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Year 13 Newsletter Loxford School of Science & Technology

Top 10 Ways To Handle Revision Stress Make a timetable and stick to it and highlight once In your garden can help. you’ve done the work – this will help you organise your time and you’ll feel motivated I know most of us do this, but don’t listen to PAST EXAM PAPERS!!! Get all the practise you music whilst revising, need so that you a prepared on how to answer because you’ll end up questions remembering lyrics instead of key notes Eat almonds and drink milk – Good for brain power! Drink lots of water, its help you feel hydrated, Make sure you get enough sleep – Don’t try to stay it’s much better at awake till too late otherwise you’ll feel tired the keeping you awake than next day and most of the revision won’t stay in energy drinks your head Revise with friends – Use different techniques for revision, making notes this way if they know isn’t necessarily the best way to revise, be creative! something you don’t Get some fresh air – even going for a little walk then you can learn from them, vice versa.

And finally, relax. Give yourself a nice break every once in a while and do whatever you enjoy. Priya Joshi 13X

Universities and Entry Requirements The universities in the UK have different entry requirement in terms of subjects which are required to be studied in A-level and the grades you meant to achieve at the end of year 13. For example the same course may require similar subject but one may give more preference to the subject you have than the other.

This is why researching the universities thoroughly is vital as universities are always setting a higher standard each year. The grade entry requirements are continuously increasing due to the high competition between candidates for the same course. I am not trying to scare you but I'm trying to warn you that your A-level choices and grade are extremely important for your future.

You need to use every free minute to study with awareness as it makes a huge difference. How much effort you put in your studying reflects to your finally grades.

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Year 13 Newsletter

Thinking About Applying to Medicine? It can be a daunting process if you are considering applying to medicine so here are a few pointers. Although this course is extremely competitive there are some factors that are within your own control. For a start it is necessary that you meet the academic criteria, each university has its own criteria for GCSE's and A – Levels as well as other criteria that you should meet. A good place to start researching this is using the UCAS website. It is likely that everyone else has outstanding grades so your personal statement also plays a crucial part in your application. This is where all your reasons for deciding to study medicine come in to place. It is no longer simply about the grades but also about you as an individual. Deciding to study medicine is not easy so it is vital that you do some work experience/voluntary work to see if this type of course is for you. Perhaps you decide not to go for medicine straightaway, in which case there are other routes into medicine, or maybe you will decide that this course is not for you. It can be difficult to obtain work experience at first but there is plenty of voluntary work out there! Not only is it

important to get work experience/voluntary work but it is also important to express your other interests and hobbies.

chances of getting into medical school so it would be advisable to start as early as possible. Shanjida — Year 13

Not all medicine courses are the same so you can find out more about the different types of courses by attending open days/taster courses and researching the courses at the individual universities. Almost all medical schools require you to sit an entry exam too such as the UKCAT and BMAT. Thorough preparation in all aspects of your application is likely to increase your

UCAS “Your allowed to have 5 course choices on your application. The whole process in done online.”

You would have heard about UCAS, the process in which you apply to university. It seems like a long exhausting process but it is actually straight forward as long as you do you research about courses. There are approximately 325 institutions in the UCAS scheme including universities, colleges of higher education and further education colleges that offer HE courses. You can use the UCAS website to search for the courses at university

and their entry requirement, fee and the required information you need. Your allowed to have 5 course choices on you application. The whole process in done online. You can check your chosen university’s decision on tracking which is found on the UCAS website. You use Track to reply to your offers. Your reply date will be

displayed in Track. Your reply date is based on when we receive the last decision from your choices, so it might be different to other people. You then reply to your university by confirming a firm offer and an insurance offer as you back up. Thujeedra 13.X



A LEVELS During my BTEC in Business Diploma equivalent to three A Levels was my best experience, one that I will certainly never forget. I have chosen to study this subject in my A Level’s since I very much enjoy business During the study of Business in the BTEC National Diploma, I have broadened and enhanced my knowledge. I opted to choose this for A Level as a result of enjoying the Taster Lessons that were provided to me by the school during GSCE’s. Also, I enjoyed discovering and exploring the aspects of business, especially the management side of it. I was further encouraged to pick this A Level course after seen many relatives succeeding within the business industry.

Business education is vital for everyday life as we live in a world where the economy is at the heart of everything. Currently, I am achieving my potential grades, and I am on course to attaining the grades that I was predicted. For me, this was made possible as a result of hard-work as well as the

assistance provided by my teachers which has proved immeasurable. In addition, the support that my family have shown has undoubtedly fuelled my persistence. Ilva Bela


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