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School January 2011

Homecoming 2010

Hayes and Telford crowned By Debra McWhite, News Writer

The Keenan Spirit Week; October 12 -15 was hectic. During that week all of the Homecoming nominees were campaigning by making posters and passing out candy asking students to vote for them. The Homecoming Queen candidates were Seniors Kelsey Hayes, Mya Praileau, Sharolyn Rush and Raven Shealy. The Homecoming King candidates were Seniors Sammie Garrett, Javante Jackson, Cameron Latimer and Timothy Telford. The 2010 Keenan Homecoming King and Queen results were announced at the game: Homecoming King Runner-up Javante Jackson

looked very beautiful,‖ Telford said of being crowned Homecoming King. Hayes shared in Telford’s excitement. ―[I was] excited and I started dancing; [I] wanted to cry, but I didn’t want to mess up my make–up,‖ Hayes said of her wining the title of Homecoming Queen. Right: Seniors Kelsey Hayes (left) and Timothy Telford (right) were crowned Homecoming Queen and King. Below: Hayes and Telford enjoy their moment in the spotlight with others including their escorts, former Homecoming Queen Taylor Pringle, former Homecoming King James Jackson and Mr. Alvin Pressley, Principal. Photos courtesy Lifetouch

2010 Homecoming King Timothy Telford Homecoming Queen Runner–up Mya Praileau 2010 Homecoming Queen Kelsey Hayes ―I was very excited and my date

Volleyball: The Lady Raiders finish strong Story by Matrick Belton, Sports Writer Photo by Mr. J.G. “Jaz” Outen, Special to the Sword and Shield

The Raiders volleyball team had their 1st tournament loss in the 4th round of the playoffs. The team had an excellent season with two players being personally recognized on The State newspaper’s website. Senior Rebekah Davis was awarded the Player of the Week award from WLTX. Senior Q’Jannis Wilson made the 2A All Star Volleyball Team. The team was full of talent with leaders in all positions of the team. Early on in the season when the players were asked What they were expecting out of this season, all of the answers were consistent—a state championship. Although they did not reach their goal, they did a great job. The Raiders should all look forward to a great season next year with the Junior class stepping up to the lead team. Juniors Janise Jackson, Natalia Gathers and Jacolby Brown will be key contributors to the team.

See Page 8 for more Sports and Homecoming coverage!

Hovering to help the community By Dr. Martin Cwiakala, Special to the Sword and Shield

Columbia SC, October 7, 2010 – The Robo-Raiders, W.J. Keenan High School’s robotics team, have decided to develop a Hovercraft engineering competition. In their Lemelson-MIT proposal, they outlined plans to create a Drag Racing Hovercraft race at the high school. This proposal made the final round of judging in Massachusetts….Students learned that they did not win the national final round and LemelsonMIT will not fund their proposal. However, convinced of the viability and pure fun of their idea, and with dogged determination, the team is beginning the process of reaching out to the community and seeking other funding sources. In the past, Robo-Raider students have dedicated their lives to serving the community, and they hope their state and national awards will inspire others to help them keep going. Hovercrafts are vehicles that float on a cushion of air, much like an air hockey puck. Students hope this competition will inspire others to attend Keenan and enroll in its pre-engineering program, Project REAL (Raider Engineering and Academic Leadership).

The problem the Robo-Raiders are trying to solve is how to create a fun family event that will inspire middle school students to enroll in Keenan’s pre-engineering program. The approach is to perform outreach to middle school students in the form of a drag racing competition. By utilizing CO2 (carbon dioxide) drag race cars with the middle school students, the activity will plant the seed for a bigger and more exciting event that will take place at the high school. The middle school students will be invited to witness a Hovercraft drag racing competition featuring the Freshman, modeled after the CO2 cars. However, in this race the students will be riding their vehicles. This will hopefully inspire the middle school students to attend Keenan. The CO2 cars that will be used at the middle school are guided using a monofilament fishing line. Running on this line assures that the car will not go off course. Using the same approach, guide ropes will control the drag racing Hovercrafts and prevent them from possible accidents. The Robotics Team has successfully built indoor Hovercrafts. See the team’s current work and pro-

gress on this project on the website from the Keenan website ( under quick links or at In addition to inspiring students to attend their high school and enroll in preengineering, the Robo-Raiders believe that this new competition will be used as a stepping stone for other engineering competitions, such as FIRST Robotics ( or the Discover Hover competition ( The Robo-Raiders are in the process of obtaining funding for this project. A donation of $1000 dollars by Schneider-Electric of Columbia, SC, has allowed the team to start the project. They are looking to raise an additional $5500. If you are interested in donating to this project, checks can made out to The Keenan Foundation. In the memo line, please write ―Robo-Raider InvenTEAM.‖ The address is W.J. Keenan High School, 361 Pisgah Church Rd., Columbia, SC, 29203. Dr. Cwiakala is one of Keenan’s Engineering teachers

