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Editors note: Merry Christmas from the Impact team!! We hope you enjoy this special Christmas Edition of Impact as we’ve got so much news for you! The team have been busy writing about some shocking things around the world but also things that are just weird! This edition will take you from drug scandals to weird Christmas facts! We would like to take this time to wish you a fantastic break and hope you get all the pressies you wished for!! See you in the new year, when we’ll be back with some fantastic articles...just for you! Hannah

Contents: Page 3: Bale– Is he worth it? Page 4: Hunger Games film review Page 5: The Miller’s Review Page 6: PC Review: Gary’s Mod Page 7: Recipe Page: Super Light Lemon Sponge Page 8: Bear Gryll’s Survival Page 9: Transfer window Page 10: Student Blog Page 11: Top Movie Mistakes Page 12: Film Review: The Rise Page 13: News Reports Page 14: Joke Page Page 15: Report: Drugs easier to get than soap! Page 16: Report: Terrorist in London Page 17: Film Review: Escape Page 18: Music Page Page 19: IPAD Scam Page 20: Sports round up Page 21: Music Page Page 22: I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here: WHY?? Page 23: Philippines Disaster Page 24: Army Page: Remembrance Day Page 25: Lee Child Drug Shock! Page 26: Weird Christmas Facts Page 27: IOS updates Page 28: The Impact Team

Amongst the many other deals, this deal was by far the biggest. Gareth Bale went from Tottenham to Real Madrid for £86million. This broke the previous transfer record of £80million for Cristiano Ronaldo.

In the days, where normal families are struggling to put food on the table, is this price tag worth it? His wages are £300,000 per week, that’s £34 a minute, even when he’s sleeping!!! How can Real Madrid justify such a high value for a player who is certainly not the world’s best footballer??!!! To cover the cost, real Madrid need to sell over a million Bale shirts. Compared to other sports, this is an extortionate price. The record fee for the rugby league was also recently broken, with a measly £700,000 price. Bale can earn that in under 3 weeks. So why is there such a difference in these sports? When big deals like this happen, it always sparks conflict and makes people wonder why male football players earn so much. Why is there such a difference in football and other sports? Also, there is the question of why males earn more than females, in both society and sport. What do think? Please tell me your view on this situation.

By Zach


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I went to see a lot of films in the Holiday but I wasn’t blessed with choice. At this point I had already seen 2 Guns and didn't fancy any others so, I went to see this. Coming out, I had very mixed feelings about this film. It seemed to work in bits but then not do very well in others. As this is a comedy, I’ll start my review on this element. The film’s comedy felt strange. It was both funny and not funny-at the same time. This film had a 15 certificate ( Rated R) and I'm not sure whether I liked this decision because sometimes the humour was too crude and just didn’t work. It seems to be trying to cash in on other largely successful and far superior flicks like 21 Jump Street and The Watch. Saying this, the film did have some funny moments but mostly, all of them, were in the red band trailer. As for performances, no one really stood out although I did like the kid in this film. My final critique of this film is that it seems to justify doing and dealing drugs. Not only does it seem to glorify drug distribution but seemed to try and get you on the side of the drug dealer and root that the federal police don’t catch him. Perhaps the makers of this film should really think about what they are encouraging!

Overall Rating: 9/10

Storyline: N/A

Gameplay: 7/10

Extra stuff 10/10

By Noah

No storyline what-so-ever. This is a sandbox game.

Garry’s Mod (Abbreviated Gmod) is a first-person sandbox/shooter game for the computer. Although the mechanics and textures are mostly taken from counter strike and half life, the game play is unique with the sandbox game mode. You can free-roam and spawn in loads of objects to build anything you want!

The whole point of Gmod is to mod. You can download loads of mods (Game modes people have made) and play them on servers with other people online. There are many, many, many mods to download, but this is my favourite: Trouble In Terrorist Town; a game mode where there one or two people are randomly picked to be the traitor and try and kill the innocent without being spotted and prop hunt. This is basically hide and seek but you can change into objects to disguise yourself which makes for some hilarious games.

