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“Audenshaw School has been judged ‘Outstanding’ in its last three Ofsted inspections.”

Audenshaw School

We hope you enjoy reading our prospectus and that you find the information enclosed helps to give you an understanding of Audenshaw School and its ethos and values. Our prospectus aims to describe what we strive to achieve in providing an academic education where every child is valued and where the drive for high academic standards is paramount. Our fundamental expectations of pupils are that they respect others, that they have pride in their work and their behaviour and that they will always strive to do their best. We believe that a well-ordered and well disciplined learning environment is essential in promoting these ideals. As a former Grant Maintained School and now as an Academy Trust School, we seek to maintain the ethos for which the School has been known since it first opened in 1932. Tradition is something we value and which we believe provides true strength to the School. In the last three Ofsted reports on the School we were delighted when the inspectors recognised that the School was ‘outstanding’ and clearly fulfilling its aims. They wrote ‘The overall quality of teaching and learning across the School is excellent. Pupils’ personal development and well-being are outstanding in the School’.

“Audenshaw is a School

with traditional values in a traditional setting with a 21st century outlook. It is a place where every child’s achievement counts and is celebrated.

Our examination results have consistently placed the School at the top of local and national league tables for comprehensive schools. In 2010 the School achieved Academy Trust status which has further allowed us to tailor our curriculum to gain the maximum benefit for our students. Outside the classroom, staff give generously of their time and a range of extra curricular activities are offered to extend and to enrich the experience of pupils. We believe strongly in the relationship between the School and parents. We expect parents to reinforce our expectation for high standards of uniform, attendance, punctuality and work. If this spirit of co-operative endeavour between parents and teachers is your ideal of a school, then we believe that Audenshaw School is the school for your son. If you wish to visit us when the School is in session we will be proud to show you our School.

After 24 years as a governor, the sense of achievement of the School remains as special today as it always did. Audenshaw is an independently minded School which is proud of its standing within the Tameside community.” Terry Hall – Chair of Governors


Audenshaw School


The aim of the School is to provide a quality education in a supportive, caring and disciplined community.

• By maintaining the School’s reputation for excellent examination results; • By allowing pupils of all abilities to attain their full potential and develop their own special qualities; • By offering a wide range of extra curricular activities and sports;

“Audenshaw School is an excellent school. There isn’t another school in the area that offers the same excellent standards, expectations of behaviour or commitment by staff to the education of its students” Ofsted

• By developing a positive attitude towards equal opportunities for all, regardless of sex, religion or personal difficulties; • By expecting pupils to value all members of the School’s community and its environment; • By allowing pupils to acquire attitudes and skills which enable them to give purpose to their lives and to make a contribution to the wider community.

“At Audenshaw we believe it is essential that parents and carers are fully involved in their child’s education.”

Audenshaw School has excellent facilities for all specialist subjects and is fronted by attractive playing fields for rugby, soccer and athletics.

In addition to general classrooms we have nine Science laboratories, six specialist rooms for Design Technology including a Food Technology room. We have three Art rooms, specialist rooms for Music, eleven dedicated rooms for Information Technology and a splendid Sports Hall. We also have a separate block for the exclusive use of Sixth Form Students and the Library has been extended to provide Sixth Formers and Lower School pupils with an ideal work area and additional access to our computer network. A large study area, fully equipped with computers is available for Sixth Formers in the Sixth Form Centre. Adjacent to the Sports Hall we have a fantastic all weather surface that is ideal for all outdoor sports.

“The teaching and attention provided for special needs pupils is very good and ensures that they make good progress as they move through the School� Ofsted

Drama, music and performing arts have a high profile here at Audenshaw and every year pupils from Year 7 through to the Sixth Form take part in our spectacular annual production. Throughout the year there are musical evenings and events that showcase a huge range of musical styles and genres.

“The School places great importance on homework. It is an essential part of a pupil’s development. Homework will be set every night. We ask parents to support us in seeing that homework is done conscientiously and in the best possible conditions”

Audenshaw School

All pupils follow a broad and balanced programme of study which gives them the opportunity to develop their abilities, skills and aptitudes to the fullest extent. We are always self-evaluating our teaching and a wide range of teaching and learning strategies ensures that pupils are actively involved in the learning process.

“I’d like to thank all my son’s teachers for their considerable efforts throughout the year and in particular the comprehensive report. His mother and I very much appreciate this. My son is very happy with his schooling and his ten year old brother can hardly wait to join him at Audenshaw” A Parent

Specialist teachers help boys with learning difficulties so that they may achieve their full potential in all subjects. Our aim is to ensure that they are best equipped to gain as much as they can from it. Boys needing special help with English or Mathematics are taught in groups smaller than usual. Here boys can work at different levels with individual emphasis according to their needs.

“When entering the School there is at once a feeling of orderliness, warmth and a caring atmosphere. Students are cheerful, polite, well behaved and enjoy being at school” Ofsted

We offer a range of academic subjects to ‘A’ level. The Sixth Form is also open to students, both boys and girls, from other schools. Their work and progress is carefully monitored and supervised to ensure examination success. Almost all our Sixth Form students go on to university, and many achieve places at top universities, including Oxford and Cambridge. Our Sixth Formers link closely with our younger pupils and are invaluable in giving them goals that they can aspire to.


