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THE LOXFORD LINK - PRIMARY PHASE We are very happy to welcome Year 1 children to Loxford Primary

Dear Parents, Start of Day


Tuesday 22nd November 2011 - Students start.

Should your child be too ill to come to school, please remember to telephone us every morning saying why they are not in. Please bring a note to explain their absence on their return to school.

School Times: 9.10am:

Meet at the front of the school; The bell is rung at 9.10am. Children are handed to teaching staff.

The school telephone number is 0208 599 0826.




The teachers bring the classes out to the front of the school at the end of the day and hand the children to their parents.

Home Reading – Supporting your child at home with his/her reading is invaluable. It should be an enjoyable experience for all involved, so please give your child lots of praise and encouragement.


Parental Partnerships – You are your child’s first educator and we value any information you can provide us with about your child. We encourage children to inform us of their achievements at home too.

Headteacher (Primary Phase) - Mr. Hook Year 1 - Miss. Kaur and Miss. Luck Class RL - Ms. Begum Class RX - Miss. Sweeting and Miss. Fall Class RF - Miss. Pudney and Miss. Doctors Class RR - Miss. Hyett and Ms. Symons

Important Date – 30th November 2011

Year Care Team - Ms. Symons Learning Support Assistant - Mrs. Patel Learning Support Assistant - Mrs. Hinds

Nativity Play

The Curriculum

Term Dates – 2011-2012

At Loxford School of Science and Technology (Primary Phase) the children follow ‘The National Curriculum’. Year 1 and Year 2 of primary school are known as Key Stage 1.

All uniform must be the Loxford uniform available from the School Uniform Supplier. Please ensure all clothing and equipment isp clearly labelled with the student name and their class. Uniform: Blue polo shirt Black trousers (boys) Black cardigan (girls) Black or white socks

Black pinafore (girls) Black jumper (boys) Black shoes

PE Kit:

Black jogging bottoms

Blue book bag Black PE bag NO JEWELLERY IS PERMITTED AT ALL School Uniform Suppliers The school uniform suppliers will be open on the following days and times at Loxford School of Science and Technology: 

Tuesdays and Thursdays: 1.20pm - 2.00pm

Wednesday 7th December 2011 at 1.30pm

Inset Days:

2nd December 2011

Christmas Holiday Dates 

School Uniform

White polo shirt

I would like to make the parents aware of possible strike action from public sector workers and teachers that could result in the school being closed on 30th November 2011. We will keep you updated as we have new information.

School will be closed from Monday 19th December 2011 to Monday 2nd January 2012 (inclusive)

Golden Rules These are our Golden Rules. Please can you make sure your child follows them:   

We are gentle We listen We work hard

  

We are kind and helpful We are honest We look after property

News  Every afternoon, we welcome Year 12 students who act as mentors and offer support in lessons. Children and teachers greatly benefit from their visit and look forward to this experience.  Keeping fit and healthy. Every Thursday afternoon, we all go and enjoy the sports facilities. We do racquet sports, ball games and running activities. We all come back elated and exhausted. Thursday Morning Parental Surgeries We will be holding a drop in session for any parents on Thursday mornings every week between 9.30am to 10.30am to meet Mr. Hook and Ms. Symons. We look forward to meeting you.


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