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Exclusive Casual Staff protests in campus!


O CTOBER 26 2010


KGP Shines at Inter IIT Aquatics Meet


he Inter IIT Aquatics Meet, held at Roorkee this year, was a successful one for the KGP contingent. The team won top honours in the Aquatics events and finished runners-up to IIT Kanpur in the water polo event. The water polo team that had failed to qualify for the knock-out rounds last year had only two new faces, but their new coach breathed discipline into them. With a spirited lift in performance, our team went on to reach the finals , where we lost to IIT Kanpur by a solitary goal in a hard-fought encounter. The margins of victory speak for themselves: Delhi was drubbed 6-0, Madras 5-3, and Guwahati swept aside 13-2. After edging Bombay 6-5 (extra time) in the semifinals, we faced the veterans of IIT Kanpur who won 3-2 in a close finish. Captain Abhilash Sharma believes that it was Kanpur's comparatively aggressive tactics that


won them the day. The Aquatics events also saw KGP putting up an improved show, winning Gold this year compared to last year’s Bronze. Chirag Fialoke finished first in all five of his races, with Darshan Varier bagging two Golds. The team won a Gold and a Silver medal in the relay events, putting IIT Kharagpur in the top spot. What made the difference this year was a strategic distribution of our swimmers in the various events so as to take advantage of our opponents' weaknesses. The new aquatics coach, Mr. Ritesh Guchhait, son of the former

coach Mr. T. K. Guchhait, enforced strict discipline and punctuality upon the team while encouraging off-pool bonding between the members to raise camaraderie in the team. There were more practice sessions this year, in which individual and group tactics were perfected. Practice matches were organized against a professional state-level water polo team from Midnapore to hone our team’s capability to function well against strong and organized opposition. The solid bench strength added to its endurance, making sure that substitutions could be made without worrying about adversely affecting the team’s structure.

Four of the most experienced players in this year’s contingent are in their final year, and their absence will surely be felt next time round. However The Scholars’ Avenue hopes that the team will continue undeterred and emerge victorious in the upcoming edition of the event in home waters.

Flyover Outside Campus lanes wide (around 7.5m) with footpaths on either side.

or over 40 years, the work on the flyover presently being constructed outside the Institute campus had been subjected to unjustified delays. Sources say that the cost of the project, now underway, is being shared between IIT (25%), Railways (37.5%) and the Public Works Department, State Government (37.5%). A letter of acceptance was granted on 5th February, 2009 to initiate the construction work. We spoke to Prof. Dhang, who heads the Civil Works Department, on this issue. He clarified that the project is actually handled by Metro Railways, Kolkata which in turn hires a contractor. However, Prof. Dhang shared information on the technical specifications of the bridge that he hopes will be ready in

The team felt that the presence of a vibrant coach affected their performance a lot. However, the fact that procurement of new equipment and reimbursement is often delayed by bureaucratic hassles in the Gymkhana remains a concern among inter-IIT contingents. That other IITs have better facilities in place does nothing to improve the team’s morale. IIT Bombay has four dedicated coaches to KGP’s one. Other IITs are flown in or travel in AC 3-Tier, while KGPians are only given sleeper class reimbursement.

a few months. The two-pronged road over bridge that will connect our campus to ‘Dhobi Ghat’ and ‘Little Sisters Restaurant’ is expected to cost the Institute about

24 crore INR. The main bridge will be about 880 m long and supported by 35 piers while its 245 m long forked branch will be supported by 12. The main bridge shall be two

About 30% completion of the construction work has been achieved. It is difficult to say when the flyover will be operational as information on the deadline isn’t available with the CWD, but other sources stated that the target has been set at 8 months. There may be reason to be optimistic though, as unconfirmed reports indicate that the contractor for this job was recently replaced due to unsatisfactory performance. Prof. Dhang maintained that if the new contractors work diligently, the flyover could be ready by June next year. The Scholars’ Avenue promises to follow the latest developments, if any, and present them to you in future issues.





