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KINGS' SCHOOL AL BARSHA Student Newsletter: Edition 4

In this edition: An argument amongst Year 9 Advice, Enlightenment, Recommendations Year End Sporting Roundup

MESSAGES FROM The Headteacher Recently we talked about what a Culture of Kindness means. In a culture of kindness all students and teachers are able to look forward to coming to school to work with friends and colleagues in an environment in which they feel safe, supported, cared for and valued. It means I will take care that nothing I say, do, write, type or picture will cause any pain to anyone else. I will even pay attention to what my body language communicates. It also means that if I see someone else doing this I will stand up for what is right by telling them the impact of their actions and asking them to stop. It’s not easy; but it’s the most important thing we do in school. Bill Turner

The Student Council This year was truly a big step for the Student Council; along with the school itself. Within the Kings’ environment we assembled a small group of determined and responsible individuals, which believed that their views could change the school. Of course the Student Council voices the opinions and ideas of our fellow peers; we believe that this has made us more determined to make a change; which has made us even closer. I recognise that all the council members undertook their roles with maturity; making decisions on behalf of the school that incorporated everyone’s views. Our top priority was to demonstrate that the input of the students was incredibly important to us. We are moving forward with proposed events for the end of the year which will bring students together in celebration. Also we are looking to introduce the things that you have requested in the new secondary building; we have listened to your thoughts and are now trying to put them into action. I envisage a very bright future for the Student Council, building on the work we have done this year to promote the active voice of every Kings’ student; your views do matter and whilst you cannot make every dream a reality you can make changes. I feel privileged to have been able to work with such motivated and enthusiastic members of our community. Yasaman Ayati Student Council Chairman

Front Cover Image Photograph by Ami Vitale, Kamara and Kilifi, Kenya, 2014. Thanks to National Geographic for the image. Kilifi is an 18-month-old rhino that Kamara is currently hand-raising along with two other baby rhinos at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya. Kamara spends 12 hours every day, sometimes in pouring rain, watching over the vulnerable baby rhinos. He loves these animals and calls them his children. He is part of the reason Kenya’s black rhinos, whose population had plummeted to near extinction, are doing so well here. Much needed attention has been focused on the plight of wildlife and the conflict between heavily armed poachers and increasingly militarised wildlife rangers. But very little has been said about the indigenous communities on the front lines of the poaching wars and the incredible work they do to protect these animals. These communities hold the key to saving Africa’s great animals.—Ami Vitale


Goodbye We say goodbye and good luck to Raja who is retiring at the end of the year. Raja has been an incredibly welcoming presence around the school and we shall miss him (and the best mustache in the UAE). A huge Shukria(!) from all of us at KSAB. x


Year 9 have been working on the

Some say extinction is a natural

Rhinos will be wiped from the

skills needed to argue, persuade

part of life, that we shouldn’t bother

face of the earth if we don’t do something

and advise. These skills will form

trying to save a species that will die later

now. Rhinos need our help and we stand

part of their GCSE coursework next

on. Wouldn’t you want to save these

as an “innocent” bystander doing nothing

year. They have looked at a range of



at all. It is disgusting! But you don’t have



generations? One day, everything will be

to be a bystander. We, the people can do

Here is a

gone, but while we’re still here, we should

something to help. You can join the Rhino

selection of work from Year 9 which

try and preserve the wonders that the

Revolution or donate today. With your

focussed on the school’s work with

world has created.

help we can save the rhino’s, rebuild their



annoying neighbours.




Rhino Revolution Dubai. Enjoy!

With fewer than 20,000 rhinos left in the wild, rhinos are expected to be extinct if the horrific degree of poaching continues. But, many organisations, like ours, are striving to protect these living fossils, but sadly our efforts are not enough. Which is why we need people like you, who are willing to donate only 10 Dirhams a month to secure a safe future for the

population and push the poachers back.


Do you want to be remembered

suffering. Rhinos were once abundant

as having contributed to the killing of

throughout Africa and Asia in the early

poor innocent Rhinos? The West African

twentieth century. However, despite

Black Rhino has been declared extinct

intensive conservation efforts, poaching

and all the fingers point towards us; it’s

of this iconic species is dramatically

our fault. By purchasing a product made

increasing, pushing the remaining rhinos

by a rhino’s horn one is participating to

closer and closer towards extinction with

the slaughtering of Africa’s last rhino

the primary cause identified as poaching.




rhinos, and ensure that future generations to come will be able to You can make a difference. You could save the rhinos. Support and save the rhinos TODAY! 3



Q: Will loss of sleep affect me growing?


Q: I feel stressed about homework, what can I do?

PERSONAL HYGIENE Q: At what age do you get facial hair?

YOUR EMOTIONS Q: I sometimes get made fun of and it really upsets me. What should I do?


Q: My child hates having a shower! How do I make him have one without it turning into an argument?? 4

A: Not only can it affect your growth, it can impact on your education and stress levels as well. It is important for brain development. 11-18 year olds need between 8 ½ and 10 hours sleep a night.

A: Some students view homework as torture or punishment but it is preparation for your future as you become older and more responsible. Talk to a teacher and tell them how you are feeling so you can get help to organise yourself better.

A: On average boys start to grow facial hair around 12. It is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of and is part of puberty.

A: If you come across somebody that makes fun of you as part of 'banter', you should let them know how you feel and ask them to stop if you find it upsetting. If it persists, inform a teacher so the matter can be immediately dealt with.

