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Prospectus 2013-14

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A Letter from the Head Teacher Dear Parents, Welcome to Shiremoor Primary School. Our school is a happy, purposeful place to be and all children, regardless of their individual needs, are encouraged to find their areas of strength and achieve their full potential. Shiremoor Primary School is very well-known for the excellent behaviour our children display. Children work hard and are motivated to learn. We teach them to have good manners and respect for others and ensure that all teachers have the same high expectations and consistent approach. Children receive a variety of whole school awards to congratulate them for their efforts. As a result of our recognition in this area, we also provide guidance for other schools and training providers such as Northumbria University. Reading is a high-priority in Shiremoor Primary School and all children have a range of reading opportunities daily. All classrooms have book areas and children learn about a range of authors. We have strong links with the local library and children can borrow books when they visit with their class. A key feature of every school year, is our annual themed Book Week. We have a strong focus on learning basic skills which children are expected to apply in all subject areas. Children are taught how to present their work and to take pride in doing so. They are provided with a huge range of learning experiences each term. Parents are provided with half-termly information about what their child will be learning and our website, a continuing work in progress, will offer regular updates. Our committed staff team all offer at least one extra-curricular club, in their own time, so that children can access wider opportunities to help them develop socially. We offer a huge variety of these activities although there is an emphasis on sport which, as well as being crucial to physical development, supports children with team and competitive aptitudes whilst also developing their confidence. A strong emphasis on ‘Careers’ and skills development motivates children to consider why learning matters and how they may shape their future lives. Children help in the creation of their own targets and are also involved in evaluating their progress towards these targets so that they are always clear about what they need to do to make progress in learning. Children are involved in decision-making about school through our School Council which actively meets each half-term with an agreed agenda around whole school issues and priorities. A small budget is set aside and pupils provide representation to the Council over how this should be spent. This year, our focus is very much on improving our skills in computing. Staff are very committed to this area and we hope that you will be able to learn more about your child’s learning this year than ever before by keeping up with our new Twitter account, regularly visiting our school website and reading any class blogs that your child is involved in. Parents who are keen to develop their own skills will have opportunities to sign up for some classes too. At Shiremoor Primary School we are determined to ensure that your child is safe, happy and making progress in their learning and development. As a parent of Shiremoor Primary School, you will regularly be asked for your feedback about how we are supporting your child and we hope to work in partnership with you in the best interests of your child. The information in this booklet is just a snippet of the excellent opportunities that we offer and further information is available on the school website or by making an appointment at the school office to speak to a member of staff. We look forward to another very successful year at Shiremoor Primary School. Yours faithfully, Miss B.Slider Headteacher


Our Aims

to: Primary School can expect The Children in Shiremoor vironment. friendly and stimulating en ve, cti ra att d, ere rd ll-o we 1. Learn in a ir achievements and al qualities, valued for the son per ir the for ted pec res 2. Be ividual needs. acknowledged for their ind f-motivated and confident, enthusiastic, sel e om bec to ged ra cou en 3. Be independent learners. opportunities in which ised and balanced learning an org , ed nn pla ll we ve 4. Ha raged. high standards will be encou g and respect for others ool rules, show understandin sch the p kee to ed ect exp 5. Be er of the school community. and be a worthwhile memb

Our Rule s

1. We ke ep, hand s, feet an d other u ourselves. ndesirab le objects to 2. Quiet voices – w e do not shout or 3. We ar use bad la e always in the rig nguage. ht place a 4. We foll t the righ ow helper t time. s and tea 5. We foll chers inst ow the ru ructions. les of eac h area. 6. We ca re for the school en vironmen t.