T U E S D A Y , O C T O B E R 26 T H 2010

Shaurya 2010- The Battle Begins Again


ports aficionados of Kgp will have a reason to rejoice as our annual sports meet, Shaurya, begins its third innings on 28th October. The three-day sports meet promises to provide a platform for Inter IIT players to benchmark themselves against other stalwart teams, and enhance sportsman spirit among students. This year, the eight main events in the offing are Football, Volleyball, Athletics, Tennis, Hockey, Basketball, Table Tennis and Badminton. Of these, Athletics is a new addition, while the last three are open for girls. Cricket is not a part of the meet this time, since the grounds are being prepared for Inter-IIT 2011-‘12.

Though Shaurya is intended to be a sports meet, there has been an attempt to broaden the appeal and make it more like a fest. This y e a r ’s p u b l i c i t y c a m p a i g n involved a series of interesting pre-events that have left everyone in anticipation. These included ‘In10sity’ - a slow cycling race, ‘Virtuoso’ - a T-shirt designing competition, both with prizes of Rs.10,000, and 'Right Write' - a case-study competition conducted in association with The Times Group. The winners of ‘Virtuoso’ were decided on the basis of the number of ‘likes’ the designs received on Shaurya’s Facebook page, making it a rather unique event.

Students can also test their luck with ‘Fortune favors the Fortunate’, an online lottery. Workshops, including one on Maratha Martial Arts, have also been planned during the fest. This time, with a significantly larger budget, an expected increase in the number of participating teams, pre-events, and even a separate Deco-team, the organizers are hoping to attract greater participation and change the perception that Shaurya is reserved for the sports enthusiasts only.

on the social aspect. Shaurya has sponsored the sports budget of many a school around the campus to nurture local talent. However, due to the unavailability of accommodation in the common rooms because of Illu preparations, outstation teams will be accommodated outside the campus. The going so far suggests that Kgp is indeed going to witness a Blitzkrieg (literally meaning sudden war) which, incidentally, is the theme of the pavilion.We convey our best wishes to the participating teams till then!

Another commendable development has been their focus

TAdS in Sikkim 2.0


echnology Adventure Society (TAdS), since its inception in the year 2009, has intended to provide a unique platform for the students and faculty members of IIT Kharagpur to participate in various adventurous sports and vacations. Their latest trip comprised a six day tour during the Durga Puja holidays to the scenic Himalayan state of Sikkim. After a bus ride to Kolkata and an arduous train journey, the contingent reached Gurudongmar Lake. A popular hotspot among tourists, it holds the record of having the world’s highest café. “Maggi and tea at a freezing temperature of -1 degree C was certainly galvanizing. We wanted to spend some more time in that serene environment. However, the low oxygen content in the air prevented us from staying there for more than an hour.” chuckles Ankit Madeshiya, Governor, TAdS.

The next stop was Yumthang Valley. Home to a number of hot springs, and offering a magnificent view of the Pauhunri and Shundu Tsenpa, this place dazzled the entire team. “Travelling through narrow roads sandwiched between deep

Next on their itinerary was Yumesamdong . Better known as Zero Point and situated at an altitude of 15500 feet, it’s extremely close to the Chinese border. “The whole place has a unique feel. Heady, invigorating and

The expedition drew to an end at Gangtok. The famed MG Marg was the center of attraction of the team for the rest of their time there, where they did a lot of shopping. “The whole trip turned out to be a wonderful experience for us. We were enthralled by the beauty and tranquility of the place. People there are so friendly. And despite the Puja rush, we conducted the trip without any major hitches. We will organize more such trips in future and, believe me; they will be even more exciting,” signs off Ankit with a wink.


ravines and mountain ranges was something amazing yet immensely spooky,” adds one of the team members.

exhilarating, words fail to explain our experience. Also, we really enjoyed the snowfall there. It made our day,” recounts Ankit.

