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Annual Review 2017


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Reflections on 2017 What a year it’s been. When reflecting on the past year, there are so many highlights for me and it’s truly humbling to see the number of projects and schools we’ve been able to support. This year alone, we have supported 125 projects which benefited over 30,000 students. 2017 was also the year we launched the Commonwealth Bank Teaching Awards and introduced the Pioneers in Philanthropy. I am truly proud of what our team has achieved this past year and would like to share a few key personal memories with you.

Meeting the Commonwealth Bank Teaching Fellows Meeting the Teaching Fellows for the first time was one of the most incredible experiences of my career. I found myself in a room full of educators who were passionately committed to changing the lives of the young people in their schools. The enthusiasm they had and the real eagerness to want to work together and share ideas was nothing but contagious. Seeing them on stage at the Awards ceremony being awarded their Fellowships was truly inspirational, and I am not the only one in the room who shed a tear or two that day! Schools Plus, our Pioneers in Philanthropy and the Commonwealth Bank’s vision for these Awards were beyond just another prize ceremony. We wanted these Awards to be profound and have greater impact on the educators and their schools. We shared that common vision and brought the Fellowship year to life to further develop and coach these educators. To be a part of this program has been humbling and I’d like to thank our inaugural Teaching Fellows for raising the bar on effective teaching practices within education in Australia. You can read more about the inaugural Fellowship year from Julie Molloy, our Awards Manager on page 17.

Pioneers in Philanthropy A defining moment for Schools Plus! We were able to bring together a group of inspirational leaders from across Australia who all believe in education equity. It was a special moment to see our Pioneers talking to the students at their launch event and sharing their words of wisdom. The Pioneers are already supporting 17 projects benefiting nearly 60 schools across Australia. We are pleased to have their support and excited to continue to work with them.

Great minds on board All this work requires some great minds and I’m pleased to announce that our team has now grown to 12. We recently appointed a Director of Education to play a key role in the development of our education strategy and school activities, as well as an Alumni Manager to connect disadvantaged schools with their alumni.



We are thankful for your support I do hope that you find this report insightful and can see the positive improvements being made in schools across Australia. But as you know, we are not able to overcome the disadvantages faced by our students and schools overnight. I’d like to thank you for being with us for the long haul. To our Founding Members, Pioneers in Philanthropy, Board and staff, thank you for your passion, drive and rigour. To our donors, partners and supporters, thank you for your investment in ensuring a smarter, brighter future for Australia. To our principals, teachers, students and families, thank you for your dedication and perseverance. Thank you all for working with us to ensure all young Australians have access to a great education.


The Annual Review 2017 shows Schools Plus has supported more than 60,000 students to date, from pre-schoolers to young adults on the verge of leaving school. Teachers and principals tell us how the projects we’ve helped fund are improving student wellbeing and achievement, increasing parent engagement and leading to better teaching practice. This is fantastic feedback and motivation for us to work even harder. All of us on the Board believe strongly that a student’s future should not be dictated by their postcode or background. I am delighted to be working closely with Rosemary and the team to ensure all Australian students have access to a quality education. Thank you for all your support.




About Schools Plus Why we exist Meet Harry. Harry is 5 years old. He lives with his family in a low socio-economic town in rural Australia. Harry’s mum and dad know school is important, but they struggle to make ends meet and there’s a lot they can’t afford. Living in the country also means Harry’s parents and his school don’t have access to the programs and support available in big cities. Too often, children like Harry start their education already behind. Without support, here’s how his life is likely to play out: At age 5, Harry has already fallen behind. He’s missed out on pre-school, and his language and social skills are poor. A child from a disadvantaged background is 2x more likely to miss the developmental milestones needed for the best start to school.

At age 12, Harry starts high school. He’s struggling with reading and maths and convinced he’s no good at school. By Year 7, 3 out of 10 students fail to meet the middle years learning milestones. At age 15, Harry is now years behind in his learning. He’s confirmed to himself that school is not for him. By Year 10, a student from a disadvantaged background is on average 3 years


At age 17, Harry has dropped out of school. His future is uncertain.

Only 61% of the most disadvantaged students finish high school, compared to 89% of the most advantaged.

