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Sanctions Keystage 1 Clear and negotiated sanctions are an essential requisite of positive classroom management. Sanctions offer clear boundaries and a safe framework. Application of sanctions: 1st behavioural issue = verbal warning issued. 2nd behavioural issue = warning issued and child’s name moved by him/herself onto black cloud on a visual Target display – 5 minutes lost from Golden Time – up to 20 minutes. 3rd behavioural issue = Loss of lunchtime (5 minutes) supervised by YCT if behaviour is at lunchtime. 4th behavioural issue = Time out in another classroom (saferoom) – Teacher informs parent. 5th behavioural issue = Sent to YCT supervised in (Extension) for 2 days – Parent called, letter sent home and meeting arranged. 3 or more behavioural referrals in a week - parents asked to meet with YCT or Head of Primary and YCT

In cases of bullying children will be kept off the playground for one week – parents called and meeting arranged with Head of Primary and YCT.