Super-light lemon

• • • • • •

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Survival :)

With advice from Bear Grylls

Survival is a very important life skill. Bear Grylls is a survivor and has a TV programme called Born Survivor. He has books called Mud Sweat and Tears and a series called Mission Survival. He is well known by millions worldwide and he can survive in the toughest conditions. He is BEAR GRYLLS!!! All about Bear Grylls Bear Grylls was born on the 7th June 1974 in the U.K. He grew up in Northern Ireland until the age of 4 when his family moved to the Isle of Wight. Grylls was educated at Eaton House, Ludgrove School Eton College, where he helped start its first mountaineering club.He joined the army after leaving school. After he left the army, he studied parttime at Birkbeck; University of London School of Continuing Education, where he graduated with a BA degree in Spanish and Latin American studies in 2001. From an early age, he learned to climb and sail from his father, who was a member of the prestigious Royal Yacht Squadron. As a teenager, he learned to skydive and earned a second Dan Black Belt in Shotokan Karate. At age eight, he became a Cub Scout. He speaks English, Spanish, and French. Grylls is a Christian, describing his faith as the "backbone" in his life. By Tyler M

Source: Wikipedia

By Alex


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When the cake goes all over the place, Deanna (behind Gene) looks around. She is facing towards Gene in this shot, but looking in a direction towards Ralph in the next shot. When the ride finishes, there is no sign of a safety bar in Gru's cart. Look closely at the location of Rose's beauty-mark, the first time you see her at the dock. It is on the opposite side of her face during the rest of the movie. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s so easy to get wrong!!


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The Magic Restroom Cafe in Los Angeles has toilet seats in place of dining chairs and serves up Taiwanese food in toilet and urinal-shaped bowls. The owner decided to go for a loo themed restaurant after seeing them on holiday in Taiwan. But don't worry if you actually need to go to the bathroom there are real toilets there too.

Frank is the name of the world’s most bionic man and the most advanced robot of his kind. He is currently on display at The Air and Space Museum in Washington, America. He can walk, talk and even see! Frank was built as an experiment to see how much scientists could build out of artificial parts. There is an artificial heart, kidney, blood, lungs, limbs, etc. He is a rebuilt human being! Amazing!

Scotland Yard says it has received more than 2400 calls and emails since programmes on the disappearance of Madeline McCann aired across Europe. Madeline’s parents also launched an appeal for information to help them find their daughter on television shows in Holland and Germany. 7.26 million people watched Germany’s version of BBC’s Crime watch programme; it’s highest rating in 15 years. Detectives have released two e-fit images of the men who have supposedly taken Madeline, according to two witnesses. All CCTV filming of the hotel that night had been wiped before the Portuguese police could check. A Norwegian woman claimed to have seen a girl that looks like Madeline with a strange man when she was on holiday in Spain two years ago but no one really knows where she is or if she is even alive. The search continues!


One morning a bin man was collecting the bins and realised that a persons bin was not there. He knocked at the door several times without a reply so he walked away. Suddenly a mans head appeared out of the top window. The bin man shouted out “where’s your bin?” The drunk man shouted back “I've been out all night, where you bin?”

-Why did no-one bid for Rudolph and Blitzen on eBay? Because they were two deer -What does the Queen call her Christmas Broadcast? The One Show -Why don't you ever see Santa in hospital? Because he has private elf care. -Why is it getting harder to buy Advent calendars? Because their days are numbered. -How do you know if Santa's been in your garden shed? You've got three extra hoe

