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Editor’s Letter The weather is getting colder and the nights are drawing in which can only mean one thing...Well hello Autumn! Where is this year going? It seems only yesterday that the kids went back to school and here we are with Half Term almost upon us. We have been really busy at Educational LIfe HQ over the last couple of months, in this edition you will find a proud

intro into our new sponsor, a welcome to a new team member, plenty of good news, a couple of really stonking competitions for you to enter and plenty of info and advice we hope you enjoy reading it, as always we welcome your feedback, have a fab half term and don’t forget to let us know what you get up to! Claire x Find us on social media - search for Educational Life

Our Vision – Shaping the future through Inspiration, Support & Positivity Our Mission – To empower and inspire our youth by sharing good news stories and information from the schools and local communities.

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Educational Life is committed to reducing the local carbon footprint - please pass this magazine on before recycling. Educational Life is published on behalf of Educational Life CIC, Unit 7 The LEAD Centre, Dane Valley Road, St Peters, Broadstairs, CT10 3JJ Educational Life is put together in co-operation with local community groups & schools and we have been given permission to use all stories and photos used within this magazine.

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Help support our mission by sharing the good news and information and also by telling our advertisers that you saw their advert in this publication. Educational Life CIC | East Kent | Issue 4 | Autumn 2017

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Contents For Jimmy Safe Haven Programme Vattenfall Sponsors Educational Life

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Good old Aussie ‘Sausage Sizzle’


Educational Life - New Team Member



5 Reasons why a small business needs a website 10-11 Chilton’s Learning Journey


Newington Head Pupils


Broadstairs English Centre


Northbourne Park Celebrate European Day of Language


St Laurence Learn About Japan Lets Play - Fun Pages

18 20-21

Pumpkin Pie Recipe


Primary & Secondary Cross Country



Upton Girls Earn Kent Soccer Finals Spot 24-25 Kent College Riding Arena unveiled The Benefits of Children Playing Sport Thanet Wanderers Open Day 2017

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All About...The School SENCO


History Fact File - Anne Boelyn


How to...Get Rid of Unwanted Visitors


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The information contained in Educational Life has been published in good faith and every effort has been made to ensure it’s accuracy. All Liability for loss, negligence or damage caused by reliance on the information contained within this publication is hereby excluded. 3 3

Peace is not a destination, it’s a journey. Will you join us? Safe Havens Programme The programme helps young people recognise the power that they have to bring about change and create safe public spaces to turn to. The Safe Havens Programme begins with sharing the story of Jimmy Mizen, a sixteen-year old who was tragically killed in 2008 by another young person in his local community. The programme runs in schools and youth groups over the course of six half day workshops, inspiring young people to make their communities safer, and to establish local safe havens – public spaces, primarily shops, that display a Safe Haven sticker in their window and agree to provide a safe space for young people who feel unsafe. Photo - Faith Peprah, Pupil at Deptford Green School “The Safe Havens Programme For Jimmy ran in my school gave me the confidence to act as a leader in groups; both in and out of school. They taught our group a lot about Jimmy Mizen’s life and that encouraged us to help set up Safe Havens in our local community. The push For Jimmy gave me has now helped me to get involved in student leadership at my school.”

Text JIMM16 £5 to 70070 to donate For Jimmy and make a difference today. Are you up for a challenge? We have 20 places available to participate in the Big Half 2018, a new one day festival centred around the half marathon distance. If you would like to take part in The Big Half and select us as your chosen charity then please visit our website www. to register or call us on 020 8852 7855 and speak to a member of staff. 4

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We need an army of young Activator’s to help the inactive people of Thanet become more active! What do we need Activators for? l To encourage family & friends to become more active.

Even just a small amount of activity, for example: a short walk in the park or on the beach or even walking the dog to the end of road. l Help us promote being active in Thanet.

When you are getting out and getting active, take photos and then share your experiences via the GOGA facebook page and website.

