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School Scoop eMag identified a need in the market with regards to the coverage of local school news at all levels in every town in South Africa. Where will you find a website or publication in your town which covers local school news etc? Only your local newspaper will you reply...but you and I know that you will find this only at the last two pages of your local newspaper and only certain schools feature there and that the news are already 2 months old. The reason for this is that your local newspaper has limited space available for local school news due to the high printing cost. Therefore School Scoop eMag was established to cover all the news in Local Schools all over South Africa and publish it over the net so that the whole world can read about it. We are there to give exposure to everyone, but more important, to those individuals, persons, teams whom participate in sport and activities every day, but never get any recognition. Everyone now have a chance to get the recognition they deserve and not only certain groups, schools or individuals. We make it possible for all the local Schools in South Africa to market and promote themselves by covering their news in our eMag FOR FREE. If your School has not yet been registered, please go to to register your school. If you would like to advertise your business in our eMag or website, please contact us by mail: Hope you will find our website and eMag useful and exciting.

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SKOLE SLUIT (Tennis is nog nie beskikbaar nie.)

om 10:30

1 April

Innes vier n’ rooi en pienk Valentynsdag

Dyllin Esterhuizen beste baanatleet Dyllin Esterhuizen, n’ Graad 7 leerling van Laerskool innes is aangewys as die beste o/13 baanatleet tydens Sone Atletiekbyeenkoms in Despatch. Hier ontvang hy sy medalje van Mnr. L. Stander, hoof van Laerskool innes.

Graad 1”s 2011

E-pos: Webwerf:

EERSTE KWARTAAL 19 Januarie 20 Januarie 24 Januarie 25 Januarie 26 Januarie 27 Januarie 29 Januarie 2 Februarie 3 Februarie 7 Februarie 8 Februarie 10 Februarie 11 Februarie 12 Februarie 15 Februarie 16 Februarie 17 Februarie 19 Februarie 21 Februarie 22 Februarie 25 Februarie 4 Maart 4 & 5 Maart 7 – 11 Maart 12 Maart 17 – 19 Maart 18 & 19 Maart 21 Maart 25 Maart 26 Maart 1 April

Skool begin. Geen buitemuurs. Skool verdaag 12:35 Graad 2; 13:10 Graad 3 – 7 Buitemuurs begin Skool verdaag 12:35 Graad 2; 14:10 Graad 3 - 7 VCSV Graad 4 – 7 opening Atletiek velditems by Handhaaf VCSV Graad 1 – 3 opening Atletiek kleurbyeenkoms by Brandwag Leerlingraadkamp Atletiek sonebyeenkoms VCSV Koffiekroeg Graad 1 – 3 Graad 5 – 7 Inligtingsaand Graad 1 Inligtingsaand VCSV Koffiekroeg Graad 4 – 7 Pretloo p Valentynsdans Atletiek distriksbyeenkoms Graad 3 Inligtingsaand Leerlingraad Gala Graad 4 – 7 Individuele foto’s Leerlingraad Valentynsokkie Graad 6 & 7 Atletiek NMMU Byeenkoms Graad 2 Inligtingsaand Graad 4 Inligtingsaand Graad 7 klasverkoping “Roadhouse” (Netbal) Atletiek provinsiale kampioenskappe PE Samaritaansweek Jacques-Loval Skaaktoernooi Atletiek Nasionale Kampioenskappe Gauteng 0/14 Tennistoernooi Openbare Vakansiedag – Menseregtedag SKOOLKWARTALE 2011 Graad 1 klasverkoping Gholfdag 19 Januarie – 1 April; 11 April – 24 Junie Skool sluit 10:30

18 Julie – 30 September; 10 Oktober – 9 Desember

Openbare vakansiedae: 21 Maart Menseregtedag; 22 April Goeie Vrydag; 25 April Gesinsdag; 26 April Skool vakansiedag; 27 April Vryheidsdag; 1 Mei Werkersdag; 2 Mei Skool vakansiedag; 16 Junie Jeugdag; 17 Junie Skoolvakansiedag; 8 Augustus Skool vakansiedag; 9 Augustus Vrouedag; 24 September Erfenisdag

Handhaaf Leerlingraadkamp Spe sifie om k me t die ons te o leerde doel ntw l ei e ikke rs l

Moet nie vergeet datums vir Februarie 2011 15 Februarie 2011 16 Februarie 2011 17 Februarie 2011 19 Februarie 2011 21 Februarie 2011 22 Februarie 2011 25 Februarie 2011 4 Maart 2011