“We place great importance in assemblies in which pupils are given opportunity for reflection and prayer. Our aim is to foster the highest moral and ethical standards.�

Audenshaw School

The School is proud of its position in the Global Community. We have forged links with schools around the world and our pupils have talked to and shared assemblies with fellow pupils from a variety of countries. The School has welcomed visitors from many nations and cultures and our pupils have raised money for those around the world who are less fortunate than ourselves.

We monitor the work of each pupil very carefully and aim to keep parents fully informed. Each year, parents are given a detailed written report on the progress and achievements of their son. Annual consultation evenings are arranged with subject teachers and in addition, for Year 7 pupils, an evening is arranged early in the year with Form Tutors. We also put on additional Engaging Parents’ Evenings for Years 10, 11 and 12. Each pupil is regularly given Effort and Attainment grades from each of his teachers which in turn are forwarded to parents.

“He has demonstrated tremendous enthusiasm, willingness, adaptability and versatility. He built excellent working relationships with both staff and pupils in a very short space of time. He volunteered himself for many more tasks than were required. Further to this he worked beyond normal school hours helping out with lunch time and evening extra-curricular activities” A work experience report on a pupil

While concentrating on the academic side of a boy’s career we also feel that extra-curricular engagement is vital. At Audenshaw your son will be encouraged to involve himself in as many out of school activities as possible. “Students make outstanding progress by the time they leave School in the Sixth Form” Ofsted

The following list is by no means exhaustive as every year new staff bring new talents and interests to the School. • Rugby

• Charity Fundraising

• Ski Trips

• School Day Trips

• Basketball

• Cross Country

• Badminton

• Fell Walking

• Football

• School Band

• Chess

• Table Tennis

• Art Club

• Athletics

• Volleyball

• School Council

• Five-a-Side

• Educational Visits

• Maths Club

• The School Production

• Cricket

• Drama Club

• Theatre Visits

• The Combined Cadet Force

• Camping • Computer Club


Audenshaw School

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We firmly believe in the wearing of full school uniform which is an outward sign of personal commitment to the School. Throughout their time at Audenshaw, our boys are expected to ensure that their uniform is neat and tidy.

By electing to send your son to Audenshaw School you are placing your faith in our adherence to traditional values. The School has a long and proud history and in order to maintain this we do emphasise the following: • Regular and relevant homework • A neat and tidy school uniform • Good manners and firm self discipline • Respect for adults within the School and community • Punctuality • Participation in school activities • Neatness of work • The pursuit of the highest possible examination grades • Respect for authority • Charity and awareness of those less fortunate These traditions are still as important today as they ever were. We will expect a lot from your son but he will emerge as a credit to his School and his home.

All our pupils have a voice in the School and our School Council meets regularly to provide the perspective of the student body. The council is made up of all year groups and offers pupils the opportunity to have a real impact in the running of the School.

“When entering the School there is at once a feeling of orderliness, warmth and caring atmosphere. Students are cheerful, polite, well behaved and enjoy being at school” Ofsted

“He has been a fine representative of the School and worked diligently and with enthusiasm” A work experience report on a pupil

Audenshaw School

Our Sixth Form here at Audenshaw is co-educational and we are proud of the supportive community that runs throughout the School. Our Sixth Formers regularly work with our younger pupils, helping them in both a pastoral and academic way to achieve their potential.

11 | 12

“Students make outstanding progress by the time they leave school in the Sixth Form” Ofsted

In their Life Skills lessons, all boys focus on Personal Wellbeing, Economic Wellbeing and Citizenship. Our aim is to take the boys from today and help to create the men of the future who are successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. We want our boys to be: • Strong in body • Positive in behaviour • Safe and aware • Clever in choices • Kind in heart

Audenshaw School is unique in being one of the few state schools that has its own Combined Cadet Force. Pupils in the CCF enjoy the opportunities to learn a variety of outdoor skills including shooting on the firing ranges, survival skills, camping, hiking, canoeing and even learning to fly!

Audenshaw School

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“We believe that respect and good manners are key to learning in a positive and disciplined environment. Simple expectations, like walking in silence to assemblies, opening doors for fellow pupils and standing up when an adult enters the room lay the foundations for success in both school and everyday life.”

We place great emphasis on sporting participation and success and our sports facilities are first class. We have a large, modern sports hall and a superb all weather playing surface. We pride ourselves on our sporting successes and both our individual pupils and our teams have achieved local and national success. Our teams play almost every weekend and also after school and we always have a full fixture list. Our teams travel to national events and have also competed and toured abroad. We offer a huge number of sports and pupils are actively encouraged to become involved, whatever their level or experience.

Our Prefect system is invaluable in helping to maintain the School’s ethos. Our Prefects are key representatives of the School and are proud to work with teachers, help organise events and support the younger pupils around the School.

0161 303 9482

Audenshaw School Hazel Street, Audenshaw, Manchester, M34 5NB. T: 0161 336 2133 F: 0161 320 3046 E: W:

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