Harry is a fictional character. Statistics taken from PISA 2015: A first look at Australia’s results (Australian Council for Education Research, 2016) and Educational Opportunity in Australia 2015 (Mitchell Institute, 2015).



Our vision All young Australians reach their full potential through access to a great education. We help to close the education gap by driving more generous, high impact philanthropic support for schools that need it the most.

Factors that contribute to disadvantage:

Low socio-economic background

Indigenous background

Living in remote or rural areas

Language background other than English


“Differences in educational outcomes must not be the result of differences in wealth, income, power or possessions.” REVIEW OF FUNDING FOR SCHOOLING (“GONSKI REVIEW”) 2011



What we do We make it simple, effective and tax-deductible for donors who value education to give to the schools that need the most support. More than 4,600 schools across Australia (Government, Catholic and Independent) are eligible for support through Schools Plus.

Eligible schools are those with a value below 1000 on the Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA). We support initiatives that have the greatest impact in students’ lives. This includes projects that focus on student wellbeing, effective teaching, student and family engagement and STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) initiatives. We help build schools’ capacity to think strategically and develop new partnerships, so the impact is greatest for students and the school community. We enable schools to fundraise using our crowdfunding platform, and host workshops and webinars to help them run more effective fundraising drives.



Our measures of success •

Supporters have an increased awareness of the needs of schools facing disadvantage and the benefit of strategic giving.

More donations flow to schools which need them most, to fund strategic, evidence-based projects.

Schools are better able to design, deliver and evaluate projects that demonstrate significant measurable change for students.

Schools have increased skills and resources to grow their philanthropic partnerships.



Our achievements



In 2017, we brought together even more schools with donors and increased the capacity of schools to raise funds. In 2017 we have: Provided over $3 million for school projects

We have supported projects across all states, in Government, Catholic and Independent schools: NSW 60% NT 3%

Supported 125 projects

QLD 7% SA 2% TAS 1% VIC 19%

Over 30,000 students benefited

WA 8%

93 cents of every dollar donated to schools went towards school projects

Since 2015 we have: Provided over $5 million for school projects

Supported 237 projects

Nearly 60,000 students benefited

Over the past year, we also: o Published our Impact Report 2017 o Launched the ‘Pioneers in Philanthropy’ chaired by David Gonski AC o Launched the Fair Education Program in NSW, with support from the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation o Co-hosted the inaugural Commonwealth Bank Teaching Awards o Launched the first Teaching Fellowship year which included a trip to Singapore, coaching sessions and professional development opportunities



Our programs Smart Giving Through Smart Giving, we match schools in need with donors who are passionate about education. Smart Giving initiatives align with schools’ strategic plans and have significant long-term impact. We work with schools to design and deliver high-impact projects that improve students’ learning experiences. Drawing on advice from independent experts and our own Leadership Coaching team, we ensure projects are evidence-based, supported by school leadership and driven by student and community needs. We also work with schools to build their leadership capability. We provide coaching and mentoring so principals and teachers can deliver the best possible learning experience for students. We work with donors to connect them with the right project at the right school, based on location, community need or type of project. Where donors can offer more than financial support, we work with them and the schools to facilitate employee engagement that provides additional benefits for students.

Salesforce is committed to making the world a better place, and we believe education is critical to that. By supporting STEM in schools, we want to empower students to become future leaders and innovators. Businesses have a tremendous role to play in opening up education opportunities for all students. DAVINDER MANN, SALESFORCE.ORG ASIA-PACIFIC MANAGER

We believe that our students will be the next Prime Minister, they will find a cure for cancer. With Salesforce’s support, what we are really trying to do is leave a legacy by giving children the experiences that open them up to skills and ambitions they didn’t even know they had. JENNIFER FRENCH, PRINCIPAL, CASULA HIGH SCHOOL



Our programs connect donors with the schools that will benefit the most from their support. We also aim to build school capacity to develop new partnerships and think strategically so that the impact is greatest for students and the community.