Graad 3 Inligtingsaand Leerlingraad Gala Graad 4-7 Individuele foto’s Leerlingraad Valentynsokkie Graad 6 & 7 Atletiek NMMU Byeenkoms Graad 2 Inligtingsaand Graad 4 Inligtingsaand Graad 7 Inligtingsaand “Roadhouse” Netbal

Contact: Sharné Knoetze Tel: 041 992 2442 Cell Phone: 084 549 6551 Email:


College Hill Cares College Hill donated R900 to the Diabetes Association of South Africa at a special Valentine’s assembly held at the school on 11 February 2011. The learners and staff wore something red to symbolize their love to help out and show compassion for those diagnosed with diabetes. The incidence of diabetes appears to be increasing at an alarming rate and is now becoming all the more common, even amongst children of a young age. “In response to this we have thought it wise to inform our children and members of staff of the symptoms, treatment and general information regarding diabetes in order that we all be aware of the way in which to react to this challenge,” said Miss Erica Basson, Principal of College Hill Preparatory School. Parents were invited to attend the informative assembly which included an ageappropriate video where a young child is diagnosed with diabetes; the processes which the family need to follow as well as the necessary changes in eating habits and treatments. Additionally the video illustrated the possible symptoms and the way in which children can report to their teachers if they notice symptoms of “sugar highs/lows” in peers who might already be diagnosed with diabetes. ### If you would like more information about this topic, please call Sharné Knoetze at 084 549 6551, or email Sharné at

3 Despatch atlete presteer tydens Geel Bladsy byeenkoms in Parow ..

Driesprong: Simone v/d Merwe(silwer), 300m H Nico Bakkes(brons), Driesprong Marine v/d Merwe

3 Atlete van Hoerskool Despatch, Nico Bakkes, Simone en Marine van der Merwe het gedurende Desember aan die eind rondte van die Geel Bladsye byeenkoms in Parow deelgeneem. Die byeenkoms het op 18 Desember plaasgevind en het room van atletiek getrek. Atlete soos Leigh Julios, Sergio Mullins en Cornel Fredericks het deelgeneem aan die byeenkoms. Nico Bakkes het in die 300m hekkies teen Cornel Frederick en Louw Smit(Maties) n’ persoonlike beste tyd gehardloop en n’ brons medalje verower. In die driesprong het Simone en Marine van der Merwe weereens vir goeie distansies gesorg en silwer en brons medaljes verower.

Kleurebyenkoms Uitslae Hoerskool Despatch het heerlik kleurebyeenkoms gehou en daar is verskeie rekords verbeter. Die GROENSPAN was die algehele wenners, die GOUDSPAN het die sangbeker gevat en die WITSPAN het die groepaflos gewen. Atlete het hulself laat geld. Rekords wat verbeter was: Onder 14:Nadia Meiring Diskus, van 25.73 na 28.30m Nadia Meiring Hamergooi, van 29.63 na 31.24m Nadia Mering Gewigstoot, van 8.60 na 9.72m Sibulele Mandeka 90mh, nuwe item, 18.68s Alizea van Rensburg 300mh, nuwe item, 1:08.00s Justin van Dyk 300mh, nuwe item, 1:00.50s Onder 15: Zain Rule Driesprong, van 10.09 na 10.90m Conrad Kapp Gewigstoot, van 13.31m na 13.71m Onder 16: Simone vd Merwe Driesprong, van 9.55 na 10.40m Mieke Stander Hamergooi, van 44.48 na 44.60m Wynand Grassmann Hoogspring van 1.80 na 1.85m Onder 17: Nico Bakkes 400mh van 1:02.70s na 57.25s Dillan Korkie Hamergooi van 55.90 na 63.35m

.. Hoerskool Despatch Hengel Die Suid-Afrikaanse Nasionale Rots en Strandhengel Kampionskappe het vanaf 19 Januarie 2011 tot 21 Januarie 2011 te Grens, Oos Londen, plaasgevind. Daar was 17 provinsiale spanne verteenwoordig. Die hengelaars het in moeilike omstandighede gehengel. Baie warm en rowwe see is ervaar en slegs enkele vis is gevang. Na die 1ste dag was Boland die top hengel provinsie. Dag 2 was daar geen verandering aan die weersomstandighede nie en die seuns moes .. storm sterk wind, reen en rowwe see trotseer. Na dag 2 was Boland nogsteeds die voorlopers en die OP 2de. Dag 3 was die moeilikste van die drie dae, aangesien daar baie seegras in die water was .. Jacques Meyer het op die top 10 hengelaars geeindig uit en dit die hengel omstandighede baie die 68 hengelaars teenwoordig. Dit is sy tweede bemoeilik het. Die kompetisie is afgesluit met agtereenvolgende jaar wat Jacques gekies word vir die Op n’ prysuitdeling die Vrydagaand. Boland was o/16 span. Hierdie jaar was Jacques egter die kaptein van 1ste, Sentraal Gauteng 2de en OP 3de. hierdie span en onder sy leiding het hul baie goed van hul taak gekwyt.