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If you were to make a list of the easiest things to get hold of in jail, you would put soap a lot higher up the list than drugs, right? Well not if you’re an inmate at HMP Oakwood, a recent report showed. When they were asked, the prisoners revealed that drugs were easier to get hold of than soap. This shocked me and sounded interesting, so I decided to put it into Impact. The prison near Wolverhampton opened in April 2012 and houses around 1600 prisoners. It is the largest privately run prison in the country, so may still be having some teething problems. 1 in 7 prisoners have admitted to have developed a drug problem while inside this particular prison. Can you believe that?? The prison has had may problems already, despite being open just a year and a half. These included a death, roof top protests and being awarded the lowest possible rating from the Ministry of Justice. You would expect some drug problems in prisons of course, but would you expect so many of them? So how did all these drugs get into circulation in prison? That is what I would like to know! The company running this prison is G4S. They don’t have a very good reputation; last year they were meant to supply people for the Olympics and failed; then having to pay a £50 million fine. They have also messed up at other prisons they run, so it is not that surprising that they have messed up once again. I was shocked about this, but were you? I don’t think G4S will be buying any Christmas presents in a rush; hopefully they’ll be spending their Christmas money on a hefty fine for not having a grip on the drugs problem. By Zach Let me know what you think!

By Andrew A pair of men in London both aged twenty five were arrested in a car in Tower Hamlets. The arrest was part of a pre planned intelligence operation. They were charged on October 20, 2013 and appeared before Westminster Magistrates Court a day later. The court heard that they were in possession of a file titled: “Bomb Making”, stored on memory cards. One of the men was also charged under section 5 of the Terrorism Act; that relates to preparing for acts of terrorism.

For legal reasons these men can not be named so they are referred to “AB” and “CD”. “CD” was also charged with possession of a false passport. The men will now remain in custody until they appear at the Old Bailey on November the18th, 2013. I don't know why they are allowed to hide behind names like “AB” because these people have broken the law and were charged with planning a terrorist act against London. It’s not like they are not serious offences- these people want or wanted to destroy and wreak havoc through the heart of London. It does make me really mad but I can only hope that they get what they deserve. Even when they have been sentenced, I don't think they should even be allowed to use our prisons; prisons we pay for! What do you think? Do you think they should be executed? Why should we pay for these people to survive in prison? As ever, email any of the team with your responses.

First of all I would like to say that to me, this film is a big deal! These two stars have built a career through hardship and constant knockbacks, yet have each got an incredible legacy and hundreds of millions of dollars each. Now to the film, the film starts out with Stallone in a prison; he has been sent there as a test to escape from it. The audience spends some time with him as he explains what he does and then has to figure out how to escape. Once he has escaped, he is given his next assignment; testing the latest high tech prison that’s not technically legal and is “off the grid”.

He goes in and then finds out he has been set up and the person who has set him up wants him to stay there forever. The tagline for this film is: “No one breaks out alone” .The tagline prompts the next bit of the film; Stallone has to become friends with Arnold Schwarzenegger and together they hatch an “escape plan”. I enjoyed the film up to this point but at that moment it really seemed to pick up and the suspense and mystery started to build. The few twists are also surprising and the entire plan enthralling! The final 15-20 minutes of the film is the escape itself which is planned to the finest detail. I wont spoil it entirely, but the climatic action scene is pretty amazing. This film is directed really well especially the action and the scenes where they have to gather resources. The final result of the film is a fantastic, a nostalgic action movie with unpredictable twists. A must see!!


iTunes Radio will be on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, PC, or Apple TV. You’ll have access to completely different genre stations which are based on the music you play and download. So the more you use iTunes Radio and iTunes, the more iTunes know what you like to listen to. The service is free and has adverts. Users are able to skip tracks, customise stations, and purchase the station's songs from the iTunes Store. But iTunes Match subscribers can access an ad -free version of the service. This is due to release in early 2014.

