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Hall Mead School Volume 12


Front page by Andrew Jones

Editor’s note: I hope you enjoy this edition. Inside we have many game reviews than usual so I hope you soak up all the amazing tips and ideas. Also, the previous Editors Hannah and Sophie have decided to have a break from editing and spend more time creating brilliant articles for you to read so I will be stepping in until they’re ready to resume their roles! I hope you love reading this edition and we cannot wait to present you with our next Edition (Edition 13) Mia -The temping Editor

Contents Page 3: A Rant, A Review and Recommendation Page 4: The Return of Halo Saga Page 5: Sequels of 2013 Page 6: Why do we root for anti-heroes? Page 7: Rev Emmanuel Asante-My Hero Page 8: Non Stop Review Page 9: Twilight vs Hunger Games Page 10: 2013 Box Office Recap Page 11: Technology Behind The Scenes Page 12: PS4 First Impressions Page 13: New Year’s Resolutions Page 14: Featured Youtubers 1 Page 15: Featured Youtubers 2 Page 16: Sports Round Up Page 17: Flappy Birds Deleted?! Page 18: How to become a great baker? Page 19: Child Entrepreneurs Page 20: Impact Team

A Rant...

summer, the You Me at Six fan base, (the ‘sixers’) have been extremely excited. And I am one of those people!

Hairstyles and Makeup choices that are considered to be ‘Extreme’ most definitely divide two communities into different groups; In favour, and against. I, Their fans have obviously been travelof course, am in the first category, and it ling to music shops everywhere, and is something I feel very strongly about. have been avidly searching iTunes as Cavalier Youth has sailed to the top of I think that the main reason that things the album charts, reaching number 1 in its very first week of release! like this are banned from school is because they create an illusion that you are I recommend listening to ‘Too Young not smart, do not focus on your work to Feel this Old’, ‘Hope for the Best’ , and possibly even distract others. ‘Be Who You Are’ and ’Lived A Lie’. (These are my favourites!) This is ludicrous. Using someone’s looks to determine their effort in lessons I have to admit, I have already had and the work that they may produce is many song filled car journeys with like saying that “being blonde affects this album, which may/may not have your intelligence status.” been accompanied by the screeching of a beluga whale - or my singing. Now, I am not a person who wishes to do ‘Extreme’ things with my face and hair, but for the sake of others, I’d like You can buy Cavalier Youth on ITunes to express that I think it should be okay for under £10. to do these things. Why should we be punished for wanting to be different? What do you think?

A Review You Me at Six’s new album, Cavalier Youth is something that I have been looking forward to for a long time. Ever since the release of Lived a Lie – the first single taken from the album was put out into the public eye in the

A Recommendation Unlike many, I enjoy reading, and an author that I read many pieces from is John Green. He has written many books, but one that I recommend to you to read is The Fault in Our Stars. I don’t think that I can even put into words how great the book is. If you like romance, comedy and teen fiction, (although I do wish that that the book wasn’t a fiction), then this is definitely the book for you. By Sophie

The return of the Halo Saga. The tension for the release date for Halo (for the return of the Halo series) has been making fans anxious but now we have something to look forward to. There have recently been rumours on Twitter and possibly Facebook, that a lead director for the new company 343 industries has released a message: “Something good will come” and attached to the message was an image of one of the possible game arts. Although the image could be for a different game, if you have played the original series created by Bungie, then you may recognise some of the ships on the art work. Being a fan of Halo I found this news exhilarating and it started to get me very excited. Nonetheless, I still enjoy the classic series. Let me know if you’ve heard anything– one fan to another??! By Harry

Why do we root for anti heroes in film and TV? If you’re not sure what I mean then I’m talking about the antagonists, the ’baddies’ in a film, if you like. When you think about it the most famous films and shows contain anti-heroes; examples include characters in Goodfellas, Godfather, Rocky from Rocky, Scarface and Walter White form Breaking Bad. The last example of this was The Wolf of Wall Street .If we take this film for example, it has created a lot of positive (not all obviously) anti-heores. People have said its the best film in years but it begged the same question I ask; why do we root for these anti-heroes in film? It could be to do with the fact that these characters are grounded in reality, seem true to life and believable... what do you think? Do we connect to these characters more because they represent the true nature we try to hide in ourselves. Everyone loves a hero but why do we like to see the bad guys?

Some people believe that the biggest negative factor is that the film makers glorify the mayhem that the anti-heroes create. This was one of The Wolf of Wall Street’s biggest criticisms but I disagree, I believe that the filmmakers portrayed Jordan Belfort's life accurately and with tongues firmly in their cheeks. Nonetheless, should we celebrate these kind of lives and representations? I’ll let you think about that one....

