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Growing young people to be lifelong problem solvers who are curious, creative and global citizens in an ever changing world

Welcome to Havelock OUR VISION We want our students to develop the values, knowledge and competencies that will enable them to thrive with full and satisfying lives. We want our students to be curious and excited by their learning: with their talents developed and motivated so they become lifelong learners able to take full advantage of their next stage in their learning journey. We want our students to be confident contributors and communicators. We want our students to be flexible thinkers and develop organisational skills and an ability to be resilient. We want our students to be challenged to do their best, to be proud of their achievements when working individually and collaboratively. We want them to know how to set goals and know how to achieve them. We want our students to be able to make the right choices, including knowing when to say no, so as to become, not only skilled learners but caring and responsible future citizens. We want our students to feel positive in their own identity and that of others and to respect and understand uniqueness within themselves and the interconnectedness they have with others.

21st Century Learners

North Intermediate OUR PRIDE Havelock North Intermediate is a student centred learning environment which prides itself on successfully challenging students through excellent academic, cultural,sporting and social opportunities.

“Havelock North Intermediate has risen to all of my expectations. My child has had sporting, cultural, leadership and academic opportunities. The staff are responsive and have met the needs of my intermediate aged child well. Child number two is really excited about her intermediate years starting in the new year” Parent feedback

“I like how there is a big range of opportunities and that there is something for everyone to do. I really feel like my teachers have been able to help me do well” Y8 Student feedback

Meeting the individual and collective needs of emerging adolescents socially, emotionally, culturally, physically and academically are a focus… and … are a feature of this school which has an impact on student learning” ERO feedback about Havelock North Intermediate School 2014

Pride / Success / Challenge

HNI has a school culture of high expectation and success which challenges our students.


Our students achieve well against the National Standards. We have multiple opportunities for those who need extension as well as those who have additional learning needs. Our learning programmes cover the skills required to do well in further education as well as those needed to be successful as individuals and as members of our community and citizens of the wider world.

At HNI our Curriculum is:

Personalised 21st Century Engaging Challenging Achievable Motivational Authentic Quality High Expectations


Havelock North Intermediate provides students with the opportunity to use a range of technology to develop 21st Century skills in a supportive and engaging environment.

We have a range of options available to enable all students to have access to a device. All students work with a range of devices accessing websites, apps, extensions and programmes to personalise their learning. All students use “Google Apps for Education”, accessing their own email address, drive account and student blog. All classes use a class blog to share class experiences and individual student blogs will show the journey of each student’s achievement – great to share with the family!

“When I came to HNI one of the biggest changes for me was coming into a digital school. Working with devices is so much more fun and it means you get more work done. All of the information is at your fingertips and your teacher can give you instant feedback. I love it. I know I am well prepared for high school.” Y8 student

“At primary school I hated writing because I have dyslexia so it was hard and not fun at all. Now I can write with ease because I have a computer and the teacher can help too. The spell check is so handy and I am writing so much more than I used to. I also like working in a digital school because I like being able to share and collaborate. I am doing so well now. ” Y7 student

Switched On Students - The World As Our Classroom

Technology & Science@HNI In Technology students will be designing and making products using the Technology process. Students are encouraged to achieve quality solutions and to present all work to the best of their ability. We encourage innovation and excellence in the development of their solutions. Students will experience five different areas within Technology and will develop a range of new skills in working with different materials. “A key feature of the curriculum is the innovative approach to the teaching and learning of Technology and Science.� ERO feedback about Havelock North Intermediate 2014

Materials Technology

Electronics & Control

Innovation / Excellence

Science & Technology

Food Technology

Film & Media Technology

Engaged / Quality

What makes us special@HNI Gold Awards Our Gold Awards are highly valued. Students wear these with pride and are respected by fellow students. When four golds and two stars are earned, a student can apply for an honours badge interview with the Principal. Some exceptional students can apply for a project called ‘Beyond Honours’ to receive an honours bar.