The Tenth Series of The X Factor is on TV now until Christmas. The judges Gary, Nicole, Louis and Sharon are mentoring the groups they have chosen. The acts that started off in the live shows in team Sharon, were Sam Bailey, Shelley Smith, and Lorna Simpson. Lorna and Shelly were both voted out by week 2 of the live shows. In Team Gary are Rough Copy, Miss Dynamix and Kingsland Road. Tamera Foster, Hannah Barrett and Abi Alton are in Team Nicole. Sam Callahan, Nicholas McDonald and Luke Friend are in Team Louis. I predict that the top 3 in the X Factor Finals will be Rough Copy, Tamera Foster and Nicholas McDonald. You can download the performances on iTunes. It may all be over by Christmas but we’ll see if my predictions were right!


In the run up to Christmas, we’re all looking for presents to give to our friends and family. Each of us trying to get the best presents, in a constant battle to out do each other. Arguably, one of the biggest and most impressive presents each Christmas, is the newest generation of Ipad. More and more people use the internet to buy their presents each year, and of course, we’re all looking for a bargain. This gives fraudsters, con-men and women a great opportunity. One of these people is Kirsty Cox, from Newton Aycliffe, in County Durham. Between March and December of last year, Cox took orders on thousands of Ipads. Her website promised to supply the Ipads at a discounted price that were both cheap and believable. The customers were left devastated when they were never supplied. The site also claimed to have relations with the military, who could get the Ipads cheaply at duty free in Dubai. It was just one of the four cases that the court heard about Ms Cox. The scam was estimated to be worth £450,000. This has left the some 4,000 people who ordered these Ipads out of pocket, with no Ipad. Many of her customers were companies that were buying the Ipads in bulk. This makes the whole con a lot more painful for some people. One of her customers was conned out of £220,000, another out of £191,000 and a third out of £97,000. One of the worst times in the year to lose money is at Christmas. What happened to these people, who were conned out of their hard earned cash? Did they have to cut back on their Christmas spending? Was that just not an option? Did they need to take out a loan? One thing’s for sure– these people will be a lot more careful when buying their Christmas presents again.

By Zach

In the next couple of weeks we will know whether the England football team will be playing in the 2014 Brazil World Cup. Unlike other years, this year we are struggling to qualify. We are top of our group but there is doubt that we will qualify due to our last two games against Montenegro and Poland. Our last meetings with these teams both ended in 1-1 draws which is why we are uncertain of our place at Brazil. At the moment we have 16 points, our closest rivals are Ukraine and Montenegro with 15 points so it is vital that we win the games to qualify. Hopefully we can so if all goes well, See you at Brazil!

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By Alex

Despicable me 2 Very, very funny!10/10 Turbo Mind-blowing with a snail! 8/10

Epic Cool storyline! 6/10 Wreck it Ralph. Oldie but goodie! 4/10 Monsters university. Fun for all the family! 7/10 By Charlotte

Recently I have found myself watching I'm a celebrity get me out of here, and my question to everyone is.... why? As a nation how do we find some sort of sadistic pleasure in watching either “has-beens” or “Never-will bes” become starved, bitten, attacked by all sorts of jungle creatures and verbally abused by housemates. Last night it was a bush tucker trial were two of these “celebrities” had to eat all sorts of animal carcases and the camera would zoom in as they struggled and gagged to get their food down. Why are we entertained by this??

Now to the celebrities, this year I have been amazed at how they really scraped the absolute rock bottom of the barrel, these celebrities really are unknowns (some you can vaguely recognise) and their talent is quite limited. You might think I'm being harsh and perhaps I am, although I do understand there are some entertaining bits. But my question is WHY?????? Why do we watch these “Celebrities” starve and get verbally abused for three weeks ? Maybe it says more about us, then them?? By Andrew

Devastation is at a high as the poor people in the group of Islands known as the Philippines are left homeless after a typhoon swept through the Islands less than a week ago. 11 million people have been affected and thousands have been killed. Even if you were lucky enough to survive this terror, you would have been left homeless. The trouble doesn’t stop there for most; then have been desperately been trying to help their families, search for them or watch them being buried under rubble. I use the words ‘you’ because I want you to put yourself in their shoes. How would you cope? Would you survive? How? In fact, how many times have you even thought about these people? In order to help these people the BBC is sending help to rebuild the homes and towns. Please show your support by sharing this horrible disaster with your friends and family. And donating as much as you can in school. Let’s get together to raise a good sum to help them. I know we’ve already helped so much, but it simply is not enough!

