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G R E Y C O U RT S C H O O L Ham Street, Ham, Richmond TW10 7HN Tel: 020 8948 1173 Fax: 020 8332 2428 Email:

G R E Y C O U RT S C H O O L Serious about success

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“ I love the mix of things we do at Grey Court. The lessons are fun and I’m growing potatoes in the allotment” Year 9 student

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Welcome to Grey Court School At Grey Court School our core values of achievement, innovation, inclusion and accountability, provide the basis for academic excellence and future success for all. Your child has the opportunity to join us at a truly exciting time. We know that choosing a secondary school for your child is an important decision for your family and we present you with this opportunity to see what we offer at our popular, thriving school. Grey Court has moved forward immensely in the last four years with much improved exam results and an ethos which is second to none. Our specialist school status for Science, Mathematics and Computing both enhances our work in these areas and ensures that we are able to support our local community. Alongside this is our innovative curriculum incorporating the Opening Minds project for Year 7, which means that your child will be embarking upon a truly personalised education journey. We have a stable, incredibly enthusiastic, innovative and hardworking staff committed to continuing to further improve the school in order to deliver the best comprehensive education we possibly can. Every student’s success is best achieved through a close partnership between home and school. Web-based learning has already been introduced. Staff, students and their families can access information on the curriculum, revision and homework activities, remotely through the website. This enables parents to gain a more detailed picture of their child’s progress and the work they are set. We aim to broaden facilities on the website, so that you can also access performance data and more key curriculum tasks online. This prospectus will give you an insight into what you can expect, but we invite you to find out for yourselves by coming along to one of our open events. Visits can be arranged at any time; just telephone the school office and we will arrange a tour with some of the school ambassadors. We look forward to welcoming your family to our school.

Maggie Bailey, BHum, MA Headteacher

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About our school Our site provides an ideal environment for students, with a range of specialist teaching facilities. ICT provision includes specialist suites, zoned wireless provision across the school and use of laptops and interactive whiteboards. Our ‘Classroom of the Future’, known as the Ingenium, has achieved national renown. Newman House, our listed 18th Century building, provides a wonderful space for personalised and small group programmes, which will be enhanced from January 2012 with a specialist language and communication centre. The sports hall and gym facilities are complemented by extensive grounds and courts, enabling students to engage in a wide range of physical education and sporting activities.

What we believe in Our core aim is to attain excellence through achievement, innovation, inclusion and accountability.

We have ‘specialist school’ status for Science, Maths and Computing

These are reflected in the following values for:

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Our students

Our parents

Every student is treated as an individual and is encouraged to develop as a confident independent learner. Students’ potential will be stretched through high challenge/low stress learning. Our Year Councils and School Council (the Collegium), made up of two student representatives from each class, are closely involved in the school’s development, including our future planning.

We encourage partnership between home and school to ensure that every student feels supported both academically and in their passage into adulthood. Parents are closely involved in the school’s development through our active Parents’ Association. We value the contribution that parents and carers make to the life of the school and welcome opportunities to develop this further.

Our community

The wider world

All students and members of staff contribute to a thriving and caring community within and beyond the school. We are an ‘Extended School’, which means we make additional provision before and after school and through the holidays with extra classes and a wide range of activities. Many of these are linked to our locality, where we work in partnership with primary schools and community groups. Accountability to each other is important and all are expected to participate. Our diversity makes us interesting - we commit to developing students’ potential as healthy, well-balanced citizens who respect one another.

In this rapidly changing world, we aim to equip our students with the skills necessary to adapt and develop as individuals: social, flexible, creative and co-operative. Our specialist status gives our students

an additional advantage in an increasingly technological society. We participate in video conferencing with partners across the country and aim to develop our international links further through this medium. At Grey Court School we maximise opportunities that are on offer to students and the community as a whole.

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Embracing the individual Every Grey Court School student will be treated as an individual. Our curriculum has been devised to enable personalised learning and meet the individual needs of each and every student. This will be developed and refined throughout your child’s school life. Termly Academic Tutoring days allow for a thorough review of how students are progressing through their learning, and targets are set in conjunction with the student and their family. This enables the achievement of realistic goals and will motivate your son or daughter to reach their full potential. We encourage every student to achieve

high standards and to develop an enthusiastic problem-solving approach to their work so that they can feel confident with their academic and social skills, inside and outside school. The National Curriculum reforms build on an assumption that if only we get the content right then standards of learning will rise. It is important to challenge this assumption; so at Grey Court we seek practical means by which the learning process is transacted between teachers and learners. Therefore we do our utmost to interest and stimulate students.