Fundraise Yourself Schools and parent associations use our online crowdfunding platform to fundraise in their communities for the activities and equipment that matter to them. Called ‘Fundraise Yourself’, it is the only crowdfunding platform that makes it taxdeductible to give to Australian schools, making it even easier for schools to raise funds and donors to provide support. It is simple and free for schools and parent groups to register a Fundraise Yourself project on our website. In addition to providing the platform, our team also hosts workshops and webinars to give teachers and parents all the tips and tricks to create an effective fundraising campaign.



Fair Education Program New South Wales Learning doesn’t only occur in schools. Research shows that when families and communities are involved in children’s education, students do better at school. This is why the Fair Education program was created. Supported by the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation (VFFF), it has been designed to better connect parents and community with student learning in disadvantaged schools across NSW. Fair Education is all about supporting schools to think big, explore possibilities and take on the challenge of bringing about a major uplift in student learning. Leaders are supported to be adventurous in creating new opportunities for students to connect with learning in transformational ways. The Fair Education program is currently supporting 75 NSW schools in disadvantaged communities, 46 more schools than last year, where 70% of them are in regional NSW. Working individually or in clusters, the schools receive three years of funding to deliver a strategic project that increases parent and community engagement in student learning. The program also delivers ongoing expert coaching to the schools to develop the schools’ leadership capacity and create profound change in their culture and practices. Led by Schools Plus’ Director of Coaching, Eric Jamieson, this element of the program has been described as liberating and transformative by the principals involved. We were delighted to welcome the previous NSW Minister for Education, Adrian Piccoli, to launch the Fair Education program at Hilltop Road Public School in November 2016. The launch was attended by members of the VFFF Board and Fairfax family, including previous Chairman Tim Fairfax, VFFF CEO Jenny Wheatley and the principals and staff of Fair Education schools in Sydney.

“This is one of the most exciting initiatives in which I have had the pleasure to be involved. To work with school leaders who are courageously, creatively and passionately taking their school communities on an amazing adventure is a privilege. Fair Education has the potential to take the delivery of education to another level in Australia.” ERIC JAMIESON, DIRECTOR OF COACHING



David Hardie, VFFF Senior Program Officer, at the Fair Education program launch at Hilltop Road Public School.

From left: Tim Fairfax, previous Chairman of VFFF, Natalie See, Hilltop Road Public School Principal, Rosemary Conn, Schools Plus CEO, and Adrian Piccoli, previous NSW Minister for Education, at the Fair Education program launch.

“The VFFF Board and members of the Fairfax family carefully consider how we might ‘be catalytic’ in our philanthropy. VFFF undertook a period of extensive research, learning and debate prior to developing the Fair Education goal: school leaders in low socio-economic areas are more effective at involving parents and communities in student learning. In 2015, we were delighted to enter a partnership with Schools Plus to deliver the Fair Education program. At $5.3M, Fair Ed is the largest single distribution ever made by the Foundation and it is extremely satisfying to see the program expand its reach across NSW.” RUTH ARMYTAGE AM, DEPUTY CHAIR, VFFF



Commonwealth Bank Teaching Awards The Commonwealth Bank Teaching Awards are co-presented by the Commonwealth Bank and Schools Plus, with significant financial support from the ‘Pioneers in Philanthropy’ (see page 28). This is a prestigious national awards program established to recognise and reward outstanding teaching and school leadership. In its inaugural year, in 2017, 12 teachers and school leaders were selected to receive a Teaching Fellowship in recognition of their work transforming student outcomes in their schools.

Great teachers change the lives of their students, inspire them to reach their potential and pave the way for a brighter future. That’s why Schools Plus partners with the Commonwealth Bank to celebrate and reward great teaching and school leadership in Australia.

o In its inaugural year, 443 applications were received from across Australia. Applications came from Government, Catholic and Independent schools and from every State and Territory. o 12 teachers or school leaders were awarded a 12-month Teaching Fellowship. o 50% applications came from disadvantaged schools. o $5,000 for a study tour to Singapore to observe its education system. o $10,000 for professional development. o $30,000 for each Teaching Fellow’s school to support a significant project.

