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Queen Elizabeth’s High School G ain s borou gh

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Queen Elizabeth’s High School Queen Elizabeth’s High School Queen Elizabeth’s High School G ain s borou gh

A welcome from the Head A welcome from the Head

Welcome to QEHS and thank you for your interest in our school. We have been providing outstanding education for young people in Welcome to QEHS and thank you for your interest in our school. Gainsborough and surrounding areas for over 420 years and we are proud We have been providing outstanding education for young people in of our heritage.and surrounding areas for over 420 years and we are proud Gainsborough of our heritage. We have an enviable reputation for excellence in all that we do and our students greatest ambassadors. We haveare an our enviable reputation for excellence in all that we do and our

Mr David Allsop


students are our greatest ambassadors. Students generally have one chance to obtain an excellent education that can support them have throughout their to life. With is mind, we aimthat to Students generally one chance obtain an this excellent education ensure that them everythroughout student has thelife. opportunities, can support their With this is experiences mind, we aimand to qualifications to be the best they ensure that every student has can thebe. opportunities, experiences and qualifications to be the best they can be. Visitors to our school often comment on the warmth and friendliness of the Visitors to our school often comment atmosphere we have and whether on the warmth and friendliness of you the have already visited us you or atmosphere here and whether intend to in the future, confident have already visited us, Ioram intend to do that youconfident will findthat theyou same so, I am will warmth find the Ofsted 2008 from staff and students. is a samethe warmth from both QEHS staff and happy school where children are enstudents. QEHS is a happy school couraged and supported to striveand for where children are encouraged their best in all of their endeavours. Weofaim to provide breadth expesupported to strive for their best in all their endeavours. Weofaim to rience and depth of understanding across the time that your son or daughprovide breadth of experience and depth of understanding across the time ter beson with thatwill your orus. daughter will be with us.

“At QEHS, every child really does matter ”

II hope hope that that you you find find this this prospectus prospectus informative informative and and inspiring. inspiring. Should Should you you have have any any questions questions which which are are not not answered answered within within it it then then please please feel feel free free to to contact contact the the school school or or check check our our website. website. As As Ofsted Ofsted said said in in their their 2008 2008 report, report, ‘at ‘at QEHS, QEHS, every every child child really really does matter’.

Queen Elizabeth’s High School G ain s borou gh

Queen Elizabeth’s High School G ain s borou gh

Queen Elizabeth’s High School was formed when Sir Robert Somerscale was granted a Charter in 1589 by Queen Elizabeth I to educate the young people of Gainsborough. We have been doing so ever since, and Queen Elizabeth’s is a forward thinking, vibrant school. We are proud of, and celebrate, our history and traditions but are very much a school of the 21st Century. Our curriculum is traditional in nature, being mainly based upon a GCSE and A level model. However, where appropriate for our students, we embrace new qualifications and learning models. Importantly, our curriculum is based around our aims to fulfil the potential of each student and ensure that our students become well-balanced adults who are inspired to continue their learning and are able to contribute positively to society. Our students leave us armed with the skills and qualifications to succeed in our ever changing world. Many of our students who start with us in Year 7 join our sixth form and go on to successful university careers. Those who do not choose this learning path, are provided with an excellent grounding throughout the school for a wide variety of careers. Whichever path an individual student chooses to follow, the better the quality of their qualifications, the more choices they have. It is our intention that Queen Elizabeth’s is very much a Gainsborough Grammar School. However, we cover a large area of over 700 square miles which runs from the south of Doncaster in the north to the northern edge of Saxilby in the south. The main A15 forms our eastern boundary and we graze the eastern edge of Retford to the west. The precise area we cover each year changes due to the application of the entry criteria. Details can be found on our website. Those students who qualify and gain a place at QEHS will find a friendly and welcoming school. We are fortunate to have a highly qualified and experienced staff that is able to support and challenge young people to meet their full potential. We are recognised for our supportive ethos coupled with an enviable reputation for outstanding education and levels of attainment. All students are treated as individuals, and we strive to make the experience of the students as personalised as possible. Breadth, along with depth, are encouraged in the curriculum, particularly as students move through the school. We encourage students to make the most of the opportunities we provide, from sports, through the expressive, visual and performance arts to chess and community involvement. Whatever interests a student has, we have something for them and if we don’t, we encourage them to set up their own society. In short, Queen Elizabeth’s is an outstanding school, providing excellence in education and wider experience which we hope sets students up for successful and fulfilling lives.

