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The Stourport VIth Form College has a distinctive character and an excellent reputation that has been established over many years. We are ambitious for our students and provide excellent teaching and independent learning support across a broad range of subjects. Our curriculum encourages all students to develop talents, take intellectual risks and to acquire a plethora of skills.

As prospective students and parents, I would be delighted to see you join our VIth Form and be a part of the ‘SHS’ family. May I take this opportunity to wish you every success with your examinations. Liz Quinn – Executive Principal and National Leader of Education

Being able to choose is the most appealing aspect of continuing education beyond compulsory schooling in Year 11, but it can also be the most daunting! At SHS our aim is to develop students’ aspirations for themselves to enable every single individual to pursue a successful working life and possess the values that will ensure they are responsible, happy members of society. Indeed, we aim to embed a passion for learning and the belief that students can be successful in anything they choose to do.

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SIXTH FORM Students receive outstanding learning experiences, combining a high level of academic success with the opportunity to develop skills, character and independence. Students enjoy the benefits of being taught by staff who know them well and understand their strengths and personalities. The VIth Form provides a college feel within an outstanding high school, and students enjoy the more mature and self-reliant atmosphere it creates. In addition to a meeting and debating room, ICT suite and dedicated facilities for quiet and



personalised study, our building boasts a brand new café and restaurant providing great food throughout the day. Whilst students make full use of a large number of computers, mobile technology is maximised within lessons to provide innovative learning support and independence. We are sure that you will enjoy a personal experience where friendliness and support is teamed with challenge and high expectations. Please feel free to contact us at any time for further information. We’d love to meet you in person to offer advice or answer any queries for you.

Teaching in the sixth form is challenging and well-paced. In a sixth form chemistry lesson, the teacher’s thorough planning was used flexibly to ensure that students’ needs were met very well and, therefore, enabled them to make rapid progress.

The Stourport VIth Form College is a vibrant, positive place where students are committed to learning and fulfilling their potential.



Exam results and

successes It’s more than


Students fulfil their potential due to outstanding teaching and high levels

We offer an extensive range of enrichment opportunities to complement your academic studies and extend your learning experiences. Personal development and well-being is given significant importance as tutors and VIth Form staff ensure students are looked after and equipped with the skills to succeed. A full programme of activities and events is provided throughout the year including personal finance, road safety, cooking on a budget and coping with stress. Our daily Guidance programme provides students with the opportunity for one-to-one support alongside bespoke personal and academic guidance.


It’s more than just study

Health support is provided through Time4U, whilst extra support is available through our school counsellor and dedicated team to assist students with additional educational needs. Exceptional careers and higher education advice is provided by experienced staff including our own dedicated Post 16 careers manager and full time student support manager. It is no coincidence that the success rate of students being offered their first choice university place is extremely high and the number of students who do not enter employment, education or training when they leave us is almost non-existent.

of student motivation and commitment in a highly supportive environment. A significant number of students achieve results above expectation. All students complete valuable work experience during their time in the VIth Form which provides essential preparation for future career choices.

• 53% A*/B grades or equivalent in 2013 • 75% A* - C grades or equivalent in 2013 • 221 Average Points Score per entry amongst the highest in the county • 92% offered their first choice of university in 2013 • Significant positive value-added AS and A2 scores (ALIS 2013)

In the sixth form, students’ achievement is outstanding. Few drop out of courses and this contributes very well to their overall success.

Academic success is, of course, extremely important and examination results highlight the substantial number of individual successes that our students deservedly enjoy.

An eventful and exciting social scene is enjoyed by all students, with the opportunity to play a significant role in deciding and organising lots of social events such as our annual May Ball. A wide variety of competitive and recreational sports are on offer plus the chance to take part in school productions, music events and a whole host of enrichment activities. Each year a large percentage of sixth formers travel abroad on a variety of international visits; recent destinations have included the United Nations and CERN in Geneva, skiing in the USA and a cultural visit to Japan.