“When it comes to our schools, our teachers are our greatest resource. We’re delighted to have partnered with Schools Plus to recognise and reward teachers who are having a positive impact on the lives of their students.” KYLIE MACFARLANE, GENERAL MANAGER OF CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY, COMMONWEALTH BANK



The week in Singapore and Fellowship year

JULIE MOLLOY , Awards Program Manager at Schools Plus, drove the design and management of the Teaching Awards. Here, she picks out a few highlights.

Wednesday 30th November- an absolute, wonderful madness! It was one of the most exciting days at Schools Plus. We were hoping the number of applications would reach 100 by close of day. Little did we know that by 5pm when nominations closed, we would be flooded with 443 applications! With phones ringing non-stop and alerts popping up on my computer with applications being submitted, it was absolute, wonderful madness! We were thrilled we received applications from all sectors and from across Australia, from remote corners of the country to inner city schools and everywhere in between.

Meeting the Fellows for the first time – such pride! Our team had spent months reading the Fellows’ applications, writing their biographies and learning all about these fantastic educators, that by the time they arrived in Sydney for the Awards event we felt like we’d known them for years! At the ceremony, there on that stage, seeing some of Australia’s great teachers being celebrated was a very special moment for me personally, and for all of us at Schools Plus.

Assessment stage Our assessment process had several stages to ensure a high calibre of educators was shortlisted. The Fellows were chosen by a selection panel consisting of nationally and globally recognised educators and business leaders including David Gonski AC.

The 12-month Teaching Fellowship includes world-class professional development opportunities for the Fellows including funds for their own PD, coaching, masterclasses and a visit to a high-performing education system. In July, Schools Plus’ Director of Coaching Eric Jamieson, Jacqui Magee from Learning First, James Aiken from the Commonwealth Bank and I accompanied the Fellows to Singapore. We visited ‘future focused’ schools where the Fellows met with the Academy of Singapore Principals, Academy of Singapore Teachers and leaders from the National Institute of Education. Key insights came from very open and generous discussions with their Singaporean colleagues and understanding the 52-year journey Singapore has taken from a country left broken by the war to a globally-recognised high-performing nation. The time the Fellows spent together was also invaluable, their strengthened connections led to a greater commitment to lead, model and inspire the educational culture of Australia to enhance learning outcomes for all. Back at home, the Fellows have been busy working on their school projects and we are continuing to facilitate masterclasses and coaching opportunities. We hope these are great learning and development opportunities to help them improve teaching practices at their schools.

Looking ahead to 2018 It’s been an absolute privilege to bring these new Teaching Awards to life and to see the calibre of teaching and school leadership in Australia. With a limited number of awards, many great teachers unfortunately missed out and in recognition of their time and effort in applying, a webinar masterclass with education experts Tony Mackay AM and Professor John Hattie was organised, together with an offer for low ICSEA schools to attend one of our fundraising workshops. I’d like to thank everyone involved over the past year and a half in so successfully launching these new national Teaching Awards and in developing and delivering the Fellowship program. Applications for the 2018 Teaching Awards closed in October and we are eagerly waiting to see who our next 12 Teaching Fellows will be. We have no doubt they will be another group of dedicated and passionate educators - so watch this space.

Find out more about the Commonwealth Bank Teaching Awards:



2017 Teaching Fellows, Eric Jamieson and Julie Molloy from Schools Plus, along with Jacqui Magee from Learning First and James Aiken from Commonwealth Bank in Singapore.

The 2017 Teaching Fellows are: o o o o o o o o o o o o


Sharyn Angel, Deputy Principal, Shailer Park State High School, QLD Chad Bliss, Principal, The Canobolas Rural Technology High School, NSW Shanti Clements, Principal, Beauty Point Public School, NSW Leah Crockford, previous Principal, Berry Springs Primary School, NT currently at Leanyer Primary School, NT Michael Devine, Principal, Western Port Secondary College, VIC Wilbur (Charlie) Klein, Teaching Principal at Tjuntjuntjara Remote Community School, WA Dr. Sarah Mathews, Master Teacher, Brisbane Bayside State College, QLD Lesley Mills, Principal, Tabulam Public School, NSW Dr. Christine Roberts-Yates, Assistant Principal, Murray Bridge High School - Disability Unit, SA Craig Skinner, Principal, Calista Primary School, WA Belinda Wall, Principal, Woonona High School, NSW Eddie Woo, Head Teacher Maths, Cherrybrook Technology High School, NSW