The Curriculum The curriculum of any school should be a representation of its core aims. Here at QEHS, it is no different and we recognise that the study of broadly ‘academic’ subjects is the best way to ensure our students have the widest possible options open to them post-16 and post-18. In Years 10 and 11, all students continue Maths, English Language and Literature, Science (the three separate Sciences or Core and Additional Science), RS, PE and Citizenship/PSHE. In addition to this, students will choose GCSEs from: •

a language, selected from French, German and Spanish

a humanity, selected from Religious Studies, Geography, History, and for the most able, AS levels in Sociology or Classical Civilisation.

and further GCSE choices, selected from Music, Art, Graphics, Resistant Materials, Electronic Products, Food Technology, Sports Studies, Business Studies and ICT

The Sixth Form curriculum is in line with our aims and is based around traditional A levels.

Religious Studies RS is a discipline within the Humanities Faculty. The aims and objectives of the department are recognised as being part of the overall function of the school to support the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the student and to embody the school’s curriculum principles. Students are encouraged to develop a positive work ethic and aim to achieve their full potential, whatever their ability. An effective use of language is an essential pre-requisite of this subject. Therefore, we are aiming to develop students’ vocabularies as well as individual RS skills. Students should acquire the appropriate religious terminology at each Key Stage.

“Cultural differences are celebrated and students recognise the importance of understanding how others live and their beliefs.” Ofsted 2008

The department is committed to promoting equality and achievement, irrespective of sex, race or disability. There is constant emphasis on giving all students the chance to voice their opinions, regardless of gender, ability, race or belief. The programme of study includes opportunities for discussing gender, stereotyping and religious, racial and general prejudice and discrimination. The department aims to promote a learning environment where all cultures are valued. It is intended, therefore, that all students are given the opportunity to experience a positive study of RS. Students are encouraged to discuss issues from an informed position. They should also learn the importance of listening to other people’s views, even though they may differ from their own. They should express themselves clearly in writing, employing grammatically correct sentences and paying attention to their spelling and punctuation. In conjunction with the above philosophy, the aims and objectives of the department recognise and deliver the specific aims and objectives directly related to the Lincolnshire Agreed Syllabus for RS.

Queen Elizabeth’s High School G ain s borou gh

Sixth Form Queen Elizabeth’s has a dynamic Sixth Form of around 300 students. Students in the Sixth Form here achieve at a very high standard, well above the national average. Most of our students take a course of three or four A Levels and almost all go on to university. It is a long-standing tradition that many of our students secure places on some of the most prestigious undergraduate courses on offer. In addition, our students benefit from the opportunities presented through a rich and varied programme of extra-curricular enrichment activities, as well as taking on a wide range of leadership positions within the school community. Students leave the school as well-rounded individuals who go on to forge successful careers and make valuable contributions to society.

“Children are encouraged to be independent, freethinkers. The staff are enthusiastic and dedicated. Overall, my child receives an excellent education” NFER Parental Survey Nov 2012

Our Sixth Form students are accommodated in a purpose built Sixth Form Centre, which balances tradition with modernity, and this is being developed as numbers in the Sixth Form steadily increase. Those who know the Sixth Form well say it has a special and friendly atmosphere, and we are always willing to show visitors around the site and answer any questions they may have.

14-19 Provision: The bigger picture The educational landscape is in constant change and as we work through the next decade, we can see an even more rich and vibrant learning offer being made available to students. QEHS is pleased to be at the leading edge of this development through the local area 14-19 partnership. Here, we have already seen considerable development with the introduction of new learning opportunities for every student in the Gainsborough area. This shared provision allows the school further access to high standard facilities and staff. Gainsborough can show others the way and QEHS will be at the forefront of this development.

