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Your Checklist for Zeroing in on the Best International School in India

The number of international schools has been steadily increasing in India. In fact, choosing one from among the vast choice would be a daunting task indeed. Take for instance the case of a city like Chennai. Try searching for a Chennai International School and you will be amazed at the choice available. This being the case, it is always advisable that you have a checklist ready with you. This will come in handy when you are on the lookout for the best international schools. Location You must never make the mistake of choosing an international school just by going through their website. Always make sure that you visit the school premises in person before you make a choice. As soon as you enter the first decision that you need to make is to see whether the school indeed have an “international” look. A top international school will almost always be located amidst natural settings, away from the hustle and bustle of city traffic. Check out whether the school’s overall setting and atmosphere is conducive to learning. Classrooms Check out the classrooms once you are in the school campus. A top international school will surely have air conditioned classrooms. Remember, air conditioning is a must in a country like India where the weather is predominantly hot and humid in most parts.

Cafeteria A visit to the cafeteria in the school is also important. You can get an idea about the various types of international cuisine that is served in the school. Hostel Just in case you want your child to stay in the school’s hostel, you will need to take a close look at the facilities provided in the hostel.

Sports Facilities During your visit to the school, make sure that you take a closer look at all the facilities that are available. For instance, you can visit the labs. Similarly, you can also go and visit all the sports facilities that are provided. Remember, there is a lot of emphasis on sports in international schools.

Accreditations Another key thing that you need to look for in an International Schools in India is the accreditations. After all, an international school needs to have an international accreditation. Syllabus Check out the syllabus of the school. IGCSE and International Baccalaureate (IB) are considered the models that are followed in most of the international schools. You can check out with the faculty about the curriculum of the school. Speaking with the faculty will also help you gauge their standards too. Moreover, you can also get an idea as to whether the faculty has a helpful attitude towards students. You must also find out from the teachers about the kind of extra-curricular activities that are encouraged. A truly reputable international school will always encourage extracurricular activities for it helps in the development of the overall personality of children.

Your checklist for zeroing in on the best international school in india  
Your checklist for zeroing in on the best international school in india  

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