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Welcome Note

Issue 06

Dear Colleagues,

"I am proud of the part STS has played in enabling the local community to become stronger, by raising the awareness in the importance of health and safety."

Very swiftly after the lockdown in March our school bus services were impacted dramatically. The word ‘unprecedented’ has been used very frequently, but I don’t think there’s another way to describe the challenges that Covid-19 has presented. Our focus has and remains to be on everyone we engage with; our employees and our customers. Because we had robust plans in place, we got into gear quickly to enhance our services for the new academic term and what may be the new normal. As we commence a new academic year, we have been preparing to welcome students back to the school bus. Our new mascots, Super Driver and Super Guardian represent the superheroes of STS, our employees and staff members who have been working tirelessly to ensure that all safety protocols and guidelines are being followed and that safety checks and measures are in place to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our staff and students.

The spirit of unity gained a new meaning and became a guiding post for us all as we entered the year of 2020. It enabled us to adapt to a changing world, cope and learn new lessons and take decisive action for the betterment of everyone around us. Given all that we have had to overcome together as a society, I am proud of the part STS has played in enabling the local community to become stronger, by raising the awareness in the importance of health and safety. Embracing the new mindset, our bus drivers and bus guardians undertook a pledge to integrate healthy and hygienic practices into all aspects of their lives. Within the pages of this magazine, you will read about important safety measures undertaken by STS, our green initiative and new technologies on board the Smart Bus that ensure your child’s school bus journey will always be Safe, Timely, Smart.

The last edition of the Journey magazine highlighted the ‘Year of Tolerance’ and the incredible efforts made by the STS family on inclusion, unity and friendship, while promoting peaceful co-existence and acceptance among people of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds.

Steve Burnell Managing Director of STS

Neetu Deshwal

Parinita Bharadwaj

Leslie Morelos

Marketing & Communications Manager

Communications Executive

Marketing Executive




School Transport Services LLC

School Transport Services

September 2020 | STS Journey



In This Issue, Meet our mascots, the superheroes of STS, Super Driver and Super Guardian!

STS's Smart Safety Bus Named Innovative Product of 2020 Read more about our big win at the GESS Awards this year.


Cover Story: Superheroes of STS

Hit the Road with STS's First Female Driver

Meet our official mascots, Super Driver and Super Guardian!

Our first female heavy bus driver is paving the way forward for others like her.

Stuff the Mind Campaign

STS Goes Green with Biofuel

Energise the Body, Engage the Mind

This Ramadan, we stuffed our minds with healthy and hygienic practices.

Read about our upgrade to biofuel in GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai.

Tips to get the young ones moving and keep them engaged!

September 2020 | STS Journey

Cover Story

Superheroes of STS Meet our mascots, the superheroes of STS, Super Driver and Super Guardian!

As we commence a new academic term, we are excited to unveil the new look of our ofďŹ cial mascots. Super Driver and Super Guardian can be seen wearing our brand colours and are designed to embody our core values of being Safe, Timely, Smart. These mascots exemplify our commitment towards child safety during school transport and our efforts towards cultivating a safety-driven mindset within the community. They personify employees and staff members of the STS family, who work tirelessly to safeguard the health and wellbeing of all those on board our school buses.

Get ready to interact with Super Driver and Super Guardian at your next school event!


September 2020 | STS Journey

Cover Story

STS All Set to Welcome Students Back to the School Bus As the leading private operator for school transport in the UAE, the eve of a new school term is our busiest time of the year. With schools opening after a long hiatus, STS has been preparing to welcome students back to the bus. STS has always complied with a strict approach to preventive and corrective maintenance of our fleet of over 2,500 school buses. Even when schools remain closed, our buses undergo periodic maintenance, regular deep cleaning and sanitisation. Our bus drivers and bus guardians were educated on safety management, hygienic practices, and the proper method and frequency of hand sanitisation. Briefing sessions on the spread of viral infections were conducted for our service delivery executives, team leaders, foremen and other staff members. Advisory videos in English and Hindi were provided for all of our teams to cultivate a mindset of hygiene control measures and preventive actions in accordance with the standards expected by the government and regulatory bodies.

