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School Scoop eMag identified a need in the market with regards to the coverage of local school news at all levels in every town in South Africa. Where will you find a website or publication in your town which covers local school news etc? Only your local newspaper will you reply...but you and I know that you will find this only at the last two pages of your local newspaper and only certain schools feature there and that the news are already 2 months old. The reason for this is that your local newspaper has limited space available for local school news due to the high printing cost. Therefore School Scoop eMag was established to cover all the news in Local Schools all over South Africa and publish it over the net so that the whole world can read about it. We are there to give exposure to everyone, but more important, to those individuals, persons, teams whom participate in sport and activities every day, but never get any recognition. Everyone now have a chance to get the recognition they deserve and not only certain groups, schools or individuals. We make it possible for all the local Schools in South Africa to market and promote themselves by covering their news in our eMag FOR FREE. If your School has not yet been registered, please go to to register your school. If you would like to advertise your business in our eMag or website, please contact us by mail: Hope you will find our website and eMag useful and exciting.

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