Robo-Raiders host Lego League competition By Dr. Martin Cwiakala, Special to the Sword and Shield

On Saturday, December 4, 2010, the RoboRaiders hosted The Columbia FIRST Lego League competition at Keenan. One hundred twenty-two students from s16 middle school teams and alternative/home-school and online school associations competed in 4 events. Parents, supporters, visitors, observers and teachers enjoyed the occasion as they filled the Commons Area. Ten of the teams qualified and will advance to the state level. They will be attending the FIRST Lego League South Carolina State Tournament, which will be held in North Charleston on March 5, 2011. Teams competed in 4 areas consisting of Research Presentation, Design Presentation, Robot Performance and Team Work. They learned valuable technology and scientific lessons from the event as well as Gracious

Professionalism, a few great dance moves and the value of high expectations.

Within the district, technical support was provided by Mr. John Arnold.

The following Keenan Family Members made Saturday’s event a success:

Outside volunteers included [Mr.] Tim Irwin [Mrs.] Peggy Cwiakala [Ms.] Luanne N. Kea [Mr.] B.T. Martin [Mr.] Wayne Corbett [Mr.] Chris Corbett [Ms.] Tonya LeBrun and her sons

Mr. [Kareem] Beckett Mrs. [Kirstin] Bullington Mrs. [Ramona] Saracila Mrs. [Cynthia] Simpson-Obioha Ms. [Emily] Maness—equipment loan Mr. [Brandon] Hopkins—equipment loan Officer [Clarence] Black The Keenan Custodial Staff The Robo-Raiders Ms. Paula Hollis and the parents support[ed the event].

An article about this event can be found in... The State newspaper and an interview for WLTX was presented.... http:// legos-competitors-square-off-this.html

Keenan stages first Raider Family Fun Day By Natalia Gathers, Business Editor

The recent Raider Family Fun Day included a variety of events and displays. “Brothers in Song” Director: Charles Brown These were ten young males from different Colleges and Universities. They came from Benedict College, Allen University, South Carolina State University and the University of South Carolina. They performed two songs under the direction of Brown. “Shepherd Center Line Dancers” Director: Flora Dixon

The women who performed this afternoon were 55 and older. Any women can join as long as they are 55 and older. They performed to the Mississippi Slide and the Cupid Shuffle. They did an excellent job showing young people who came out that no matter how old one gets one can still be healthy and stay in shape. Ms. Brooke A. Kalbaugh Employer: DHEC Kalbaugh brought healthy cook books to promote healthy eating. She also brought bean dip for everyone to taste.

Game, Contest and Drawing Winners: Dodge Ball: Turquoise Williams, Class of 2013 Kickball: Malcolm Gibson, Class of 2012 Drew Wellness Center (1 month free family membership): Mr. Logan Etheridge and family Questions and Answers: Mya Praileau, Class of 2011 Thanks Go To: Mr. Alvin Pressley, Ms. Courtney Simmons, Ms. Donna Mack, Mrs. Monica Belton, Ms. Ernestine Austin, Ms. Rosa Lewis, Coach Reggie McClain, Mr. Christian Earl, Mr. Willie Capehart

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Keenan students take first place in Richland One photography contest By Ms. Brenda L. Boyd, Special to the Sword and Shield

Keenan family helps raise awareness of breast cancer

Sophomores Keanna Jones (left) and Brandi Muller (right) were recently honored for their photography work. Photo by Assatta Herbert, News Writer.

Congratulations to Sophomores Keanna Jones [and] Brandi Muller, who took first place in the Visual Literacy Festival Group Photography Contest. They both received a certificate and the awards ceremony. All entries [were] displayed in Richland Mall for two weeks near the food court. Ms. Boyd is Keenan’s Information Technology Specialist

In October members of the Keenan family, some of whom are pictured above, banded together to participate in Columbia’s annual Breast Cancer Walk, not only raising awareness of the disease but also taking monetary contributions to help in the fight against breast cancer. Photo by Mrs. Peggy Cwiakala, Special to the Sword and Shield.