Are you ready to become an Activator? Drop Sarah a line at: For further details visit:

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An Introduction To Our Latest Sponsor

Vattenfall is a Swedish group. Although one of Europe’s largest generators of electricity and heat, in the UK, Vattenfall is currently recognised for production of renewable electricity. Vattenfall has been in Kent for nearly 10 years and maintain and operate 145 turbines of the Thanet and Whitstable/Herne Bay Coast. In 2015 their oldest UK offshore wind farm, Kentish Flats, was extended and they are looking to do the same with their largest wind farm in Thanet. The wind industry is a truly international industry that relies on a high degree of collaboration between organisations and individuals. Things are evolving quickly, spurred on by the digital revolution and technical innovation and skills are ever increasing. There are many diverse career opportunities within the industry that contribute to the development and operation of a wind farm and Vattenfall are more than happy to discuss these with any interested students. We are delighted to be able to sponsor Educational Life and will provide information in future publications on different aspects of our work.

Melanie Rogers, Kent Local Comms – “At Vattenfall we see the next generation as really important in carrying this work forward and it’s great if we can raise aspirations and inspire children in any way to consider the wind industry as a serious career option. We are about to enter into consultation on our new Thanet Extension Offshore Wind Farm project and will be seeking feedback from the younger generation during this process.” If schools are interested in becoming part of this consultation or would like Vattenfall to talk to students, please contact Melanie Rogers, Local Communications –

Sponsor Educational Life CIC Does your organisation have a sponsorship budget? 01843 63 10 10 6

We are very happy to discuss our future plans to see if they fit into your sponsorship requirements

Educational Life CIC | East Kent | Issue 4 | Autumn 2017

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Staff and Students from the Old Priory School have been spending the day at Reculver Towers with Vattenfall - Learning all about the effects of climate change and the importance of renewable energy.

Mel, from renewable energy company Vattenfall and Tom Hawkins - Coastal Development Officer explained how energy could be produced and then the students had the opportunity to create their own energy using magnets and copper wires. The experiments were a resounding success.

The day was very well planned and the students seemed to really enjoy this practical, outdoor learning experience. The group had already spent the morning learning about Climate Change and Coastal Erosion. This involved a hands-on experience along the beach. We’d like thank Mel for inviting us along to see what was going on and we are already looking forward to the next event. 7

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Good Old Aussie ‘Sausage


Fund Raising for Educational Life at Bunnings When Educational Life became a CIC we knew we would need to include some fund-raising and so when we found out about the great initiative being run by Bunnings who have replaced homebase at westwood Cross we felt it was a great way to get ourselves out into the community. We took part in our first fundraiser at the newly opened Bunnings Warehouse store in Westwood and raised £195.00 thanks to your generosity and the support of the Bunnings team! It was a fun day, we began at 09:00 and packed up at 18:00. John and Rebecca were there all day but you saw most of the team at one point or another as we all picked up the mantle and got involved. It was a real test of self-control as the smell of the sausages was amazing! It was a terrific opportunity to get out into the community and explain what we do, hear your feedback, and find out what we can do to improve our service to you. There was a lot of interest and we are grateful for your time. We also got to talk to other groups and organisations and are looking forward to finding out more about them.

What is a sausage sizzle? It’s an Australian sausage sandwich – barbequed sausage and onions in a folded slice of bread. Not a hot dog - a sizzle! Bunnings Warehouse offer local community groups, clubs and teams the opportunity to run their fundraisers free of charge and out of the kindness of their hearts. They supply the training about health & safety, food hygiene and safe use of the cooking and cleaning equipment and the club provide the ingredients and volunteers to run the fundraiser. Educational Life CIC will certainly be taking part again and would like to say a big thank you to the Bunnings Team for their encouragement, with special thanks to Stirling and Steve. We’d also like to give a little shout out to Bunnings resident face painter – such beautiful decorative bits we saw on people and she was just lovely! If you’re at Bunnings and see a community group doing a Sausage Sizzle, please take a minute to find out what they do and why – you may be surprised! THANK YOU!


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EDUCATIONAL LIFE ARE VERY PLEASED TO INTRODUCE YOU TO OUR NEW TEAM MEMBER DAVE AS OUR SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY LIAISON ADVISOR. CONTACT DAVE TODAY It is Dave’s job to get out and about to our schools and the local community. We hope that you will get to know Dave well as he attends school and community events and shares all your good news. Dave will also be heading up and managing our Young Reporters scheme so keep an eye out for more details from Dave about that. Please, join us in giving Dave a huge warm welcome to the Educational Life team, we hope you enjoy working with us, our wonderful schools and fantastic local community. 9

y Co m m un it

5 reasons why a small business needs a website

Customers expect it 60% of consumers expect brands to provide online content about their business online with more than half heading straight to the brand’s website for product information. If you don’t have a business website bet your bottom dollar that your competitors do and when searching online your potential customers will find them and not you.