Exam results and successes


Preparing you for a

Helping you to stand out from the crowd is one of our key aims when you come to The Stourport VIth Form College. We recognise the importance of gaining experiences beyond the curriculum to broaden interests, develop new skills and prepare for university or the workplace. All students are expected to participate on a regular basis in at least one enriching activity each year. We help you to become resilient, well -rounded and confident in order to face the challenges of this competitive world head-on. Enrichment takes many forms and can include studying for a qualification including the Extended Project Award, Level 2 and 3 Awards


Preparing you for a bright future

in Sports Leadership or the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Some students opt to learn Japanese whilst others demonstrate their entrepreneurial skills through the Young Enterprise scheme. For those wishing to go into teaching or simply to pass on their knowledge and love for a subject to younger students, classroom support or reading and numeracy support is preferred. Opportunities to develop leadership skills are offered through our Student Ambassador programme and regular tutor group activities, competitions and challenges. Each tutor group elects a representative to contribute to the VIth Form Council whilst a President and four

College Captains are elected each year to lead whole school Student Voice through the School Council. Creative students get involved in art, music and drama events and performances, sport-minded students take part in recreational and/or competitive matches, and everyone completes work experience. Volunteering, charity work and fund-raising are popular with many whilst some choose to write a magazine or help senior citizens with computer skills.

The sixth form is outstanding. This is because of a combination of students’ progress and their success in progressing to further and higher education, training or employment.

bright future

Whatever your choice, we’ll support you to become the person you want to be.

Preparing you for a bright future


Higher education and careers Expert guidance and advice is provided at appropriate times throughout the year, including careers and higher education events and activities. Students wishing to apply to university receive individual assistance with personal statements and the application process and receive individual assistance with personal statements and the application process. For those wishing to apply to Oxford or Cambridge, or to read medicine, dentistry or

Academic support and

GUIDANCE An effective student support system

Keeping learning on track

ensures that concerns are raised and

Regular monitoring and assessment takes place through periodic progress checks, reporting systems and parents’ evenings. Target-setting is used to raise aspirations based upon prior attainment and aspirational capability. A huge emphasis is placed on helping you to manage your time effectively to take control of your own learning. Your ability to become an independent learner is an absolute necessity as a proportion of your timetable will be allocated to independent study.

dealt with quickly, and suitable guidance and support is given. Daily contact with your form tutor ensures an effective response to any concerns whether they are subject related or not. You will be treated as a young adult and encouraged to take individual responsibility for your own learning.  Clear lines of communication are established to ensure students, staff and parents are informed as necessary at appropriate stages.


Academic support and guidance

veterinary science, we arrange meetings with expert external advisors to complement our own in-house support system. Our full time Student Support Manager is dedicated to providing daily assistance with UCAS applications, FE and employment choices. Regular access to an independent careers advisor is also available to supply information on courses, vacancies and apprenticeships.

Whether you need support with extended writing, timemanagement, organisation, personal statements, CVs or letters of application, help is at hand. Carefully chosen times within the sixth form calendar are selected to respond to student needs and requirements.  Tutors and subject staff deliver masterclasses, revision sessions and workshops throughout the year to ensure you have the support you need, just when you need it most.

I really like the Student Support System having a dedicated member of staff to act as a contact point and link between students, teaching staff and parents is really important.

Academic and pastoral support is provided by a wide range of expert and dedicated staff.

Bespoke assistance with study skills

Academic support and guidance


Thursday 24th October 2013 at 6pm

Individual support and guidance with tutors, subject teachers and the sixth form team. This includes assemblies, sixth form tutor group sessions and visits to other local schools.

Deadline for applications: Friday 24th January 2014

Year 11 Interviews: Wednesday 29th January 2014

February - March

All prospective students have a further opportunity to meet with a member of the sixth form team and Senior Leadership Team to review future career plans and Post 16 destinations. May

Letters sent to students to confirm your place in the VIth Form together with subject choices.

An excellent curriculum, including in the sixth form, is supporting students’ outstanding achievement... Extra-curricular activities, including links with international schools and others in Britain, widen students’ experiences.

‘Sixth form induction’ for

Year 11 students

Timetable for


We recognise that it is crucial that students entering the VIth Form make a positive start and adjust to the demands of Post -16 study quickly. Our rigorous induction programme helps you to determine as early as possible the correct combination of subjects for you. In June, prospective students will spend two days in the VIth Form experiencing taster lessons to help you, and us, assess your suitability for courses. You’ll also meet your tutor and take part in different challenges to start the bonding process with your new tutor group.


Timetable for admissions

An independent study task, for completion over the summer holiday, will be set to engage the brain and to enable you to ‘hit the ground running’ when you begin your Post 16 studies. As new Year 12 students, the first three weeks in September will provide sufficient time to make final decisions about appropriate courses of study before it’s time to immerse yourself in your chosen subjects. A review of skills and performance helps you to recognise your strengths and areas for improvement, and enable us to provide the support you need.

