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DDS & DH Alumni president messages Boyle McCauley Health Centre Dental Clinic expansion provides valuable service in the community A detective in the making CDE courses take flight DDS and DH students raise $120,000 for local charity Journey of a lifetime Student lounge promotes self-care Class legacies - leave your mark Are you attending PDC?



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New year celebrates giving back With another year in the books and 2019 well on its way, we can look forward to another exciting year as alumni. This year our theme is giving back to the community. As University of Alberta alumni, we have a wealth of knowledge, information, and experience that we can use to give back. This can

Rebecca Lee

DH Alumni President DH ‘12

take a variety of forms from giving oral health instruction to school kids to providing care to the elderly in long-term care facilities. A small gesture can make a large impact, so I implore our alumni to focus this new year on ways that we can make a difference. The University of Alberta dental and dental hygiene students set an excellent example of giving back to the community through the newly built Boyle McCauley Health Centre Dental Clinic. Here they operate a student run organization called Student Health Initiatives for the Needs of Edmonton (SHINE) where they provide dental and dental hygiene care at no cost every Saturday during the school year. This is a great way for the students to provide valuable treatment to vulnerable populations. It’s empowering to see our students paving the way in volunteering and community leadership. It allows them to grow as young adults and encourages them to see the benefits of giving back to the community. This is no different as we become alumni. Giving back allows us to grow as a group and lets us use our knowledge and experience to strengthen our communities.

Building stronger relationships As we go through the deep freeze that has been in Edmonton the last few weeks, it is a good time to reflect on how fortunate many of us have been. We had the privilege and opportunity to attend a world class educational institution. Graduating with skills

Mintoo Basahti

DDS Alumni President DDS ‘88

that have allowed us to pursue fulfilling our dreams of successful careers. Along the way of course there have been heartaches and tragedies for some our Alumni as life is bound to bring. Fate is what it is and even the best laid plans are subject to its vagrancies. For those of us who have been blessed to be able to achieve a modicum of success through hard work and the excellent education we received, much is expected. As a result of this success we all have the opportunity to support those causes close to our hearts ­‑ giving back to various charities, community programs and healthcare agencies. I would respectfully request that you think about the opportunities to give back to the School of Dentistry and Alumni-driven programs. The Dentistry for Life Campaign is one option. It’s the first official fundraising campaign on record for the School of Dentistry. The Dental Alumni Association’s goal over the short term is to continue to engage Alumni and build the tie back to the School of Dentistry and its excellent Dentistry for Life Campaign. Over the long term let’s work together to take our Alumni Association and Dental School into its next 100 years stronger than ever.


The newly expanded Boyle McCauley Health Centre Dental Clinic was officially opened on January 28. The University of Alberta’s School of Dentistry chair Paul Major, MLA for Edmonton-Centre David Shepherd, Ward 6 City Councilor Scott McKeen and executive director of Boyle McCauley Health Centre Cecilia Blasetti officially welcome everyone to the new site.



The Canadian Academy of Health Sciences recommends that dentistry schools provide explicit training for oral health care professionals in versatile approaches to oral health care delivery for a variety of vulnerable groups.

Dental clinic expansion provides valuable service in the community The grand opening of the newly expanded

street level facility into the Renaissance Tower will

Boyle McCauley Health Centre Dental Clinic

likely result in more families and children being

(BMHC) was officially held on January 28. The

treated. Thanks to this community partnership and

expansion provides easy access to dental care

fundraising campaign led by the school, the new

for vulnerable populations and will continue to

modern eight-chair clinic expects over 3,000 visits

be a valuable hands-on learning environment for

each year.

dentistry and dental hygiene students. “We are very excited that our partnership with “Population demands have long created a need

Alberta Health Services and the University of

for an expansion of clinic space and services for

Alberta’s School of Dentistry has resulted in the

the community and we are thrilled to open that

expansion of our Dental Clinic, making it possible

expansion today,” says Paul Major, chair of the

for more members of our community to access

School of Dentistry. “We are able to provide

comprehensive, affordable dental care,” says

dental care to a population that often goes without

Cecilia Blasetti, executive director of the BMHC.

adequate care. This clinic will not only enable better oral health for these underserved

The BMHC dental clinic will now be able to

populations but it will also help provide

accommodate more emergencies. In the 2017-2018

preventative care.”

year alone there were 755 emergency visits to the dental clinic. Wait times for follow-up

Located in its new site in the Metis Capital Housing

appointments will be reduced and the clinic will

Corporation Renaissance Tower, the $1.5 million

be able to accept more patients.

