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Welcome Thank you for considering All Saints Academy for your child. As a parent myself, I know the importance of making the correct decision when choosing a school and in reading this prospectus, I hope that you will gain an insight into all that we can offer your child. The Christian ethos of our school is strongly reflected in the quality of the pastoral care and through having strong links with the local Church. We are a happy, caring, supportive school, where the success of every child really matters. We want our children to be excited, enthused and stimulated in their learning. The curriculum is planned carefully to ensure the children are given every opportunity to achieve their full potential through personalised learning. We not only value academic achievement but also promote artistic, musical, dramatic and sporting success. These core values are key not only to All Saints Academy but also to St Mary’s Academy Trust – of which we are a member. We look forward to meeting you and would be delighted to have the opportunity to show you round All Saints Academy.

Building Futures Our aim is to provide the very highest quality teaching and learning for every child. Our philosophy is that children learn best when they enjoy what they are doing. We want the children to become independent learners and to be fully involved when making decisions about their learning. The curriculum is planned with a strong emphasis on creativity. Important reading, writing and mathematical skills are developed through a cross-curricular approach enabling the children to apply what they have learnt in other subjects. We believe that all children deserve to be given a high level of individual and small group support in order to achieve their potential. The children’s progress is monitored closely and all receive precise, targeted support throughout the year.


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Shaping Lives At All Saints Academy we are very much aware that we are helping to shape the adults and parents of tomorrow.

As such we place great emphasis on developing children who are creative, responsible, caring individuals who have respect not only for those around them but also for themselves. We believe in not only giving our children aspirations but also helping them realise them.


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Christian Ethos All Saints Academy evolved from the original Church school for the village dating from 1899 and has maintained its close links with the Church. As a Church School daily acts of worship are held, these are ideal opportunities for the children and staff to gather together and foster spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. There are excellent links with the local Church, who regularly contribute to the school’s acts of worship. We are a fully inclusive school that values all cultures and beliefs.


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Safe, Secure & Supported At All Saints Academy, we want all our children to enjoy learning and are committed to meeting the individual needs of all our pupils through motivating and challenging them to reach their full potential. We encourage our children to make a positive contribution to school and the wider community, to be healthy and stay safe and to behave responsibly, showing respect and tolerance towards others at all times whilst fostering a sense of self worth and instilling high moral standards. As a school we aim to provide a nurturing, calm environment where all of our pupils feel supported, safe and cared for.

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Parents & Community We believe that progress is greatest when both school and parents work together with the children; as such we seek to welcome parents into school to support their children and to share in celebrating their successes whenever possible. As a school we aim to be the hub of the community and The Busy Bees – our Parents, Teachers and Friends Association – are very active in supporting the school in this. Our children regularly support the community through events such as Harvest gifts to the elderly, choir performances and support for local charities

Moving On We hope that when pupils leave All Saints Academy it is to go on to lead happy, successful, fulfilled lives where they realise their aspirations; and that they do so with fond memories of their time with us. Our children will have been challenged to develop independence, motivation, inquiring minds and a life long love of learning. As a result, not only will our children have a secure academic foundation but they will also go on to the next phase of their education armed with self belief, integrity, self-worth and a respect for others. At All Saints Academy we aim to give our children the very best. Nothing else will do.


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ALL SAINTS ACADEMY School Street, Darfield, S73 9EU Tel: 01226 752293

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