Congratulations, Raiders! By Ms. Brenda L. Boyd, Special to the Sword and Shield

Recently several Radiant Raiders have been recognized for a wide variety of achievements.

Raiders rap on recycling Sophomores Jermale Matthews and Shawn Washington won the Talent Show at the Richland County Recycles Celebration on November 13. [Washington] and [Matthews] presented an original rap mixed with original poetry to claim the top prize of $100.00.

Future artists awarded for editorial cartooning Social Studies Teacher Dr. Rhia Hamilton's students took 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the individual and group categories for handdrawn editorial cartoons.

Way to represent: Wallace shows what she knows Junior Courtney Wallace represented Keenan [in] the first Show What You Know competition. Each team had to design a crest and then explain how they came up with their design.

Ms. Boyd is Keenan’s Information Technology Specialist

State Fair was a crowd pleaser By Jamecia Gadsden, Features Writer

The SC State Fair came this year from October 13 through October 24. It featured concerts from Miranda Lambert, Boys 2 Men, Darius Rucker and others. There was also featured entertainment from Double Dutch Forces; Bandaloni, The One Man Band; K9’s in Flight and others. There were no new rides this year.

Visual Literacy Festival winners announced

Keira Robinson, Ashley Goodwin, Staycee Broomfield and Patrice Stroman American Slavery Keanna Jones, Brandi Muller, Alexandria Hamilton and Alaetra Corley The Economy: Good For Who???

Jasmine Lee and Keona Taylor No Penny Tax, No Bus Ride Kendall Smalls & Matthew Cook Items of the Trade Tyler Edmond The BP Clean Up

Raider Opinions The big payoff: Planning for college By Mrs. Cynthia Simpson-Obioha, Special to the Sword and Shield

Two friends graduated high school the same year. Four-and-a-half years later, one earns $11,000 a year while the other earns $40,000 a year. Why the disparity when they graduated the same year, are the same age, and both were good students while in high school? Good question! The disparity lies in the choice that each made upon high school graduation. On October 6, 2010, Richland County School District One held its annual college and career fair at the Carolina Coliseum. Juniors and Seniors from the District's seven high schools were bused to the Coliseum to participate in this event in hopes that it would ignite their interest in considering what they will do with themselves after high school graduation. Representatives from four- and two-year colleges and universities, the armed forces, specialty schools [and] City Year were on hand to talk with students [to] provide information on their particular schools or organizations and what they have to offer. I saw many students huddled around tables engaged in meaningful conversation with postsecondary representatives. They were asking questions, filling out contact cards and picking up materials from tables. On the other hand, I also saw students huddled in groups with their friends engaged in conversations that were totally unrelated to the numerous opportunities that were literally within their reach.

Hypothetically speaking, which of these two groups is more likely to end up earning $11,000 vs. $40,000 within four-and-a-half years of graduating from high school? According to a report titled "The Big Payoff: Educational Attainment and Synthetic Estimates of Work-Life Earnings," high school graduates earn approximately $1.2 million while those with college degrees earn $2.1 million. People who earn master's degrees earn $2.5 million. This report also points out the fact that persons who earn doctoral degrees stand to earn approximately $3.4 million during their working life. Finally, those who earn professional degrees (i.e. doctors, lawyers, etc.) on average earn roughly $4.4 million during their working life. In other words, the more education you have, the more money you are likely to make during your lifetime! It all begins at events such as the recently held District college fair. Students, it is crucial that you understand that there is a world beyond your home, community and W. J. Keenan. That world is filled with successful people who were once high school students. They took the time to take advantage of the opportunities placed before them. Someone once said, "Even when opportunity knocks, you still must get up to open the door." Knock, Knock, Raiders! Open the door! If others have done it, so can you!

Mrs. Simpson-Obioha is Keenan’s Director of Guidance

See Page 7 for a related story

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When taking the SAT or ACT be sure to get plenty of rest, eat a healthy breakfast, and wear comfortable clothing. Most importantly remember to do your personal best.