It provides social proof Nine out of ten consumers claim that online reviews influence their buying decisions. Since potential buyers are already looking for your products or services online, including customer testimonials on your site is a great way to impress potential buyers.

You control the content You cannot control what others say about you online, but you can influence public perception by creating your own story via your own website. Blogging helps business owners get their message, and more importantly, personality in front of their target audience. Linking to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other networking platforms make sharing your content easier for your visitors who like what they see. 10

Don’t put up the ‘closed’ sign ever again Nobody wants to work at 3 a.m., but some people like to browse the net then. Having a business website or ecommerce store means that you can be visable all the time — not simply between 9am and 5pm. An online store can mean a dramatic boost in sales, especially when you factor in additional customers who are not restricted by geography. Your online presence also supports marketing campaigns, customer service, client relationship building, brand recognition, and almost every other element of the revenue stream. Combining your website with marketing tools, like email marketing, helps you reach new customers and generate repeat business.

You’ll show up in Google search results Important fact! 81% of consumers perform online research before making a purchase. That means they go to Google and type in one or more keywords, like “telephone system” or, if they know what they want, “Business telephone system provider, Kent .” If you don’t have a website for your business, the chances of showing up on the search engine results page (SERP) are zero. But if you have a site, you can optimize it for search engines, thereby increasing your chances of appearing towards the top of Google’s results and getting more visibility with potential customers. If you need a website and do not know where to start, get in touch with Simply Websites and we can give you some advise.

Educational Life CIC | East Kent | Issue 4 | Autumn 2017

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Exciting Learning Journey Under Way

The new intake of Reception class pupils at Chilton Primary School in Ramsgate are exploring a world of wonder through gentle learning and creativity. In the first weeks of term the four and five year olds had home visits from teachers and also attended part time to get to know the Reception staff before their first full school day. Hannah Cheshire, Assistant Head of School, is also Head of Early Years. She said: “Now they have made a big transition to being at Chilton full time and they are settling in very well.” The 60 children are also ‘learning how to learn’ and adjusting to their surroundings and routines, including the school rules.

Miss Cheshire added: “Whether it is in the focussed learning sessions, stories, playtime or lunchtime they are adapting and doing well. We are getting to know their personalities and it is lovely seeing them meet new friends as they start their exciting learning journey. “They are exploring short phonic and maths learning as well as activities to develop motor skills, together with play activities and storytime. Next term they will enjoy a broader curriculum.” Head of School Kate Law said: “Beginning school at four years old is a big step for children and their parents and we strive to make it as smooth and enjoyable as possible.


“This is a vital transitional period in their young lives. It can also be an anxious time for parents sending very little children from their home into a new environment. Feedback from parents has been excellent and the children are confidently integrating and finding their feet very quickly.”

and much more...

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Educational Life CIC | East Kent | Issue 4 | Autumn 2017

Pupils have been learning about their rights as voters and taking part in the election process to choose new head students. Candidates created promotional posters, put together manifestos, and gave speeches to classes across the school as they hit the election trail in search for votes at the ballot boxes which were placed in the school reception area.

The 12 Year 6 candidates were initially selected by their classmates before going to the polls, with the results announced in front of more than 600 pupils, staff and families in the main hall. Guest of honour was Lesley Gallagher, chair of governors, who acted as returning officer for the election and announced the winners, congratulating the whole school for the way they embraced the democratic process. To cheering and applause, the head boys were named as Charlie Hayman and Alan Monaghan, while the head girls are Grace Johnson and Lucy West. Head





New Head Pupils Are Excellent Ambassadors

n io at uc Ed

With the national political spotlight focussing on party conferences and the Prime Minister’s cough, boys and girls at the town’s Newington Community Primary School in Ramsgate quietly and effectively held their own Democracy Week.

the candidates for their “passion and commitment in putting themselves forward for election.” He said: “They all behaved respectfully to each other and their voters, and fought a friendly and fair campaign of which they can be very proud. “The campaign speeches were passionate and many centred on our Newington Winners ethos, what it was like to be a pupil at Newington and what they could do to help enhance school life. “It is important for pupils to learn about their rights as voters and about taking part in the election process. Democracy is the true core of our country and this is an excellent way of teaching them about how it works and for them to experience it in action.” All the candidates received commemorative certificates and their roles will include being ambassadors when the school has visitors, and helping staff during routine events like assemblies and throughout the busy programme in the coming year.