Queen Elizabeth’s High School G ain s borou g h

Pastoral care, welfare and well-being of students - The House System The pastoral system at QEHS is based on a vertical House system, comprising six Houses named after famous Britons: Austen, Brunel, Churchill, Darwin, Elgar and Scott. The six Houses consist of one tutor group from each of the Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. Our aim is to create an enjoyable and effective small school ethos within what is a large institution, and to strengthen the focus of staff in their pastoral roles upon the general welfare and academic progress of each student. Heads of House and House Tutors, who are the first point of contact for parents, are responsive to students’ individual needs, and look to strengthen and improve communication and partnership with parents. Each House has a unique and particular identity. As well as the pastoral guidance and management role, the House system is also the framework to encourage participation and competition in a wide range of activities including Sports, Drama, Art, Music, and Public Speaking. The House events therefore emphasise our commitment to a broad education and give a wide range of students the opportunity to participate in representative competitions, and take on positions of responsibility.

The Student Council The Student Council is made up of a democratically elected group of students who represent their peers. It enables students to become partners in their own education, and make a positive contribution to the school environment, ethos and the whole school experience. The success of the Student Council is dependent upon the participation and support of students of all ages and we openly encourage and embrace the student voice. Regular meetings of the Student Council provide opportunities for students to raise issues and express views concerning their life in school. They can share and exchange ideas with other students and staff, and they can involve themselves in how the school is run.

“Gifted and talented students achieve well, with many successfully achieving qualifications earlier than their peers” Ofsted 2008

Thus, students are provided with the experiences of creating new initiatives, solving problems and achieving their goals, whether it is planning and managing new garden areas, being involved in establishing healthy food choices, or more formally contributing to the strategic oversight and development of the school by being, for example, an Associate Governor. The opportunities are endless, both within school and within the wider community, where involvement in the West Lindsey Youth Assembly or Lincolnshire Youth Parliament is a very realistic possibility.

Queen Elizabeth’s High School G ain s borou gh

“The way that highly academic children can achieve their potential without feeling any peer pressure. “It’s cool to be clever”. NFER Parental Survey Nov 2012

Learning Support The Learning Support Department has the responsibility of ensuring that all the students at QEHS can participate fully in any learning opportunity, make appropriate progress and fulfil their potential. It emphasises the statutory entitlement of students with additional learning needs to be included as full participants in the academic, pastoral and social life of the school. The school currently offers support to a wide range of special educational needs, including those of students with exceptional ability. We have students on roll that have moderate learning difficulties, impaired hearing, autism and students with physical disabilities.

“This is an outstanding school with many strengths” Ofsted 2008

The majority of the site is single storey and has good wheel-chair access with appropriate ramps in place. At QEHS, we identify our gifted, talented and able pupils as early as possible. We aim to provide enrichment across the curriculum for the students. This is achieved through faculties and departments. Opportunities for students beyond the classroom, both in school and through outside providers, are available. There are also additional activities arranged for these students throughout the school calendar. There is a team of teaching assistants available to support students on an individual basis or within a classroom setting. This is dependent upon the needs of the student. At Queen Elizabeth’s, we feel it is important to establish a positive partnership between home and school. The SENCO will therefore meet regularly with students and parents, drawing up mutually agreed Education Plans.

School Counselling Service At QEHS we recognise that good emotional health is essential in providing a basis which allows students to achieve academically. The School Counselling Service is available to all students and provides a place to explore ideas, using creative strategies to come to terms with any issues an individual student may be facing. It empowers the student, builds confidence and boosts self-esteem. It also provides support through transitional periods and through adolescent stages. Relaxation techniques and assistance with managing exam conditions are also provided through creative techniques and the use of music. QEHS also provides, through the Counselling Service, a Peer Listening Service. This service is provided by Year 11, 12 and 13 students and is widely used, both as a one-to-one listening service and for class/group work.