Unity Princess and Young Kings work to better Keenan By Debra McWhite, News Writer

The Unity Princesses are lead by Mrs. Evelyn Cunningham and Mrs. Alexandria Williams. The co-sponsors for the Young Kings Club are Mr. Brandon Hopkins and Mrs. Charity Ntiasagwe. The thing the Unity Princesses have done so far for Keenan was to show their appreciation to the Junior Varsity and Varsity Football team and the Tennis team. On October 4, 2010, the Princesses passed out cake and punch to the athletes. The Young Kings Club had their induction ceremony November 9, 2010. Their speakers were Mr. Alvin Pressley, Principal and Mr. James E. Woodward, Jr., Sophomore Dylan Woodward’s grandfather. Members of the Unity Princesses include Freshmen Kia Adams and Gabrielle Brown; Junior Jacolby Brown; Sophomores Sarah James Cantey, Lakia Carter and Alaetra Corley; Freshman Diamond Covington; Sophomore Mercedes Galloway; Freshman Brianna Hall; Junior Kayana Hendricks; Sophomore Jazmin Hillary; Juniors Jasmine Hope and Christus Jamison; Sophomores Chelsea Johnson and Khadijah Johnson; Freshman KeAundra Jones; Sophomore Jasmine Lee; Freshman Khadijah Lesane; Junior Constance McCoy; Sophomore Debra McWhite; Junior Lexce Mills; Freshmen Dominique Morris and TaMia Morris, Sophomore Amya Mountain; Freshman Taylor Neal; Junior Sierra Patrick-Williams; Freshman Raven Pearson; Sophomore Kendra Robinson; Junior De’ Asia Rudder; Senior India Scott; Freshman Gabrielle Simpson; Senior Alexis Smith; Freshman Kya Smith, Sophomore LaPortia Smith; Junior Sentel Snipes; Sophomore Keona Taylor; Senior Janay Telford; Freshman Desia Truesdale and Junior Courtney Wallace. Members of the Young Kings Club include Juniors Costonzo Bryant-Martin, Alexander Douglas and Christopher Hampton; Sophomores Devon Hardin, Titus Hopkins, Daetron Hyman, Leontre Johnson, Joshua McCord and Tramell McKinnon; Freshman Tylen McKinnon; Junior Shane Moore; Sophomores William Patterson, Preston Perkins, John Sims and Dylan Woodward and Freshman Da’mon Wright.

Take responsibility for your own success. Do not rely solely on teachers and parents to prepare you, although they will do their best. Gather your materials, and do your research! Develop a prudent study plan! Use the TCA resources available to you! Read. A plethora of studies link the simple act of reading to higher test scores, so I’ll say it again: READ! Retake the test if necessary. Colleges usually only consider your highest SAT or ACT score, so if you’re not happy with your first score, take it again! Practice writing under pressure. The ACT will give students 30 minutes to write a full essay, while the SAT provides only 25 minutes. Allot five minutes for brainstorming, and make sure to leave time to revise at the end! Work on vocabulary skills. New vocabulary will come from all of the reading you are doing, but be intentional about learning other words, too. The average human brain can learn between 4 to 7 new words a day, and the perspicacious student will! Don’t forget about math and science! Math appears on both of these tests. There is a science section on the ACT, although the SAT does not test on science. Check with Dr. [Martin Cwiakala] or another math or science teacher for more information about the SAT and ACT in these subject areas Be zealous in your studies, but know that you can only do your best. As sad as Mike was to settle for his second-choice college, he was resilient, and things have turned out well for him. He has had a wonderful and enriching experience in college, and has moved past his low test score. I know if he were here though, he would tell you to go make a study plan! Pick up a book! Work on your vocabulary! I’ll leave you to it. SAT vocabulary words have been put in bold. Here are their definitions:

Paragon—model, shining example

“The ACT lasted about 2 hours. Only about half the information in the test covered standards taught in school. I think I did well on the test; I scored 20 out of 36,” Youmous said.

Prosaically—ordinarily, routinely

Senior Tierra Youmous took the ACT in April of this year.

Prodigious—exceptional, remarkable, impressive

“A good SAT/ACT score depends on the school students are interested in attending. Some schools will take either SAT or ACT scores instead of both. For example, if a student is better in science, it might be wise for that student to take the ACT rather than the SAT,” Obioha said.