Army Page: Remembrance Day The British army were getting ready for the 11th of November. If you were not aware, on the 11th of November there is a remembrance parade which many patriots, war heroes and the army cadet force take part in to remember those who lost their lives at war. The parade takes place so that we remember the troops, pilots and sailors of the World Wars and also the troops of today. We shall remember what they have done and what many are still doing to keep this country free and out of harmâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s way for the British public.

We shall remember them all, those who fought and died and the ones who fought and survived. All the solders did their duty for King and country and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s clear that soldiers today are still putting their lives at risk for their patriotic beliefs. We had the remembrance parade on the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour. When the school bell rang on Monday the 11th we all silenced to remember all those who fought to save your country so that England could be free and remember the men who did their duty to save England: they are the true heroes Please remember them. By Brandon

For those who don’t know, Lee child is a thriller writer and a very good one at that. He created the iconic character Jack Reacher. One of his book’s was made into a film earlier this year starring Tom cruise. I liked the film so I decided to start on one of the books. I did and thoroughly enjoyed it. Once I had finished it I decided to research the Author a bit more and came across this. Jack Reacher novels are so successful that one is bought every two seconds. Now, author Lee Child has admitted he keeps his writing razor-sharp by working while high on cannabis and even claims that it should be made compulsory. He then went on to claim that he has been smoking cannabis for 44 years five nights a week and he has a guy on speed dial. Can you believe this?

The kitchen cupboards of Child’s Manhattan apartment are bare: no food, no cooking equipment, because he exists mostly on coffee and marijuana. He now spends most of his time in America. The constant use of drugs might explain why his wife Jane, a New Yorker, has chosen to live 3,500 miles away in Sussex, visiting several times a year. Maybe this is speculation but drugs can really affect families in the midst of it. It’s hard knowing someone this famous can condone such a thing. It’s disappointing that he has a drug addiction. Like me, most people are massive fans of Lee Child’s work and will now be put off reading more of his works. Am I being judgemental? Would you consider reading his work now that you know about what he partakes in, or how he writes? Let us know!

Andrew Jones

We celebrate Christmas because itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the day Jesus was born right? Wrong!!! There is speculation that Jesus was actually born in March so if thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s true, why DO we celebrate Christmas? Mistletoe is from the AngloSaxon word mistletoe which means little dung twig, because the berries go right through birds droppings!!!.

There is evidence to suggest that Jesus was born in a cave!!!!!

The Japanese eat KFC at Christmas!!!

By Kiera

By Mia and Sarah.

Bitstrips is a comic page where you can make cartoons of your friends on Facebook. Mia made one about me, as I like chocolate spread on bacon. It said “Mia made a handful of bacon for Sarah.” Thanks Mia. :) It’s really good. You can make and customise your own picture with messages and write a little sentence at the bottom saying whatever you want it to say. This is an example of a Bitstripphoto. So Bitstrips is a great present on an IPod, IPad or any electronic game consol. So, you may have noticed IOS users that IOS 7 came out for IPad, IPod and IPhone! What do you think? I asked 2 people of what they thought about the new update: Tyler said “I don't like the new update. It runs the battery down really fast and the logos are very odd and I don't like how it looks” Kieron said: “ I like the new update! Its much easier to use and you can understand it more. Also I love that the icons are so easy to understand and now you can use Paranormal photos on a lot of devices”. I personally think that IOS 7 is a great update. It has a variety of different technology that is new to the Apple business; including the icons which I think are pretty cool and futuristic. I think people should just understand that it’s a new update and that you can’t take it back. Also, you should try different sort of updates and although you might not always like them, you will get use to them.

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