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Welcome Welcome to Stratford upon Avon School This prospectus aims to give you an insight into the Sixth Form at Stratford upon Avon School. We set high standards in everything we do and we expect the best from our students and staff. We have clear values which we encourage in our students and adhere to as staff and we base our work on trust, co-operation, fairness, honesty and a belief in the unique worth and aspirations of each individual student. We aim to provide the very best learning experience possible for all our students so that they are able to achieve their personal potential. We have excellent and extensive facilities and a dedicated staff that enable both curricular and extra-curricular opportunities to be available to every student. We celebrate successes both academic and non-academic including our excellent GCE and BTEC Level 3 results, our Higher Education and career successes and our outstanding sporting, artistic and musical achievements. This prospectus will give you much of the information you require but we recommend for further details that you visit our website or call us on 01789 416653 and ask us for a tour of the school.



Mr David R Williams, Head teacher

About our Sixth Form At Stratford upon Avon School our Post 16 provision is tailored to both challenge and satisfy all individual students. We aim to offer our students a learning experience through a broad and engaging curriculum. A range of Level 3 and Level 2 courses can be chosen, including A-Level, BTEC, and GCSE, all enabling a range of learning experiences from terminal examination to coursework based study. It is our aim to provide an inspirational Sixth Form environment where students are challenged and supported to fulfil their potential. In addition to Academic study, we provide a curriculum that incorporates a purposeful enrichment programme. This includes Leisure / Sports opportunities, Leadership & Mentoring, Work in the community, Young Enterprise, and the opportunity to acquire relevant life skills and other useful qualifications. Underpinning the Sixth Form is a dedicated team of specialist staff to support pupil learning and provide advice and guidance. This support aids their transition into either the world of work or to further studies including Higher Education. Our modern facilities, purpose built Sixth Form area, and outstanding learning resources, all ensure that students have every opportunity to be successful. We have an active and very capable Senior Student Team of whom we are very proud. This team work tirelessly both within the school and in the community, enhancing their personal skills in a variety of activities, and they contribute significantly to our school. We appreciate the importance of choosing a Sixth Form, and we hope that this prospectus will give you a sound insight to both the provision and service available at Stratford upon Avon School.



Mr Mark Brennan, Head of Post 16

The following pages act as a quick reference guide and will hopefully answer most of your questions. Should you require greater detail on any areas of Sixth Form provision including information on SEN and Disability provision please visit our website: or email

‘Stratford upon Avon Sixth Form offers not only academic aid such as apprenticeship and university guidance, but extracurricular activities including Latin classes, Young Enterprise and Duke of Edinburgh. For me the Sixth Form is much more than just studying for your A levels, it’s about developing yourself’



Hayley Ashton -Year 13 student studying Sociology, ICT and Economics

Admissions Core requirements to enter the Sixth Form at Stratford upon Avon School: Evidence of a good attitude to school learning Evidence of a good school attendance record Completion of an application form and interview.

Criteria for priority allocation of places at Stratford upon Avon School Sixth Form: Students who already study at Stratford upon Avon School The date when applications are received will be used. All applications are numbered and, in the event that we are over-subscribed, the time an application was received will be used as a means to decide who is awarded a place.

Criteria for allocation of places on specific course of study: When demand exceeds the available number of places on a specific course the school will attempt to deploy its available resources to satisfy the request of all students. However, when this is not possible, the criteria for place allocation will be: Evidence of prior commitment to and prior achievement in the subject area The appropriateness of a student’s subject choice in relation to the other subjects in their application.



We will attempt to provide all students with the best pathway into the Sixth Form and combination of subjects to suit their needs.

26th November 2012 An evening designed to find out more about our Sixth Form. There will be an opportunity to discuss the subjects on offer, and take a glimpse into Sixth Form life with our current students.

Pathway A & B Guidance Evening

4th December Guidance for those considering Pathways A & B. The evening will include: course options, combination subjects, Enrichment, considerations for Post 18 destinations.

Pathway C & D Guidance Evening

5th December Guidance for those considering Pathways C & D. The evening will include: course options, combination subjects, Enrichment, considerations for Post 18 destinations.

Closing Date for Applications:

25th January 2013 Please contact the school if you require any assistance with your application:


February/March 2013 All applicants will meet a member of the Sixth Form team to discuss their application and subject choices.