Preparing for the New Academic Year As we gear up to welcome students back into the school bus, we have introduced transport safety protocols for our staff and students.

We are adhering to guidelines set by schools and regulatory agencies, such as KHDA, RTA, SPEA, ADEK and the DoT. Training programmes have been conducted for bus drivers and bus guardians on awareness and implementation of the new measures and guidelines. We are monitoring the wellbeing of staff members through our care to share programme and temperature checks at our staff accommodation. During the school term, in addition to our standard protocol, our buses will undergo pre-trip and post-trip sanitisation with a minimum of two vehicle inspections in a day. A detailed bus sanitisation plan has been initiated in preparation for start of term. STS would like to assure you that your school bus journey will always be Safe, Timely, Smart.

Watch our videos on our official YouTube channel: School Transport Services. 1. School Bus Sanitisation Protocol 2. Back to the Bus Safety Protocol

September 2020 | STS Journey




Innovative Product of 2020 26th February 2020.

It was a proud and momentous night for the School Transport Services family with our Smart Safety Bus initiative winning the prestigious Innovation Product Award at the 7th Annual GESS Education Awards 2020, in Dubai. We are honoured to have received this accolade of excellence, for it acknowledges our commitment and drive towards advocating and advancing road safety education for the citizens of the UAE. Created as a part of the extended classroom programme for the student community, we devised and designed our ďŹ rst-ever sustainable product, the Smart Safety Bus. An innovative and interactive learning platform to promote a trafďŹ c safety culture.


September 2020 | STS Journey


“The GESS award has been very important to us because it is a platform to be recognised upon by a wider community.� Steve Burnell Managing Director of STS

September 2020 | STS Journey



The Smart Safety Bus is an age appropriate engagement tool

category highlights educational products and services that are

that teaches and instructs children from nursery through

unique and impactful, demonstrating STS’s original and

secondary schools in both Arabic and English. The Smart Safety

ahead-of-the curve thinking.

Bus offers 3D simulation games, puzzles, multiple choice questions that make learning easy and fun.

"l am so glad to have enabled this project from the initial concept to design and execution. The Smart Safety Bus has been a


Students understand the importance of traffic safety principles

challenging yet thrilling journey that has entertained and

and how to identify potential hazards through educational videos

educated the parent and student community," said the Market-

via the Interactive Wall feature of the bus. Their learning is

ing and Communications Manager, Neetu Deshwal, in response

assessed by way of Q&As and games. Children can enjoy a simu-

to winning the award. We received this fantastic recognition

lated driving experience with the Super Driver game or a practi-

across a diverse range of nominees including Popcorn school

cal lesson in buckling up for safety, with the Seat Belt game.

furniture, Amatrol and Betzold.

GESS awards celebrate the industry’s brightest assets, and this

We are energised by the momentum provided by

recognition puts us at the very forefront of the education sector

this award and excited to explore new possibilities

in the UAE. The GESS Education Award in the Innovation

to further road safety awareness.

September 2020 | STS Journey


Social Causes Supported by STS Every year, STS takes on social causes that affect positive change in the lives of the community. Here is a look at the CSR activities that we undertook last year.

Smart Band

Smart Cup

In October 2019, STS provided support sponsorship for Smart

In November 2019, STS took part in the Smart Cup Cricket For A

Life Foundation’s Smart Band event, where talented singers and

Cause tournament by Smart Life Foundation, where participating

dancers from labour camps across Dubai were brought together

teams of blue and white-collar staff members took part in games.

and mentored to compete for the championship title. The

The funds generated from the event were used to support

winning champions then performed in a non-competitive

education of children of blue-collar workers.

platform. The objective of this programme was to work closely with blue-collar workers and contribute towards improving their quality of life.

Annual Clean Up Campaign In December 2019, STS volunteered in the Emirates Environmental


Group’s nationwide Clean Up UAE campaign to empower the community to preserve and protect the environment.