Special Education Needs Co-ordinator HNI has a strong commitment to student support. We achieve this within classrooms, within specialist subjects and in the playground. Our SENCO has excellent relationships with all those involved in supporting students with additional needs, using a team approach to ensure success.

Goal Centred / Inclusive

Growing Young Leaders@HNI HNI recognises that emerging adolescents require specialised support and encouragement to identify and develop their leadership potential. We have a formal leadership programme which supports students in their quest to be effective leaders, as well as numerous other opportunities for students to take on leadership roles. “Students take on leadership roles.” “Positive, friendly, respectful interactions are evident in the classroom and the playground.” ERO feedback about Havelock North Intermediate 2014

Leadership Opportunities l l

House Captains Sports Captains

Class Councillors l Team Captains l Librarians


Integrous / Motivated / Aspirational

School Sp

Our positive school to strong inter-ho

Swim Athle Masterchef Mathl Line Da Lunchtim Triat Cross C Technology Identity / Friendship / Competition


one is developed through ouse competition

mming etics f Challenge letics ancing me Sports thlon Country y Challenge Affiliation /Spirit / Motivation


• House and School Swimming Sports • HNI Athletic Sports • Inter-Intermediate Athletic Sports • HB Swimming Championships • Softball • Cricket • Indoor Netball • Touch Rugby • Rugby 7’s • Basketball • Volleyball • Triathlon • Orienteering • Equestrian

Sport@HNI HNI offers a wide range of sporting opportunities to our students. There is something for everyone. Our students are encouraged to engage through either our lunchtime sport programme or after school/weekend activities. Students at HNI compete very capably and have high levels of participation. Involvement in sports teams is an excellent opportunity to develop and demonstrate our school values.


• NZ Aims Tournament • HB Super 6 Tournament • Cunningham Cup annual rugby fixture • Masterton Sports Exchange • NZ Schools Ski Competition • Gymnastics • Netball • Rugby Boys & Girls • Basketball • Football • Badminton • Hockey • Table Tennis • Golf • Canoe Polo

Sporting Opportunities / Champions

Sports Exchange Our annual sports exchange with Masterton Intermediate occurs in term 2. There is significant competition for students to gain selection for this exchange. Those travelling are required to participate in a range of activities over two days. Students experience the joy of wearing “school colours� and meeting Masterton Intermediate students. This experience remains with students for many years. There are significant social and sporting benefits to be gained through this experience.

Competition / Recognition

The Arts@HNI • Music • Production • Choir • Kapa Haka • Orchestra • Symphonic Band • Jazz Band • Rock Band • String Quartet • Music Theory • Wearable-Edible Arts Cultural Exchange Havelock North Intermediate has a long standing annual home and away exchange with Masterton Intermediate. The cultural exchange occurs in term 4 involving choirs, orchestra, symphonic band and Kapa Haka. Students compete keenly to be part of these events. There are wonderful opportunities for student growth and development through participation. Friendships made on these exchanges often last for years. The traditional last night concert showcases both schools’ performance groups and culminates in a massed combined performance. This is a memorable experience for all concerned.

Creative / Artistic / Talented

Starting@HNI We place significant importance on inducting new students into HNI. We want happy confident students from week 1. This leads to high student engagement, enjoyment and successful learning. “Transition to the Intermediate from Primary School is well considered and responsive to the needs of students and their families� ERO feedback about Havelock North Intermediate 2014

Key Elements in transitioning our students include: l Communication with families. l Effective data sharing with our contributing schools. l Senior Management visits to year 6 classes. l Visits by year 6 students to H.N.I. l Buddy system for International Students l Individual Education Plans and transition plans for high needs students.

95% of families in year 7 considered their children were settled and happy within the first four weeks of the school year. Havelock North Intermediate Parent Survey 2015

96% of families indicated their year 7 students were positive about their learning after four weeks of school. Havelock North Intermediate Parent Survey 2015

Friendly / Respectful / Supportive


Havelock North Intermediate School Nimon Street, Havelock North Phone: 877 8039 Email: Website:

2015 hni prospectus  

2015 Havelock North Intermediate Prospectus

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