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specialist products and building solutions... Condition Surveys

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Project Management

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roof project management... design supply installation support


project profile…. the UK’s leading roofing systems management and installation services company…. the perfect blend of industry leading services and world class roofing….

AVOID CLASSROOM DISRUPTION Preventative maintenance plans stop problems before they arise ensuring uninterrupted teaching.

SAFE ROOFTOP MAINTENANCE Careful selection of the safest roofing products ensures there are no risks to building occupants.

GREEN ROOF RETURNS Environmental packages, carbon free roofing products, solar energy income generators.

roofing solutions for your buildings needs….

BUDGETING Full condition survey reports professional specification advice budget estimates & life cycle analysis building control & planning.


The UK’s market leader in roofing systems...

A low cost regime of planned maintenance,


periodically throughout the year, allows the school to avoid potential problems before they


have a knock-on effect on production, staff, fixtures

maintenance of a building will be fully aware of

and fittings and classroom disruption. Langley

the high costs and disruption associated with

recognise that the important work goes on inside

roof leaks. The cost of leak repairs are not

the school so we take the stress outside.






escalate into a failure in the roofing and all the associated class disruption and costs of repairs

limited to the physical work involved but also

flexible and precise products


for your buildings needs…

Rooftop clearance of accumulated debris (balls, leaves) and the cutting back of overhanging branches etc. ensure that guttering and rainwater outlets are free flowing, reducing standing water


and over exposure of vulnerable laps.


including... Online ‘live’ project status reports Planning and Building compliance Interest Free cost spreading package Total design (roofing & building works) Langley is the UK’s leading roofing and waterproofing systems supplier which seek to use their knowledge in conjunction with their partners to deliver zero cost project management to the education sector.

Flexible and sensitive approach to working …...around occupied school activities. GREEN ROOF RETURNS

Safe Roofing Systems

For those schools with green roofs or solar

All management and operatives CRB Checked …..Staff. Warranty range up to 40

panels, maximising the return from such an investment is essential and weeding/cleaning is vital to that success.


BUDGETING A brief condition report on the roof, highlighting any potential problems that may be forth coming over the coming year allowing budgeting.

Project Profile - Hertford Heath School Working on educational establishments can be

most experienced Roofing Contractors to develop

testing at any time. Often there is a need to fit large

customised roofing systems that can be installed at

scale works into very small program windows. The

any time of year, in term time where necessary,

traditional school summer holiday period has

utilising systems that cause the absolute minimum of

become shorter in recent years and prices for

disruption and that are completely safe to install, whilst

roofing work at this peak time of year can often be



problems before they arise ensuring

charged at a premium.

systems are expertly delivered by the Langley Project

uninterrupted teaching.

Langley have listened carefully to the needs of their

Management Team.




AVOID CLASSROOM DISRUPTION Preventative maintenance plans stop

Educational Clients and worked closely with their



Careful selection of the safest roofing products ensures there are no risks to building

Our Partners on Hertford Heath M&J Flat Roofing Ltd ( Barker Associates (

occupants. Extensive site co-ordination was required as more than just roofing works were involved. It was arranged that all scaffolding and the general site set-up would be organised outside of normal school hours, so as to minimise risk and disruption to the school which was still in term time. Ground drainage alterations and internal decorations formed part of the overall contract and



needed to be programmed alongside the roofing works. All of which are a normal part of the

“...M&J Flat Roofing Ltd carried out a re-roofing

Langley Contractor service offer. The specification recommended by Langley was carefully considered and given that the school was to remain in use throughout the project, the use of any hot applied bitumen on site was avoided. Working with the school through regular daily communication lines the works were carried out in an almost seamless operation. Importantly with no risk to the children and other site users.

project on our school during the winter of 2011-12. Works were carried out efficiently and with little disturbance to the normal day-to-day

GREEN ROOF RETURNS Environmental packages carbon free roofing products solar energy income generators.

routine of the school day. The roofing team worked long hours in all weathers and finished the

M&J Flat Roofing, a national contractor, were the Langley appointed contractor for this project. M&J operate a full Enhanced CRB system, whereby not only their own staff, but also all the

roof in good time. We are very pleased with the

sub-contractors they use have prominent photographic identification badges which includes their

final result - our roof is now leak-free and

personal Enhanced CRB reference number. Works were completed ahead of the client program and to an exacting standard.

flexible roofing solutions for your buildings needs…

hopefully our children will be well protected from the rain for many years to come!

BUDGETING Full condition survey reports professional specification advice budget estimates & life

Email: Telephone: 07817 920 445 Website:

cycle analysis building control & planning.

LANGLEY ASSET MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME (LAMPS) Unlike any of our competitors, Langley offer the bespoke LAMPS maintenance schedule to our clients. LAMPS helps to put off the day you need to re-roof. After our free initial survey we will provide you with a customised LAMPS maintenance schedule This will be bespoke to your site, but as a general rule include reference to: Safe access to all roof areas during term-time Site specific/bespoke items – e.g. Solar Panels Standard check and maintenance items: Rainwater outlets Gutters All flashings Rooflight glazing Mastic seals and pointing Rooftop equipment- eg. kitchen extracts Vegetation growth Debris accumulation Any change in condition of the roof covering What actions are required, and their frequency Langley can obtain competitive prices from our Partner Contractors for implementation of your LAMPS Maintenance Schedule

Important note : School Management have a Corporate Responsibility for the Health & Safety of their staff. Rooftop maintenance is a specialist service and any rooftop access should only be attempted by suitably trained staff utilising suitable fall protection measures. Additional service options include: full measured roof surveys with AutoCAD roof plans annotated photographic references full specification CDM, Tendering and Project Management (zero cost)

Bishop Crewe House North Street, Daventry Northants NN11 4GH

Tel: 07817 920 445


design supply installation support

Langley School Roofs  

Langley School Roofs

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