Princess Margaret Avenue, Ramsgate, Kent | 01843 593412 13

Cu lt ur e

Working Together Forging Educational and Cultural Links

A pioneering project to give international students a deep insight into life in British education and culture is underway.

Broadstairs English Centre is behind the link that involves working closely with Chatham and Clarendon House Grammar School to provide 24 young people from Vigo in Spain with three weeks life in a British school. The visitors are teamed with students in Years 11 and 12 as they experience life inside British education. The students are making a documentary of school life and sports and will use that as part of a presentation about their visit.


The Chatham and Clarendon students involved in the project are all studying Spanish. Head Teacher, Debra Liddicoat said: “Our students are so excited to be buddying with the Spanish students and are practising their language skills and learning more about Spanish culture.” Andy Somers, lead co-ordinator said, “International students across Europe and beyond are very keen to spend time in our education system and Broadstairs English Centre is providing just that experience. This is an important and exciting project and the partnership we have struck up with Chatham and Clarendon Grammar has been superb […] This is for three weeks, not just a couple of days. The overall idea of the link is to immerse our international visitors in our education, culture and heritage. In this way we can broaden the life and learning experiences for children across Europe and our part of the UK.” To read the full article please visit http://

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Cu lt ur e

Northbourne Park School Celebrates European Day of Languages

Tuesday 26th September was European Day of Languages, and the children and staff at Northbourne Park School celebrated in style. The Day was marked by a special assembly and followed by a range of exciting activities in which all the children from Year 3 to Year 8 took part. The children enjoyed a cheese tasting competition, they learnt to play African games, discovered the origin of English words and even had a go at singing a song in Danish. At lunchtime they enjoyed meat and vegetarian dishes from across Europe. After the cheese tasting, which included a worldwide selection, a Year 7 pupil said: “I loved the cheese, especially the Camembert!” Northbourne Park’s Head of Modern Languages, Marie Hutchinson said, “At Northbourne Park, we show our pupils how important languages are and what fun it can be learning them. An appreciation of other languages is a vital part of any child’s education. Everyone had a great time today and displayed wonderful enthusiasm for other languages and cultures.”


Educational Life CIC | East Kent | Issue 4 | Autumn 2017

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Cu lt ur e

St Laurence Learn About Japan

St. Laurence C of E Junior Academy have devised an exciting and vibrant curriculum for its pupils. During the course of the year, the children take part in various themed weeks to enrich their knowledge and understanding as well as a number of trips and visits linked to their topics. Pupils started the term off in September with a themed week based on Japan. Twenty Japanese students from the Japanese Institute along with their tutor Mineo, spent a week at the school. This was a wonderful opportunity for the pupils to sample a different culture and learn facts about a very different part of the world.

The children learned some Japanese words during the visit including how to say hello, goodbye and my name is………………… The students spent time with the children at lunchtime and were able to teach them some Japanese games. The pupils also learned how to play Karuta. This is a traditional Japanese card game. The pupils made the cards themselves and then competed in a tournament. One Year 6 pupil commented, “I had never played this before, it was amazing”. The students also brought with them traditional Japanese kimonos for the children to try on. One Year 3 pupil commented, “I felt like a princess and the material was very soft and silky”. Another favourite activity was origami; children learned how to make hearts, fish and hats out of paper. This has been displayed in the school for all to see. The Japanese students also taught the pupils how to use calligraphy to write their names. This amazed the children and they were very proud of their efforts. Throughout the week, children were asking questions about the country of Japan and Japanese culture. Pupils were extremely excited by the events of the week. One Year 3 pupil commented, “I didn’t want our Japanese visitors to leave ”. Margate to Gatwick £80


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Compeeeon nme see below

Win ckets to the Wizard of Oz for a family of 4 (value ÂŁ52) Tickets to be used on Sat 9th December - 7pm start closing date for ennres - 31st Oct