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“The school’s staff and visiting experts enrich the curriculum by offering a range of master classes, for example on the piano and classical mythology. The curriculum provides effectively for students at both ends of the ability spectrum through booster and other targeted programmes.” Ofsted Report 2010

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Teaching and the Curriculum Our curriculum ensures that students keep as many options open as possible for further study and employment. During their first year at the school, students are taught in a mixture of class and attainment based groups. Our Opening Minds programme enables the development of competency skills, alongside developing social groupings within the tutor group. At the start of Year 8 further setting by attainment is introduced. By Year 9 the majority of subjects are taught in attainment-based sets. From Year 10 students join our personalised programme which is tailored to individual needs and allows students to access up to 13 GCSE subjects.

Key Stage 4 - Years 10 and 11 .

Key Stage 3 - Years 7, 8 and 9 In Year 7 all our students study: Art & Design, Design & Technology, Drama, English, French, Information & Communications Technology, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Science. The ‘Opening Minds’ project and our ‘Learning to Learn’ lessons develop skills and competencies through a cross curricular theme incorporating Geography, History, ICT and Religious Studies. In Years 8 and 9 all students study: Art & Design, Design & Technology, Drama, English, French, Geography, German, History, Information & Communications Technology, Mathematics, Music, Religious Studies, Physical Education, Science.

In Years 10 and 11 all students cover a core curriculum of: English, Information & Communications Technology, Mathematics, Physical Education, Religious Studies, Science plus a Modern Foreign Language. Most students take separate GCSE examinations in English and English Literature and three Science GCSEs in the separate Sciences; Biology, Chemistry and Physics. In Mathematics the more able students are offered the opportunity to take GCSE early and additionally then complete an AS Level in Additional Mathematics. There is also the opportunity for some students to take GCSE Statistics, alongside the normal Mathematics examination. At Key Stage 4 students can choose further optional courses to study to GCSE level. The current choice includes: Art, Drama, Electronics, Food Nutrition, French, Geography, German, Graphics, History, Media Studies, Music, Product Design, Physical Education. For certain students we also offer access to college courses, such as: Beauty, Catering, Construction, Engineering, Hairdressing, Mechanics The school is committed to continuing to offer a range of choice at Key Stage 4, including accredited, applied and vocational courses.

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Teaching and the Curriculum (cont) Homework

Physical Education

Homework is set throughout the school. A homework timetable is issued to all students at the start of each academic year. Parents can help their children by providing support in the completion of homework.

The aims of our Physical Education curriculum are to include all students and to promote positive attitudes to healthy living. There are numerous club activities before and after school which offer sports such as tennis, cricket, badminton, volleyball, dance and gym/circuit training.

Sex education The governing body has agreed a policy for sex education that concerns human relationships and sexual activity. We have a comprehensive programme of study that embraces values, attitudes and behaviour, as well as knowledge. This includes an emphasis on relationships and responsibilities, families and parenthood, as well as an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of reproduction, growth and development, contraception and sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS.

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In June 2007 we held our first Sports Award event at the Oval Cricket Ground. This has now become an annual event to celebrate our ever increasing sporting success. Grey Court sporting achievements are recognised annually at a celebration awards dinner. This year it was held at Harlequin Rugby Ground and each year we invite high achieving sports personalities as guest speakers. .

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“Their strong determination to succeed, the willingness of staff to go the extra mile and the clear improvements made since the last inspection, are the bedrock of the school’s good capacity to sustain this trend of improvement.” Ofsted Report 2010

Religious Studies and collective worship The school policy is that Religious Studies and acts of collective worship, while of a broadly Christian nature, should include all students and promote respect for different cultures and beliefs. If parents/ carers wish to exercise their right to withdraw their child, they should contact the Headteacher.

Student Support The Student Support Centre has been established to cater for able students and students with special educational needs. Our Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator ensures that our able students have access to appropriate programmes through the curriculum and extracurricular activities, such as AS studies in Additional Mathematics, Mathematics and Critical Thinking. For the last three years we have also run holiday programmes for Gifted and Talented students. Our SENCO ensures that students with special needs have their own individual education plan, which may incorporate small group work to enable access and learning development. The school has a student programme that provides students with personal effort, academic achievement and school and community service. Students receive house points, merit certificates, letters of commendation and prizes.