Prudent—sensible, cautious, wise

Oftentimes students can be under a lot of pressure when taking the SAT or ACT. They feel the need to perform exceptionally well on both tests. What is considered a good score on the SAT or ACT?

I wonder how many students enjoy sitting down to take nice, long standardized tests. Not many, I’d bet. Enjoyment aside, the truth is that standardized testing can be important to students’ futures. Several years ago I had a student I’ll call “Mike” for anonymity’s sake. Mike was a paragon among students: He had high grades, an athletic record and student government involvement! All of his teachers thought getting into college would be a breeze for Mike, except that he had one weakness. As smart as Mike was, he was not a good test taker because his intelligence did not translate well into a multiple choice format. If Mike were Superman, the SAT would be his Kryptonite. Unfortunately for Mike, colleges prosaically rely on SAT or ACT scores for admittance. To make a long story short, Mike did not get into the college of his choice due to low SAT scores. I’ll admit it—I was surprised. However, I have had many similar surprises since then when smart students are not accepted to their colleges of choice due to standardized testing scores. As the SAT and ACT ELA Test Preparation teacher here at Keenan, I have a few pieces of advice for those of you who do not want to end up in Mike’s predicament. Ms. Robison’s Top Six Tips for Prodigious SAT and ACT Preparation:

Plethora—excess, surplus, overabundance

“The SAT/ACT are standardized tests used by colleges to [gauge] how prepared a student is for college,” Mrs. Cynthia SimpsonObioha, Director of Guidance, said.

By Ms. Jessica Robison, Special to the Sword and Shield

Perspicacious—insightful, astute

The college admissions process can be very grueling and even confusing at times. An important factor to consider when applying to college is the SAT or ACT.

Scoring high means putting in the time

Zealous—enthusiastic, extreme, passionate

By Moriah West, News Editor

Preparation equals success

Resilient—tough, hardy, strong

How prepared are you for the SAT or ACT?

Ms. Robison is a member of Keenan’s English Department

Raider Lifestyles A detail of the publicity poster (left) for Sista Girl and the Soldier: The Urban Nutcracker shows the dancers in full, intense motion as they interpret a piece from the December performance.

Dancing the night away By Tammaka Staley, News Writer

VIBRATIONS DANCE COMPANY presents ‘SISTA GIRL AND THE SOLDIER: THE URBAN NUTCRACKER’ COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA. Back by popular demand, Columbia Music Festival Association and the South Carolina Multicultural Arts Center presented Vibrations Dance Company (VDC) in the Midland's most exciting holiday performance: Sista Girl and the Soldier: The Urban Nutcracker, on Friday, December 10, 2010, and Saturday, December 11, 2010, at 7:30 PM at USC’s Drayton Hall, located at the corner of College and Sumter Streets. Sista Girl is a contemporary adaptation of The Nutcracker. “VDC’s production of Sista Girl debuted in 2003,”Evie Belton, VDC Executive Director and Founder, [said]. “It has been named one of Columbia’s most fun and dynamic holiday shows,” Belton said. Sista Girl is a contemporary urban retelling of the traditional ballet The Nutcracker which is based on the classic Hoffman story. The music is an eclectic mix of the original Tchaikovsky score and a wide variety of contemporary and traditional music including soul, gospel, R&B, pop, musical theater, hip-hop, Latin and rock. This year’s production boasted an extra special treat with special appearances in the hilarious opening scene by City of Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin and City of Blythewood Mayor Keith Bailey. “This production and the choreography during the performance brings audiences together with a fun, engaging and modern approach to telling classic American holiday season traditions,” VDC Artistic Director, Terrence Henderson [said]. “Sista Girl is inspired by VDC's mission to create dance that represents our own time and the people of our community. A first of its kind for the Midlands. Sista Girl reaches the hearts of our community like no other holiday show, continues Henderson. It has a palpable and magical energy that only VDC can create,” Henderson said. The production [was] staged and choreographed by Henderson, a Newberry native and University of South Carolina graduate. He has the distinction of serving as the South Carolina Arts Commission 2010 Dance Performance Fellow, was named a “Top-Ten Artist under 30 in South Carolina” by The State Newspaper in 2005, and received the Youth American Grand Prix Outstanding Contemporary Choreography Award in 2004. Henderson is also the recipient of the 2009