Q, What colour are Dorothy’s slippers? Send in your answers plus your contact details via email or text to: 07946 244422


JOKES Did you hear about the kidnapping at school? Don’t worry he woke up! What happens to a frog when it breaks down? It gets TOAD away! What do you call two banana skins? A pair of slippers Two fish in a tank, one turns to the other one and says “How do you drive this thing?” What is small, wobbly and sits in a pram? A Jelly Baby


There are locally found dinosaurs bones at Monkton Nature Reserve Educational Life CIC | East Kent | Issue 3 | Back to School 2017

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THANET SCHOOL CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS 2017 EFFORT, DETERMINATION AND ABILITY ARE THREE OF THE KEY INGREDIENTS TO SUCCEED IN SPORT AND ALL WERE DISPLAYED IN ABUNDANCE AT THE THANET SCHOOL CROSS COUNTRY EVENTS THIS WEEK The annual event, hosted by Dane Court Grammar School, was well supported and featured a plethora of running talent. The twisting and undulating course posed a few energy-sapping problems for the competitors, but they all dug in deep and prevailed.

The event was a resounding success and all those present seemed to enjoy the atmosphere. Even the weather proved favourable for the runners and spectators. The races were split into year groups and runners were awarded points for their school as they crossed the finish line. Although there is a tendency to celebrate the winners, I was really impressed with the attitude and efforts of all the runners competing in the event. They were a credit to their respective schools. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Stephanie Howard, the Thanet School Games Organiser, and the staff at Dane Court Grammar School for inviting me along to this fantastic event.

Almost a thousand Primary School runners, supportive parents and dedicated teachers and support staff descended upon Quex Park, for the annual Primary Cross Country Championships. The event was hosted by Thanet Athletics Club and Thanet PASSport, and club officials and volunteers were on hand throughout the morning to ensure it ran smoothly. The event itself was fantastic, with the young runners showing tremendous resolve and effort to tackle the course in very windy conditions. The scale of local running talent was evident, with some great times being recorded by the leading competitors, but what impressed me the most was the sheer dedication of all the runners who really dug deep to finish the course. I would also like to express a special thanks to all the volunteers who helped make the event a resounding success – well done. A full list of results can be found on the Thanet AC website. 23

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Upton Girls Earn Kent Soccer Finals Spot

Upton Junior School in Broadstairs is flying the flag for Thanet at the upcoming Kent Girls Football Finals. They won the right after beating off strong competition to win the Thanet Girls Football Trophy that featured 13 other sides. The competition featured two pool teams, and Upton emerged undefeated from Group A to face a talented Minster team - also undefeated - in the final. Minster went ahead in the first minute of the game, scoring a superb individual goal that


highlighted the quality of football on show. Upton regrouped, changing their tactics, and had numerous chances before Alesha Beach equalized just before the interval. A strong defensive triumvirate of Amelia Dunbar, Ivy Haggerty and captain Ella Downer kept Minster at bay, while Charlotte Scales combined with Michaela and Alesha Beach to form an attaching threat. However, the match moved through extra time and into penalties, leaving the goalkeepers with the chance to shine. With

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the score at 3-2 in Upton’s favour, keeper Morgan Brockhouse saved the final Minster penalty to ensure the trophy returned to Upton. In the TPSFA Trophy for second placed teams, Newington overcame St Ethelbert’s to win the trophy for the first time. The competition was held at Upton School, and Head of Upper School Dave Walker said: “It was a fantastic competition, full of skill and enthusiasm. All the games were played in the right spirit and Upton squeezed home in a tense penalty shoot-out. “We are proud to represent our friends from the other Thanet school teams in the finals and we will do our very best.”

LATE NOVEMBER 2017 2wks Half Board with 3rd week free

Upton Junior School is a member of the Viking Academy Trust together with Ramsgate Arts Primary School and Chilton Primary in Ramsgate