During the months of November and December 2019, STS managed transport services for Jingles, a campaign organised under the supervision of The Emirates Red Crescent. This initiative involved Christmas caroling to raise funds for medical treatments of children diagnosed with cancer.

September 2020 | STS Journey



Smart Safety Bus at

GEMS Road Safety Week

The Traffic Department at the RTA in partnership with STS facilitated a Road Safety campaign for GEMS Education in February 2020. Week-long workshops for the student community were conducted to spread awareness on road safety protocols and traffic principles. The campaign was aimed at creating a positive change in the society and inspiring a culture of safety within the community by advocating









interactive way. Deema Hussein, Traffic Awareness Senior Manager, Traffic Department at the RTA, said, “Working hand in hand with STS on Road Safety Week will help us achieve a safer driving environment for all road users. We extend our efforts, through this campaign, to change the mindset of the youth and how they think and act about road safety. We aim to educate them on responsible safety habits, which are an integral component in developing







world-class.” Thomas Edelmann, Managing Director, RoadsafetyUAE said, “Nearly 60% of road fatalities in the UAE happen due to non-use of seat belts. We must educate our children about safe behaviour as early as possible.” During the Road Safety Week, several activities such as workshops, awareness camps, debates and competitions were carried out across numerous GEMS schools.

GEMS Wellington School, Al Khail. GEMS Metropole School, Motor City. GEMS Wellington Primary School. GEMS New Millennium School, Al Khail. GEMS National School for Boys. GEMS National School for Girls. Our Own English High School Sharjah Boys.


September 2020 | STS Journey


Paul Slater, Vice President Health and Safety at GEMS Education said, “It is important that students learn about road safety from a very early age. Children can play an important role in influencing their parents, siblings, friends and family. Through this awareness campaign, we hope that students learn the importance of wearing seat belts and road safety in general and take the message beyond the school and home to the community at large.” In effort to ensure continued awareness and learning towards road safety, we appointed student





workshop. The ambassadors received a safety badge





responsible for advocating road and transport safety to their peers, teachers and parents. The success of our endeavour was reflected in the students taking up a safety pledge after the tour prompting them to treat road safety management critically.

Steve Burnell, Managing Director at STS said, “As an important strategic service partner to the education community, it is our responsibility to continuously educate road safety habits among students and the broader community. We are thankful to all our partners who came forward in driving the road safety message and making this campaign a success.” Being a recipient of the coveted Innovation Product Award by GESS Education Awards has strengthened STS’s resolve to expand the Smart Safety Bus initiative to all corners of the country. Going forward, plans are underway to link student participation and their takeaway from the programme to their school’s credit system and house points.

September 2020 | STS Journey



STS Garages and Roadside Assistance Vans STS provides full maintenance and repair services for its entire fleet of buses through four purpose-built garages in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Our main workshop, the Al Kawakeb garage is a leading commercial maintenance facility of 64,000 square feet in Umm Ramool, Dubai. Specialising in commercial coach and car fleet, Al Kawakeb currently manages over 2,500 buses, coaches and cars. Our strong, technical crew of 120 specialists and 20 staff members, provides total care services to manage our fleet maintenance requirements, including integrated fleet maintenance solutions.

Air Conditioning Services We look after the smooth functioning of the AC in the vehicle and repairs of major systems such as compressor, evaporator, condenser, thermo static expansion valves and control panels. We also manage electrical issues and high-pressure and low-pressure piping issues in the AC unit.

Mechanical Services We take care of preventive and corrective servicing and repairs such as engine overhauling, gearbox overhauling, differential overhauling, clutch problems, brake problems and under chassis repairs.

Electrical Services We carry out electrical repairs inside the vehicle such as repairing the lighting system, starter assembly, alternator assembly and dashboard panel.