Our Vision

iremoor e pupils of Sh th f o ll a t a ensure th ership We strive to ely in partn iv ct fe ef t h g ool are tau dations Primary Sch en firm foun iv g re a d n rents a e with their pa pported by th su g in rn a le re lifelong for their futu nity. ider commu w d n a l ca lo


General Information General Information school nursery. This has been Shiremoor Primary School is a agreed by the Governing Body. co-educational school catering for If you have a child whose fifth children from 3 + in the Nursery, birthday falls between 1st September which operates as part of our 2014 and 31st August 2015 you Foundation Stage Unit, and should complete an application form thereafter from 4-11 years in the available from the school office and main school. return it to The Access Team, Floor The school became a Primary 3, North Tyneside Council, Quadrant school in September 2000 holding West, Silverlink North, Cobalt Beacon Status from 1999 until 2004, Business Park, North Tyneside, NE27 following which it became a National 0BY. You can apply for a place Support School in September 2007 online at and in schooladmission. September Disability 2011 was Discrimination designated as Act Our Governing Body is made up a Teaching Accessibility of 3 LA representatives, 4 School. Plan Community Governors, 5 parent There is a All schools and Governors, 3 staff team approach representatives. The Governing Local to caring for all Body meet regularly and are Education of our children well-informed about the running Authorities are and individual of the school. covered by learning needs accessibility are identified planning duties. and incorporated into all aspects of The plan is drawn up and reviewed planning for both curriculum content after 3 years by the Headteacher and delivery. and Governors. In addition to our own extensive Definition of Disability – A grounds, the school has access to person is disabled if they have a the excellent facilities offered in the medical or physical impairment adjacent adventure playground which has substantial and long term which extends the learning adverse effect on their ability to carry opportunities beyond the general out normal day to day activities. curriculum. The main points of Shiremoor School Admission Policy Primary School Accessibility plan Shiremoor Primary School are in relation to 3 areas – The follows North Tyneside Council’s Curriculum, The Physical Admissions Policy, which is fully Environment of the school and explained in their own brochure and Information for pupils. is available from the school or local libraries. The admission number for Shiremoor Primary School is set at 60 and 52 part-time pupils in the

The Governing Body


Reminders Partnerships The school recognises the positive links that can be formed with other organisations to benefit the children. The school has made some strong links within the local community. Children take part in the ‘Shiremoor Children’s Treat’ in recognition of local history. School has strong links with Northumbria Police who visit children regularly to help them to learn about citizenship. A weekly drop-in with the School Nurse is also an opportunity for children to learn about Health and Hygiene, Sex and Relationships or for parents to discuss health concerns about their child. We also have strong links with Health Visitors, Social Services, and a range of specialist services. Children have termly careers visitors from various organisations to encourage children to develop a work ethic and aspiration and to understand skills future employers may value. The majority of pupils transfer to George Stephenson High School an ‘Outstanding’ school. We engage in all transition activities with them.

Equal Opportunities All children are given the opportunity to participate in all areas of school life regardless of sex, religion, race, disability or life style choice. We encourage children to recognise strengths in others and to celebrate difference. Everyone is welcome at Shiremoor Primary School where we make provision for the needs of individuals.

As a Teaching School we have developed strong partnerships within the Shiremoor Teaching School Alliance and have supported a number of schools in improving practise. School works with a number of universities including the National SCITT Programme and Northumbria University. We currently offer ‘School Direct’ teacher training opportunities and deliver a Behaviour Management module for Northumbria University in addition to supporting in a variety of other ways to enhance knowledge to a range of trainee teachers.

General For health and safety reasons, prams and buggies are NOT permitted in the school building. Dogs are NOT to be brought into the school grounds. Pupils are not permitted in the school building before 8.50 am unless they are attending Breakfast Club. Children should only attend Breakfast Club if this supports a parent in managing family circumstances. This is to ensure that

children who need to access Breakfast Club are able to. In the interests of safety, young children should be accompanied to and from school each day. Incidents of aggressive and/or abusive behaviour including use of foul language from adults on the school grounds will be reported to Northumbria Police. Parents may be banned from the school premises if their behaviour is deemed inappropriate and offensive to others.


Safeguarding & Child Protection Shiremoor Primary School views the safety and welfare of all its children as of paramount importance. It takes seriously its responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of the children and young people in its care. The school recognises that effective child protection work requires sound procedures, good interagency co-operation and a workforce that is competent and confident in responding to child protection situations. All staff are trained in safeguarding procedures annually. Adults working with your children are subject to appropriate checks. Parents/carers should know that the law requires all school staff to pass on information which gives rise to a concern about a child’s welfare, including risk from neglect, physical, emotional or sexual abuse. The staff will seek, in general, to discuss any concerns with the parent/carer, and where possible inform them of the referral to Social Services. This will only be done where such discussion will not place the child at increased risk of significant harm. The school has in place safeguarding and child protection policies that are agreed by the Governing Body and known to all staff. The members of staff with designated responsibility for child protection are, Miss B.Slider, Headteacher, Mrs P.McNamara, Lead Learning Mentor and Miss L.Welsh, Deputy Head. A copy of the Child Protection Policy is available from the school office or the school web-site.

