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School 21 News Pitchford Street, Stratford, London E15 4RZ

Tel. 020 8262 2121

1SSUE 4, Volume 2

Date: 4th October 2013

Executive Head Teacher :

Peter Hyman

Reading Fever Reading fever has hit School 21 this week! In corridors, in classrooms, on the stairs at break time, at lunch time...everyone seems to have their head in a book. The whole school has risen to the challenge of Accelerated Reader and everyone has taken their first star reader test this week. Many students have read more than one book this week. Well done to everyone! Remember you should be reading every night.

An interview by Reon David Haynes, Lightning Bolts.

Introducing Miss Amin, Student Achievement Coach Why did you decide to become a student achievement coach? I decided to become a student achievement coach because I have a passion to help as many students as I possibly can whether this is through helping them with their studies, their behaviour or just being there to give them advice as a mentor. What do you think of school 21? I think school 21 is a place where students and teachers alike are able to be innovative and express themselves through creative means. All the students and staff have been very welcoming and it is a pleasure to be able to say I am a part of school 21. Tell me a bit about your life before you joined school 21? Before I joined school 21 I was a volunteer at a charity called City Year, with whom I stayed for a year, working in an inner city school in North London, where I mentored and worked with students to help them become the best people they could. My time at City Year inspired me to carry on working with the youth. What’s your favourite food? Although I like lots of cuisines ranging from Mexican to Chinese to Italian my favourite has to be my mum’s home-made Pakistani dishes such as Biryani—I also have an addiction to chocolate and any chocolaty gifts are welcome! What is your favourite book? My favourite book has to be "A thousand splendid suns" by "Khaled Hosseini" I would recommend it to anyone.

Professionalism Points Many congratulations to those students who have this week retained their 50 professionalism points: Year 7: Aishah Secretary, Ana Atanasescu, Andy Yeung, Aswin Sriparan, Billy Ward, Brandon Malone, Delcio Tavares Ferreira, Alexandra Miclea, Hamed Hassan, Helin Tas, Humzah Khan, Imad Bouhadji, Isaac Campta, Jade Mclear, Jakub Hajaoui, Jawad Ajmain, Joel Momba, Joshua Mehegan, Kirill Bukrejev, Lily O'Shea, Maryam Karim Bedford, Maryam Sayad, Matilda Parker, Mustafa Omar, Rafe Attfield, Safa Khan, Sahir Rehaan, Serhat Akkurt, Spencer Brown, Stilyanos-Dimitrios Skutariu, Sumairaa Alam, Tamanna Begum, Tasnim Akthar, Ulla Alekse, Yusra Sufi, Zaid Zamakda Year 8: Ashwin John, Benyamin Babayani, Chloe Torres, Daniela Aslam, Elle-Mae Hedley Johnson, Eylin Bastidas, Fahim Ahmad, Farah Ravat, Geraldine Legester, Humayun Ahmed, Ifte Chowdhury, India Rao, Jathusa Selvarajan, Kwame Edufuah, Manal Abderrahmane-Tebib, Marcella Keating, Maria-Angeliki Skutariu, Nakul Patel, Nasim Uddin, Nishat Ferdaws, Raheem Yaseen, Ruben Sequeira, Shammila Sheikh, Shinnya Cargill, Sonida Ceraj, Tamara Victor, Terrell Clovey, Wintana Barnobas, Yasin Mohammed


Dates for your Diary

Club spotlight - Dance Our dance club is up and running again, the sessions are taught by Andre Bright who is amazingly creative, passionate and dedicated to improving students self confidence and skills in street and break dance. Andre has danced all over the world professionally, he has his own company, danced with Jessie J, Robbie Williams, Street dance 3D and many more. He also has a degree and a masters in design, architecture and engineering! A great inspiration.

10th October 2013, 5pm to 7pm Open Evening for Year 6 parents 14th October 2013 Move to new building (school is closed to all secondary students) 15th October 2013 Eid-ul-Adha—school is closed to students 22nd October 2013 Year 7 Parents’ Evening 24th October 2013 Year 8 Parents’ Evening

Come along every Monday 3.45 - 5pm if you want to join. (Boys and girls welcome). We will begin learning a new piece for the Xmas show and local dance festivals. Last year’s team even danced at the London Youth games opening ceremony.

Athletics round 1 A very early meet in the season saw 10 Y8s battle it out with other Newham schools in the new sports hall athletics league. With a depleted team the remaining member dug deep and found some perseverance to fill all of the spaces and collect as many points as possible. Well done to every student who took part - they now have five weeks to train for round 2 where we hope to push our position further up the leader board.

The school will be closed to students on Monday, 14th and Tuesday, 15th October

25th October 2013, 2.45pm to 3.45pm Celebration Assembly—all parents welcome 28th October 2013—1st November Half-Term 4th November 2013 Staff Training Day—school is closed to students 7th November 2013, 4.30pm— 6pm Year 7 Curriculum Evening 12th November 2013, 4.30pm— 6pm Year 8 Curriculum Evening 20th December 2013, 1pm—3pm End of Term exhibition 23rd December 2013—5th January 2014 Christmas break 6th January 2014 Staff Training Day—school is closed to students 7th January 2014 Start of Winter Term

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