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lack of cultural opportunity might lead to a confined life. Acting and performing is, however, not new to the crowd. The huge movie industry apart, there are a good deal of quality Telugu plays to enact, says Uday, who has experience in professional dramatics. Skits had been held previously on a small scale at gatherings of the Telugu Cultural Association (TCA) and it was with the intention of “not just dramatics, but building confidence” that notices for auditions were put up. A whopping 225 people turned up.



he idea is not to increase

divisions, but reduce alienation,” is Uday Aghamarshan’s message, his answer to what must be the biggest question on our readers’ minds concerning the newly formed Technology Telugu Dramatics Society (TTDS): What is the motive behind this venture? The majority of the substantial Telugu population on campus does not speak English fluently and has scant knowledge of Hindi, which Uday believes leads to a limited participation in literary and dramatics based events. Clearing the language barrier and refining an accent acquired over a long period, even if accomplished, takes long enough for the students to miss out on being part of dramatics societies in their early years on campus (ETDS conducts auditions only for first years). Such a

The governors include Uday himself (captain of Patel dramatics), Sri Nitya Anupindi (HTDS) and Om Namassivaya, who co-ordinates activities. Prof. G.P. Raja Sekhar of Mathematics lends them valuable support. A workshop has already been conducted for the 48 selected first and second year students, with inputs

from ETDS and HTDS members. Presently, the source of funds is the interest generated upon contributions by members of the TCA. They’ve submitted an application (to be reviewed soon) so as to be recognized by the Gymkhana to lend gravity to the society. “It must be a sustainable activity and not seem like a temporary effort.” But will developing a society where Telugus interact with only each other allow them to open up to the rest of the population? “I’d be happy to get 20% students out of their rooms and give them an opportunity to be more social and outgoing. My philosophy is not to make it a core Telugu society, and it is up to the future governors to keep it this way.” Two productions are planned for this year: one in mid-January and another in March. We’ll be there to cover them.

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² T U E S D A Y , O C T O B E R 26 T H 2010

would include options such as electronic noticeboard, website, emails, Scholars Avenue, DC++, internal noticeboard, etc.


idway through his term as VP, The Scholars Avenue attempts to catch up with Celestine Joseph on the progress made on his proposals, his take on some campus buzz and his experience in general so far.

TSA: You had mentioned in your proposal that you wanted to improve the Gymkhana website by introducing a section for office bearers to share progress on their proposals. How is that going? VP: Right now, a section like that is not there. It’s not much of an issue.

TSA: Could you shed some light on how effectively your proposals have been executed? VP: One of the main proposals was to improve the working of the mess. The HMC had already planned to provide training to mess workers and this was done over the summers. Then, keeping in mind student participation, I formed a 4member committee to look into mess related activities. They will basically analyze how things work in different messes and have the best practices incorporated in all halls. The committee would coordinate with the G.Sec, Mess of all halls. We’re currently trying to generate a rating system on the basis of feedback procured by the students. TSA: Can you give details on the training program organised? VP: More than 80 cooks participated in the training conducted for cooks of HMC run messes. It was conducted in two sessions by the Institute of Advance Management, Kolkata in last week of June and first week of July. They were trained on sense of hygiene, kitchen management and cooking of some different types of food items. We will look into the possibility of having more sessions in future. TSA: Has there been any progress on the Student Internship Committee? VP: I had a talk with the Dean of Alumni Affairs, and he’s in support of this idea. Right now, the idea is to have an informal group of students working in collaboration with the Alumni Cell. They’d be responsible for contacting foreign universities, requesting them to invite applications from our college. TSA: Do you think the Internship Committee will be in place by the end of this year? VP: Yes, definitely. TSA: Considering the general trend, there are plenty of companies recruiting from branches such as CS, ECE, EE, etc. Is there any focus to increase the number of companies recruiting from Metallurgy, Mining, Agriculture, etc.? VP: There are a number of companies that recruit students from all departments. Right now, as far as the placement team is concerned, we’re trying to have as many companies as possible that take students as interns. The Internship Committee will try to do the needful to help the students

