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This half term Year 1 will be learning:

Our Theme/Topic is: Into The Future 

Literacy   


Write using features of non-chronological reports. Write explanation texts. Poetry writing

To Learning

Mathematics   

To be able to solve + and – calculations using a range of strategies, including mental. To know what is 1 or 10 more or less than any given number. Understand and use the vocabulary for ordering and comparing numbers.

. History 

Science To understand what a fair test is. To predict what might happen, carry out then evaluate a fair test.

/ Art/ DT To select materials for a futuristic picture or model eg how will we travel in the future?

PE To imagine the future by thinking about what we have learnt about the past.

To take part in team sports and races.

Recap each major religion and discuss what we have learnt this year.

Geography 

 

Reading with your child daily. Ensuring that your child’s clothing and PE kit are standard uniform and are clearly labelled. Ensuring that your child wears suitable clothing dependent on weather. Telephoning the school if your child is not well enough to attend.

To design a home people may live in, in the future.


SEAL   

To identify ways in which we have changed. To explore changes which have occurred in our lives. To develop strategies to cope with these changes.

Music Learning new assembly songs and playing the recorder.