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4 reasons to watch Nigerian comedy videos in 2019 Whether you love Nigerian comedy videos as much as I do, or you're just "okay" with it, you might be surprised to learn these powerful benefits of the laughter they creates:

1. They can help relieves stress Assuming you're watching Nigerian comedy videos that you find humorous, the laughter can effectively reduce your stress levels. Reports claims that laughter relieves stress by initiating and then abruptly cooling down your stress responses. Moreover, simply anticipating a laugh can have powerful stress-relieving effects.

An analysis from 2008 found that, when anticipating laughter, subjects experienced lower levels of three stress hormones -- cortical, epinephrine and dopes. The anticipation of laughter reduced these hormones by 49%, 78% and 48%, respectively.

2. They can help relieve pain In addition to being a stress-reliever, Nigeria funny videos could also help with long-term pain management. Bursting into laugher can cause your body to produce natural painkillers and may also relieve pain caused by muscle disorders by interfering with the "pain-spasm" cycle.

A 2013 survey conducted by researchers from Oxford University showed that the more subjects laughed, the less pain they felt. The report also depicts that it's laughter itself, not just positive emotions, that aids in pain relief.

3. They can help reduce blood pressure In addition to the health benefits mentioned above, laughing at Nigeria funny videos can improve blood flow and reduce your blood pressure. In fact, two separate studies found that laughter improves the flow of blood through the body's arteries, thus reducing blood pressure as well as subjects' risk of heart disease.

Most surprisingly, one of the studies found that watching a funny movie improved blood pressure "for a full 24 hours" after the program was viewed. Another analysis found that, not only do humorous programs improve dilation of the arteries, but that watching depressing programs is actually harmful to our blood vessels.

4. They can stimulate your mind Could watching latest Nigerian comedy actually improve your brain function? Cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Jack Weems figured that people exposed to comedy are better able to answer semantic associate’s tasks.

In one study, Dr. Weems gave such tasks to several groups of participants -those who watched latest Nigerian comedy, those who engaged in light exercise and those who did neither. The contenders who did neither answered two fewer questions than those who watched the comedy video, and those who exercised only performed slightly better.

Watching latest Nigerian comedy is like mental exercise, and just as physical exercise strengthens the body, comedy pumps up the mind. I would highly recommend if you want to watch something fresh and

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Video Stand Up Comedy  

We perform on live stages in places we are invited to in line with making you happy always. We have a cinematography, Editing, Acting school...

Video Stand Up Comedy  

We perform on live stages in places we are invited to in line with making you happy always. We have a cinematography, Editing, Acting school...