lagging behind with respect to internships. TSA: What about the initiative Shubham Matah, the Ex-VP, had taken for having TnP representatives in every department? VP: This year too, we have department representatives working in tandem with the placement committee. We already have department specific priority lists of companies to be contacted as well as department brochures for many departments. TSA: Moving onto the next proposal, you had stated that you’d take care of the security outside the campus, install streetlights, etc. What have you done in this direction? VP: Regarding security, I’ve constantly been in touch with the Police Inspector of our Gymkhana, who’s planted people outside the campus, including plain-clothes men. They handle the security around the area. With regard to the streetlights, we forwarded a proposal to the Municipality through the Institute Administration but didn’t receive a positive response from them. We’re working on involving the railways to help in putting them up. There is a consensus reached by the Director, wardens, and the Hall Council Members of the various halls, to at least put up high mast lights at the entrance so that it is brightly lit up. TSA: What do you think is an honest deadline? VP: Just before DP, the Registrar told me it’ll take around two weeks to finalize this. TSA: There was also talk of electronic notice boards. Could you elaborate? VP: We contacted quite a few third party vendors, a couple of which even came down to show us their boards. We had a meeting with Prof. B.K. Mathur regarding this, but we were ultimately not satisfied with what they showed us. The gymkhana website has been up since the semester started. It was down during the DP due to some glitches. Certain modifications are being made to the website and it should be up very soon. Right now, we plan to float a survey, or rather an opinion poll, which would tell us the most preferred method of disseminating information. The poll

TSA: A lot of students aren’t really aware of the Gymkhana website. What steps have been taken to popularize the website? VP: As soon as the website was up, we published a notice on DC++ informing the students about the website. We also have a Facebook page for the Gymkhana website. TSA: The Internal Notice Board on the Institute website is currently inaccessible to students outside the campus. Students outside the campus who need important information like shortlists for companies therefore miss out. Do you think you can work on making the notice board accessible from outside the campus with authorization like a Username and Password? VP: There are reasons why the notice board is accessible only from within the campus. Besides, regarding the Institute website, I cannot say anything. I don’t think it’s a big constraint for students. We can work on this but I am not promising anything. TSA: Our last VP, Shubham Matah had initiated the Food Monitoring Committee to keep a check on the hygiene in the eateries dotting the campus. Is there any update on that front? VP: The person in charge of the mess student body is also involved with the Food Monitoring Committee. We had a talk after DP and I gave him 2 weeks to have a committee in place. TSA: There is talk among students that some halls aren’t going to participate in Illumination this year. How true is that? VP: We had a meeting just before DP on 8th October in which all the halls participated and agreed to have Illumination. The rules for Illumination were decided, and as far as I know, no hall is backing out. TSA: There is also talk that after next year’s Inter IIT, which will be hosted by IIT Kharagpur, there won’t be any further Inter IITs due to the enormous investment required to create facilities to host Inter IITs in the new IITs . VP: You cannot just go by any rumor you hear. All IITs are supposed to have the infrastructure in place to host an Inter IIT. I don’t think the new IITs will be an exception. All you know about Inter IITs is who is going to host it