Stories of Schools Plus New Transition Unit improves social behaviour and increases attendance at Dunlea Centre, The Original Boy’s Town. Smart Giving project, supported by Toyota Australia

The opportunity The Dunlea Centre runs a residential program for young people in Years 7 to 10 who have disengaged from mainstream school and have a history of poor mental health, behavioural issues and family dysfunction. After 6 to 12 months in the program, which targets their educational, social and life skill-needs, the students transition back into mainstream education and home. The school wanted to create a new step in the process to ensure the students had a better chance of success.

The solution With the financial support of Toyota Australia, the school established a Transition Unit to support the high-risk students who have completed the residential component of the program but were not yet ready to return to a mainstream setting. The Transition Unit has two staff members and a small number of students to allow an individualised focus on education and the opportunity to access counselling, work readiness programs and further develop life and social skills.

The impact Over the past year, the Transition Unit increased its numbers from five to 10 full-time students. Attendance rates have risen dramatically to over 80%, which has helped reduce conflict and stress within the students’ home environment. Students are monitoring and scoring their own progress through the Student Progress System and each has reported making gains towards their goals. They report feeling settled, connected and are showing improved social skills, maturity and communication. The staff have also observed that students are more engaged and participate more eagerly. Dunlea Centre is one of five schools in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire generously supported by Toyota Australia. To date, more than 360 students and 80 teachers have directly benefited from its support.




Students taking part in a barista course, one example of how they prepare for work. Once completed, the students receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment in the preparation and service of espresso coffee and hygienic practices for food safety.

“The program has allowed my son to gradually increase his time in a mainstream setting, through a slow transition, bridging both school and settings. This has allowed me to feel more confident about his long-term capacity to manage his complete transition out of Dunlea and into a mainstream setting. I will forever be grateful for the assistance and support he has received at Dunlea.” PARENT OF STUDENT ATTENDING DUNLEA TRANSITION UNIT “Our young people are most fortunate to have a well-supported and well-resourced transition program. This extra time and space that the program provides are crucial ingredients in the success of the program. The gradual process allows for many anxious and uncertain individuals to steadily increase their confidence in preparation for a lasting and successful change to mainstream school or into the workforce.” PAUL MASTRONARDI, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, DUNLEA CENTRE “With our Woolooware Bay offices closing, we wanted to ensure that we left a lasting and valuable community legacy after our departure. Together with Schools Plus, we are helping students who live and attend school in the Sutherland Shire to reach their potential.” TONY CRAMB, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, SALES & MARKETING, TOYOTA AUSTRALIA




Stories of Schools Plus ‘Connected conversations’ at Granville East Public School Fair Education project, supported by The Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation The opportunity Granville East Public School has recognised that a truly integrated partnership with parents would significantly improve students’ learning experiences and outcomes. It was looking for innovative ways to further connect and engage with parents and community.

The solution The leadership team at the school, with coaching from Schools Plus, has created the concept of ‘connected conversations’ between teachers, parents and students. Across the school, it is introducing initiatives that nurture productive three-way learning conversations. One of many steps it has taken is to introduce a digital app which allows real-time communication between the classroom and home. Schools Plus’ coaching of the school leaders allowed rich discussion and reflection that helped them canvass a range of possibilities to turn their ideas into action. The coaching focused on designing an approach to connect and engage teachers and parents to best communicate and support students. It enabled leaders to develop a strategic plan that included project milestones to complement the outstanding work already being undertaken by the school.