MAY 2018 1 week all-inclusive 25

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Down on the Farm at Kent College, guests gathered with our NSEA Riding team and School Pony Club, led by their Instructor Lisa MIller, for the opening of the new Riding Arena. Dr Lamper, the Executive Headmaster cut the ribbon on a sunny September morning and the students lost no time in enjoying riding and jumping in the new arena. The Friends of Kent College had provided the wonderful array of new fences for jumping; from hedges to walls, there was plenty of choice for the enthusiastic young students to fly over with their ponies. The arena was built to exacting professional standards by a local company and is 30 metres by 40 metres, finished with Redhill fine silica sand and a Fexi-Ride Carpet surface. The perimeter interceptor drainage means that it will be able to be used in all conditions. Kent College currently keep 6 horses at their working Farm. KC, the latest addition was born two years ago on site.The Farm is also home to cows,pigs,sheep,chickens and ducks and is a favourite part of school life with the children who come and visit regularly or participate in Farm Club. The College operates weekly riding lessons with up to 30 riders a week participating. Hacking is available in the nearby woods and bridleways. Pupils with their own ponies can also use the facilities and the Kent College Riding team compete regularly in the National Schools Equestrian Championships. The school is an approved Pony Club Centre and runs Pony Adventure Challenge activities for the students as well as participating in rides for Charity.


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What are the benefits of children playing sport?

As owners of a Rugbytots franchise, coaches at our local hockey club and a school sports coach, the benefits of children playing sport is very clear to us. If you are wondering why you might sign your child up to a sports club, this article is for you. Sport is for everyone. Girls and boys alike can enjoy learning team or individual sports, that will help with their physical and social development. Team sport is so much more than the game. Sports are a brilliant way to build communication and social skills, which will help children long after they stop playing. Whether your child goes on to play a particular sport is almost irrelevant. Children will change their minds as they grow, they will switch between sports, until they find the one that is right for them. Letting them try is the important part. Trying sports will involve learning specific skills, perhaps passing, catching or kicking, but the true benefit is the way the child develops and the confidence they gain during their playing time. Parents have commented many times what a difference sport has made to their child and how much more confident they have become. We believe this is achieved by the focus of the sessions being fun. We know that when the children and parents alike have fun in our sessions they will get maximum benefit from it, so this is our focus every time.

game play is designed to improve balance, coordination and general physical literacy. We also build in colours, numbers, animals, shapes, any number of learning opportunities exist in sport, and these are a great way to keep the sessions fresh and interesting for the children whilst helping them learn. Sport is also a great way to increase the diversity of people your child interacts with. People from different cultures and religions may be involved in your child’s life through sport. Sport can also be a really positive way to introduce children to disability, with more and more sports catering for children of all ability, it can help break the barriers of discrimination that can form later in life.

If you have a child with bundles of energy sport is a great way to use some of that energy constructively. At this early age a lot of physical development is still happening, so at Rugbytots for example our


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but also their team mates. This can go on to have lifelong benefits if this social skill is developed at a young age playing sport.

t or Sp

Another important element of team sports is discipline. Good listening skills become very important to maintain discipline, as well as managing often complex emotions. Learning how to lose is one aspect of this. There is a huge focus on winning in every part of life, but significantly so in sport, and learning how to lose, and also how to win as a team, at a young age is a vital life lesson. Emotional control is an important element of sport, and children that actively play sports will have lots of opportunities to develop their emotional control. An example is a child who has a tantrum, we’ve all had them. In a good sports session, there is plenty of opportunity to bring a child back from this heightened emotional state, with the end goal to avoid those emotions bubbling over in the first place. Fun is at the centre of this control, if a session is fun, no tantrum can last forever! Another positive emotional outcome also includes the leadership skills that sport promotes. Many leaders are born out of sport, as they not only need to get the most from themselves

The last, and perhaps most obvious, is that an active childhood helps with a healthy lifestyle. It is a well documented fact that active children are more likely to become active adults, so children that participate in sport are more likely to lead a healthy life. This combined with the physical, emotional and social development they get also makes children more likely to be successful academically. So whether your child becomes the next Johnny Wilkinson or simply go on to be a happy and healthy person, the benefits to them playing sport are endless. 29

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Thanet Wanderers Community Open Day 17th September 2017

It was business as normal for the many mini and junior Wanderers and their coaches and parents who are to be found at the St Peters Ground on Sunday mornings during the rugby season. Potential players and their families, who took up the open invitation to come and see a typical Sunday morning, can only have been impressed by the enthusiasm of the youngsters and the patience and care shown by the many qualified coaches. The younger players received a goodie bag courtesy of the club’s main sponsor London Array. These were distributed by first team players Neil Wakefield and Jay Sanford with fellow player and Club Vice Chairman Andy Letts, all organised by Kelly Smith the club’s director of finance and head of catering. On the second and third team pitches good early season form was shown in two matches played against their Dover U10 and U13 counterparts and some impressive coaching sessions were in progress elsewhere. Because of the security alert the detachment from the the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment was unable to attend but Thanet Council’s inflatable pitch was on the first team pitch. Youngsters can join a couple of training session to confirm rugby is for them without prior commitment and for those senior members who haven’t yet enjoyed the junior games on Sunday mornings please do so in this coming season. There have been some epic contests full of skill and commitment in recent seasons.