expansion was made possible by the partnership between the University of Alberta’s School of

Furthermore, it is expected that the increase in

Dentistry, The Metis Nation of Alberta, BMHC and

services the clinic provides will allow for more

Alberta Health Services (AHS).

preventative dental care resulting in continuity

Oral health care services have been provided by the U of A students through the Student Health Initiative for the Needs of Edmonton (SHINE) program since 1993 when the BMHC dental clinic was first established. It had since outgrown the space. Each year just over 2,000 patients visit the clinic which had only four operatory chairs. Moving the clinic from the basement of the BMHC and into a

of care; and provide students with valuable experience as healthcare providers as they serve these vulnerable populations. “I’m extremely pleased the Boyle McCauley dental clinic has expanded to care for even more vulnerable Albertans. The support this clinic offers every day helps Albertans who may have difficulty accessing dental care to obtain this critical health service,” says Sarah Hoffman, Minister of Health.


A detective at work As a child Ivonne Hernandez dreamed of

Hernandez was born in Toronto and grew up in

becoming a detective. But in university a basic

Chile where she finished her dentistry degree.

science course led her on the path to become

She completed her graduate degree in 2003

a dentist. She then found an interesting way to marry the two professions.

at the University of Alberta and the advanced

Instead of solving crimes, the orofacial pain

She’s been teaching at the school since May

dentist and clinical professor is busy solving

2001 and she is committed to giving back to the

medical mysteries.

profession that’s given her so much.

“We’re trying to find the missing link in

“When you are a student times can be tough.

diagnosing a patient when they come to oral

I was fortunate to have had resources to help

medicine,” says Hernandez. “That’s why in

me. For me giving allows students to focus on

orofacial or TMD you have to be a detective of

building their skills rather than focusing on

sorts. It’s a puzzle of a patient’s symptoms and

financial stress,” says Hernandez. “My biggest

you put it together and try to figure out what’s

way of giving back is my time as a teacher. My

not fitting.”

main drive is to train the best professionals

placement program in 2005.

you can in these specialty areas, and to achieve This was exactly the case of a 15-year-old

this, you need to teach and be passionate about

female patient that was referred to her.

it.” Which Hernandez definitely is.

Hernandez says the patient had been in-and-

Coming from a family of teachers Hernandez

out of the hospital for over a year. But what was

says teaching is engrained in her. From her

believed to be symptoms of asthma and sinus

parents to her great grandmother and

pressure was actually Wegner’s disease – a

everyone in between – they were all teachers.

rare systemic disease. “Dentists have specialized skills and the way “When I poked at her gum, they didn’t bleed so

to ensure we provide the best care to our

I knew it wasn’t gingivitis. But I knew some-

patients is to share our knowledge with the

thing was wrong,” says Hernandez. “You have

next generation of professionals,” she says,

patients with pain and you have to find out what’s causing it.”

adding that leading by example is the best way to motivate others.

PHOTO: Dr. Ivonne Hernandez graduated from the School of Dentistry’s Advance Placement Program and is now a faculty member.

DID YOU KNOW? The School of Dentistry admits 12 Advanced Placement students each year.



CDE courses take flight Pack your bags and get ready for a new dental

amenities you receive. You also have a chance

journey. The Continuing Dental Education

to win two free nights at any Fairmont Resort

(CDE) Passport Series has taken flight!

(Mountain Region) and fifty per cent off a CDE course (some restrictions apply).

The 2019 Passport Series is a new way to get your continuing education points and become

“The Passport series is about finding the road

a part of an adventure at the same time. CDE

and picking your destination,” says Yacyshyn.

has launched a series of courses that allow

“We want to reward the people who

participants to collect stamps at each course

always attend.”

they attend and be entered to win a unique prize. Jasper, Lake Louise, Whistler, Banff and Arizona are all a part of this special Passport

The 2019 series features: January 4 -5 Jasper – Looking back to Look Forward

Series courses and each location has a different offering.

February 8-10 Banff – Annual Banff Updater

“We want to promote shared experiences,” says James Yacyshyn, director of the Continuing Dental Education program at the

March 29-30 Lake Louise – Health is Wealth

School of Dentistry. “We’re adding a new spin to our regular lectures. It’s an interesting

May 10-11

series, giving people fun destinations and

Jasper – Ski In > Golf Out

transformative curriculum.” July 19-20 The Passport Series is an incentive to the

Whistler – Carving New Trails

people who always attend CDE courses says Yacyshyn. The series explores a variety of topics. The more events you attend and stay with our partner, The Fairmont Resorts, the more discounts for course fees and hotel


November 28-30 Scottsdale – Moving Fore-ward

Passport Series 2019



Dental Student Association volunteer committee


for the Annual Charity Ball 2019.