By Andrew

Here’s what I thought were the best film sequels of 2013 By Zach

8.7/10 8/10

7.5/10 5/10

This is a picture of my Granddad Emmanuel who is known in Ghana as Rev Pro Emmanuel Asante. My Grandad Emmanuel was awarded the peace and justice Martin Luther King Award. He is a bishop of Ghana Methodist Church and he preaches in many different places around the world. My Grandad received this award because he had a successful election in 2012 . I feel so inspired by my Grandad because in his secondary school he had financial difficulties so everyday he would go home and study by himself. He moved from Ghana to Canada , Ottawa to go to St Paul University. He studied Philosophy and Theology. He also went to Christian College Service. I wanted to share his story because I see him as man like no other. He has, in the face of many obstacles, come out on top and no matter how hard times were, he never gave up his faith. He makes me feel that if I believe hard enough, all my dreams and efforts will come true. I am so proud of my Grandad’s achievements. By Daisy

‘Non-Stop.’ ‘Non-Stop’ is a recent action movie that stars Liam Neeson; the same character he has played since Taken One - a huge success. All joking aside, the film is a real cracker and is very different to the other films he has done; it still manages to have coherent action that is important to the story and gets pulses racing. I was worried that the film would lack pace and that I would get quite bored. I was wrong, the story was so good and engrossing; you’ll find your heart is racing whether you’re in an action scene or not. For those who don’t know, the story follows: Liam Neeson’s character as an alcoholic Air Marshall who gets a text message on his secure phone which says that unless one hundred and fifty million dollars is delivered to the caller, someone is going to die every twenty minutes. From the get go, we are in an airport looking at suspicious people about to board the plane and the guessing games start. As the flight continues, the guesses flow thick and fast but none of them are correct. I liked the film because everyone has something to hide which provides many twists and turns along the way. This is the second time Neeson has worked with the director, he worked with him before on ‘Unknown’ which is also a very good film. I would say that 97% of this film is on the plane which is good because it gives the sense that we are trapped with them in the plane. Overall the film is an intelligent thriller that provides good action and an incredible story; at the end of the day you can’t ask for much more.

By Andrew

Twilight vs. Hunger Games Now this is a question worth answering... which is better; Hunger Games or Twilight? I believe that this question is a nobrainer and that anyone in their right mind would prefer the Hunger Games-by Suzanne Collins– to Twilight– by Stephanie Meyer. But you can be the judge. Hunger Games This book is based in the Future, in North America which is now called Panem. The country has been separated by war into 12 districts (the 13 obliterated) and the Capital. A boy and a girl from each district have to be sent to the Capital and fight to the death. So basically in one sentence ... an awesome book!

Twilight Saga The main -human- character is called Bella and she falls in love with a vampire and is eventually turned into one. Oh, and it also has a baby, a couple of evil vampire villains and a hot werewolf thrown in the mix!

The good part of this book is the fact that we get to see the characters develop so much; in a good way. Take Bella for example: she starts off as a weak, fragile human but then grows and is turned into a protector of the ones she loves...a strong vampire! However, the bad part of this book I think and so do others, is that the main character Bella is not someone we root for or even remotely feel sorry for! The good thing is that she has a few redeemable traits, no ones perfect after all! The good parts of this book are that After all this, I hope you have they have extremely strong charac- come to your final decision, I certers you can’t help but feel pain and tainly have! However, the one happiness for. question it will always comedown Although it is also quite horrific in to is :Edward or Peeta OR Gale some parts, it is quite predictable or Jacob? Now that’s something with only a few big twists and turns that surprise you. For example, a love triangle; like that hasn’t been done before! As well as this, there is bloody MURDER... something we want to encourage even by accident? Let me know what you think. I’m up for debating! By Maddie

2013 was a huge year for the film industry, it was the year of the sequel, meaning every other film was either the start of a new franchise or a sequel. And who can blame the companies; they made bucket loads of cash. Starting with the successes, we have Iron Man 3 which took $200 million to make, this sounds like a lot but it took $ 1,215,493 ,994 world wide, impressive right? Next, we have Fast and Furious Six that took $160 million to make but took $789,679,850 worldwide. These films are just one of the many successes that happened in 2013 but what's equally as interesting, are the box office bombs. If you remember in the middle of last year, two films were released at the same time that very closely resembled each other. The films were Olympus has Fallen and White House Down. Olympus has Fallen was the lower budget version that focused on things like quality, directing, writing and acting, whereas White House Down just threw money at a director who had only ever directed disaster movies and hoped to produce something half coherent.