September 2020 | STS Journey


Roadside Assistance Services As part of STS’s total care experience, we offer 24-hour regional roadside assistance. Our team of towing experts are highly skilled at ensuring that vehicles, big or small, are recovered safely and securely. To assist with eet breakdowns, we have four roadside assistance teams available aroundthe-clock. All our roadside assistance vans are equipped with spare parts, compressors and spare tyres for offsite repairs and support. The roadside assistance contact information is displayed on our vehicles and can be called upon for emergencies.

Tyre Services We handle all tyre related repairs of the vehicle. We carry out wheel and tyre inspection, repairs and replacement for cars, vans, minibuses, medium and big buses, and luxury coaches.

Body Shop Services We handle all kinds of jobs involving body repairs of the vehicle. We carry out body repairs for doors, glasses, seats, roof, front and rear body panels. Our specialists take on accident related repairs as well.

Paint Shop Services We have full paint shop facilities to tackle minor panel repainting through to complete vehicle repainting.

September 2020 | STS Journey



STS Tours Exhibitions Across the UAE All year around our Smart Safety Bus takes part in exhibitions and expos across the UAE. STS was privileged to be invited to be part of the following celebrated events in the past year.

Serco Road Safety Awareness Day, October 2019

WETEX Dubai, October 2019 An important platform for national and international companies, providing access to the latest technologies and solutions in the areas of water, energy and environment.

Serco Middle East hosted its 4th Road Safety Awareness Day in partnership with RoadSafetyUAE to improve road safety.

GESS Dubai, March 2020 The 13th edition of the exhibition brought together local and international educational suppliers showcasing the latest educational products and solutions.

Gulf Traffic, December 2019 As the region’s biggest platform for sourcing traffic, transportation and parking solutions, Gulf Traffic offers opportunities to increase brand visibility in the Middle East.


September 2020 | STS Journey


Transport Partner to Danish U19 Rugby Team STS became the official transport partner to the Danish under-19 Rugby Team during the 20th international edition of the World Rugby Sevens Series in December 2019.

“Participating in Dubai Sevens was only possible due to the support of STS. Before, during and after the tournament the communication and service has been flawless through a great STS team performance highlighted by the punctuality of the drivers,” said the U19 Team Manager, Jens Holger Wöldike Jensen. “We give our highest recommendation to STS and look forward to using your service in 2020,” he added.

September 2020 | STS Journey



STS People

Hit the Road with STS's

First Female Driver In a sector that has been dominated by one gender for years, we introduced the equal opportunity employment policy across all levels of work. This policy was implemented in letter and spirit, when we recruited Suja Thankachan, the UAE’s first female heavy bus driver. Suja










back at home. Today, she is an officially certified heavy bus driver here in the UAE all the way across the Arabian sea and is proud to have fulfilled her dream of driving all kinds



vehicles. to





so she

never gave up on her dreams and





wheel. Upon learning her story and




encouraged her to make her way up to the driver’s seat. She has now completed training in all aspects of being a safe bus driver. Saritha Daya, the Human Resources Assistant Manager at STS said, “After Suja’s success story of breaking the perception of impossibility,








approached us to help them pursue their dream of becoming a heavy bus driver. To support them in this journey, we have arranged corporate discounts with our driving school partners. We have also identified a clear career path for such highly motivated candidates, and intend to develop a platoon of female bus drivers. We are encouraging our bus guardians to come forward and make use of this opportunity.” “I believe that women hold the key to changing in the world, and this is a great opportunity to inspire such a positive change,” she added. With Suja as a strong role model, paving the way forward for many like her, the HR team at STS intends to make her a brand ambassador of its equal opportunity practices, encouraging others to take up the driver’s role. 20

September 2020 | STS Journey

STS People

Stuff the Mind Campaign

In order to get the message across to the local community, we put together the ‘Stuff the Mind Campaign’ video with our staff members and students adopting healthy and hygienic practices. To ensure the campaign gained traction, we encouraged our social media followers to post videos of themselves and their families practicing these healthy habits.