Educational Life CIC | East Kent | Issue 4 | Autumn 2017 31

All About... The title SENCo is an abbreviation for Special Educational Needs Coordinator. Children learn in different ways and can have different levels or kinds of SEN. So, if your child has SEN, the school will increasingly step by step provide and bring in specialist expertise to help with the difficulties they may have. The SENCo in your child’s school will have a day to day responsibility for the delivery of the SEN policy and coordinate the provision made for the individual children within the school, they will work closely with the school staff, parents and carers and other agencies.



Do you have an interesting job or hobby?

be our next All About...

Get in touch 01843 63 10 10 There could be many reasons why a child may need extra provision in the school, this provision can also take many forms, Children with general, specific and severe learning difficulties. Children with difficulties.




Children with social, emotional or mental health needs. Children with English as an Additional Language. Children with medical needs and physical difficulties such as visual or hearing impairment. Children with diagnosed needs such as ADHD and autism. Children in Care. Sometimes there are children that have complex needs and have a variety of


Educational Life CIC | East Kent | Issue 4 | Autumn 2017

The School SENCO professionals working with them. This can also incorporate needs at home, in these cases a team around the family is formed to ensure there is full support and communication. Your child’s School SENCo will be seeing that all children with special needs are being helped appropriately, ensuring liaison with parents and other professionals.

To find Kent’s Local offer please go to www.

If you have any worries about your child in school, whether it be to do with their learning, a difficulty such as speech and language, behaviour, emotional or social need, or any other concern then do not hesitate to make an appointment with your school SENCo for a more in-depth chat, they won’t mind they will welcome the opportunity to meet with you to work together as a team to support you and your family. Kent’s Local offer is all about making it easier for people to find out about services available to 0-25-year olds with special educational needs and disabilities. 33

On 19th May 1536 at the Tower of London in front of a watchful crowd, Anne Boleyn became the first Queen of England to be publically executed. The charge was treason. Anne is believed to have been born in 1501 at the family home in Norfolk, although no records exist. She was the second of three surviving children, alongside her elder sister Mary and younger brother George. The siblings were raised at Hever Castle in Kent. King Henry VIII fell hopelessly in love with her, making her a lady-in-waiting

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to Queen Catherine of Aragon, making visits to Kent to see her at Hever, sending gifts, writing songs and penning love letters and notes. Throughout the 1520s and 30s, Henry’s preoccupation was the birth of a son. Having a male heir to follow in his footsteps was a point of both national importance and security but also one of personal pride. Catherine of Aragon, who had been Henry’s wife since 1509 had failed to produce a boy and as Henry’s infatuation with Anne grew deeper, he began to believe that his Boleyn mistress would. There was a problem however. In order to divorce Queen Catherine and marry Anne, Henry needed the agreement of the Pope, who refused. To get around this, in 1536, Henry passed the Act of Supremacy which granted himself authority over the church. With these new powers, Henry could grant himself a divorce.

Educational Life CIC | East Kent | Issue 4 | Autumn 2017

protected from enemies, rumours and discontent. With a daughter however, she was not. The irony of course, is that of Henry’s three children, it was Anne’s daughter Elizabeth who would go on to leave the biggest mark, ruling over England for forty-four years and establishing a reign still known as ‘The Golden Age’.