DDS and DH students raise $120,000 for local charity The dentistry and dental hygiene students at the U of A

in three different areas—sixty-five percent will go to

are proving to be vital to the health of our communities

DFA, thirty percent will go to the Student Support and

by raising $120,000 for the non-profit charity Dentistry

Wellbeing endowment fund, and five percent will go

for All (DFA).

to support the Boyle McCauley Health Centre Dental Clinic.

“It still feels surreal that we surpassed our goal by $40,000,” says Jhoyli Labrador-Stacey DDS 2021

For Blaine AuCoin, comprehensive care director,

class rep and organizing chair of the Dental Student

associate chair, student affairs and director of

Association’s (DSA) 9th Annual Winter Charity Ball.

Dentistry for All, the donation simply left him

“I feel incredibly fortunate to have been a part of this


project and to witness our community coming together to support these charities. Our team has

“The incredible amount that was fund raised during

done an amazing job and we are very proud of

the Charity Ball was a result of an amazing year-long


planning and dedication of the whole committee,” says AuCoin “The generosity of the event sponsors,

The Annual Winter Charity Ball is a student-driven

donors and those bidding on items enables DFA to

initiative with a focus on helping those less

continue the charity’s work in Central America. We

fortunate. The dental program is an extremely intense

are able to provide dental care to those who have very

and demanding program; the students are incredibly

limited access to care due to location and costs.”

busy, and have little personal time and yet because of their hard work and commitment the amount of

DFA also provides local dentists with some of the

money they raise continues to increase each year.

means to provide care by bringing supplies from Canada so community dental programs can be

Last year $101,500 was collected for Kindness in

provided between missions. In addition, DFA’s

Action and the U of A Global Student Outreach

facilities are used by a local dental school as part of

Endowment Fund. Each year the DSA alternates

an externship program for dental students from

between supporting the two charities both of which

Guatemala. The funds raised will enable these

are non-profit organizations that provide free dental

important programs to continue and expand into the

care to areas where dental care is limited or non-

future. It is the DFA’s mission to provide access to care


to those who otherwise would not get care and also to provide local dental professionals, current and future,

“Since we raised so much it was agreed upon

opportunities to provide care to their people.

by the committee to redirect some funds,” says Labrador-Stacey. “The money raised will be directed

DID YOU KNOW? As a result of the DSA fundraising initiatives, there are 25 students attending the dental missions this year.


Journey of a lifetime Two years later Trudy and Blaine AuCoin (DDS


‘89) still fight back tears as they describe the emotional journey of one young patient who

During each mission trip, 300 patients are

was brought in by her mother during their 2017

seen and approximately 900 procedures are

dental mission trip to El Chaparral, Nicaragua.

performed over the course of a week.

The 12-year-old patient couldn’t talk. The

“What the people who live in these

only way she could convey emotion was by

communities do in their day-to-day life is

screaming. And as Trudy recalls, she needed

amazing,” says Blaine. “They don’t have very

both restorations and extractions.

much and they are such happy people. They are so appreciative. The way they touch your heart

“It was a life changing thing,” says Trudy,

and make you feel welcome keeps you going

who along with her husband Blaine are trip


coordinators for Dentistry for All (DFA) – a non-profit volunteer organization that provides

During each mission trip, close to 300 patients

free dental care in areas around the world for

receive dental treatment over a nine day period.

those who have limited to no access to dental

For people who haven’t visited or lived in these

care. Since their first mission, the

parts of the world before will gain appreciation

organization has performed over 83,000

of where they are in life says Blaine.

procedures. “It was a challenging environment to work in but she gave me a big hug in the end.

“It’s an eye opener,” he says. “You quickly

You are taking people out of pain and giving

realize you don’t need a lot of stuff to be happy.

them access to care.”

You only need love, family and friendship to survive.”

Blaine recalls another similar story where one woman walked for four hours with a 25 pound

Both Trudy and Blaine are clinical professors at

bag of rice on her head to see them. She got all

the School of Dentistry.

her teeth pulled and then carried her rice home

DID YOU KNOW? Dentistry for All was started by School of Dentistry graduate Dennis Bedard (DDS ‘78) and his wife Bev in 1995.


PHOTOS: Drs. Blaine and Trudy AuCoin are volunteer trip coordinators with Dentistry for All.