Provisional Offer Letter:

9th April 2013 All applicants will receive a letter notifying them if they have secured a place in the Sixth Form. The letter will be a provisional offer. It will identify the subjects the student has opted for and the grades required to gain a place within the Sixth Form.

Taster Days:

June 2013 Applicants will be invited to attend taster days and experience the Sixth Form and subjects first hand.

GCSE results & Sixth Form Registration:

22nd August 2013 Page

Into Sixth Form Open Evening:


Important Dates for Admission

Choosing your courses Level 3 courses are a significant step up in difficulty from those studied during Key stage 4. Choose your subjects wisely, and be aware that you may have different teachers in the Sixth Form. Indeed, in most subjects you are likely to have two teachers. Choose subjects you will be good at: For many careers or courses, grades matter more than subjects. It can be very difficult to stay motivated if you are finding the work difficult. Look carefully at the course syllabus, even if it’s a subject you’ve already studied, and look at the way that it is taught and assessed. With new subjects check whether they share any similarities with other subjects or with extra-curricular activities you enjoy. Our experience tells us that certain combinations of subjects might support each other, e.g. Maths with Sciences, English with History, English Literature with Drama, ICT with Business Studies.

Check your combination of subjects: Ensure that the combination of subjects you choose meets the requirements of any career or Higher Education course that you may be considering (see page 7 for likely requirements to study specific degree courses).

Sixth Form Open Evening on Monday 26th November



This will give you the opportunity to talk to Curriculum teachers, and Sixth Form students who are already studying these subjects.

Higher Education & University A number of specific careers and university courses specify particular A-Levels.

Degree Course

Possible Requirements

Accountancy / Banking / Finance / Economics Biology

Maths is often required. Business Studies and Economics are often useful. Biology and another science, or Maths.


Chemistry, and sometimes Maths and/or another science. Often requires Maths.


Chemistry and Biology are often required, and some ask for Physics and Maths. Many universities require Maths A-Level.


Maths and Physics.


Any, but preferably academic subjects especially English. Chemistry and Biology. Maths and / or Physics are also relevant. Sciences and Maths required at most institutions.

Medicine Natural Sciences Nursing and Midwifery Physics Physiotherapy

Biology, and at the most competitive universities, Chemistry. Physics and Maths.


One science – usually Biology. Some universities will require two sciences. A pure science subject is usually required.


Must have at least one ‘academic’ subject.

Sports Science

Some universities require Biology or another science.

Veterinary Science

Chemistry and Biology and then either Maths and / or Physics.




Computer Sciences

Curriculum Pathways From September 2013, the Sixth Form will offer four Pathways of study. Each Pathway has its own entry criteria, course offer and progression routes.

Year 12 Programme of Study

Year 13 Programme of Study Possible Exit Routes

Pathway A

Pathway B

Pathway C

5 or more GCSE grades A* - A including Maths and English

5 or more GCSE grades A* - B including Maths and English

5 or more GCSE grades A* - C including Maths and English

4 AS Levels or BTEC Level 3

3 AS Levels or BTEC Level 3

4 AS Levels or BTEC Level 3 & Extended Project 3 / 4 A2 Levels or BTEC Level 3

Oxford / Cambridge & competitive courses

Pathway D

5 or more GCSE grades A* - C

2 AS Levels or BTEC Level 3 + Level 2 awards

3 A2 Levels or BTEC Level 3

3 A2 Levels or BTEC Level 3

2 A2 Levels or BTEC Level 3 + Level 2 awards


University / Vocational

Widening Career


Entry requirement

Guidance Evening 5th December


Guidance Evening 4th December

Curriculum Subject Choices Level 3 Qualifications - BTEC

Subject Entry Requirements (Level 2 / GCSE)

Performing Arts: Dance (New for 2013) ICT Sports Studies Fashion and Textiles (New for 2013)

B in Dance and/or successful audition C in Maths and English C in Sport and PE C in Technology



Level 3 Qualifications - AS / A2 Level Subject Entry Requirements (Level 2 / GCSE) Biology BB in Science Business Studies C in Maths and English Language Chemistry BB in Science Drama and Theatre Studies C in Drama Economics C in Maths English Language B in English Language English Literature B in English Literature Environmental Studies CC in Science Film Studies C in English French B in French Geography C in Geography History C in English Maths B in Maths Further Maths A in Maths Physics BB in Science Product Design C in Design and Technology Psychology B in English Language, BB in Science Photography (New for 2013) Sociology C in English Language Fine Art C in Art and / or evidence of Portfolio



Level 2 Qualifications GCSE English Language (re-sit) GCSE Maths (re-sit) GCSE Film Studies (New for 2013) GCSE Law (New for 2013) GCSE Photography (New for 2013) BTEC Sport Studies (New for 2013) BTEC Business Studies(New for 2013)

The Pastoral College System Our College system aims to ensure that individual students feel valued members of the school community and that their wellbeing and aspirations are cultivated. Upon entry all students are placed in a vertical tutor group, positioned within one of three Colleges. These tutor groups are made up of students from different age groups, and Sixth Form students will assist the Form tutor, taking an active role in mentoring and coaching younger members of their group.