Regular review days and parents’ evenings keep parents informed of progress and achievement - any areas of concern are identified and addressed.

October – January

VIth Form Open Evening:

Sixth form induction’ for Year 11 students


A levels



Studying AS/A Levels

Studying BTEC Level 3 qualifications (single and double awards are available)

Studying a combination of BTEC Level 3 qualifications and AS/A Levels

Students following an A Level pathway will typically study 4 AS levels in Year 12 and continue with 3 to A2 in Year 13

Students following a vocational pathway will typically study 1 double award and 1 single award (the equivalent of 3 A Levels)

Students who combine BTECs and A levels will typically study 1 double award BTEC and 1 AS/A level

Academic guidelines

Entry requirements


We make great efforts to ensure that each student embarks on courses that most accurately match their ability, qualifications and aspirations. The most able students may follow a demanding course of five subjects at AS and then four at A2.

To pursue Level 3 courses (AS Levels and L3 BTECs) students will need a minimum of 5 GCSEs at A* - C

A Bursary Fund is available to help students who face genuine financial barriers to continue in full-time education. There are different tiers of support available, which will determine the entitlement and proportion of money to be received. Students are only eligible for payments from the Bursary Fund if they meet the eligibility criteria and are legitimately enrolled and attending school. All queries and applications will be dealt with promptly, sensitively and in a confidential manner.

All students will be expected to resit GCSE English and maths if they do not achieve a grade C or above. All students are encouraged to gain additional qualifications during their time within the VIth Form. These include: Extended Project Qualification, Sports Leader Award and Duke of Edinburgh Award.

• A grade B or above at GCSE is required to progress on to study the more demanding AS levels including the ‘facilitating’ subjects: English literature, English language/literature, computer studies, maths, further maths, biology, chemistry, physics, geography, history and modern foreign languages. • All students are expected to make an application to join us. • We interview all applicants, usually on more than one occasion.

Please contact Mr Chris Parry, Post 16 Director of Learning, for further details.

Pathways to

success 14

pathways to success

pathways to success



Level 3


Skills and attributes required

Anything else I need to know?

ICT, Maths

Reflective learning, creative thinking and evaluative skills

A level and BTEC courses offered

Analytical skills, accuracy, and problem solving skills

Requires good mathematical persistence

English Language

Analytical, evaluative and creative skills, plus an interest in the effective use of words

Interested in reading, watching and creating media products

English Language ABRSM Grade 3 Theory

Performance skills, music appraisal plus research and investigative skills

Ability to read music and perform to a high level

Music Performance

Level 2 Music

Interpretation of performances and ability to play an instrument

Assessment is project and performance-based

Performing Arts

English Language, Level 2 Drama or Performing Arts

Analyse through observation and imagination to devise original pieces

Commitment to rehearsals required



Maths *

*Grade B minimum is required at GCSE

Art Biology *

Essential GCSEs Art Science

Business Chemistry * Computing *

Science Maths

Drama/Theatre Studies English Literature *

English Literature

English Language/Literature *

English Literature or Language

Film Studies

Desirable GCSEs

Skills and attributes required


Keen observational skills, imagination and Fine Art, Graphics, Textiles the ability to develop ideas and BTEC Level 3 offered

Triple Science

Independent research, analytical skills

Anything else I need to know?

Business Studies, Maths

Research and analysis skills

Maths, Triple Science

Problem-solving, analytical and practical skills


Logical problem solving, design skills, ability to work independently

Ability to work independently

English Language, Drama

Co-operative team work skills, ability to interpret performances and act

Commitment to rehearsals required

English Language

Ability to analyse texts

Willingness to read widely

Interest in creative writing and becoming a reflective reader

Willingness to read widely

English Language

Observational and analytical skills

Interest in watching and creating film

Other MFL

Interest in foreign cultures and correct use of grammar

Confidence to speak in front of others

Manipulation of expressions, logic, accuracy, and problem solving skills

Studied alongside Maths Confidence to speak in front of others

German *


Other MFL

Interest in foreign cultures and correct use of grammar

Geography *


English Language

Environmental and social awareness both Participation on field trips locally and globally required

Health & Social Care, English Language, Science

Good independent research and Prepared to carry out organisational skills, plus a caring attitude work experience

English Language

Willingness to read around the subject, interpret and analyse, and question source material

