’ll look at common fair-use issues and how to stay on the right side of copyright.

Writing & Reporting for Online Media (ONL)

Adapt the normal reporting schedule and structure to facilitate up-to-the-minute online journalism, as well as how to use converged information sources like Twitter and Facebook to generate content ideas. Then learn how to choose the appropriate format and distribution method for your content.

Jake Palenske Ballroom F-H

Expanding Your Literary Magazine (MG) Tired of the same poetry and art in your lit mag? Learn how to liven up your literary magazine and interest your readership in a whole new way.

Mark Murray Capital II

Think Like an Editor (NP)

What’s it like to be semi-god-like? Sort of like being an editor. Chris Roberts – sports editor of his hometown newspaper at age 14, and later an editor at two big Southeastern newspapers – shows you why editors think differently from other people. You’ll come away with a new appreciation of your semigod-like powers.

Chris Roberts Capital III

Adviser Track Session #3 (see page 16)

*Review writing and BC anchor contestants need to check the bus schedule to the Coliseum*

2 - 4:30 p.m. Review Writing Contest (REG)

While learning the art of review writing, students will competitively write a review. Winner will be announced during Sunday’s awards ceremony.

Coliseum 3004

Broadcast Anchor Contest (REG)

All contestants should report promptly, dressed to go on camera.

Coliseum 4026

Frank LoMonte Ballroom E

SIPA Convention & Competition 2011

3 - 4:30 p.m. Turning Prior Review on Its Head (ALL)

There are several strategies you can use to prevent administrator prior review that almost always leads to self-censorship. This session will teach students and advisers methods to be proactive in their approach toward prior review with administrators before an issue arises.

Chris Canter Ballroom A

Blogging & Social Media: Now All In A Day’s Work (ONL)

The fact that social media is changing journalism is obvious. But how can you use it to get ahead? Our special guest from CNN will tell you.

Stephanie Gallman Ballroom B-C

Group Therapy (YB)

One of the most challenging areas of the year to cover can be organizations. Bring your questions and suggestions as we take a look at specific design and coverage challenge and ways to handle them.

Martha Akers Ballroom D

Going Ga Ga for Google Docs (ONL)

Learn how you can use Google Docs in your classroom (both newspaper and broadcasting) to improve productivity and learning. You can virtually eliminate paper by buying into all that Google Docs has to offer. If you bring your own laptop, you can set up your own Google Docs and be ready to start with your classes on Monday morning!

Valerie Kibler and Seth Stratford Ballroom E

Covering Sensitive Issues Sensitively (NP/MG) Sensitive issues are always present in journalistic writing, from personal stories to exposing problems in our communities. Hear students tell their own experiences with handling sensitive topics, share your own concerns and receive feedback on approaching current issues you may be facing.

David Ragsdale, Kinsey Clark, Claire Dennis, Lauren Pruitt, Kayli Read and Jesse Siebentritt Ballroom F-H

Page 17

Class Schedule

Saturday March 5 3 - 4:30 p.m. Getting the Most Out of Your Point-andShoot (P) When the digital SLR is out of reach, your images shouldn’t be. You’ll start by learning basic composition and lighting; then, you’ll find out what you can and can’t do with a simple camera.

Mark Murray Capital II

As a reporter, Chris Roberts has seen his work plagiarized. As an editor, he has seen friends and colleagues lose their jobs because of plagiarism. As a professor, he has failed students caught plagiarizing. In this session, you’ll see examples of plagiarism, learn tricks to spot it and find out ways to avoid kidnapping the work of others.

Chris Roberts Capital III

Adviser Track Session #4 (see page 16)

4:45 - 5:45 p.m. Quiz Bowl Semi-Finals

Eight teams will compete for the final rounds. Observers are welcome as long as complete silence is maintained.

Capital I

7 - 8:30 p.m. Convention banquet

Sponsored by Herff Jones, Inc.

Carolina Ballroom

Student dance rave in Capital Ballroom Mary Inglis will serve as our auctioneer along with her side-kick Christie Gold as we raise money for the SIPA Endowment.

Page 18

Edit Your Peers Without Seeming Like a Jerk (ALL) Editing the work of people your own age or older can be intimidating and difficult. But there are lots of specific, surprisingly easy things to do that can make feedback more palatable for peers to receive and more comfortable for the editor to give.

Camila Domonoske Ballroom D

You’ve taken your publication online – and it’s pretty good. Time to make it better. Learn about the best themes, must-have plug-ins and easy CSS and HTML code that will make your website pop.