Jazz Dance World Congress Bronze Leo Award for Outstanding Choreography for his piece entitled STAND, which was performed by the company during July...for an audience of professional choreographers, dancers and other industry insiders during the Jazz Dance World Congress. Henderson and VDC were among fourteen finalists selected from applicants from across the globe to perform at the Harris Theater for Music and Dance in Chicago’s Millennium Park. This season, VDC celebrates over ten years of existence. The company plans to hold an official celebratory performance in April during its presentation of Dimensions: The South Carolina Contemporary Dance Festival. VDC is one of Columbia’s most unique dance companies and was established to explore and express the African-American aesthetic through performance of spiritual, blues, modern, jazz and other dance genres. Belton... founded the Columbia-based company in 1998, and the company's first full performance season was in 2000. In 2003, VDC, along with other local artists founded the South Carolina Multicultural Arts Center, Inc. (SC McAC, Inc.) with the mission of supporting multicultural arts in the community and as a vehicle of education, community building and healing. VDC has performed three times as finalist for the Leo's Competitive Event held at the Jazz Dance World Congress: in 2005 and 2007 in Chicago and in 2004 in San Jose, Costa Rica. VDC was voted runner-up [in] the Free Times’ BEST of Columbia for local dance companies. VDC is in its second year as part of the South Carolina Arts Commission’s New Audience Road Show. The company has collaborated over the years with some of the Midlands’ finest artists including the Capital City Chorale featuring Roberta Flack and the Columbia Classical Ballet. The Columbia Museum of Art commissioned the company to present Echoes and Images, a live theatre dance response to artist Jacob Lawrence's Migration Series. The company was also featured in Workshop Theater productions Ain't Misbehavin, in 2007 and Ain't Nothing but the Blues in 2008. Every year, VDC produces and presents a full season of concerts in theatres, schools, festivals and communities across the state. In addition, VDC provides school residencies, educational activities and performances.

Often times, many may ask, “What is dance?” Dance is the lyrical diverse movement that soulfully transfers a message into the hearts of others. In Ms. Emily Maness’ dance classes, students are now preparing for their annual . The theme is Interpretations, which allows every student to create group and solo pieces that interpret different worldwide topics in creative ways. “[The choreography and creative process is] therapeutic and gives students the opportunity to express feelings through music,” Maness said. Sophomore Countess Robinson has been dancing since she was 3 years old and enjoyed creating her own choreography. “[I was] excited and inspired because I get to express all my feelings in the way I want to,” Robinson said. Dancing is a great passion to Robinson and many other girls in the showcase. Whether it is tempo, transformations or song choice, each dancer takes certain aspects of dance to work diligently in getting an important message across. Not only do the dancers inform people about their topic, but they also entertain and extract the inner emotions of the audience before them.

District Honors Dance winners announced By Ms. Emily Maness, Special to the Sword and Shield

The following dancers...successfully auditioning for the District Honors Dance Company. These ladies worked extremely hard....They [performed] with Vibrations Dance Company at Drayton Hall in December. Porsche Barton-12th grade Amber Dorsey-11th grade Kenora Etzminger-11th grade Tiera Smith-11th grade Tammaka Staley-11th grade (2nd year co[mpany] member) Ms. Maness is Keenan’s Director of Dance

Band marches Delta Gems seek to do good deeds to victory By Kalifa Lewis, Features Reporter On October 2, 2010, the Marching Raider Rubber Band won the Grand Champion Award in Sumter, SC. “We prepared by practicing the new show,” Junior Danny Walker, bass drummer, said. Seniors Timothy Isaac, trumpet player, and Xavier Goodwin, tuba player, said that the band prepared by practicing the new show and keeping the energy up and keeping the music good and clean. Preparing for a competition is not easy and it does take a lot of work; the band did come out on top. “The hardest thing about competition preparation is getting over the fact that we’re smaller than other bands,” Junior Chaela Harris, French horn player, said. Their hard work and practice was a success, and it shows others that when people put their minds to it, they can do it. “It was great to win because all of our long, hard work finally paid off,” Senior Javante’ Jackson, first-year drum major, said.

