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Loxford Primary Link This ½ term Reception are learning:

Our Themes/Topics are: Superheroes/People Who Help Us

Communication and Language  


To be able to maintain attention and concentrate on activities. To explain their own ideas in detail.


 

To read a range of high frequency words. To write the initial, final and some middle sounds when writing about their ideas. To begin to form letters correctly. To begin to write simple sentences that have 3 or 4 words and using their phonic knowledge to do this.

 Understanding the World 

Mathematics To put all the numbers from 0-20 in the right order. To begin to understand different ways of making 5 and 10. To be able to talk about shape, size, weight, length and use language to do with money.

Physical Development  

To be able to use large objects, such a a ball, when kicking catching or throwing. To hold a pencil correctly and use it with good control.

Expressive Arts and Design  


   

Literacy  

You can help by:

To use malleable materials to make pictures and representations of people who help us. Takes part in the role play of different people that we find in our community.

To be able to talk about people who help us. To understand the roles of different people within our community by talking to them and asking them questions about their job.

Personal. Social and Emotional Development  

To be confident to ask questions and talk about their ideas. To listen to others’ and take into account their ideas and beliefs.

Reading with your child daily. Check your child’s book bag daily. Ensuring that your child wears suitable clothing dependent on weather. Ensuring that your child’s clothing and PE kit are standard uniform and are clearly labelled. Bringing in unwanted items or materials which we can use in making and modelling. Encouraging your child to be more independent by putting on and removing their own clothing. Telephoning the school if your child is not well enough to attend. We welcome any expertise, time or resources that you feel you may be able to offer to the school.