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Loxford Primary Link This ½ term Year 2 are learning:

Our Theme/Topic is: Mini beasts Gateway

English  

To produce work that is organised, imaginative, and clear. To link and relate events, including past, present, and future sensibly.

To Learning Design and Technology 

Mathematics.  

To identify the appropriate operation (s) needed to solve a word problem. To use multiplication, division facts and place value to solve word problems.

Develop a range of techniques by cutting and joining fabric to create a pattern.

To place objects/ pictures in the appropriate time period. To explain what they have learnt about the past.


 

 Identify ways in which the appearance of humans changes, as they get older and some characteristics that will not alter.

Modern foreign language 

To learn how to speak a few phrases in Spanish. 


 


 

As we are working towards our Statutory Assessment Tests, please speak to your child’s class teacher if you have any concerns.

To be able to explore how different body positions, different types of equipment and different take-offs and landings can affect the distance, height, effectiveness of an activity.

To understand what religious stories makes us wonder. 


To understand the changes that will happen in my life.

Please check your child’s book bag every day. Reading with your child every day. Ensuring that your child’s clothing and PE kit are standard uniform and are clearly labelled. Ensuring that your child wears suitable clothing dependent on weather. Telephoning the school if your child is not well enough to attend. We welcome any expertise, time or resources that you feel you may be able to offer the school. Ensuring your child brings in their book bag every day with their book inside. Reading to your child every day. Ensuring that your child’s homework and spelling are completed on time.


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