The impact Parents and teachers are engaging more enthusiastically now and recognise the significance of working together and communicating often to enhance the learning experience for students. The number of parents interacting with the app usually exceeds 80% for each class and the app has proved very valuable for teachers to regularly engage with parents. It provides a voice to both groups and opens a real dialogue. The school is already reporting benefits to students’ engagement and achievement. It has even connected with a disadvantaged rural school, Coonamble Public School, to work together and share the project approach more widely. This is a project that is transforming the way in which students, parents and teachers work together to support learning. “The project allows teachers, parents and students to deeply connect about student progress at school and discuss their future learning goals.” ANNE BEEDE, RELIEVING ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL AT GRANVILLE EAST PUBLIC SCHOOL “It has given us a successful and multi-faceted approach to connecting with our community. Having the opportunity to use online tools such as the app, Class Dojo, has enabled us to have real time discussions, collaboratively reflect and celebrate the success of our students with all parents.” AMANDA DELVECCHIO, RELIEVING ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL AT GRANVILLE EAST PUBLIC SCHOOL 22


Robot teaches farming and food production at Gnowangerup District High School Fundraise Yourself project The opportunity Gnowangerup District High School is in the small rural town of Gnowangerup, 350 km south-east of Perth. The town is known for its agricultural industry, especially wheat and corn production. The school wanted to find an innovative, practical and engaging way to teach agriculture and food technology. The teachers came across the Farmbot, a robot that can perform almost all processes prior to harvesting including sowing, mechanical weed control and watering. They immediately saw the potential of bringing this technology to the school, and found the local community was also supportive.

The solution The cost of a Farmbot is over $5000 and Gnowangerup school needed to find some clever ways to raise this money! They used Schools Plus’ crowdfunding platform to reach out to their community, promoting the project in the school newsletter and social media and sending personalised emails to local businesses.

The impact The students are working with the Science Teacher on the programming of the Farmbot. They are learning how to use Raspberry Pi computers and Arduino electronics and using Python language to code the robot. This knowledge will open opportunities for the students to create other digital machines. They even have plans to build a second Farmbot using their own 3D printer and electronic components to further enhance the students’ skills in science, technology, engineering and maths. As these students live in a farming community, the Farmbot allows them to see firsthand how food production can be sustainable when used with effective technology. They can see how food production process takes place and can use the produce to create healthy, interesting food in their Food Technology classes.

“I found the Schools Plus platform very simple to use and I certainly think the editing Schools Plus did on our crowdfunding page enhanced our ability to raise funds.” AMANDA NICHOLS, SCIENCE TEACHER



Stories of Schools Plus Intensive Interactions improve communication at Mount Ommaney Special School Smart Giving project, supported by the Camp Australia Foundation

The opportunity Eye contact, facial expressions, body language, speech – they’re fundamental communication skills most of us take for granted. But at Mount Ommaney Special School in Brisbane, many students have such severe learning difficulties they’re operating at the very earliest phases of communication. Without these basic skills, children grow up socially isolated and unable to enjoy the company of others.

The solution Since 2011, Mount Ommaney has used the Intensive Interaction approach to improve students’ communication skills. It has been greatly successful through classroom delivery, with 100% of students improving their communication. The school sought support to expand this award-winning program from the classroom into students’ homes, to teach families the strategies that were having such impact at school. Through a new course involving information sessions, videos, handouts and one-on-one meetings, parents and siblings from eight families were trained in the Intensive Interaction approach.

The impact After only six months, the parents all said their child’s ability to communicate and their social engagement had increased. The students’ development was also tracked through a communication matrix – 30% of students showed improvement using this more complex evaluation, a significant result given the profound learning disabilities most have. The course is expected to benefit up to 250 students and their families over 10 years.

“For the first time since diagnosis, my son is making consistent progress … He is becoming less anxious, understanding more, following directions better, being more involved and most importantly, he is a happy little boy. The program has been life-changing - it is giving him and our family a much-needed improvement in our quality of life.” PARENT




Our supporters We are pleased to partner with these organisations and individuals who have invested in schools across Australia.

Strategic partners:

Jacaranda Foundation

Koshland Innovation Fund

Pioneers in Philanthropy

Major partners:

Andrew Jackson Day Family Foundation Gandel Philanthropy


Delaney Endowment, managed by Equity Trustees Michael Ahrens

Barr Family Foundation Drummond Foundation Phil Duncan


Key supporters: Bennelong Foundation Bob Austin Carter Family Foundation Chill Foundation Fremantle Foundation GreenCollar Holger & Claudia Schulz James N Kirby Foundation Light Earth Foundation Macquarie Group Foundation Newman’s Own Foundation