School Security The school is anxious to provide a safe environment in which your child can learn. There is a video entry system on the main entrance door and CCTV is in operation at all times. Additional security doors have been fitted inside the building which are pass operated. All staff wear photo identification badges. The school gates are locked between 9.05 am and 3.05 pm and opened only to allow nursery parents into school at 11.30 am to collect the morning nursery children and 12.00 pm to allow afternoon nursery children to enter school. Children and parents arriving in school after 9.05 am can only enter through the main front door.

manager, Miss Williams and referrals may be made to specialist services where required. Each term there are opportunities for parents, carers and pupils to discuss, with class teachers, targets and participate in evaluation of learning. Children who receive additional provision will have this recorded and reviewed regularly to ensure effective support and use of resources.

Fire drills along with a variety of other emergency drills take place regularly during the school year to ensure that children and staff are familiar with required safety routines.

Miss L.Welsh

Special Educational Needs Senco Manager: Miss K. Williams The school follows the Local Education Authority’s Code of Practice. We are supported by a range of health professionals. Children with special educational needs will be catered for initially by differentiated work within the classroom. Where necessary, extra support will be given in small groups or on an individual basis. Progress will be carefully monitored and reviewed by the class teacher and the special educational needs

Miss K.Williams

Miss B.Slider

Mrs P.McNamara


Communication & Homework Communication with Parents closure due to snow, is sent by We aim to ensure that we have Parentmail. effective communication with parents at all times. Parents are A red letter relates to very welcome to ring school at any time important information. to make an appointment to see a teacher if a discussion is needed. Teachers are Individual also parent available at teacher the interviews We recognise the unique value of beginning take place in parents in supporting and and end of the autumn, encouraging their children and feel the school spring and that a good partnership between day for summer school and home creates an general terms, and atmosphere in which children grow in matters these are confidence and ability. A regular concerning organised routine helps children to learn selfyour child. through an discipline. We use appointment as much system with Our Homework Policy is available on technology letters being the school website. Homework is as is sent home in made up of non-negotiable weekly available to advance to homework, and optional half-termly us to ensure let you know opportunities, to enable parents to that parents when they choose how best to encourage their know what will take child to develop their learning at is going on place. home. in relation to At the their own beginning of child and within the wider school each half-term you will receive community. information outlining the work your It is essential we have up to date child will be covering and the contact details for example mobile teaching approaches, which will be phone numbers and e-mail employed. addresses. During the academic year you We contact parents through: will receive one written report on your child, this will be at the end of • Letters given to children and placed on website the summer term. This will give information about your child as he/ • Letters and text via Parentmail she advances through all the • Twitter National Curriculum subjects and • School Noticeboard Religious Education. • Parents Information section of the school website If a matter concerning your child has already been discussed with the Whole school emergency class teacher and needs to be information, for example, school discussed at a higher level, you


should arrange an appointment via the school office who will advise which Senior Leader will be most appropriate to meet to support you with your concerns. All concerns highlighted to senior staff are recorded by school for future reference. Emergency Contact Information In case of emergency, we require at least two emergency contact telephone numbers and these should be updated when necessary. In emergencies parents are contacted immediately and when appropriate, children are taken to North Tyneside General Hospital. The school operates an emailing and text messaging service to parents through Parentmail. If you wish to receive communications in this way please contact the school office.