Al though saying this, Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx were really good in that film. Olympus has Fallen took $90 million and went on to make $198 million at the box office, whereas White House Down took $150 million to make and only took roughly $205 million worldwide. Most people called it the box office bomb of 2013 because people were expecting it to be like Iron Man 3 and take at least $500 million. Sadly word of mouth got around and people were just getting over Olympus has Fallen. Nonetheless it’s still worth getting the DVD when it comes out (when the price drops dramatically)!

By Andrew

Sarah’s Opinion: Most people don't think about the effects technology can have on many people’s lives around the world. Parents buy more and more technology for children when they want the latest IPod, Nintendo 3DS etc but they don’t always consider the consequences. For example think about it, you come out of school from collecting your phone and what do you want to do? Play on it and send messages. You walk into the road and bam: you don't see a car coming...the car that can take your life away. Yeah, it’s rare people die, but it’s not impossible. The victims troubles are over in two seconds flat, but think about the people who are left behind. This is not unheard of and people in our school have suffered, luckily, minor repercussions of road accidents. Some people are not always so lucky. Technology is the cause of sadness and deaths and people don't see that when they buy the latest tech. It’s not just about this though, technology is effecting our society in many ways....I’ll leave it on that note for now. Mia’s Opinion: I think we have enough technology now. If more were invented then more gadgets will be in use; more electricity, made by fossil fuels, will cause not only pollution but also people’s cars to run out of petrol quicker. In the next 10-20 years, fossil fuels will be extinct and it takes thousands and thousands of years to get back. Our lives will change dramatically without them, without them life expectancy will be lower too. I think we need to consider the effects of technology and our roles in accepting the use of this much technology as ‘normal’. By Sarah

PS4 : First Impressions Sony’s new PlayStation 4 looks better than ever, and with the new next-gen games inbound. The next-gen experience is looking pretty cool! I, myself think the PS4 is a good console, but right now there is not much to it. Once the new games come out, the next-gen consoles will really take off. Firstly, the looks of the PS4 are awesome, the tilted shape of it really looks futuristic and sleek and the controllers really fit snug in your hand. Plus the touch screen on the controller is really useful. Right now, there are not that many games out for the PS4 but there are more and more indie games coming out; like “Don’t Starve” and “Warframe”. alongside awesome looking horror games like “Daylight” and “Outlast”. There are, allegedly, a few bugs however with the system, sometimes it freezes and it doesn't work with the Elgato gaming capture device (although this will be changed in a patch). Once these bugs are fixed and more games come out, the PS4 will really launch. By Noah

New Year’s Resolutions It’s a little in to April now, and I’m pleased to say that I’m on track with my New Year’s resolutions, something which has had no failure in surprising me. On January the first I made a vow to become more organised in both my revision and spare time (much of which is wasted) and so far this is something I have kept to. Although I am immensely proud at my own achievements, I know that many others have not been as lucky or as determined as me. When doing a little research I found out that around 88% of people who set themselves New Year’s Resolutions fail, which is kind of sad if you think about it. Especially when I found out that many of the goals people set are really important in helping them to achieve success or move forward with their lives. According to Wikipedia the most common resolutions include; losing weight, quitting smoking, improving finances, education or career and perhaps more importantly attitude toward life. Now I think you’ll agree that all of these would be pretty life-changing if they were actually to be completed! Things like losing weight and giving up smoking can have some positive effects on human health, but what sticks out to me from this list is the last resolution. In the words of Wikipedia to “Improve mental well-being; think positive, laugh more often, enjoy life”, this is something that we often take for granted when we become wrapped up in all the stresses of school and our personal lives.

The idea of making a New Year’s resolution is not a new one. Although historians are unsure as to when or where specifically the idea of ‘New Year’s resolutions were created they are said to have originated as religious promises made by the people to their gods. One such example of this comes from the ancient Babylonians who made promises to their ‘Yaois’ (god) at the beginning of each year, saying that they would return borrowed objects and pay their debts. The Romans began each year by making promises to the god Janus, who, coincidentally the month of January is named after, (perhaps this is why we make our resolutions at the turn of this month?). Even in England there have been traces of such ‘resolutions’. In the Medieval era knights would renew their promises to chivalry around Christmas, this was known as the ‘peacock vow’. Of course this is very different to the promises we make today on January 1st, but nonetheless it would have been equally as important. I suppose the message I’m trying to get across here by telling you all of these things about New Year’s resolutions is that they are important, and not just as a part of human culture and history, but as a motivational tool. Without goals like the ones we make on New Year’s Day it can often be hard for us to motivate ourselves, this tradition gives us an excuse to do so. Nobody has the daring to make promises like they do on January 1st because they often know how hard they are to keep, but when they are made they should be kept. A New Year’s resolution gives you the excuse you need to do whatever you truly want to do, be it learn to fly a plane or give up eating chocolate and it is one of the most useful traditions we have. So if you’re struggling with your resolution- I urge you, don’t give up! Remember that you made this promise for a reason, and you only have one chance each year to complete it. Don’t be part of the 88% that breaks their New Year’s Resolution. By Megan