Stephanie Gruber Ballroom E

Confessions of a Techaholic: The Best New Gadgets for Journalism (TECH)

Keeping up with the latest photography, video and computer equipment is a full-time job. Staying on top of trends in tech and software is a full-time commitment. Let a full-time geek will show you all the coolest new toys and tell you how to integrate them into your classroom.

Jake Palenske Ballroom F-H

Journalism is an attitude, not just a class (ALL)

Take the concept of responsibility to a deeper level, exploring the depths that a journalist’s job entails beyond the basics. Students will brainstorm what responsibilities they consider important and will win candy prizes if their ideas match what the adviser considers key components of journalism.

Kristi Gibbins Capital III

8:30 - 11 p.m.

Palmetto Ballroom

9 - 9:45 a.m.

The Wow Factor (ONL)

Plagiarism, Kidnapping and You (ALL)

Adviser auction and reception

Sunday • March 6

Caffeine Scene (MG)

Showcase your magazine and the efforts of your students with a night of celebration. Learn how to cover fundraising, promotion, production and community involvement to make your literary night a success.

Chuck Walker and Morgan Stewart Capital IV

Adviser Track Session #5 (see page 16)

10 - 10:45 a.m.

Protect Yourself (ALL)

Every student journalist should know his or her rights. Learn your First Amendment protections, how to maximize your rights and how to survive a censorship controversy from the director of the Student Press Law Center.

Frank LoMonte Ballroom D

Broadcast Show and Learn (BC)

View some of the broadcast programs of convention attendees. DVDs must be no longer than five minutes. Only DVDs that have been broadcast at school may be presented.

Stella McCombs and Amy MedlockGreene Ballroom E No More Green Students and Orange Players (P)

Join us for an overview of the most common challenges photographers face with lighting. From night games and poorly-lit gyms, to dark classrooms, how to use your flash and white balance your camera.

Mark Murray Ballroom F-H

Judging with Joe and Jane (ALL)

Talk with the moderators of the WED competition to find out what judges look for, what you can improve on next year and how you can take this knowledge to improve your publication.

Joe Dennis and Jane Speidel Capital IV Quiz Bowl Finals (ALL)

The top four teams will compete for the Quiz Bowl championship. Observers are welcomed as long as complete silence is maintained.

Capital I-II

11 - 11:45 a.m. Awards Ceremony

Awards (See page 9)

Carolina Ballroom

SIPA Convention & Competition 2011

Notes _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

SIPA Convention & Competition 2011

Page 19

Maps Marriott Hotel Carolina Ballroom


I Capital Prefunction






Carolina Prefunction

SIPA Shuttles Shuttles will run between the Marriott Hotel and the Carolina Coliseum (School of Journalism and Mass Communications). Pick up and drop-off points will be on the Hampton Street side of the Marriott Hotel and the Blossom Street entrance of the Carolina Coliseum. To board the bus students will need to show the SIPA representative their competition tickets. Shuttles will run at the following times:




SIPA Registration Desk


Departure 8:45 a.m. from hotel to Coliseum (Photoshop & InDesign class participants only) 10:45 a.m. from Coliseum to hotel (Photoshop & InDesign class participants only) 1:15 p.m. from hotel to Coliseum (WED participants only) 1:30 p.m. from hotel to Coliseum (InDesign and Review Writing Contest participants only) 1:45 p.m. from hotel to Coliseum (Broadcast Anchors Contest participants only) 3:30 p.m. from Coliseum to hotel (Broadcast Anchors Contest participants only) 4:15 p.m. from Coliseum to hotel 4:30 p.m. from Coliseum to hotel 4:45 p.m. from Coliseum to hotel 5:00 p.m. from Coliseum to hotel

Capital Ballroom

Diplomat Room Palmetto Ballroom

University of South Carolina 3020-A

Assembly Street Entrance (To Holiday Inn)


mac room

3008 Computer Lab

PhD Room




3004 3000




Studio 5


4016 4018 Studio


4010 4010 H G



USC School of Journalism & Mass Communications Coliseum

Studio 3&4

Radio Hall

4011 B


Studio 1&2





AV Room

Computer Lab

photo labs

Greene Street





Computer Lab

4026 Broadcasting Lab



4005 B 4003 4001

CEO Room CEO Room 4024 B C 4010 4010 E



4024 A CEO Room






4010 D

4004 Dean s office

4010 C





Reading Room


Carolina Reporter 3028

3020-D 3020-D

A 4002


JOUR Dean s Conf

Blossom Street Lobby (To Buses) APS Dean s Conf

College of Journalism & Mass Communications SIPA Convention & Competition 2011 2000 Room Numbers