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Working in partnership Partnership with parents


Your son or daughter is about to embark on a major journey change in their educational life, and so will the rest of your family. At our school we know that your involvement is crucial and therefore form strong links between home and school.

Parents receive assessments about their child’s progress each term, either in the form of a grade sheet or a formal written report. These reports comment on attainment and progress. There is also, in addition to our termly Academic Mentoring Days with tutors, a Parents’ Consultation Evening each year, when parents/carers can discuss their child’s progress with individual subject teachers. These meetings give parents the opportunity to monitor and review individual targets set.

Form tutors Your child’s learning is our most important goal and its success will depend on the three-way partnership of yourself, your child and their form tutor. Your child’s student support officer will be available at any time, to discuss your child’s progress and formally at Parent Consultation Evenings, held throughout the year. Students normally remain with their form tutor throughout their school career.

Student planner You can monitor your child’s daily progress through the planner. This is an important publication where your child will record their homework, achievements and house points. Messages are also regularly passed between teacher and parent. We ask parents to view and sign the planner weekly and record any of their own comments.

E-Bulletin We keep in contact with parents through our weekly e-bulletin. This is available electronically and in paper form. We know how easy it is for information sheets to go missing in your child’s school bag and, for those parents who want to receive regular e-bulletins, we will ask for email addresses so you do not miss any news. The e-bulletin is available on our website every Friday.

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Parents’ Association As parents, you have automatic membership to our successful Parents’ Association. The Association’s main purpose is to support the education of all our students and this is primarily achieved by organising fun, social activities which raise funds for the school and encourage interaction betwen parents. Your involvement, however big or small, is crucial to the ongoing success of our Parents’ Association.

Complaints At Grey Court School we aim to provide an environment and relationship between home and school that meets each young person’s needs. We are open and clear about what the school offers, how it operates and the expectations of all of us involved in providing education. However, we also understand that sometimes things can go wrong. If they do, we need to know so that we can put them right and learn from them. We aim to be positive about complaints. A complaint is a simple way for you to voice your concerns and it gives us valuable feedback.

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Beyond the curriculum Starting Secondary School To help in the transition process from primary to secondary school, there are three key events that take place at Grey Court School. In the summer term there is the Testing and Sports Saturday where students meet each other for the first time, there is also the Primary Induction Day when new students from all the local primary schools come to Grey Court for a day of lessons and activities. This provides them with an ideal opportunity to get to know their new environment and an insight into the busy life of a secondary school. The Academic Tutoring Day takes place in the Autumn term, when parents and their children are invited to an individual interview with their tutor. This is a very important event, as key information about the school and arrangements for the beginning of term are provided. It is also the first opportunity to develop a good working relationship between home and school, which will become established over the next five years. Our priority is to ensure that new students settle into Grey Court as quickly as possible and that their academic attainment is recognised and extended into Year 7 and Key Stage 3.


Pastoral care

Study support

This is organised around the Tutor with a Phase Leader, assisted by their Student Support Officer, leading the tutor team. The Form Tutor is the key person in your child’s school life and any issues would be raised with him/her in the first instance. The Phase Leader (Transition) has an overview of your child’s development and sets the ethos of success for the year group.

One of the school’s main objectives in offering a study support programme is to drive forward a rich and diverse curriculum for the 21st Century. This programme encourages independent study across the curriculum and is offered in a variety of ways; homework clubs, extra support during lunchtimes, before and after school, access to ICT facilities, visits by specialists, bespoke workshops and training in post -16 education centres. In addition, as part of our Extended School provision, we provide additional examination support during key holiday periods.

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Trips and visits Grey Court School is proud of its tradition of offering students a full programme of visits and trips. In Year 7, all students have the opportunity to participate in a full day’s activity during the Autumn term, where they take part in a variety of different sports. This enables the students to get to know, not only members of their tutor group, but the year group as a whole, thus developing the social bond so important when first beginning secondary education. In Years 9 and 10, students have an opportunity to go on school exchanges to Spain and Germany. In addition, all students, during their time at Grey Court, will take part in a number of field trips and museum visits which help to further enhance the school curriculum.