Peter Salisbury RB Richard Bomford Sandra Thompson Sheargold Foundation The Andrews Foundation The Camp Australia Foundation The Douglas Scott Foundation The Rali Foundation Watts Family in memory of Phyllis Watts

Pro bono supporters: Deloitte Macquarie Group Foundation PwC State Library of NSW Thomson Geer

Founding members: Australian Business Community Network (ABCN) Australian Council for Educational Research Foundation for Young Australians Philanthropy Australia Public Education Foundation Schools Connect Australia (now merged with ABCN) Social Ventures Australia The Smith Family



Our Pioneers in Philanthropy Over the past year the Pioneers in Philanthropy have supported 17 projects, benefiting thousands of students and teachers in nearly 60 schools across Australia. The Pioneers in Philanthropy are a group of Australia’s most distinguished business leaders and philanthropists who have come together to support disadvantaged schools and the teachers who work in them. Over five years, the Pioneers are directing more than $5 million through Schools Plus to transformative projects in schools and to support the Commonwealth Bank Teaching Awards. Chaired by David Gonski AC, the Pioneers firmly believe that all students, regardless of their location or background, deserve access to the education opportunities that will allow them to fulfil their potential. They especially want to support teachers through professional development, leadership coaching and greater recognition of teaching excellence.

The Pioneers in Philanthropy are:


David Gonski AC

Orli Wargon OAM

John B Fairfax AO

Nick Fairfax

John Grill AO

Rosie Williams

Angus James

Sarah James

Roger MassyGreene

Kerry Stokes AC

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia, represented by CEO Ian Narev


Philanthropist Rosie Williams tells why she and her husband John Grill joined the Pioneers Before Schools Plus, John and I were involved in supporting education at a post-graduate level. Nurturing the hard work and excellence of individuals and institutions at this higher level of education is necessary, important and enormously gratifying. But what about the other end of the education spectrum? What about our kids who are struggling just to make it through primary school and where even getting to high school will be an achievement? And what about those individuals and institutions at the start of a child’s formal educational journey?  So that’s where Schools Plus entered the picture. Schools Plus and the Pioneer program have given us a way to reach out and help support kids and their schools in those early years of a child’s academic experience. One of the projects we support is in Katherine (NT). It’s grown from five schools to 27. The project is about collecting data on student achievement and ensuring the teachers know how to read it and use it. They’re using the data as part of a long-term monitoring process with a focus on helping children transition from primary to high school.

teaching is restored in standing to the crucial, highlyrespected and honourable profession we know it to be. We are all concerned about the future of our society and with this in mind, we need to support our teachers who (along with parents) are the ultimate shapers of the citizens of tomorrow’s world. These are serious matters and it is a privilege to be a part of the Pioneers and to contribute to programs like this. What would I say to others considering supporting schools in need? I’d say don’t be overwhelmed, just start. One person can make an enormous difference and Schools Plus and the Pioneer program facilitates our desire to effect profound changes in the education of our children. Education is a journey that the children are on, the teachers are on, we are all on. John and I are delighted to be Pioneers and to share in this journey to shape education in Australia. ROSIE WILLIAMS, SCHOOLS PLUS PIONEER IN PHILANTHROPY

It’s humbling and exciting at the same time. We are only scratching the surface but at least we’re making a start. Amongst other things, I see our Pioneers program as a way of circumventing the system; we can come together to support an innovative project and say “let’s start now” and it does start then.  The Teaching Awards are another program we are very proud of. I see the Awards as helping to change the perception of teaching from within and without so that

John Grill AO and wife Rosie Williams with Schools Plus Board member Lisa Porter



ANGUS JAMES Chairman Principal Partner, independent corporate advisory partnership Aquasia. Former CEO of ABN AMRO Australia/NZ, board member of the Business Council of Australia and Australian Curriculum and Reporting Authority.

Our board


ROSEMARY CONN CEO Inaugural CEO of Schools Plus. Extensive experience working with schools, corporations and the community to bring about social change, including with Beacon Foundation, Charities Aid Foundation Australia and Deloitte.

Schools Plus has a passionate and professional Board of Directors who volunteer their time to help increase education equity.