Exams and coursework are essay-based

Catering, Science, English Language

Interest in all aspects of industry not just cooking, plus good team work skills

Prepared to carry out work experience


Level 3 courses

Religious Studies

Interpret and evaluate concepts and communicate ideas and arguments

Involvement in discussion required

Physical Education


English Language, GCSE PE

Analysis and performance of sport, plus research and teamwork skills

Two practical sports required

Physics *


Maths, Triple Science

Lateral thinking, analytical and practical skills

Required good mathematical understanding

Psychology *

English Language, Science Maths

Investigative and research skills, plus critical thinking

All units are exam-based

Team work, independent research and reflective learning

Willingness to participate in expeditions

Interest in society plus critical and reflective thinking skills

All units are exam-based

Interest in foreign cultures and correct use of grammar

Confidence to speak in front of others

Independent learning and research,

Willingness to participate

Public Services

Level 2 Sport

Sociology *

English Language

Spanish *



Maths (A/A* required)

Hospitality & Catering

English Language

Other MFL

Be prepared for practical sessions

Further Maths


Philosophy & Ethics *

Participation in practical activities


History *


Be prepared for practical sessions

French *

Health & Social Care


Media Studies Music *



Level Sport, Science

plus confidence to lead others practically Additional courses available through ContinU: Applied Science, Dance, Economics, Electronics, Food Technology, Geology, Leisure Studies Statistics *



Select and use mathematical facts in context, logical deduction and statistical analysis

Requires good mathematical persistence

Level 3 courses


Degree Subject





English Lit, Philosophy, Politics, Sociology, a Language



History, other facilitating subjects, preferably essay-based

Management Studies

Maths (on some courses)

Maths, Economics, Business



Further Maths, Physics

Mechanical Engineering

Maths, Physics

Further Maths

Media Studies English and/or Media Studies (including Communication Studies)

A selection of Russell Group recommendations regarding appropriate A-levels to choose for degree subjects Degree Subject



Accountancy (Banking/Finance/Insurance)


Business, Economics

Aeronautical Engineering

Maths and Physics

Further Maths, DT



Geography, History, a Science



Maths, DT, Physics + own portfolio

Art & Design




Chemistry, Biology

Maths, Further Maths, Physics


Biology, Chemistry

Maths or Physics

Biomedical/Medical Sciences

Chemistry, Biology

Maths, Further Maths, Physics

Business Studies


Maths, Business, Economics

Chemical Engineering

Chemistry, Maths

Physics, Biology, Further Maths

Childhood Studies


Psychology, Sociology, Health & Social Care

Computer Games Design


Maths, Art, DT, ICT, Computing



Maths, ICT, Physics, Philosophy


Chemistry and Biology for most

Maths, Physics, Further Maths


English and/or Theatre Studies

English Literature, Theatre Studies




Engineering (General)

Maths, Physics

Further Maths, DT History, Philosophy, MFL


English Literature, English Lit & Lang

Environmental Science

2 from Biology, Chemistry, Geography

Physics, Maths



Another Language, English, History



1 from Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics


2 from Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Geography, Geology


pathways to success

English, Media Studies, Sociology, Psychology


Chemistry and Biology + 1 from Maths or Physics Further Maths, a contrasting non-science subject


Music + Grade VII or VIII

At least one essay-based subject


Usually Biology

Health & Social Care, Sociology, Psychology

Occupational Therapy

Biology (on some courses)

Biology, Psychology, Physical Education, Sociology or another Science



Maths, Classical Civilisations, Philosophy, RE/Theology


Maths, Physics

Further Maths, Chemistry


Most require Biology, some also require 2nd science

Chemistry, Maths, Physics, Psychology



Politics, History, Philosophy, Law, Sociology


1 from Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Maths, Psychology, Sociology

Religious Studies/Theology


Philosophy, English Literature, History



Sociology, Psychology, Geography

Sports Science

1 from Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics – some treat PE as a science equivalent

Physical Education, Psychology



Maths and Physics for Building Surveying, most A-levels considered for Estate Management

Teacher Training (Secondary)

At least 1 from English, Geography, History, Maths, Music, Physics, PE, RE, Art, Biology, Chemistry, DT, Drama, a Language, ICT

A 2nd subject from the list

Veterinary Science

Chemistry and Biology, plus 1 from Maths or Physics

Further Maths

pathways to success


The Stourport VIth Form College Minster Road Stourport on Severn Worcs DY13 8AX For more detailed information on every aspect of school life please visit our website: Tel: 01299 872950 Fax: 01299 827972 Email:

VIth form prospectus 2013  
VIth form prospectus 2013  

The Stourport 6th Form College Prospectus