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I never had a private education, but I can’t believe the difference it’s made to my daughter – she loves the school.

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Visitors to RGS comment on our welcoming atmosphere, the friendliness of our people and the positive relationships between pupils and staff. Learning to co-operate, be part of a team and to respect other people and yourself are central to our mission. RGS is an ancient foundation - one of the oldest schools in the UK in fact - but we are a thoroughly modern, affordable, unstuffy organisation looking to the future and not interested in congratulating ourselves on past glories. It is with enormous satisfaction that I see our pupils cultivate skills, intelligence, confidence and adaptability, year on year during their time at the school. This validates all that RGS stands for. It would be a pleasure to welcome you to one of our Open Days, but I am always delighted to meet prospective parents and pupils on an ordinary working day. Andrew Rattue â–Ş Headmaster


He didn’t come with us to the Open Day, so the first time he came was on exam day – and he came back full of beans. I am so excited about him going and he is too.

We fell in love with RGS. She went to a Taster Day and was made so welcome.

friendly & accessible Your best insight to how RGS ticks is likely to come from an Open Day, a personal tour of the school, or first hand experiences of current pupils and parents. The message you will hear is one of a totally inclusive ethos, with each pupil supported from those early days of not knowing where the science building is, through to the selection of which course to study at university. Several layers of support help new starters. Each pupil’s Form Tutor will build a relationship from day one. Year Seven children have the ear and guidance of a Sixth Form Pastoral Prefect attached to their class. The very act of placing new starters in one of our six ‘Houses’, provides an important sense of belonging and attachment. This means numerous shared experiences, from House Dance to General Knowledge with fun, laughs and friendship to the fore.


The preparation and thoroughness of the teaching make me very confident that they will both do well in public exams.

It’s unbelievable the way they’ve looked after him. I honestly never thought he would get this far.

intellectual curiosity RGS has that enviable mix of combining academic rigour, finely honed by Grammar School values, with an outlook that is ‘best in class’ for the 21st century. Our curriculum is broad, balanced and challenging. Lower School (Years Seven and Eight) concentrates on developing the basic tenets of good work habits, excellent presentation and ‘right first time’ high-quality work. Our expert team of teachers look to inspire and instil a love of their subjects, which include Design Technology, IT, Music, Drama and Art in Year Seven. The school is not an exam conveyor belt. Each pupil has unique traits, interests and abilities and as they funnel up through the school we bring out the very best in them. Whether scholars, Oxbridge material or not, the best from each is the goal. Pupils respond to this with a lively curiosity that allows them to excel.


One of the reasons we chose RGS was for the DT Department – and it has been fantastic. It has inspired her creativity.

boundless opportunity The bewildering array of opportunities at RGS is everything you’d expect from a good school. The diversity on offer at our clubs, societies, Field Days and so much more, adds great vitality to the school. Our activities, whether in the CCF, on stage, at the debating dais, on a trampoline or in the dance studio, stretch and develop pupils. The opportunity to try new things, as well as refine existing skills, outside the classroom is key to children branching out. They see the world differently, wide-eyed as they tackle physical and mental challenges as individuals and within groups. Lifelong social skills, time management and a sense of achievement are just some of the benefits to our programme. Whether it’s a trip to Berlin, a language exchange, an ice-climbing expedition, or London Fashion Week attendance, the diversity on offer cultivates a spirit of adventure and a thirst to find out more.


To say the opportunities on offer are brilliant is an understatement, it gives him the chance to taste so many activities.

The quality and dedication of the staff is wonderful. It is very obvious that the teachers really know her.

sporting We moved for the sporting opportunities. She has thrown herself into it and loves it.

For many pupils, the fun provided by competing for their House is sufficient to spark a lifetime of love for being active. For others, they want and need competition within school teams, then the test of regional and national competitions, and for some the searching examination of being selected for national teams. Specialist coaches, training camps, oneto-one preparation and overseas tours ensure that all our athletes acquire the technique, skill and sport-awareness that maximises their latent talents. Our Athlete Development Programme for sports scholars is just the latest example of the RGS desire to remain at the forefront across the full range of sports, be it on the glorious playing fields at Flagge Meadow, on the astro pitch, netball court or river. It is noticeable that so many of our alumni continue with sport at university and beyond, having established the importance of an active lifestyle whilst at RGS. .


I’m thrilled with the school. He is in orchestra, the Big Band and is doing all sorts. They are involving him in everything.

It’s the best thing we ever did, sending him to RGS. It’s been a joy.

inspiring & achieving An RGS pupil develops a wholly individual ‘can-do’ attitude. They are encouraged to give, not take, be aware of how to make a positive contribution to society now and in the future. Achievements may have come in building an electric racing car, performing a solo in front of a 500-strong black tie audience at a business awards event, or winning a prize from an Oxbridge College in any number of subjects. But, it will also have come in supporting friends, raising money for charity, gaining work experience, solving problems and never settling for the bare minimum. Behind the glitz and headlines lies each pupil’s story of application, creativity and growing confidence. They learn to take responsibility with growing maturity. Personal Statements, produced by Sixth Formers as they look to higher education, are testament to an atmosphere that inspires achievement.


We are delighted with the school. It’s no exaggeration to say it’s the best decision we have made.

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