Page 20

1000 Room Numbers

Food Map













Delivery Numbers


• Domino’s – 256.8151 • Pizza Hut – 799.5036 • Papa John’s Pizza – 252.2300 • Jimmy John’s Subs – 933.9595 • Wing Zone – 933.9464



Finley Park







1. Maurice’s BBQ 2. Lizard’s Thicket 3. Bojangles 4. McDonald’s 5. Subway 6. Drake’s Duck-In 7. Jammin Java 8. Rising High Bread Co. 9. Hampton Place Cafe 10. Touch of India Express 11. Greek Brothers 12. Pizza Hut Palmetto Sandwich Shop 13. Subway MCafe 14. Quiznos 15. Atlanta Bread Company 16. Chick-Fil-A 17. Roly Poly 18. Cat and Cleaver 19. Mellow Mushroom 20. Marble Slab Ice Cream 21. The Clubhouse Hibachi Express 22. Flying Saucer Monterrey’s Mexican Five Guys Burgers 23. Longhorn Steakhouse 24. Damon’s Ribs 25. I-HOP 26. Immaculate Consumption 27. Which wich? 28. Miyo’s 29. Hunter-Gatherer Brewery & Ale House 30. Carolina Cafe & Catering Tios Mexican Cafe Sumter Street Convenience Store 31. Beezers Subs Monalisa Pizza & Grill 32. Nice-N-Natural Cool Beans 33. Sandy’s 34. Subway 35. Wendy’s 36. Domino’s 37. Firehouse 38. Shane’s Rib Shack 39. Moe’s Southwestern 40. California Dreaming

9 11 10 12 13



16 17



20 19 21




State Capital Grounds 24



COLLEGE Koger Center for the Arts




SIPA Convention & Competition 2011










USC Law School

Carolina Coliseum School of Journalism and Mass Communications

University of South Carolina

36 37 38 39 40

Page 21

SIPA Endowment Mission

The Endowment Committee devises and implements strategies to generate revenue in support of scholastic journalism.

How To Donate

• Direct donations can be made to the SIPA offices in Columbia. • During the 2011 SIPA Convention, a special auction will be held for advisers. The auction, held during the Saturday evening reception, will help raise funds for the Endowment.

Lifetime Membership ($500) Yvonne Allen Robert Atwood Vanessa Bump Brian Cole Sylvia Daughtry-Brown Lisa Dean Karen H. Flowers Tara Hays Ken Henderson Steve Lindgren J. Grady Locklear Deanna Martin Deborah Mayer Chris McDonald Rik McNeill

Melanie Menefee Lance Morrison Betty Morton Louisa Ogle Lori Oglesbee Betsy Owen David Ragsdale Shawn Risener Martha Rothwell Albert T. Scroggins Greg Spoon Stephanie Stone Beth Ward David Webb Rae Weinstein

Adviser Recognitions

In Memory Recognitions

Students may choose to donate money to honor their advisers. Advisers recognized have their names engraved on a plaque in the SIPA office.

Students and/or advisers may wish to make donations in memory of an individual. These individuals are also recognized on a plaque in the SIPA office.

Alberta Abercrombie Alice James Valerie Banks Amster Marianne King Helen Browne J. Grady Locklear Hope Carroll Shirley Moravec Lynne Collins Lori Oglesbee Sylvia Daughtry Betsy Owen Karen Flowers Herb Sirota Mary Inglis Bruce Watterson

In Honor Students and/or advisers may wish to make donations in honor of an individual who has made a difference in their journalistic life. These individuals are also recognized on a plaque in the SIPA office.

Andy Bosman Lewis G. Brierley Catherine Bouknight Brown Sylvia Daughtry-Brown and Joe Brown Elizabeth B. Dickey Gary Dickey Debbie Jacobs Susan Morton Leonard Irmo HS Stinger Staff, 1999-2000 Chris McDonald

Endowment Fund Committee Elizabeth B. Dickey, Columbia, S.C., co-chair Martha Rothwell, Statesville, N.C., co-chair Marilyn Chapman, Florence, S.C. Sylvia Daughtry-Brown, Atlanta, Ga. Chris Floore, Macon, Ga.

Christie Gold, Tampa, Fla. Coni Grebel, Leesburg, Ga. Mary Inglis, West Palm Beach, Fla. Kay Phillips, Henderson, N.C. Jane Speidel, Titusville, Fla.