PETER JACKSON CEO of Melbourne Football Club since 2013. Previously he held various positions in the AFL industry including CEO and/or Managing Director of Essendon Football and Chairman of AFL Victoria and AFL SportsReady. Peter has also consulted to a number of companies and other AFL clubs.

ANDREW JONES Former Principal of Broadmeadows Valley Primary School, Melbourne. Teacher/ school leader for 20+ years, Masters in International Education Policy, current Project Manager at Melbourne Graduate School of Education.

LISA PAUL AO PSM Former Secretary of the Federal Department of Education (2004-2016). Board memberships include the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth and Social Ventures Australia.

LISA PORTER Principal/Instructional Leader of Claymore Public School in south-west Sydney. Extensive experience in complex schools, mentor of aspiring principals providing professional development on school leadership and management.

MICHAEL TRAILL AM Founding CEO of Social Ventures Australia (SVA) (now Chair of the SVA Leadership Council). Previously Co-founder and Executive Director of Macquarie Group’s private equity arm, Macquarie Direct Investment.

KIM WILLIAMS AM Former Chief Executive at News Corp Australia, FOXTEL, the Australian Film Commission, Southern Star Entertainment and Musica Viva. Current commissioner of the Australian Football League.



ROSEMARY CONN Chief Executive Officer SHERRILL NIXON Director of Donor Relations JEFF BRUCE Director of Education

Our team

ERIC JAMIESON Director of Coaching GERALDINE BAILLET Fair Education Program Manager KYLIE BUBERIS State Manager VIC/SA BETH GIBBINS School Operations Manager JULIE MOLLOY Awards Program Manager JENNIFER BANNAN Alumni Program Manager DEE GUNASEKARA Communications Manager DEE HUGHES Admin & Operations Coordinator KRISTIN GOMES Project Manager We’d also like to thank Gillian Thacker, Rachel Banks, Malcolm Beard, Michele Camilleri, Rachel Kathriner and Ebru Davidson (Company Secretary) for their assistance.



Our Financials for FY 2017 Donations came from:



Community Donors

Corporate & Corporate Foundations


High Net Worth/ PAF/ Small Family Foundations


Larger Trusts & Foundations

Excludes the initial government grant that was provided to facilitate the establishment of Schools Plus.

This year, donors chose to donate to: 14% Schools Plus to support our operations

10% Capacity building for schools (through Awards and Fair Education)

76% Direct donations to schools



Statement of Profit or Loss for the year ended 30 June 2017 The initial government grant provided to establish Schools Plus has been recognised as revenue in the FY17. This represents a change in treatment from previous years in which the grant was recognised as deferred income and is based on the Board’s satisfaction that the conditions for the grant (the successful establishment and operation of Schools Plus as a standalone and sustainable entity) have been satisfied, and Schools Plus has control of the funding received. 2017 $

2016 $







Donations received for schools



Donations received for Australian Schools Plus Ltd


320, 572

Administration fees received



Interest & Dividends received



Sponsorship received



Unrealised gains on Investment








Audit fees

Administrative expenses



Computer expenses





Other expenses

Funds distributed to schools



Personnel expenses



Professional fees






Technology expenses



Travel Total comprehensive income for the year





* A further $1,129,490 of donations received (including administration fees) have been deferred to the next financial period to align with timing of project delivery. ** An initial government grant was provided to facilitate the establishment of Schools Plus and has been recognised as revenue in the current year.



Our Financials for FY 2017 Statement of Financial Position as at 30 June 2017 2017 $

2016 $



ASSETS Current Assets Cash and Cash Equivalents Trade and Other Receivables Total Current Assets





Non Current Assets Financial Assets



Total Non Current Assets



Total Assets



LIABILITIES Current Liabilities Trade and Other Payables Deferred Income Employee Provisions







Total Current Liabilities



Total Liabilities



Net Assets



Retained Earnings



Total Equity




A full copy of the financial report can be provided on request.


Together, we can help close the education gap.

AUSTRALIAN SCHOOLS PLUS Level 1, 204 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000 T: 02 8880 0296 E: Australian Schools Plus is a registered charity with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR1) status. ABN 65 164 622 459

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Schools Plus Annual Review 2017  

Schools Plus Annual Review 2017