A:You need to talk to your child about the importance of hygiene and explain that it is socially unacceptable and may affect relationshipd with other people.

Further reading: 5

MEET OUR TEAM At Kings' School Al Barsha, our colleagues are very special to us. And so, we aim to introduce you to some of those people whose work behind the scenes and make our school tick so efficiently.

Masum Masum is another smiling face on our wonderful team of backstage players. The oldest of 3 brothers he is from Dhakar in Bangladesh and is a keen cricket fan (favorite player is Shakib Al Hassan)! Masum has been in Dubai for three years and hopes to return to Bangladesh for a vacation next year. He misses his family but most of all his mum. We asked what he would take back for her when he returns and he told us....something gold.

Masum thinks that KSAB is mostly defined by its people and he has made many friends here from many nations.

When we asked him what kind of movies he most likes he said 'romantic' movies and he loves a bit of Hindi Pop!

Science was Masum's favorite subject at school; we wonder what he makes of our amazing new labs?

Masum is a real asset to our team, a very hard worker who always has time for a smile and a chat.



As we come towards the end of our competitive year I have to say a huge thank you to all squad members and parents. Miss Leadbeater and I have been overwhelmed by the commitment, enthusiasm and support over the past year. Kings’ School Al Barsha have performed exceptionally well under the circumstances that we have faced this year. I am extreme proud of all those who have participated and competed against other schools in Dubai. There have been so many highlights from this year, but those that stand out are: U12 U12 U12 U14 U12

boys football coming third in their first competitive schools league Netball winning the Dubai College shield tournament & U14 swimmers swimming an age group above them boys football welcoming Arsenal Academy to our pitches for the first time girls rounders team reaching the final against SRS

Have a relaxing summer break and we look forward to seeing you next year, ready to stamp the Kings' School Al Barsha badge on the leagues and tournaments. Mr I Stewart

It has been an extremely busy term for girls’ sport at KSAB this month with both the rounders and the basketball league running and KSAB successfully entering an U12 and an U14 team for both, a fantastic achievement in itself. It has been great to see so many committed students attending training regularly and working hard in order to further develop their skills. Each student who has represented KSAB through a sporting squad this year should be extremely proud and I hope to see this continue as we move into our second year as a school. Miss S Leadbeater


Sunday 3rd May Kings' School Al Barsha vs Nord Anglia School


We were the fielding team first and it took us a while to get going, however close to the end of the innings we started understanding more about how quickly we had to react in order to get people out. It was then our turn to bat, we struggled to try and hit the ball and we weren’t able to score very many rounders. Second innings we started to play the Kings’ way and caught up tremendously. In the end we were pleased to have caught up and succeeded with a winning score of 11—9 to Kings’. In conclusion, we all played brilliantly and a well done to India Rees Jones for player of the match. Great game girls. Wednesday 6th May Kings' School Al Barsha vs SRS and Kings' School Al Barsha vs Uptown School A double match against both Uptown and SRS went rather well. In our first game against Uptown we were neck and neck until the last 2 bowls of the entire game. Both players managed to score a rounder and the final score was 13—15 to Uptown. We also played SRS which was very enjoyable. The highlights of the game were Alicia Osborne’s outstanding catch and Heidi Hess’s final rounder which gave us a finishing score of 12.5—11.5 to Kings’. The player of the match was Alicia Osborne. Well done, brilliant game girls! ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Rounders has been such an experience and I have learnt a lot.’ Rounders is great because I have learnt a new sport and become part of an amazing team.’ A brilliant season of rounders, I really enjoyed it and I can’t wait until next year.’ I really enjoyed rounders this year because we all worked as a team and never gave up. Well done girls.’


On Tuesday 12h May our very own rounders team competed against SRS at DC for the final tournament of the season. Unfortunately we lost by 0.5 of a rounder but we had Kate Tyrer score us 2 rounders in a row and Soraya Skinner catch a fantastic ball. It was a riveting last match for the girls and we greatly appreciate all the hard work and commitment from each player this term!

Girls basketball has been absolutely fantastic this term particularly with regards to the numbers of committed players. Between both the U12 and U14 squads we have 30 players, a great achievement and a testament to the enthusiasm and commitment of our students here at KSAB. I hope that this will continue to grow next year with the introduction of an A and B for each age category and the potential to enter an U16 league. I would like to thank Miss Black for her invaluable coaching that she has done with both teams this term and the time she has given up to support them in various fixtures. Miss Leadbeater

The U12 basketball team are improving every week! They played against Emirates International School and only lost by 2 goals. Well done girls!

On Monday 11th May our U14 basketball team played EIS Jumeirah. Unfortunately we were defeated by the opposing team with a score of 2—14. We had a fantastic goal score by Haya Hanwi and great defence from Mia Millman. The girls will be ready for the NBA’s soon!

Miss Black

U14 Basketball Team.

7 7


World Envrionment Day

Dubai Desert Road Run The Sevens Stadium is the venue for this easy peasy jog.

TWIST - Secondary Production

Secondary Competence and Enrichment Day

Michael McIntyre Happy and Glorious Tour 2015 @ WTC

Disney on Ice @ WTC The cold never bothered me anyway.

It's funny because it's true. Literally.

Secondary Arts and Awards Evening (5 - 8pm)

Iftar @ SMCCU Throughout Ramadan, get involved and learn about the Iftar.

Dubai Sports World @ WTC Two months of indoor competitive sports if that's your bag.

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