Henry and Anne were married in 1533, Anne was already pregnant. But sadly, the son that Henry had longed for never materialised and instead the child was another girl, named Elizabeth. If Anne had been able to deliver a boy, then her safety would never have been in question. As the mother of the future king she would have been

Anne meanwhile, remains a powerful figure, as polarising as she is shadowy. Despite having only limited information about her life, her romance with Henry and her rise to power continues to captivate audiences around the world. See the full article and lots of other on our website

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. . . o t how

itors s i v d e t n a w n ...Get rid of u First off, we need to combat some myths, They have only been back at school a matter of weeks, so much so the uniform still looks reasonable, no holes yet or permanent marker on the shirt and the shoes still look polished and unscuffed. However, those dreaded words have already surfaced, LICE & NITS, already the text messages and notes home have started ‘Please check your child’s head tonight. There has been reports of head lice.’

1. Lice cannot jump or fly, they crawl, the most common way they spread is through head to head contact.

My poor children every time they sit near me I’m there checking through their hair like some deranged maternal mountain gorilla! Personally, I religiously comb my hair through every time I wash it, so petrified am I of these dreadful things.

4. If your child itches then they have Lice, this is not true, your child or any child could be itching for any reason.

2. Lice only like dirty hair, they really don’t care, dirty or clean hair is fine by them they are not picky. 3. Lice prefer long hair, again no not really, they don’t care, short hair is just as appealing.

So how do we get rid of these unwanted visitors?

Unfortunately, when your children are at school it is a part of everyday life, so how on earth can we get rid of them, I have asked myself this very same question every year for the past 15+ years and every year it’s the same battle, my neighbours must think that some sort of exorcism is happening in my bathroom every couple of days, seriously the kids think its torture, they have no idea!! In the interests of my sanity and this article I did some research and some testing, (not on animals) on my children.


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So how do we get rid of these unwanted visitors? Do we need to shave our children’s heads? No, we don’t need to be that drastic, there are plenty of other things we can do, it is just a case of persevering. There are loads and loads of remedies out there often rather expensive, delousing can cost a fortune, don’t forget they have evolved over a million years to survive everything we throw at them, tricky little suckers! So sometimes it can be a case of trying lots of things and varying it up every now and then to keep them on their toes! The common theme with every remedy seems to be the good old nit comb method is needed, you can take the non-pesticide route and keep combing with a special nit comb every couple of days when the hair is wet. Some people prefer using normal hair conditioner, some tea-tree oil, or some over the counter remedies, whichever is best for you, experts differ on what they suggest. However, whichever way you choose to do it combing is the key, every couple of days, cleaning the comb in very hot water between each sweep and preserve. I wish you luck and will think of you when I am torturing my children with the comb!

Have you got a remedy or a trick to stop them in your house? Share them with us, so we all may succeed. To those of you who thought that this article would be about how to get rid of those other unwanted visitors, you know of the in-law type, I apologise and do not try to suggest you comb them out.

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‘what yo u call’

my Life

My only daughter has just turned 18 and on the eve of her birthday I found myself all of a sudden feeling very old, granted I still have my Winnie the Pooh Pyjamas, love a kinder surprise and need my wonderful mum as much as the next girl, but on the eve of her birthday I found myself feeling a little lost a shedding a tear. How on earth can I be old enough to have 2 children over the magic 18, when at times I still feel like an 18-year-old myself daunted by the world around me and frightened to grow up. Traditionally my husband and I were going through old photos to find the hugely embarrassing ones that you get out on these occasions, (not shared yet! waiting for her party, shhh don’t tell her) Where on earth has that time gone, seriously 18 years ago seems like it could only have been yesterday, I remember being 18, ok it was last century but really!?!

From the eldest who we packed off to University last week to the youngest who doesn’t need me to do anything for me anymore, granted he sometimes puts his clothes on back to front and wears the oddest combinations but hey he can be quirky I can live with that, something my sister says she is very proud of me about, really I think it’s got nothing to do with how far I have matured, rather more to do with how by the 5th child he seriously can wear what he wants! The hubby says I should look on the bright side, they are all growing up so fast soon they will all be off our hands and out in the world living their own lives…………. oh, help then it will just be me and him! Kids slow down don’t grow so fast, let me be mumma, let me be needed, just a little longer.

Why does time have to go so fast, those baby days for all of them seem so long ago, how comes they are all now spreading their wings, finding their own way in life and I’m having to let go……


Educational Life CIC | East Kent | Issue 4 | Autumn 2017

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Educational Life issue 4 autumn 2017  
Educational Life issue 4 autumn 2017  

Educational Life is a magazine which spreads good news from schools and communities across East Kent. We also include helpful tips, advice,...