Since its inception in 1917, the Faculty of Dentistry (later the School of Dentistry) has provided a student lounge for its learners in the Dental Pharmacy Building. The most recent lounge, affectionately called the Pulp Chamber, closed in 2011 with our move to the Edmonton Clinic Health Academy and Kaye Edmonton Clinic. Citing a lack of available space, the University of Alberta and Alberta Health Services, were not able to provide a replacement. Students in the health care professions are unique. They are our future clinicians and they deal with all of the issues and stresses inherent to these professions. They are better described as our junior colleagues. In our practices and hospitals, it is not uncommon for practitioners to discuss a wide variety of subjects ranging from patient care and outcomes to strategies for improving access to care to personal problems. They do this within the privacy and sanctity of the doctor’s lounges and private offices. These places are only open to the privileged few who are the care providers. I have always recognized the value of these refuges, as they are where I have learned or where I have been able to share my knowledge with others. Our students are no different. They need a place where they can relax, unwind or discuss what they have learned. They also need a place where they can discuss us, their mentors, in a place of safe disclosure. The lyrics from the old sitcom Cheers best describes what our student lounge means to me:

PHOTO: Dr. Tom Stevenson and his wife Pat help

“Sometimes you want to go Where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came. You wanna be where you can see, our troubles are all the same You wanna be where everybody knows Your name.” Through the efforts of the School of Dentistry, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Alberta Health Services and the University of Alberta and the generosity of Library Sciences, we now have our new student lounge in Kaye Edmonton Clinic. This dedicated area not only provides our charges with a safe haven, it is also interdisciplinary in accommodating all learners in the health care professions working in Kaye Edmonton Clinic. Dr. Tom Stevenson School of Dentistry


Students a The Knowledge Commons student lounge

“Having a

has been a long-time coming says Tom


Stevenson who had been trying to find a


suitable location for years.

and well-

Knowledg The new student lounge is open to all

possible b

Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry students


in the Kaye Edmonton Clinic. There is one

School of

small catch however – no academic or support staff allowed.


ped fund the Knowledge Commons Student Lounge in Kaye Edmonton Clinic.

at centre of self-care

a safe place to rest and

lounge for the students since moving

“It amplifies the best of all worlds

ate with your fellow student

out of the old Dentistry Pharmacy

because it’s a multidisciplinary haven

es is important for mental health

building. Therefore, the new lounge is

where learners can confidentially discuss

-being,” says Stevenson. “The

being named after the Stevenson’s in

their clinical and other experiences

ge Commons is only made

recognition of their donation to the

without us being present,” says

by the many individuals whose

Dentistry of Life fundraising campaign.

Stevenson. “It’s vital to have a grounded

ations and efforts define the

f Dentistry.”

n had been advocating for the

place where you can go and discuss your The new space features leather sofas and

day. An important part of learning and

a big screen TV; ping pong table; study

problem solving occurs when you have

room; and a space to eat lunch.

conversations with your peers.”

DID YOU KNOW? In the old Dentistry/Pharmacy building the student lounge was called The Pulp Chamber.


Join the growing list of classes who are leaving a lasting legacy by supporting the School of Dentistry, Dentistry for Life fundraising campaign. Leave a lasting legacy for your class by sponsoring an Operatory in the School of Dentistry Oral Health Care Clinic. With a class donation of $25,000 towards the Dentistry for Life Campaign your class will have an open operatory named after you, in recognition of your generous donation. This is an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy and impression in the new clinic and to be recognized by patients and students for years to come for you generosity and support of the School of Dentistry. As a class you can choose where your donation goes. The Dentistry for Life campaign has three major areas of focus: • Access to Care • Boyle McCauley Dental Clinic • Geriatric Oral Health • Student Global Missions • Student Support & Wellbeing • Student Infrastructure • Student Bursaries • Research & Innovation • Education/Scholarship Research • Oral Health Community Engagement


Will YOU be at the Pacific Dental Conference March 7-9? Come visit the University of Alberta, School of Dentistry at Booth 1843. We will be showcasing the programs and courses of Continuing Dental Education and the highlights of the Dentistry for Life Campaign. Come by the booth and get an Alumni exclusive gift! Just mention that you are Alumni to our booth reps. Don’t forget to register for the Dental & Dental Hygiene Alumni Association Reception host March 8th.

March 7 - 9, 2019 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 19




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Alumni Connections Winter/Spring 2019  

The weatherman is predicting a cold weekend in Edmonton; not too sure about the rest of the country? Why not use this time to plan your next...