• Margery O. Anderson

(mother of Derek & Andrew Anderson) • Dr. Regis Louise Boyle (SIPA Executive Board member)

• Joe and Catherine Bouknight Brown (parents of Beth Dickey)

• Betty B. Cain (grandmother of Alison Shuman) • Grace Ellis Douglass (mother of Kay Douglass Phillips) • DeDe Fitts (husband of Beth Fitts) • Richard Fitz (former adviser to The Haliscope) • Ruth Kissiah Hall (mother of Martha Rothwell) • Beth Hammond (former adviser to The Laureate) • Elizabeth B. Hudson (mother of Karen Flowers) • James Nathan Hudson (father of Karen Flowers) • Clara Mae Jacobs (mother of Sylvia Daughtry)

• Lawrence E. “Larry” Jacobs (brother of Sylvia Daughtry-Brown) • Evelyn Glass Langston (mother of Beth Fitts) • Dorothy E. Leonard (mother of Sharon Deibel) • Mr. & Mrs. James Perry Locklear (parents of J. Grady Locklear) • Logan McCombs (son of Shawn and Stella McCombs) • Kathleen Murphy (Freedom HS Revolution staff member) • Bonnie Neely (friend of Sylvia Daughtry-Brown) • O.W. (Tom) Riegel (former SIPA director) • Edith Robertson (grandmother of Leslie Dennis) • Flip Schulke (professional photographer) • Dr. Al Scroggins (dean and SIPA director) • Pert Wall (friend of Sylvia Daughtry-Brown) • Doris Whalen (mother of Rich Whalen) • David S. Yoakley (father of Mary Inglis) • Madge Yoakley (mother of Mary Inglis)

SIPA Endowment Fund Memorial/Honor Name of person you want to honor or remember by making a contribution to the SIPA Endowment Fund: __________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please check:



Brief reason you are honoring/remembering this person (for our SIPA history): _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Your name: ___________________________________________________________________

Page 22

Please make check payable to SIPA Endowment Fund and mail or hand to: Karen Flowers, Southern Interscholastic Press Association School of Journalism and Mass Communications SIPA Convention & Competition 2011 University of South Carolina Columbia, SC 29208

Convention Speakers/Judges Martha Akers, Loudoun Valley HS, Purcellville, Va. Emily Allen, Clarke Central HS senior, Athens, Ga. Amanda Alpert-Loveday, Columbia, S.C. Paul Jon Boscacci, syndicated cartoonist, San Francisco, Calif. Chris Canter, Fulton County Schools, Atlanta, Ga. Marilyn Chapman, JEA Mentor, Florence, S.C. Jill Chappell-Fail, USC School of Journalism and Mass Communications, Columbia, S.C. Kinsey Clark, Clarke Central HS senior, Athens, Ga. Meredith Cummings, Ala. Scholastic Press Association Director, Tuscaloosa, Ala. Claire Dennis, Clarke Central HS senior, Athens, Ga. Joe Dennis, Ga. Scholastic Press Association Director, Athens, Ga. Beth Dickey, Retired SIPA Executive Director, Lexington, S.C. Camila Domonoske, Davidson College, Davidson, N.C. Cynthia Ferguson, Oxford HS, Oxford, Miss. Beth Fitts, Miss. Scholastic Press Association Director, Oxford, Miss. Chris Floore, Director of Public Relations for Bibb County Public Schools, Macon, Ga. Alexa Friedman, Clarke Central HS junior, Athens, Ga. Stephanie Gallman, CNN, Atlanta, Ga. Kristi Gibbins, Wellington HS, Wellington, Fla. Stephanie Gruber, Dorchester Academy and USC Salkehatchie, Round O, S.C. Caleb Hayes, Clarke Central HS junior, Athens, Ga. Valerie Kibler, Harrisonburg HS, Harrisonburg, Va. Emma Kissane, Clarke Central HS junior, Athens, Ga. Frank LoMonte, Executive Director, Student Press Law Center, Arlington, Va. T.J. Maynes, USC Upstate student, Clover, S.C. Stella McCombs, Stratford HS, Goose Creek, S.C. Amy Medlock-Greene, Dutch Fork HS, Irmo, S.C. Mark Murray, Arlington ISD, Arlington, Texas Carlo Nasisse, Clarke Central HS junior, Athens, Ga. Jake Palenske, NCompass Media, LLC, McKinney, SIPA Convention & Competition 2011

Texas Lauren Pruitt, Clarke Central HS senior, Athens, Ga. David Ragsdale, Clarke Central HS, Athens, Ga. Kayli Read, Clarke Central HS junior, Athens, Ga. Chris Roberts, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. Martha Rothwell, JEA Mentor, Statesville, N.C. Buck Ryan, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky. Jesse Siebentritt, Clarke Central HS senior, Athens, Ga. Jane Speidel, Brevard Public Schools, Titusville, Fla. Morgan Stewart, Nation Ford HS, Fort Mill, S.C. Seth Stratford, Harrisonburg HS, Harrisonburg, Va. Tamar Schmidt, Clarke Central HS senior, Athens, Ga. Chuck Walker, Nation Ford HS, Fort Mill, S.C. Bruce Watterson, national yearbook speaker, Rome, Ga. Chris Waugaman, Prince George HS, Prince George, Va. Anna Westbury, USC School of Journalism and Mass Communications Visual Communications student, Columbia, S.C. Bradley Wilson, N.C. State University, Raleigh, N.C.