Careers advice and work experience This is an important part of the school curriculum, focusing on educating and preparing students for life beyond school. Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 receive careers education and guidance through PSHE and citizenship. Students are provided with good background knowledge of occupations to help them make informed choices for the future and develop the skills which will eventually prepare them for the world of work. Work related learning is an important part of the school’s curriculum. All Year 10 students have the opportunity of two weeks work experience, and also talks and visits at local colleges. Students will have access to a Careers personal adviser who gives information and advice and who has close links with local colleges and universities.

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Clubs and out of school activities

“This school just gets better and better”

There is an enormous range of clubs and extracurricular activities on offer at Grey Court. Students are encouraged to take a full part in the life of the school. We have a club to suit everyone’s needs and aspirations.

borough competitions and a Student 2009 number of our students have reached international level. We also encourage students to take the Bronze level Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Most curricular areas offer subject based clubs, including extra language practice for students who have a particular interest. We also provide additional classes before and after school for students who are keen to take up languages such as Russian and Spanish. The highlight of these experiences is often the opportunity to be involved in international visits, which we run annually.

There are Art and Drama clubs, choir and orchestra during lunchtimes and after school. We have an annual event in March where we encourage our GCSE students to organise a ‘Charity Gig’. Last year no fewer than seventeen bands/artists were involved and they raised over £1000 for local charities. Parents were entertained by the end of year production of ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ and a quarter of the school took part in the Biggest Band concert at Wembley. The ‘Shakespeare Group’, which meets weekly in the Ingenium, took to the road during the Summer term visiting our local primary schools to show the students the delights of the Bard. Our ‘Local News Group’ was thrilled to see the production of their first magazine during the year.

There is a wide range of sport clubs such as football, netball, basketball and rugby with the opportunity to take part in competitions throughout the academic year. We regard competitive sport as an important life opportunity for teenagers and support this fully. Our students have an excellent record of success in

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Restorative approaches We aim to resolve all conflict between members of our community by the use of restorative approaches. Our Student Support Officers are experts in this field and Grey Court leads the borough in this area of work. Inappropriate behaviour will incur action in line with school policy. A serious offence could result in exclusion from school. The decision to exclude a student is never taken lightly nor without serious consideration of the impact on the student. The school maintains close contact with parents and assumes their co-operation in matters of behaviour.

Student behaviour code At Grey Court School we believe that clear expectations and rewarding achievement is the best way to reinforce success. A system of rewards focuses on good behaviour. Students earn house points and certificates. We send letters home when students have achieved something particularly remarkable and run special events for groups of students who deserve praise for continued effort and achievement. Students are encouraged to share their successes through assemblies and we award prizes for competitions and other whole school activities. We expect students to behave well. This is crucial so that everyone can learn successfully without interruption. We have a straight forward behaviour management system, which is easily understood. We have simple rules, which enable us to run the school in an orderly fashion. These are displayed in the students’ planners and in classrooms as a reminder. Students are expected to stick to the rules. We have straight forward sanctions if the rules are broken. In most instances class teachers will deal with infringements with a minimum of fuss, but there is always senior staff support if the student involved may disrupt others’ learning.

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Students and their parents are often worried about bullying when they join secondary school. We are highly aware of this and take concerns very seriously indeed. We educate students about bullying through our personal education programmes and find restorative approaches offer a successful solution in most cases.

Looking ahead At Grey Court School we are working for the future of your child. Whilst retaining traditional values as the foundation for success, we are ensuring that we develop opportunities for innovative and creative approaches to learning, as demonstrated by our remarkable ‘Classroom of the Future’. On leaving our students are fully equipped to join local 6th Form colleges, start apprenticeships or begin their journey into the world of work. In partnership, we will achieve the best for your child. Every effort has been made to ensure that this prospectus is up-to-date at the time of going to press (Sept 2011). However, in responding to recent legislation, unforeseen changes may need to be made in organisation and/or curriculum. We will do our best to keep parents and carers informed of any changes. Parents should ask the Headteacher about any points of particular importance to them.

Year 8 student Designed by The Brandscout. Tel: 07793 564 176 Photography by Matthew Ford. Tel: 020 8940 1587 Printed by Brightsea Print Group. Tel: 01392 360 616 www.

“I love the mix of things we do at Grey Court. The lessons are fun and I’m growing potatoes in the allotment”

G R E Y C O U RT S C H O O L Ham Street, Ham, Richmond TW10 7HN Tel: 020 8948 1173 Fax: 020 8332 2428 Email:

G R E Y C O U RT S C H O O L Serious about success

Grey Court School Prospectus  

Grey Court School Prospectus

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