The College Cup The College Cup reflects the spirit of competition between the three Colleges of Hathaway, Arden and Shakespeare. College points are awarded for academic success and effort; sporting endeavours; good behaviour; good attendance and for individual contribution to the school and wider community. The design of the cup itself was created through an inter-College competition organised by the Student Parliament and every half term a winning College is announced. This culminates in the end of year presentation to the victorious College.


Vicki Fleet –Year 13 Student College Leader studying Biology, Maths and Psychology


‘Working with younger years as a Prefect and Student College Leader is very rewarding. Being able to see the difference you make within a school or to an individual give you a great sense of pride. The atmosphere in our Sixth Form is something you won’t find anywhere else’

Communications We recognise the importance of active communication between School, Student and Parents. Various lines of interaction exist: An open door policy for students - to discuss any issues a student may have. Daily email contact with parents to confirm student absence Direct contact with parents should an issue or concerns arise Weekly Sixth Form Briefing Termly Interim Assessments and an Annual Academic Report Parents Evenings Dedicated Sixth Form Noticeboards / Plasma Screens School Website School Newsletter Full time Careers, UCAS and HE advisor.


Alice Shilstone - Year 13 student studying Business Studies, Technology and Photography


‘As a new student to Stratford-upon-Avon Sixth Form in Year 13, I found it very welcoming and have been offered many exciting new opportunities. The amount of support I have been offered is amazing and extremely helpful’

Structured Day & Enrichment Our Curriculum offer extends beyond examination courses and academic study. We are proud of our commitment to offer all students a very supportive, purposeful and enriched learning programme. University admission officers and employers consistently remind us that they are looking for students with more than just academic qualifications and so we strive to include a diverse range of wider learning experiences. All students within the Sixth Form, irrespective of the academic pathway that they are following, will have a thorough and complete timetable that provides structure and personalised activity for approximately 85% of their working week. In addition to their academic study all students will have compulsory periods of: Supervised Study & Learning Support

Peer Mentoring

Personal Life Development Programme (PLD)

Students will also elect a number of enrichment activities to compliment their timetable. These will include choices from: Recreational Sport / Leisure

Sports Leader Level 2 Award

Use of extensive facilities including Fitness suite

Accredited Leadership Award

Young Enterprise

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Tackle enterprise challenges and work with real life entrepreneurs

Develop skills in a range of activities. Highly valued by employers / universities

Dance / Performing Arts

Modern Foreign Languages Leader

Recreational dance and drama. Opportunity to perform in productions

Planning and assisting in language activities for younger students

Journalism – School Magazine

Arts Award

Opportunity to work as part of an editorial team

Accredited Performance and Leadership award


ICT Key Skills Acquisition of valuable ICT skills using relevant software


Work Experience

Other Opportunities Engineering Scheme This incorporates the completion of an engineering project in conjunction with the Engineering England Scheme. Several months are spent developing a project from conception to completion and working with a team of people. A residential is held at Birmingham University. This is a great opportunity to get an insight into the engineering world and valuable for those continuing on to University.

Trips and Visits Subject areas offer a range of educational trips and visits. These have included History trips to Germany and Poland; Biology students spending a week in Somerset; Geography students completing a Field study in Scarborough. There are also Art trips to London and theatre trips for English and Drama students.

Music and Drama Recent productions range from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, ‘42nd Street’ and ‘Thyestes’.

School Parliament/Prefect



Opportunities exist to join the School Parliament, work as a Prefect or assist in the provision of other clubs to students.

Exemplar Timetable This Year 12 student is completing Pathway C and is studying 2 AS level qualifications and a BTEC Level 3 award. They have compulsory enrichment comprising: two periods of Peer Mentoring two periods of Supervised study one period of PLD

2 3 4 5 6 7

Tuesday BTEC Sport St. BTEC Sport St. AS Maths


AS History

Wednesday AS History


Thursday AS Maths AS Maths PEER MENTORING




BTEC Sport St.