Page 23

Who’s Who in SIPA Advisory Council

Executive Committee

The Advisory Council meets during the convention and helps spread the word about SIPA during the year. The Council discusses the activities of SIPA and offers suggestions and assistance to the Executive Committee. If you are interested in serving, or if you have concerns that you would like the Council to address, please make sure to attend the Saturday morning breakfast and/or the Saturday 2 p.m. meeting.

The Executive Committee is made up of the chair, vice chair and secretary of the Advisory Council, student officers, their advisers and other persons appointed by the director. The Executive Committee meets during the spring convention and once each fall. The committee sets guidelines for judging and evaluating and handles SIPA business.

Alabama: • Susan Newell, Northridge HS, Tuscaloosa (2011) Florida: • Margaret Trautwein, Countryside HS, Clearwater (2011) • Kristi Gibbins, Wellington HS, Wellington (2012) Georgia: • David Ragsdale, Clarke Central HS, Athens (2011) • Debbie Smelley, Starr’s Mill HS, Fayetteville (2012) Mississippi: • Cynthia Ferguson, Oxford HS, Oxford (2011) North Carolina: • Adrienne Hollifield, Charles D. Owen HS, Black Mountain (2011) • Melanie Huynh-Duc, Northwest Guilford HS, Greensboro (2011) South Carolina: • Patricia Deas, Socastee HS, Myrtle Beach (2011) • Stephanie Gruber, Dorchester Academy, St. George (2011) • Chuck Walker, Nation Ford HS, Fort Mill (2012) • Lisa Brindel, Spring Valley HS, Columbia (2012) Texas: • James Rich, Duncanville HS, Duncanville (2011) Virginia: • Valerie Kibler, Harrisonburg HS, Harrisonburg (2012)

Page 24

SIPA Convention Staff

Chair: Mary Inglis • Wellington HS • Wellington, Fla. Vice Chair: Amy Medlock-Greene • Dutch Fork HS • Irmo, S.C. Secretary: Jenny Proctor • Lugoff-Elgin HS • Lugoff, S.C. Past Chair: Christie Gold • Tampa, Fla. President: Diana Barahona • Dutch Fork HS • Irmo, S.C. Vice President: Haley Vann • Lee County HS • Leesburg, Ga. Member-at-Large: Rebecca Piner • Northwest Guilford HS • Guilford, N.C. Appointed Members • Brian Cole, George Walton Academy, Monroe, Ga. • Cynthia Ferguson, Oxford HS, Oxford, Miss. • Brenda Gorsuch, West Henderson HS, Hendersonville, N.C. • Coni Grebel, Lee County HS, Leesburg, Ga. • Melanie Huynh-Duc, Northwest Guilford HS, Greensboro, N.C. • Valerie Kibler, Harrisonburg HS, Harrisonburg, Va. • Stella McCombs, Stratford HS, Goose Creek, S.C. • Susan Newell, Northridge HS, Tuscaloosa, Ala. • David Ragsdale, Clarke Central HS, Athens, Ga. • Beth Shull, Pulaski Academy, Little Rock, Ark. Consultants • Meredith Cummings, Ala. Scho. Press Assoc. • Joe Dennis, Ga. Scholastic Press Assoc. • Beth Fitts, Miss. Scholastic Press Assoc. • Monica Hill, N.C. Scholastic Media Assoc. • Mark Murray, Arlington ISD, Arlington, Texas • Jake Palenske, NCompass Media, McKinney, Texas • Bradley Wilson, N.C. State University, Raleigh, N.C.

• Carol Pardun USC SJMC director and SIPA director • Charles Bierbauer USC CMCIS dean • Karen Flowers SIPA executive director • Leslie Dennis SIPA scholastic press manager • Kelsey D’Amico SIPA student assistant • Jenna Eckel SIPA student assistant • Ashley Gardner SIPA student assistant • Jarad Greene SIPA student assistant • Zac Baker SIPA volunteer, Columbia, S.C. • Anna Westbury SIPA volunteer, Columbia, S.C. • Shari Jackson SIPA volunteer, Columbia, S.C.

SIPA Convention & Competition 2011

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Our yearbook.

Order your yearbook at

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2011 SIPA Convention Program