Every year during the holy month of Ramadan, STS organises its

After the overwhelming response to the campaign, we put

CSR initiative, ‘Stuff the Bus’ campaign, encouraging schools and

together the ‘Stuff the Mind Impact’ video of families who

businesses across the UAE to donate school items, educational

enthusiastically embraced the initiative, and integrated healthy

supplies, toys and goodies for less-fortunate children.

and hygienic practices into their daily routine.

This year, with heavy restrictions on movement and


gatherings, we decided to strengthen the sense of belonging across the STS family by launching a new ‘Stuff the Mind’ campaign. This campaign was conceptualised with the aim of creating a post-pandemic shift in mindset, inspiring a new approach to one’s wellbeing that will go beyond the global crisis.

Watch our videos on our official YouTube channel: School Transport Services. 1. Stuff the Mind Campaign 2. Stuff the Mind Impact

September 2020 | STS Journey


STS People

STS’s Said Rehman Talks to Khaleej Times about Combating COVID At the onset of the COVID outbreak, in February and March this year, STS implemented numerous control measures within our ofďŹ ces and accommodation centres, to minimise risks and the spread of the virus. We provided our employees with critical supplies required to protect their health and safety. Our very own transport staff member, Said Rahman, who has been with STS for over 14 years, was featured in a newspaper article, that described the safety measures and the state of affairs in the UAE. "Everyone is worried about the spread of Covid-19 and so am I. But I feel much safer here in the UAE than in my home country as we are well taken care of. We have been given sanitisation kits from an NGO here and our employer is also creating timely awareness by giving us regular instructions. All this has helped us stay calm and safe," Rahman told Khaleej Times. "Apart from providing us free Iftar meals and other necessary items required to maintain hygiene, our company and an NGO have been holding regular awareness sessions where we are being educated on how to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and how to maintain hygiene standards. Of course, masks and gloves are now part of our everyday life. If I were in my country, probably, I would not receive this level of care and high safety standards. Also, we feel blessed that we have been receiving salaries even when we are not working these days as schools are closed. Work is affected adversely but our employers are seeing to it that we are able to provide for our families back in our hometown," he added.


September 2020 | STS Journey

STS People

School Principals' Message to

STS Staff In April this year, STS created a heartful video message





community, to tell them that they were constantly in our hearts and minds. We brought together principals of over 20 schools to record their thoughts, wishes and messages for our bus drivers and bus guardians. Speaking on behalf of the school staff and the students, the principals told the drivers and guardians






encouraged them to focus on their health and wellbeing. Urging them to stay home and stay safe, the video echoed sentiments shared by the government and healthcare professionals as we continued to fight the viral outbreak. Standing in solidarity with the local authorities, STS sought to keep the employee morale high during the difficult times and advised the staff to keep a positive attitude, reminding them that we would all be back together very soon. The video, put together to create a positive and hopeful





response from staff members. STS’s social media





tremendously positive posts and comments. The video reached well over 20,000 members of the community within days of being posted and was shared over 160 times on Facebook alone!

September 2020 | STS Journey


Knowledge Corner

On Board the Tech-driven Smart Bus

At STS, student safety lies at the heart of everything we do and built around this ethos, is STS’s Smart Bus. Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, the Smart Bus has some truly unique functions that are designed to keep students safe at all times. More than 2,500 of our Smart Buses operate within the UAE. Let us get on board to understand how these features work. CCTV SURVEILLANCE STS’s Smart Buses are all equipped with CCTV surveillance systems including internal and external cameras. This surveillance system ensures video coverage of all parts of the bus and its immediate surroundings. The feed from all cameras can be viewed in real time, on the driver’s screen and in the Operations Control Centre (OCC).

September 2020 | STS Journey


Knowledge Corner


ALERT BUTTON In case of an emergency, such as a road accident or incident, the driver can sound the Alert Button, a hard-to-miss push button on the driver’s dashboard, that will register an immediate alert with the OCC, enabling them to find the best way to assist the driver.