By Moriah West, News Editor

Delta Gems is a program for young female high school students. The program is sponsored by the Delta Sigma Theta Alumni Chapter of Richland County and serves as a motivational sisterhood. Members of Delta Gems participate in numerous activities including community service, college tours, and self-defense classes. Delta Gems advisors are Ms. Dalphine Humphrey, Mrs. DeVonne Smalls, Mrs. Charnice Ray and Ms. Deirde Hutson. Senior DeAnna Smalls serves as the president of Delta Gems. “My job is to write memos and let other Delta Gems know when our next meeting is,” DeAna Smalls said. The Delta Gems are always busy helping others. “The Delta Gems decorated the Christmas tree and participated in Families Helping Families where we sorted out gifts; the Boy Scouts were also helping,” DeAna Smalls said. If anyone is interested in joining Delta Gems, make an appointment with one of the Delta Gems advisors and fill out an application. Limited space is available.

Gospel Festival rejuvenates school spirit By Nathalie Stewart, Features Editor The Keenan singers held their 2 nd annual Back to School Gospel Festival at the Keenan Auditorium on September 26, 2010. “The purpose of the Gospel Festival was to unite with the community and network with other schools and churches,” Mrs. Carolyn Cleveland, Choral Director, said. Freshmen Sheldon Dowdy, tenor, and Gabrielle Simpson, soprano, said that they felt as if they were now a part of Keenan after the performance. “The most challenging part about preparing for the concert was the long practices, but they paid off in the end.” Sophomore Maya Goodwin, alto, said. Some performers other than the Keenan Singers were Church Praise Dancers, Spirit Quartet Group and many more music groups. “I really enjoyed the concert and wouldn’t mind having another one because it was very spiritual and made me feel closer to the Lord,” Junior Kendall Suber said.

Student Council rallies up school spirit By Courtney Wallace, News Writer

CLOVER, S.C. - The District Rally was held on Friday, October 25, 2010. At the District Rally, Student Council members received information on how to better promote school spirit and have better proms and/or dances. “It was a fun and exciting and an educational experience. The student council made great connections and received numerous ideas about things to do around school,” Ms. Deidra Sutton, Student Council Advisor, said.

As the day went on the group went into different workshops. In those workshops the different groups shared ideas about various things that are being done at their schools. “I gained ideas about different themes on prom, community service and planning [a] pep rally,” Diamond Covington, Freshman Class President, said. Overall the District Rally had a positive effect on the students and advisors who attended it. Everybody as a whole gained

Raiders look to the future at College Fair

Keenan Junior competes for National Achievement Honor

By Assatta Herbert, News Reporter

Many people wonder what to do about college. How to finance it, where to go, and what to major in are among some of the most frequently asked questions. Senior DeAna Smalls seems to have figured out some of those things. Smalls has been entered in the National Achievement Honor Competition. Smalls and one other Richland One student will compete with 1,600 others for 800 college scholarships worth more than 2.5 million dollars. Scholarships will be awarded next spring. For this great honor, she didn’t have to apply. She was chosen based on PSAT scores from previous years. This particular achievement/ scholarship is sponsored by various schools and companies. Smalls is a semi finalist now, but if she goes on she is entitled to money for college, her application fees paid in full and even a full scholarship. “It really helps me out a lot,” Smalls said. Her goals for the future are to get into a really good school, go to a pharmacy school and get her doctorate. The specific college of her choice is probably the University of South Carolina but with this scholarship, Howard and other schools are offering money. Smalls has a pretty good idea about her future academically.

On October 6, 2010, the Juniors and Seniors from Richland One schools visited the Carolina Coliseum for the annual College Fair. At the College Fair students were provided with a variety of information from surrounding colleges. “The information was great, and you got to explore colleges you didn’t know anything about,” Junior Jasmine Hill said. Seniors were given the opportunity to fill out applications; Juniors were given the opportunity to receive information about a variety of colleges. “The information was very valuable in reference to the students’ future,” Mr. Robert Woolford, Special Education Teacher, said. The College Fair allowed students to get up close and personal with representatives from the various colleges. “It gave you more information [by] talking to representatives in person [rather] than trying to find information on the internet,” Senior Kelsey Hayes said. See Page 4 for a related editorial

By Keanna Jones, News Writer

better information on promoting school spirit throughout their schools. “I wouldn’t change anything; I thought it was great,” Ms. Jessica Robison, Chaperone, said. The District Rally was an overall success. The advisors and students all thought that the event was great as it was and there shouldn’t be any changes. “I wouldn’t change anything; I thought it was very beneficial,” Matiah Pough, Senior Class President, said.