Organisation and Approaches

Work is planned across year groups to ensure that the National Curriculum subjects are well organised and fulfil all requirements. Our main focus at all stages is ensuring that we teach children basic skills for success with the highest priority given to the core subjects whilst ensuring that children have a broad range of exciting learning opportunities across all subject areas. The school is organised into teams as follows:

Foundation Stage & Year 1 Team Manager: Miss V.Ward Children at this stage of their education have opportunities to learn in a play-based, self-initiated way whilst also being prepared for more formal education. Learning the basic skills they require to be successful as they move through school is a key focus.

aware of their own targets to ensure that they take ownership of their learning. Miss L.Kinsey

Miss V.Ward

They learn how to present themselves and their work more effectively and to develop thinking and problem-solving skills.

Middle Years Team Manager: Miss L.Kinsey From Year 2 to 4, learning is all about ensuring consolidation of each key skill whilst children progress. Children are encouraged to be more

to develop. They are encouraged to learn about having a growth mindset so that they welcome feedback and recognise how it is valuable in supporting their progress. In all year groups, work is differentiated to meet the needs of individual learners as effectively as possible. Progress of all children is tracked carefully to ensure that children have the support required to meet or exceed expected standards of attainment. Financial resources are targeted to support this through the deployment of staff and strategic planning. Mrs W.Gardner

Upper Years Team Manager: Mrs. W.Gardner In Years 5 and 6, children take on more roles and responsibilities within school and are encouraged to take more responsibility for their own progress, not only by being aware of their targets but by being more involved in using their own selfassessment of work to identify how


Wider Opportunities Provision of Sport Manager: Mrs. E. Wake The school is committed to providing a range of sporting activities for pupils. Mrs. Wake teaches progressive skills across school and our Sports Coach supports teachers in delivering highquality P.E. lessons. Children participate in a broad range of sports. School pays for all year 4 children to attend weekly swimming lessons. We hold an annual Sports Day in July each year which extends the competitive opportunities provided by regular tournaments. Health Week raises the profile of sport and encourages children to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Extra Curricular activities, free of charge when offered voluntarily by members of staff, and supplemented by specialist sports coaches provide opportunities for all children to participate and compete in a huge range of sports. Each member of staff voluntarily provides an afterschool club. Children are encouraged to show commitment once they have signed up for particular courses. Mrs E.Wake

Educational Visits Educational visits are organised to ensure that each year group can have the opportunity to experience

first hand places and situations, which will enhance their learning. Letters are always sent home in advance of educational visits with a parents consent slip attached, which must be returned to school to enable your child to go on the visit. In addition to this, Yearly Permission forms are to be completed by parents in order to give consent to take children on visits in the local area. We offer an annual residential holiday for children in years 4 – 6. In addition we offer a variety of family visits during weekends.

Charging Policy Children are not charged for any curriculum related activity that takes place during the school day. However, parents are asked for voluntary donations towards the cost of transport and admissions if appropriate. A receipt will be provided for any donations made to school. The high cost of transport affects our ability to make visits to places which are not easily reached by the Metro. Receipts are given to parents. Religious Education The school follows the North Tyneside agreed syllabus for Religious Education. A copy of this is available on the North Tyneside

Learning Platform. Every morning the whole school participate in an assembly with a Christian ethos. If you wish your child to be withdrawn from the daily act of worship or from the Religious Education lessons please arrange an appointment at the school office. Multi Cultural Education To ensure that children receive a broad and balanced curriculum, pupils learn about a range of religions: Christianity, Judaism, Sikhism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. A specialist teacher, Mr Andre visits classes each half term to provide children with learning opportunities about the different religions. Each year group focuses on a specific religion and children enjoy participating in activities that give them a broad and balanced view of the world. Choices Week At the beginning of every term we hold our ‘Choices Week’. During this week we explore themes of citizenship, personal effectiveness, careers, multi-cultural education, Christianity, the European dimension and the environment. This is delivered through a special timetable of varied activities. Children participate in Creativity Day twice annually. This is an opportunity for children to develop a range of non-curricular creative interests including photography, sports, visual arts and music and work in groups of mixed age ranges with different adults.