ADAS CAMERAS This front facing camera and software system is a recent addition to the list of technologies used in the Smart Bus. As part of the bus’s Advanced Driver Assistance Safety (ADAS), the system aides the driver on the road with lane departure warning, lane keep assist and reduces the risk of collisions. The camera can accurately recognise and respond to the vehicle’s surrounding environment. One of the Smart Bus’s many unique features, is the fatigue detection system. It consists of a driver-facing camera, which


utilises pupil identification technology to analyse the driver’s

Global Positioning Systems on all our Smart Buses is the key

blink rate. It detects fatigue indicating behaviour such as yawn-

technology that allows real time tracking of the fleet. In addition to

ing and head drooping, and behaviour such as mobile usage and

contributing to student safety, GPS tracking assists the OCC

oral intake also trigger warnings. The system maintains a video

team in developing route plans and optimising journey times for

record for each alert, for post-incident analysis and evaluation.



The driver’s dashboard hosts numerous controls but its main feature is the LED screen that displays the feed from the CCTV surveillance system in real time. Accompanying the screen is a two-way radio that allows the driver to establish direct contact with the OCC team.


September 2020 | STS Journey

Knowledge Corner



All Smart Buses have a Child Check Button installed in them.

Our Smart Buses are equipped with passive motion sensors that

Once the driver turns the engine off, they manually check each

are activated when the vehicle is isolated. These sensors detect

row of the bus to ensure no one has been left behind. The Child

even the slightest body movement. They add an additional level

Check Button is then pressed as a sign of having completed the

of security to the Child Check Button feature of the bus. Upon

safety check. This feature is especially useful when it comes to

detection of any movement, the sensor immediately alerts our

nursery children who tend to fall asleep during long bus rides. It

OCC. This allows the team to take immediate action, and ensure

acts as a safety net to ensure that no child gets left behind.

that our team attends the vehicle.


The Smart Bus’s safety checks and measures are managed and monitored by the OCC, the hub of our operations. This team works around-the-clock, responds immediately to all alerts and Installed at the entrance of all our Smart Buses, is an RFID

notifications, and collates information generated by the Smart

scanner. Students are issued RFID cards, which are scanned

Bus. The information gathered across the OCC’s screens are

when they get on and off the bus, enabling the OCC team to track

turned into weekly, monthly and annual reports which form the

student movements. This encrypted data is more reliable and

basis of all operations related decisions in the company.









continuously monitored in real time by the OCC. Parents can

The Smart Bus embodies STS’s commitment towards Safe,

monitor bus arrival and departure times of their child through

Timely, Smart transportation and cultivates a safety-driven

the STS App.

mindset within the community.

September 2020 | STS Journey


Knowledge Corner

Our Sustainability STS Goes Green with Biofuel STS is strongly committed towards being environmentally conscious. Over the years, we have undertaken measures such as recycling of e-waste to reduce our carbon footprint.

Karl W Feilder, pioneering CEO of Neutral Fuels, says greenhouse gas emissions would be dramatically reduced worldwide if all diesel engines switched to biofuel rather than the fossil fuel. “Biofuel, and especially net zero biofuel, is the quickest and easiest way to radically reduce carbon footprint,” he says.

STS operates the largest fleet of private school buses in the UAE consuming upwards of 10 million litres of fuel annually. We started to review the benefits of biofuel in July 2019 in an effort to further reduce our carbon emissions and contribute to


Annual CO2 Emission Annual CO2 Emission with Regular Diesel Fuel with Biofuel

School Buses

mitigating climate change.

44,61,731 kgCO2e

35,69,385 kgCO2e

With a dedicated biofuel tank installed at the school, queues and refueling time for drivers will be reduced, increasing productivity and further decreasing carbon emissions.

Biofuel is a type of renewable energy source derived from plant material. It burns cleanly and improves the quality of tailpipe emissions, thereby improving the overall air quality for everyone. As the official transport partner for the renowned GEMS Modern Academy in Dubai, STS facilitated the school’s fuel upgrade to Neutral Fuels B20 biofuel for 126 school buses. Nargish Khambatta, the Principal and CEO of GEMS Modern Academy, was supportive in moving the school to adopt a biofuel option. “We believe in making an active contribution to our community,“ Ms. Khambatta said. “Using biofuel enables us to reduce our bus transports’ carbon emissions. We’re grateful to have this solution in the UAE.”


