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History Why choose this subject? If you find the most interesting things in the world are the thoughts and actions of people in it, then History is for you. By developing your powers of analysis and reasoning you will be preparing yourself for your place in the modern world. You will handle information critically, interpret a wide range of evidence and bring perception to the motives that drive people. Entry requirements: C grade or above in English at GCSE is essential. Combine this course with: English Literature, Law, Maths, Computing, a Language, Economics, Media Studies. Essential if you go on to: Law, Journalism, Management or Teaching.

Course Description AS Level HISTORY During the course candidates acquire and communicate knowledge and understanding of historical periods. These include Tsarist Russia, Civil Rights in America, Britain the 20 th Century and Chinese History 1876-1976. They also develop an understanding of historical terms and concepts and explore the significance of events, individuals, issues and societies in history. Students also develop an understanding of the nature of historical evidence and methods used by historians. Students study two modules for AS Level. Module 1 – Tsarist and Revolutionary Russia 1855 – 1917 Module 2 – The Campaign for African American Civil Rights in the USA 1950-1968 The course is assessed through two examination papers. Each examination paper is worth 50% of the final grade. A2 Level HISTORY Students develop an understanding and a sound knowledge of a number of historical periods. They consider the nature of historical sources and the methods used by historians. Students also develop a familiarity with differing interpretations of particular historical problems. Module 3: The making of Modern Britain 1951-2007 Module 4: History Enquiry – into Chinese history 1876-1976 The course is assessed through one examination paper. That is worth 60% of the total A2 mark. Module 4 is a historical enquiry undertaken by students which is worth 40% of the total AS mark.

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