Keenan competes with Eau Claire in blood drive By Sentel Snipes, News Editor The Keenan Raider Family competed against the Eau Claire Shamrock Family in a blood drive this past September. The blood drive was a great experience for the high school students. “It gave us the chance to help save lives,” Junior Chaela Harris said The blood drive was a success. “We signed in 74 donors and gave 45 pints of blood; we exceeded the goal by ten points,” Ms. Mary Haile, National Honor Society Advisor, said. Those who donated blood did a huge favor for those in need. “It felt very good helping to [save] lives. I would want someone to help me if I was in need,” Junior Kayana Hendricks said.

Raider Sports Raider’s swing their rackets as Benjamin prepares to move on By Brandon Joyner, Sports Writer

With this being Coach Jennifer Brannon’s 4th year coaching, she thought the tennis team did a great job even though they started late, but they came out and did what they needed to do. This year’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) is Senior Ashley Benjamin. Junior Assatta Herbert is the Most Improved

Player. She has stepped up her game this year.

has a great personality and she’s very easy to work with.

of people look up to her for direction and guidance.

Sophomore Tyona Mack has been playing tennis for 3 years. She feels the team did very well this year. Mack thinks after Benjamin leaves, Junior Amber Dorsey will be a great team captain. Mack believes Dorsey will be a good captain because Dorsey

Benjamin said she really enjoyed this year of tennis, but she also believes that the team would have gotten farther if they worked a little harder. She thinks Sophomore Moriah West would be a great captain in two years. Benjamin thinks this because West is a great leader and a lot

Benjamin plans on going to college and majoring in nursing and hopes to still be able to play tennis. She’s been playing tennis for 9 years. Benjamin says the team really impacted her life. They are all sisters to her. They gave her courage, and they believed in her; they also cheered

Come behind the scenes with the cheerleaders

Homecoming match-up sees Raiders fall to Indians

By Jessica Riley, Sports Writer

By DeAna Smalls, Sports Writer

Freshman Desia Truesdale started cheerleading because her sister was a cheerleader, and she wants to experience in her sister’s footsteps the type of encouragement that their coaches give the cheerleaders that everyone works together as a team and they are a family. Truesdale and the other cheerleaders have been learning cheers and practicing hard, preparing for basketball season. Truesdale believes that since she will not be a freshman next year, the year will be good. English teacher and Cheerleading Coach Ms. Mary Haile says she got interested in cheerleading just to help relieve a friend. Haile says the girls did very good at the competition; the encouragement she gives to the cheerleaders is to tell them that

they’re as good as anyone else. She does not wish to change the this year’s uniform; she thinks it is alright for now. To prepare for basketball season the cheerleaders have been learning cheers; next year Haile hopes to improve more. Math teacher and Cheerleading Coach Ms. Diedra Hutson says she is interested in all types of sports, but when she saw on ESPN a cheerleading competition, she loved it. Hutson tries to stress unity and asks the cheerleaders to make a conscience effort to put forth their best and to always keep a positive mind. Hutson was very proud of how well the cheerleaders did at competition. Hutson’s young squad are eager to learn new cheers, so she feels they will improve greatly next year.

On October 15, 2010, the Raid-

overs and that during the game

ers football team took on the

the team should have had better

Gilbert High School Indians for

blocks and tackles and scored

Keenan’s 2010 Homecoming

more points.


In order to insure success in

Though the bleachers were

future games, Moton plans to

packed and the night was full of

have the team work on minimiz-

excitement, the Raiders lost to

ing little mistakes, fighting

the Indians with a final score of

through adversity, improving

6–23, giving the football team a

communication and emphasiz-

record of 1-9.

ing special teams.

According to Coach Mitchell Mo-

Overall Moton stated that even

ton, head football coach, some

though he was disappointed with

of the biggest mistakes were

the outcome of the game, he

made when it came to blown

was pleased that the team never

assignments, penalties and turn-

gave up.

Raider basketball season off to promising start By Janise Jackson, Sports Writer The boys basketball team goal this year is to make it to State. The thing they would have to do to accomplish this goal is have communication, trust and faith. They would have to play hard and never give up. Their record so far this year is 10-2.

2010-2011 Players

Joshua Harper

Trey Stroman

Jonathan Gilyard

Eric Hopkins

Erick Tisdale

Antonio Goodwin

Quinton Johnson

Eric Washington

Kevon Goodwin

Quinton Stroman



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