September 2020 | STS Journey

Steve Burnell, MD of STS, says the introduction of biofuel for its fleet at GEMS Modern Academy will boost efforts to reduce the UAE’s carbon footprint. “We are known for our exceptional safety standards and strict compliance with Dubai’s RTA regulations, but that is not enough as we enter this new decade. Reducing our carbon footprint is just as important as safety and compliance. It’s very rewarding to work with schools like GEMS whose core values we share.”

Knowledge Corner

Efforts in 2019 - 2020 Route Optimisation with PTV The use of route optimisation software is another one of our efforts in being sustainable. This software distributes optimised routes across available vehicles, thereby improving journeys. The software is a great asset to STS’s OCC team as it lets us create and monitor complex schedules, vehicle categories and multiple drop-offs and pick-ups, in a timely and efficient manner.

Efficient Route Management

Route management through the software allows for efficient

All of STS’s buses are monitored and managed around-the-clock

service delivery. The software also generates estimated arrivals

by STS’s OCC team. One of the key functions of the OCC’s route

(ETAs) for bus journeys and provides notifications in case of

management team is to evaluate existing bus routes on a regular

possible delays, allowing STS to be more reliable and transparent

basis, to be able to provide our customers with timely transport

with our customers, especially for parents that use the STS App.

route preparation and planning which are vital for efficient

and reasonable travel time.

The PTV Route Optimiser supports route planning by: The PTV route optimiser software, unlocks the full potential of the STS fleet. It supports our transport plans by combining designated meeting points into optimal routes that reduce mileage and resources. It is easily integrated into the OCC’s

Optimally distributing designated stops to available vehicles. Suggesting the best sequence of stops.

software infrastructure, enabling dispatchers to forward routes

Calculating optimised driving routes.

to drivers.

Increasing overall transport efficiency and fleet utilisation. Along with being instrumental to our logistical planning, the PTV route optimiser software is a part of STS’s sustainability


the workplace initiative. Being environmentally focussed, we are continuously on the look out for new ways of doing things.


enabling more efficient bus routes and reducing the running time for our vehicles, the software helps us reduce our carbon footprint.

September 2020 | STS Journey


Knowledge Corner

DOWNLOAD THE STS APP NOW The STS mobile application is available to all parents and provides information on your child’s journey to and from school. It is loaded with all these great features. Get on board and travel with us today!






TO DOWNLOAD AND REGISTER ON THE STS APP • Open Google Play/App Store on your device. • Download the STS App by School Transport Services LLC. • Open the App and click on the Login button. • Enter the Username and Password. • Upon logging in successfully, the App will automatically generate your details. • Change your Password through the Settings option. generate an OTP or contact your school bus representative.




September 2020 | STS Journey

Knowledge Corner

Taking your School Bus Experience to the Next Level The STS App makes the school bus experience more convenient for the parent community. Many of our parents in the STS family are already using the mobile application for enhanced levels of assurance. This year, we made a few modifications to the STS App. In addition to all the previous features, you can now do so much more. The App’s pop up feature allows you to see our new safety protocols that are being implemented in school buses for the start of the new academic term. The new and improved STS App is loaded with some great features.

Student details and contact information of the Service Delivery Executive at each school, can be accessed without internet connection. The Registration Form now includes a location map that highlights existing meeting points in your area, allowing you to choose between them or select a location point of your choice. Fee Payments feature includes Google Pay and Apple Pay options in addition to the existing Credit Card option. Sign undertakings and forms directly on the App. Report and claim lost items on the school bus. Request to change your registered transport area. Register your child’s special needs and medical conditions. View details of offers and promotions, register and make payments all in one place. Register to receive email notifications on the latest offers and promotions. Provide feedback on the service team’s performance.

