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Trinity St Mary’s Church of England Primary School


Dear Prospective Parent / Carer I would like to inform you about the outstanding qualities of our school. As a member of Trinity St Mary’s Church of England Primary School, I believe that this school would be the perfect place for your child to progress and excel in their education. This school gives all of us a variety of opportunities to take part in our learning and to work up to our standards and abilities to become independent learners. Established over 150 years ago, Trinity St Mary’s is a friendly primary school in the heart of Balham. We are committed to outstanding teaching standards and exciting, inspiring lessons. We endeavour to keep our classes small, thus allowing all children to thrive and reach their full potential.

Here, your child will feel valued, confident and good relationships will grow during their time at our school. They will also feel safe and empowered. I am sure your child will be happy here and become successful and mature.

Ofsted comments that ‘well organised teaching creates learning opportunities that are personalised. Lessons are exciting and staff help to develop children’s learning and independent thinking.’

Julie Davey Head Teacher

Yours sincerely A pupil at TSM


Trinity St Mary’s offers a broad and balanced curriculum, with specialist teaching of RE, Music, PE, Spanish, ICT, Gifted & Talented, and Special Educational Needs. Our team of dedicated staff include; Advanced Skills Teachers, Excellent Teachers and Outstanding Teachers.

Inclusion We have a highly dedicated team of staff providing support for all children regardless of need. This includes those children who have been identified as Gifted, Talented or have special needs. Provision for these children is through differentiation in class, small withdrawal groups and 1:1 support, if needed.

Early Years Provision

Sports We believe that Physical Education will lead to a sense of well-being and a greater understanding of health and fitness. At TSM we have a specialist sports teacher and offer a variety of different sports catering for all ability levels including tennis, cricket, football, tag rugby, netball, basketball and many more. We regularly enter teams in local competitions and have weekly after school sports clubs where students can further develop their sporting skills. We have a sports day each year for Reception to Year 6 children which is held at Tooting Bec Sport’s Ground. We also hold a nursery sport’s morning with picnic which is held on Wandsworth Common. Parents / Carers are welcome to attend both events.

School Environment

‘The excellent support the children receive results in a lively, happy atmosphere, where they feel very safe and well prepared for the future.’ (Section 48 Inspection Report)

The Rights Respecting School (RRS) promotes the UN convention on the rights of the child. This is an integral part of Trinity St Mary’s (TSM) ethos and vision statement. RRS supports children in becoming global citizens and supports our belief that children achieve most when they feel included and valued. We want children at TSM to play an active role in their own learning and respect their own and each others’ rights.

Quotes from Parents

‘As you walk around the school, there is a lovely buzz and energy from the children and teachers about what is being taught.’ ‘The staff are lovely, very supportive and affectionate with the children. My daughter adores all her teachers. She comes home with paintings and new songs every day, I very rarely even get a goodbye in the mornings. I recommend TSM 100%.’ ‘The staff treat the children like they are their own - the affection that the staff have for the children is genuine and heartfelt. My daughter is also encouraged as she is quite good at numeracy and receives extra work from the class teacher to stretch her. It was a very good decision to send her to TSM as she is a happy, healthy and confident child and I recommend TSM completely.’

Quotes from Children ‘I love TSM because the teachers are kind, we do fun things and learn great stuff.’ Pupil in Year 3

‘We can learn at TSM, our teachers are kind. What I get taught is fun.’ Pupil in Year 1

‘My school is very clean and nice and has lots of fun things that the teachers plan for the children. I like going out for Gifted & Talented because it helps and challenges my education.’ Pupil in Year 2

Ofsted Quotes 1. Pupils’ behaviour is OUTSTANDING! 2. P  upils have very positive attitudes to learning and they work together in a spirit of true cooperation. They know they are part of a caring community and feel safe and secure within it. 3. T  he head teacher’s drive and determination have raised teachers’ and the governing body’s aspirations and improved pupils’ academic achievement while maintaining the school’s excellent pastoral care. 4. G  ood teaching overall stimulates the pupils’ imaginations, drives learning forward and is the foundation for good achievement. The teaching of literacy, including reading, is a strength. 5. P  upils have high aspirations and are determined to do well. Their positive attitudes and the excellent way in which they work together contribute significantly to their effective acquisition of knowledge and development of essential skills. 6. C  hildren are given a stimulating start in the Early Years Foundation Stage because well-organised teaching creates learning opportunities that are personalised. The exciting learning environment both indoors and outdoors allows children to develop good independent learning skills.

7. Behaviour in lessons is excellent. The consistent approach to behaviour management means lessons are very rarely disrupted and pupils who may have difficulties in managing their behaviour are continually supported to succeed. 8. School leaders have developed an environment in which there is a constant drive to raise achievement. The school’s strong emphasis on continuing professional development for all staff is a strength. 9. The school site is well maintained and arrangements for safeguarding pupils are exemplary; staff have a robust knowledge of procedures to safeguard pupils’ welfare and safety.

At Trinity St Mary’s the high expectations and imaginations of pupils are stimulated and supported through the involvement of the wider community by parental participation, workshops, themed weeks, assemblies, exhibitions, celebration and fun days.

Our Christian principles are implicit in creating a lively, happy atmosphere where all children feel very safe and well prepared for the future.

The Rights Respecting School (RRS) promotes the UN convention on the rights of the child. This is an integral part of Trinity St Mary’s ethos and vision statement. RRS supports children in becoming global citizens and supports our belief that children achieve most when they feel included and valued.

Making a lifetime of difference to children in schools. Patron HRH Duchess of Cambridge

6 Balham Park Road, London SW12 8DR Tel: 020 8673 4166 Fax: 020 8675 8887 Email:

Trinity School Prospectus  

Trinity School Prospectus

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