Discipline Our Behaviour and Discipline Policy is available on the school website. Children are expected to behave well in school so that all children can learn in a safe and happy environment. Where a child’s behaviour affects the learning of others, parents will be invited to a meeting where they will be encouraged to consider how they can support school in ensuring that their child behaves. The Department for Education states that bullying is deliberate and repeated over time. Shiremoor Primary School has a zero tolerance approach to bullying. Any allegations of bullying, or unkind behaviour that has caused upset but which does not meet the definition of bullying, are investigated immediately and a course of action is discussed with the parent and documented. We have a positive approach to discipline and children are actively encouraged to be responsible for their own actions and show care and concern for others.

classes in school and each class has a half termly meeting with an agreed agenda. The class discuss any issues the children raise about the school, local community and sometimes national issues. Ideas, concerns or suggestions raised by the children during class discussions are taken to a formal committee meeting where formal actions are agreed.

We have worked with many other schools in the region to support them in developing good behaviour management strategies and we are heavily involved in supporting Northumbria University with future Teacher Training.

We adopt a variety of award systems to encourage good behaviour. A Behaviour Booklet is sent home with each child at the beginning of each school year to remind everyone in the school community about the importance we place on good behaviour.

The children have a school council in which classes elect representatives and through it the children are encouraged to take an active role in promoting good behaviour. The children on the committee represent all of the


Further Information Medicines If it is essential for children to be given medicines prescribed by the doctor during the school day we have strict procedures that must be adhered to. If your child requires medicines three times per day it should be given at home before school, after school and before bedtime. A completed ‘Parents Request form for medicines to be administered’ should be brought with the medicine to the office by an adult and a decision will be made about our ability to administer it. A protocol may be written if required. All head injuries are reported to the Headteacher and parents are informed where necessary by telephone or receive an accident report form at the end of the school day. We must have up-to-date telephone numbers in order that immediate contact can be made. School Absence Due to amendments to DfE Attendance Regulations, from September 2013 headteachers may NOT grant any leave of absence during term time (including family holidays) unless there are EXCEPTIONAL circumstances. Therefore leave of absence for holidays in term time will no longer be granted from 1st September 2013. If you choose to take your family holiday during term time, the absence will be unauthorised and you may be liable to a fixed penalty fine issued by the Education Welfare Service. Children should attend school daily unless unwell. If your child is

absent from school please contact the school office ON THE FIRST DAY. A note stating the reason for the absence must be sent to the class teacher on the day your child returns to school. We need to keep detailed records of any absences and it is vital that we know the reason for absence. We will follow up on incidents of absence and referrals will be made to the Education Welfare Officer. When children are taken out of school for any reason during the day, a student pass must be obtained from the school office. A copy of the schools attendance policy is available from the school office or alternatively on the school website. At Shiremoor Primary School we have a Lead Learning Mentor who will contact parents if a child is persistently late or whose attendance causes concern. If you have a problem, which prevents your child attending regularly, please contact school and we will try to support your specific needs. If you require more information on this matter please contact Mrs Quinn in the school office.

School Milk Milk is available for all Key Stage 1 children. The cost of school milk is £34.20 for the year. This can be paid in 3 termly instalments. This is paid in advance using the envelopes supplied by the school office. You do not need to pay until your child has had their 5th birthday. If you are entitled to Free School Meals your child will receive free milk.


Uniform and Lunchtimes School Uniform The children are encouraged to wear the school uniform, which consists of: • • • • •

Royal blue sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan White shirt/blouse Yellow school polo shirt Grey trousers/skirt or pinafore Blue summer gingham dress

Sweatshirts, polo shirts, t-shirts and shoe bags can be purchased at the school office. A lost property container is situated in school. All items of clothing must be named for easy identification, as the children do not always identify their own clothing easily, particularly when they just start school. Sensible footwear should also be worn. No jewellery should be worn in school. P.E Kit Children participate in indoor and outdoor physical education and it is important that children are dressed appropriately. P.E. kit can be left in school on the child’s peg. • Indoors - Blue, yellow or white plain t-shirt, blue or black shorts and sandshoes. • Outdoors - Tracksuit and trainers.

Meals A midday meal is available at a cost of £2.00 each. Dinner money is collected in advance each Monday and parents are asked to send the correct amount in envelopes provided by the office marked with the child and class teacher’s name. You can also pay for child’s meals with your debit or credit card, in addition to paying by cash. Payments can be taken over the phone Telephone: (0191) 643 2888 7.30 am – 8.00 pm, Monday – Friday Meals should be paid for at least one week in advance. If you have any questions or feedback about school meals please contact Catering Services on (0191) 6438355 or email uk. The meals are of a high quality and a cafeteria system offering a wellbalanced choice is in operation.