AS History





This student has also elected to do two periods of recreational sport, and two further periods completing an accredited Level 2 Sports Leaders award.

Senior Student Team Led by our Head Boy & Head Girl the Senior Student Team consists of a body of Year 13 students with specific roles of responsibility. Current positions are: Head Boy

Head Girl

Deputy Head Boy Social Secretary Student Parliament Coordinator Hub Coordinator Higher Education Officer College Leaders Shakespeare x2 College Leaders Arden x2

Deputy Head Girl Charity Coordinator Sports Coordinators x 2 Marketing Coordinator Administrator College Leaders Hathaway x 2



We are very proud of our Senior Student Team. We see them as the leaders of the future, developing skills and talents that are essential for success both within further education and the work place. This body of students has the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities both within the school environment and the wider community. They work tirelessly with senior management, governors and others, representing the school at a number of events, raising money for numerous charities and supporting younger pupils.

Expectations Within our Sixth Form we promote an adult and business like working environment. This is factored on mutual respect and trust, and as such we are keen to offer students a degree of responsibility for their own learning. Nevertheless, we do recognise that this is a structured environment and therefore we have a number of expectations. These include: A high level of student attendance and punctuality Student attendance at both their Form group and weekly Sixth Form briefing Business Dress. We view our Sixth Formers as outstanding role models to our younger students and as such we expect them to take an active role within their Form groups and College.


Charlie Phipps – Year 13 student studying Product Design, ICT and Sports Studies


‘Taking part in the Young Enterprise Scheme offered in the Sixth Form has given me a real insight into Business, and has also given me a great deal of confidence. In addition to this, I developed friendships with other members of the scheme’

Dress Code In an established business-like environment, and with enhanced status amongst the wider school population, Sixth Form students are expected to dress in appropriate ‘business attire’.

Male Dress A dark business suit in shades of black, grey or navy, pin stripe etc Business shirt in white, striped or pastel shades. The shirt must be tucked into the waist band A business tie. Designs must be professional and discreet. Cartoons and animations are not permitted on ties. No skinny ties Business shoes. No trainers When it is cold a plain, light weight, sober coloured sweater can be worn with the jacket, not instead of the jacket. No hooded jumpers inside the school. No logos etc Smart, professional top coat is optional No fashion belts are to be worn. Students are permitted to wear a belt in one dark colour with a small buckle.



Female Dress A tailored trouser, skirt or fitted dress business suit. All suits in shades of navy, grey or black. The bottom and top of the suit must have been designed to go together. Skirts must be knee length. No body-con skirts Basic top or shirt/blouse. Tops must be layered so that they are not revealing. No eccentric patterns Black, grey or tan tights. No Leggings or knee-high socks Navy, grey or black flat or heeled shoes. No trainers Cardigan/sweater in complimentary colour to uniform. No hooded jumpers inside the school Smart, professional top coat is optional Sensible dark belt, complimentary to uniform One professional necklace and/or one bracelet. One ring and small earrings.

Support Sixth Form students receive continual support and guidance throughout the year. Students will meet with their tutor daily, but routine formal learning conversations will take place including discussion about attainment and progress. Students are assessed frequently and their attainment matched against personalised targets created at the beginning of the year. We expect parents to be active participants in this process and keep them regularly updated on attainment and progress. Our Sixth Form team work hard to prepare all students for successful life beyond the Sixth Form, and the reality of study at university. A number of experienced staff will guide students through their UCAS application and the preparation of a successful and effective personal statement. Students will receive a wealth of advice and guidance including a programme of visitors and speakers from a range of institutions enabling students to make informed decisions about their future. The Sixth Form also runs a specialised programme for those students who wish to apply for the most competitive courses such as medicine and dentistry, or have ambitions to attend universities such as Oxbridge.


Rebeca Hymers - Year 13 student and Sports Coordinator for the Senior Student Team Studying English Language, English Literature and ICT


‘Being part of Sixth Form as a Prefect and member of the SST has helped me make a difference in school and gain confidence’

Timings of the School Day




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Stratford Upon Avon Sixth Form Prospectus 2013 - 14  
Stratford Upon Avon Sixth Form Prospectus 2013 - 14  

Stratford Upon Avon Sixth Form Prospectus 2013 - 14