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Drama and Theatre Studies Why choose this subject? Drama has entertained, educated, persuaded, shocked and excited us for over 1500 years. Now you can explore how Drama works and has been used by others – through study, practical work and theatre trips. It will give you the opportunity to hone your own communication skills and develop your confidence in a wide range of contexts. Entry requirements:

C grade in Drama at GCSE.

Combine this course with:

English Literature, Media Studies, History, Art, a Language.

Essential if you go on to:

Personnel Management, History, Theatre Studies, Media, Journalism, Teaching.

Course Description AS Level Drama and Theatre Studies This course requires candidates to study Drama and Theatre through a range of practical and academic tasks. To achieve ASLevel, candidates must complete two units: Unit 1

Exploration of Drama and Theatre: Candidates study two separate plays from different periods of theatre history. Assessment for this unit is based on their practical work (teacher assessed) and on a set of written Exploration Notes (coursework). Candidates must also see a live theatre performance and complete a written evaluation.

Unit 2

Theatre Text In Performance (1) There are two sections to this unit: 1st section Candidates are required to perform either a monologue or duologue. 2nd section Candidates take part in a fully staged performance of a scripted play, which is directed by the teacher and externally examined. Rehearsals start in the spring term for a production in May.

A2 Level Drama and Theatre Studies This course builds on work successfully completed at AS Level. To achieve the full A level, candidates must complete two A2 units in addition to the ASunits. Unit 3

Exploration of Dramatic Performance: Candidates work in groups to devise, rehearse and perform their own play. Their work should show an understanding of how playwright’s structure plays to communicate meaning to an audience. Candidates will be assessedon both the processand the creation and the finished production which will be performed in front of an invited audience. The candidates are also required to complete a written evaluation on both the process and the performance of their work.

Unit 4

Theatre Text in Context (2): This is an externally examined written paper lasting 2hr 30mins. The Candidates are required to study one set text, approached from the point of view of a director and one period of theatrical development.

There is emphasis on student directed work at this level. Candidates should demonstrate the maturity to work independently, building on the skills taught at ASlevel.


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