This weeks featured YouTuber:

There are actually three ‘Vsauce’ channels run by different people (with a fourth one run by all three) but we will be mostly sticking to the main one. Vsauce is an incredibly addictive channel, with Michael doing amazing, interesting talks about every day subjects like: ‘Is the 5 second rule real?’ Or, ‘Where do deleted files go?’ And ‘what colour is a mirror?’ He also does DONGs (thing you can Do Online Now Guys) JAMs (Just Awesome Music) and IMGs (Images of the week). Vsauce shows us that even something educational doesn't have to be boring and the other Vsauce channels are awesome too. If you get a moment...take a look. By Noah

This weeks featured You-Tuber:

This weeks featured you-tuber is KSI Olajidebt. KSI is one of the funniest You Tubers I've ever seen. He makes a lot of videos of him playing FIFA but he also makes videos about different games. In some of his FIFA videos, he plays famous footballers and against other You Tubers. In one of these videos, he played FIFA with paintball guns; the loser of the FIFA match got shot with a paintball gun. He made a couple of videos with him talking to random strangers asking them awkward questions. This is definitely something I would NOT condone doing but seeing those people trying to answer the questions was hilarious. You should definitely watch him if you like playing on your Xbox or Play station. By Zach

Last year 2013 was a great year in football and this year Cristiano Ronaldo was voted by football journalists, players and coaches, as the player of the year 2013. With Ronaldo winning this award he ended his arch rival’s run of 5 Ballon d’or wins. Ronaldo recently hit the total of 400 goals in his career with 260 of these coming from his right foot. He plays for Real Madrid now after the second highest fee of 80million pounds where he moved from Manchester United to Real Madrid. At Manchester United he was and is one of the club’s greatest players of all time. He is a very good player and is, in my eyes, the best footballer alive.

By Alex

Who would have thought that this seemingly innocent smart-phone game would create such a riot in the mobile gaming industry? If you don’t know Flappy bird, it is a smart-phone game where you tap the screen to make a bird flap up while avoiding pipes. The concept is very simple and overused, but it has stirred up so much trouble. The game is very hard and because of this, there are many people complaining. There are many dramatic stories involving people doing silly things because their high score has been beaten and because of this people are blaming the developer. It is clearly putting a lot of pressure on the developer and people say this is why they took it off the app store. Other people have suggested it is because of Nintendo suing Gears studios (the developer of the game) over copyright, because the green pipes in the game have a striking resemblance to the Super Mario pipes. Whether you like the game or not, I’m sure we can all agree that this is too much trouble over a simple mobile game. Source: International business times By Noah

How to become a great baker !! By Kiran

1.Always taste one of your products to see if the flavours go together and that it’s cooked. 2. Add the right ingredients and never add too little or too much. 3. Always wear a apron so your clothes don’t get dirty, you don’t want your parents to shout at you!! 4. Wear oven gloves so your hands won’t get burnt. Finally, always have fun while cooking!

You may think that we, kids, only play videogames and laze about, but not for these young entrepreneurs. Instead of just playing Xbox all day, these 3 children have collectively created: a hair care range, game and an alternative to soap. The first story is about Leanna Archer. When she was just 8, Leanna was also was already mixing products for her hair care range. Originally, she was just using her grandmother’s recipe to make shampoo to use for herself. She then gave free samples to friends and neighbours. They all loved her shampoo, and wanted to buy it. Ten years on and today she has a very successful business which turns over $500,000 a year. The next child entrepreneur is Anshul Samar. He was just 12 when he came up with the idea for his science game, Elementeo. When he was 13, Anshul spent a lot of time off school, because he had a rare lung disease. This gave him an opportunity to work on his game. The game came out when he was 14, he originally made 5,000 copies of the game, which sold out. The third and final entrepreneur is Ludwick Marishane, creator of the revolutionary Dry Bath. He came up for the idea of Dry Bath, because he lived in South Africa and all he had to wash with was a bucket and some soap. Using dry bath is much simpler than a bucket and soap, because you simply rub it in and it cleans you. Ludwick had spent 6 years developing the product and he raised funds through business competitions. The product is now on sale and he has won many awards for it.

By Zach

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