PTA Life at school is supported by an enthusiastic Parent Teacher Association (PTA). The PTA organises a variety of social and fundraising events and supports many of the musical and theatrical productions staged by the pupils. Over the last few years, PTA activities have included summer BBQs, quiz nights and talent shows, all of which bring together the varied groups within the school and wider community. Whilst the transition to senior school often means greater independence for pupils, some parents do miss the friendship and interaction of the primary school playground. PTA events at QEHS provide a great opportunity for parents to get to know each other, and our members of staff, in a relaxed, friendly and sociable environment. Fundraising is an important part of the work of the PTA, but equally important is that the members and visitors to our events have a good time! Funds raised by the PTA are hugely valuable to the school in helping to provide the ‘added extras’ which might otherwise be unobtainable but which do enhance the school and learning environment. In the last two years, funds have been directed towards: • Development of a covered outdoor planted courtyard, for student use and special events. • Upgrading of sound equipment in both school halls • Provision of new curtains to transform the main school hall Whilst we have a thriving and active PTA committee, they always welcome new members and would be delighted to see any new parents at their meetings. Minutes of PTA meetings can be found on the school website and the PTA Annual General Meeting is held every September.

Queen Elizabeth’s High School G ain s borou g h

Extended Schools Provision We offer a range of extended schools activities, some of which are organised by ourselves and others where we access additional opportunities for our students. These include such things as: • After-school access to our Extended Learning Centre and Library • Off-site support to families, and students who are in care or are persistent absentees • A range of after-school sports fixtures, music activities and concerts, drama and a very wide range of learning-based trips which extend beyond school hours, including trips locally, nationally and abroad • Outside timetabled hours access to revision classes in a wide range of subjects We also work through several Partnerships to enhance what we do. These include working closely with The Gainsborough Extended Provision Cluster.

“The curriculum is excellent and helps students reach very high standards in most subjects” Ofsted 2008

Queen Elizabeth’s High School G ain s borou gh

Assessment, reporting and examinations We are proud of the fact that students and teachers working together are able to meet the challenging targets for academic achievement that we set for our students at QEHS. Targets are set at the start of each Key Stage and are reviewed regularly by individual teachers. Assessment is carried out at every level, from quizzes and tests in lessons, to frequent cross-year ‘common assessments’ carried out in every subject and the more formal end of year exams. The progress and engagement of every student is monitored closely by subject teachers and Department Heads, Tutors and Heads of House. Support and intervention strategies are used to challenge and guide students of all abilities. Parents are able to view their child’s performance and engagement grades at any time via an internet portal which gives real-time information. Parents will also receive an annual report and summary mark-sheet for their child. The school sees the support of parents and carers as a vital component of a student’s success, and we welcome continuous communication. Ofsted 2008

“Students' personal development is excellent”

Students at the school sit a huge variety of external examinations. Although most can still expect to sit up to 13 GCSE examinations in the summer of Year 11, some students may sit GCSE examinations from Year 9 upwards. We believe students should sit exams in courses that offer sufficient stretch and challenge for them. For this reason, you will find that for some students in some subject areas, AIS and iGCSE exams are done in KS4 alongside more traditional GCSEs.

A Message from the Chair of Governors As a selective school we have high academic aspirations for all our students. It is by providing outstanding teaching from dedicated teachers in a conducive and stimulating environment, that we aim to inspire each child to achieve their full potential. The ‘ethos’ of a school is much talked about but hard to define in words. At QEHS, it is best experienced by just being in school where you can observe students showing respect to others, respect for their environment and respect for themselves. As Governors, in our role as ‘critical friend’, we try to ensure all decisions we take are based on further improving the life chances of all our students, so when they leave as young adults, they are fully prepared to go on to personal success and to play a positive role in society.

Queen Elizabeth’s High School G ain s borou gh

Queen Elizabeth’s High School G ain s borou gh

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Queen Elizabeth’s High School G ain s borou g h

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Queen Elizabeth's High School Prospectus 2013  

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