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Issue 18: 15th February 2013

Random Acts of Kindness Week You might be wondering why your child keeps talking about Warm Fuzzies - It's Random Acts of Kindness Week! Our children have been paying one another compliments, letting others go in front of them in the line and doing kind deeds this week. Check out for other ways to participate in this international movement of 'paying it forward' and being kind!

‘Joy Factor’ What’s all this about a firework clap and a DJ clap? DJ clap—(Scratching an Imaginary record whilst holding headphones onto one ear) 'Wikka wikka wikka wikka WOW!' Firework clap – fingers whooshing towards the sky “ooh!” then hands openingpop, pop, popping in the air “aahh!”

You’ve got to have friends!

Once again we have been able to award another Buddy Certificate as we continue to welcome new children in to our Reception Classes here at School 21.

Parents’ Coffee Morning Please attend our first-ever School 21 Parent Coffee Morning on Thursday 14th March 2013 from 9-10am. You will have a chance to 'Meet the Parent Governor', discuss future coffee morning topics, hear about parent support from Ms. Jones, and help shape the future of School 21! If you would like more information, please email Miss Hardy

Dates for your Diary

Last week’s winners

Uniform Alert!

Star of the Week winners

Over the half-term break, why not check that your child’s name is in all of their school uniform as this will help considerably in rehoming items of missing uniform. It may even help to rehome some of the items which went missing over the last term.

Paul Lewis Adam Nikoso Reggie John Certificate of Achievement winners Jessica Bounegru Liam Girling Laila Williams-Hector Citizen of the Week winners Hamza Muridi Zoha Kader Kalil Badresingh

This week’s Attendance Winners are: Parks with 99.8% PE Days

As you will be aware, sometimes young children fail to make it to the toilet in time and consequently require changing. At the start of the year, we spent £50 on spare clothing: socks, underpants, knickers, trousers to ensure that children who needed changing could be put into clean and dry clothes. Sadly, the majority of our stock has been lent to children and never returned. Please return any items of spare clothing that may have come home with your child in order for us to change children and prevent the need for parents to come and change their children themselves. HALF TERM SCHOOL CLOSED

Miss Radford Tuesday

Monday 25th –Monday 4th March

Miss James Friday Miss Baxendale Tuesday

School REOPENS Tuesday 5th March

Spring Break Friday 29th March 2013 to Monday 15th April 2013 (staff training day). Half Term Monday 27th May 2013 to Monday 3rd June 2013 (staff training day) May Day Monday 6th May 2013 Summer Break Wednesday 24th July 2013 Tuesday 19th March th Tuesday December Parents’4 Evening

Parents’ Evening 3-5 pm Tuesday 4th 21st December Thursday March Thursday 6th December Parents’ Parents’Evening Evening3-5 pm Parents’ Evening 4-6pm Thursday 6th December Thursday 20th December Parents’ 9:30am Evening 4-5pm End of Term Assembly


Non vegetarian choice*


Vegetarian choice


Quorn & Vegetable Curry with Rice

Vegetable Lasagne

Cheese & Potato Gratin

Vegetable Samosa with Rice, Riata & cucumber

Vegetable selection



Fresh seasonal


Baked Beans

Baby Carrots



Mixed Vegetables


*All meals provided are Halal.


Monday 18th February 2013 to Monday 25th February (Staff training day)

Next week’s menu



Half Term

Moroccan Style Lamb Roast Turkey & Gravy with RIce with Boiled Potatoes



Chicken and

Fish Fingers with New Potatoes

Vegetable Korma with Rice

Fresh Fruit Platter or Fresh Fruit Platter or Fresh Fruit Platter or Yoghurt Yoghurt Yoghurt

Fruit Jelly & Ice Cream

2013-02-15 Primary Newsletter  
2013-02-15 Primary Newsletter  

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