.. Hoerskool Despatch Skaak

Waldo van de Venter het Desember 2010 aan die SA junior skaakkampionskappe deelgeneem, en het die volgende suksesse behaal. In die spantoernooi, het Waldo bord 3 gespeel en 6 uit 7 westryde gewen. Die onder 16 A-span kom tweede en behaal silwer. Individueel het Waldo 8 uit 9 westryde gewen, en is tans die no. 1 onder 16 speler in Suid-Afrika. Waldo is ook gekies om Suid-Afrika in November 2011 te verteenwoordig in Rio Janero vir die wereld kampioenskappe. Hoerskool Despatch is baie trots op Waldo, .. en weet dat hy ons skool se naam hoog gaan hou in Brazilie.

Graad 8,s 2011 Bang, skrikkerig en onseker het hulle nader gestaan. Wat gaan hulle aan ons doen, gaan ek inpas by die skool?, was enkele van die vrae wat ek glo, deur sommige se .. gedagtes geegaan het toe hulle op Dinsdag 18 Januarie 2011, by Hoerskool Despatch se hekke ingestap het. Hulle moet kom hoor wat le vir hulle voor vir die .. volgende paar dae by Hoerskool Despatch. Die leerderraad van 2011 het die nuwelinge onder hulle vlerke geneem en met groot gemak en baie plesier het die .. nuwe leerders aan Hoerskool Despatch onmiddelik tuis gevoel. n’ Hele naweek van opwinding is vir hulle gereel. Die hoogtepunt van die naweek was natuurlik die Sottekonsert waaraan almal deelgeneem het.

Riebeek College Developing Dynamic Leaders Since 1877; 041 992 2442

Top Learner in District Loren Kapp, a prefect at Riebeek College Girls’ High School, is the Top Student in the Uitenhage District. In celebration of her exceptional results, Loren was invited to a ceremony in East London where they awarded her with the Premier’s Scholarship Bursary to study at a university of her choice. Loren is registered to study Medicine in Bloemfontein at the University of the Free State, and is excited to make her dream become a reality. “I always wanted to become a Doctor and now everything is falling into place. I am interested in specialising to become a surgeon or a pediatrician and later I’ll do theatre dancing in my spare time,” said Loren Kapp. She received 7 As in total for English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Physical Science, Life Orientation, History and Life Sciences.

When asked how she managed to achieve this, she replied: “I balanced my life and did not isolate myself. Making notes in class really helped me. My teachers at Riebeek College played a very big role in supporting me. They provided extra lessons for all of us matric girls and facilitated brainstorming sessions of past exam papers.” “Loren Kapp has been a friendly, modest and inspirational role model not only to her fellow students, but to all at Riebeek College. Her consistent striving for excellence stood her in good stead and she deserves her outstanding excellent set of results. She was a most worthy top student in the whole of the Uitenhage District,” said Mrs Marilyn Woods, Principal of Riebeek College.

Loren Kapp is congratulated by the Eastern Cape Education MEC Mandla Makupula and the Eastern Cape Premier, Ms Noxolo Kiviet

U/16 Hockey Festival Riebeek College is hosting the fourth annual U/16 Hockey Festival on the school’s hockey fields from Friday 4 March to Saturday 5 March 2011. This hockey festival starts the year off with numerous opportunities especially since it is the only tournament in the Eastern Cape region for girls in this age group. The tournament creates great opportunity for schools to experience the current level of competition and provides an early start to

developing good hockey skills and observing the selected teams in action. Numerous schools from all over the Eastern Cape have already confirmed their participation in this event. These schools include the following: Kingsridge High School (Kings William’s Town), Victoria Girls High School (Grahamstown), Cambridge High School (East London), Westering High School (Port Elizabeth), Riebeek College (Uitenhage), Brandwag (Uitenhage) and St Dominic’s Priory (Port Elizabeth).

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