Free school meal forms will be sent to your home address by Student Support and should be completed and return in the envelope provided. Children may, if preferred, bring a packed lunch. We encourage healthy packed lunches to be brought to school as part of our ‘Healthy School’ approach. Supervision during Lunch The children are supervised during the lunch break by Midday Supervisors, Nursery Nurses and Classroom Assistants. The children in the Reception classes and Year 1 have separate playground facilities, which ensures that they are not overwhelmed by large numbers of older children when they first come to school. Daily liaison takes place between the Midday Supervisors and Class Teachers to ensure that lunch times are an integral and worthwhile part of the school day.

To encourage a sense of responsibility, Year 6 children apply for and are interviewed for ‘Buddy’ positions and are then paired with younger children at lunchtime to provide them with reassurance and support.


School Holidays 2013-14 Holiday

School Closes

School Re-opens


Friday 19th July 2013

Tuesday 3rd September 2013

Autumn mid-term

Friday 25th October 2013

Monday 4th November 2013


Friday 20th December 2013

Tuesday 7th January 2014

Spring mid-term

Friday 14th February 2014

Monday 24th February 2014


Friday 4th April 2014

Wednesday 23rd April

May Day

Monday 5th May 2014-School closed

Summer mid-term

Friday 23rd May 2014

Monday 2nd June 2014


Friday 18th July 2014

Monday 1st September 2014

These dates are provisional and may change or be added to. Year 2 and Year 6 SAT’s will be in May 2014

General Details School Address: Telephone: Fax:

Shiremoor Primary School Stanton Road Shiremoor Newcastle upon Tyne NE27 0PW

Email: Website:

Miss B.Slider MBE, B.Ed (Hons)


(0191) 2008701 (0191) 2008706

Pupils on Roll September 2013: 357 plus 52 part time nursery children Chairperson of Governors: Clerk to the Governors:

Mr R Watkins Mrs K.Quinn


School Achievements


Shiremoor Primary School is a National Teaching School. In November 2010, the Schools White Paper, The Importance of Teaching, proposed a new national network of teaching schools modelled on teaching hospitals. This new designation will give outstanding schools a leading role in the training and professional development of teachers, support staff and headteachers, as well as contributing to the raising of standards through school-to-school support.

Shiremoor Primary School is the 28th school nationally to achieve the Challenge Award for Able, Gifted and Talented pupils for a second time. Reaccreditation of the Award was given for sustaining high quality work by the whole school, teachers and governors, in challenging all pupils, including those with high abilities, to achieve their best over the last four years.



To achieve the Inclusion Award, the school had to demonstrate we are committed to creating an environment and opportunities for all students to succeed, as well as promoting access and diversity. We were assessed on ten separate elements, including leadership and management, the learning environment, learner progress and community involvement.

The Outstanding School Award has been received from Ofsted. The former Chief Inspector stated in a letter to the Headteacher, “I do not underestimate the sheer amount of hard work, determination and collaboration it takes to achieve outstanding status�.


We currently have partnerships with schools in Portugal, Spain and Turkey.

! This award acknowledges our commitment in the area of staff development and training.

! 15

School Achievements The Artsmark Gold Award is to celebrate the school’s achievement in the combined arts of Music, Dance Art and Drama.

! This award recognises our achievement in teaching and learning of the ten elements of Health Education.

The School has been awards the Basic Skills Quality Mark for Primary Schools for the fourth time.

The school achieved the Eco Schools Bronze Award 2010.

! We has been awarded the International School Award by the British Council in recognition of our outstanding work with a range of countries worldwide.

Complaints Procedures Under Section 23 of the Education Reform Act 1998, a complaints procedure has been established by the Local Education Authority to consider parental complaints in connection with the implementation and delivery of the provisions of the National Curriculum etc. and a copy of the adopted procedure can be inspected either at the school or at the Education Offices, Quadrant, Cobalt 16, Cobalt Business Park, Newcastle upon Tyne NE27 OBY on request.


Shiremoor Prospectus Sep 2013  
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