We are constantly innovating the STS App to ensure our customers benefit from a seamless school bus experience. Download the STS App and travel with us today!

September 2020 | STS Journey


Fun Zone

Energise the Body “Being a yoga instructor by profession I believe that by sharing the practice of yoga at home with your family, you create deeper bonds with each other. This is especially important for families with young children. Introducing yoga to your kids can help them establish healthy habits for the mind and body at an early age. It can enhance your child's strength, coordination and flexibility, while encouraging body awareness and self-esteem. It can reduce your child's anxiety and stress and promote a sense of calmness in this competitive world. The past months impacted us all in a number of ways, but the positive aspect of it was the time we got to spend with our families, and doing yoga with my kids helped us to be more connected. Yoga for my family, became the perfect platform to motivate, support and encourage each other. The great thing about yoga is that there is something suitable in it for every age group. A consistent yoga practice - with asanas, pranayama and meditation - can help you explore the mind-body connection through the awareness of breath. Appreciation for your breath means that you are more mindful and aware of your surroundings and are grateful to be alive. This will strengthen the connection with your family, developing harmony and peace in your relationships by creating a healthy space for everyone.”

Kusum Rana, Yoga Coach

“Things that seemed secure a few months ago are no longer quite so safe; many of us have necessarily been brought back to living simple lives. When we stop to reconsider the basics, it is important to acknowledge the role of good nutrition in supporting our immune system. The immune system relies on white blood cells that produce antibodies to combat bacteria, viruses, and other invaders. Eating a low-fat, plant-based diet helps give the immune system a boost. Studies have shown that fruits and vegetables provide nutrients - like beta-carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E - that can boost immune function. Since many vegetables, fruits, and other plant-based foods are also rich in antioxidants, they help reduce oxidative stress. Give your immune system a boost with healthful, plant-based foods.”

Elif Berkel, Nutrition Specialist

September 2020 | STS Journey


Fun Zone

Engage the Mind “I love reading books and the Geronimo Stilton books are my favourite literary series. My mom and I loved reading it together and laughing over Geronimo’s shenanigans and adventures. These books kept us entertained when the schools were closed. With his actions and his ability to laugh at himself, Geronimo lets the reader reflect on the importance of family, the capacity to overcome your fears, open mindedness towards other cultures, curiosity about what you don’t know, the knowledge that teamwork is more successful than acting as an individual, world peace, friendship, love, honesty, loyalty, sincerity, and respect for the elderly. I loved how Geronimo Stilton likes being approachable to others and his desire to do good and his commitment to grow and improve upon himself. He is never discouraged in negative situations. Geronimo taught me to have faith in the future, not to be discouraged during difficult times and to focus on building a better future.”

Aarav, Grade 6

“When schools were closed, I spent all my time watching movies. I especially enjoyed watching Think Like a Dog, a movie about a twelve-year-old tech whizz-kid named Oliver, who accidentally creates a telepathic connection between him and his furry friend, Henry after a science experiment at school goes wrong. The main story of the film is based on the friendship between Ollie and his dog Henry, whom he now finds that he can talk to. This new bond between Ollie and Henry and their unique perspectives lead to various comical situations at first. Eventually their friendship helps them solves problems at school and at home. Think Like a Dog is a feel good, wholesome family movie that is a must-watch especially if you are a dog lover, like me!”

Aalia, Grade 1


September 2020 | STS Journey

Fun Zone

STS at School Events Every year, STS looks forward to joining in the fun and engaging directly with parents and students at school celebrations. Many of you are already familiar with our Super Driver mascot, who brings along with him the STS Smart Bus, packed with educational games and goodie bags for students. This year, we can’t wait for you to meet our Super Guardian mascot! Please do visit the STS kiosk at the school festivals in the upcoming year. It is a great platform for us to get to know you better. Our team will be available on site to conduct road safety workshops and take you through our services. Here is a glimpse of all the spring festivals and winter carnivals we attended last year.

September 2020 | STS Journey