next year, and there is only an understanding about who’s going to host future IITs and there’s no guarantee as such. Officially, all we know is that we are going to host the Inter IIT next year. Beyond that, I doubt anyone can say for sure what’s going to happen. I don’t know who’s spreading these rumors. TSA: Is the requisite infrastructure required to host next year’s Inter IIT in place? VP: Not yet. We had a proposal of renovating our football and hockey field but that was dropped as we felt it might affect our practice. The lights are still under construction, and construction of the synthetic tennis court is also underway. The new Gymkhana is also under construction. TSA: In your last interview with us, you mentioned that you could implement Ankit Singh’s proposal too. VP: As you probably must know, Techfest is conducting an Energy Saving Competition among all IITs, and AIESEC has also taken this up. They have proposed an Inter Hall Energy saving event. TSA: What has been the journey like for you so far? Did your non core team background affect you in any way? VP: In general, my experience so far has been good. I’ve got good teams working under me and the coordination with them has been good. It’s really exciting because you get involved in a lot of stuff, and everyday there’s one thing or the other. I am working to get all my proposals implemented. We are also working on various other things like the TnP. This year we are planning to hold a Placement Drive in association with ‘Communiqué’ and ‘The Scholars’ Avenue’ . So we will be having a GD workshop , a CV building workshop, and hopefully a Case Study workshop. We are also planning to get in touch with placed alumni for assistance. TSA: We had a really short DP Vacation this time. What was your role in the Calendar Meeting that decides the academic calendar for the year? VP: This year’s calendar was decided during the tenure of the last VP. I will be attending the meeting that decides the academic calendar for the next year. TSA: What are the major glitches you have faced as VP? VP: I wouldn’t call it glitches. You have to understand that you have to give a little time for things to happen. I did not face a complete roadblock of any kind. TSA: After all the work you do, do you get time to socialize? VP: Definitely. Other than the fact that I can’t play football as much as I’d like to, I’ve had no issues with my social life.






ith the return of Goddess Durga to her Himalayan abode, this festive season is all ready to be lit up to mark the return of the blessed Rama after vanquishing Ravana. As the country awaits this auspicious occasion, all the halls of residence are gearing up to present yet another spectacle of craftsmanship, artistry, and creativity with the return of Illumination, aka “Illu” and its vibrant sister Rangoli. Illumination is what defines the Kgpian’s Diwali, and it’s our tribute to the victory of Good over Bad. In a unique recreation of the welcome Ayodhya had prepared for Rama, Kgp is being decked up in life-like arrangements of lamplight depicting scenes from Indian mythology and folklore. An integral part of every Kgpians’ life, Illu involves the collaborative effort of

all the students in a hall of residence in forming a theme and using lamps to bring intricate imagery to life on Diwali night. The competition to put together the most brilliant display of all is intense, and to be adjudged the winner by a group of enthusiastic professors is considered a matter of great honour. Last year, RK Hall sweetened their Diwali by enlivening the Samudra Manthan and winning the cherished pot of rosogollas. Juxtaposing the grandeur of Illu is the magnificence of Rangoli, wherein the Kgp junta witnesses a show of dazzling designs that add

Hall secured top honours last year with their breathtaking depiction of a pixelated view of M o t h e r Te r e s a comprising no less than a million little squares of colour. Professors go from hall to hall, where guest reception teams guide them through the Illumination displays, where weeks of nightly toil culminate in an awe-inspiring display of lights that lasts for a few long minutes. The Rangoli, painstakingly put together by students working in suffocating conditions for weeks on end, is finally displayed to admiring crowds of faculty and their families, as well as students from other halls. This dual show of resplendence forms an integral part of the unique culture of our institution.

² T UESDAY, O C T O B E R 26 T H 2010

Fighting for an FT?


o the many students who consider IITs to be a stepping stone towards an education abroad, a stringent regulation imposed on No-ObjectionCertificate (NOC) comes as quite a disappointment. From this year onwards, NOC will be provided only for 3rd year B.Tech/Dual Deg. students and 4th Year Int. MSc students along with that for the DAAD scholars from any year. No NOC will be provided for winter internships as these do not fall under the academic curriculum. Second year students applying outside DAAD can also bite the dust. If an university accepts students without NOC, then they may go forward, at their own risk, and informing the TnP Cell is not required. Although most foreign universities do not require NOC, it is almost a necessity for obtaining the visa.

GC Updates

Interested in becoming an IP professional?


he Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property at the University of New Hampshire School of Law strives to provide its students with the best possible legal education. It is a community of scholars, oriented towards the practice of law, who teach, learn and empower others to contribute productively to a global legal system. Students from around the world with diverse experiences engage in active, practice-based learning in small, cooperative and interactive learning environments. While traditional areas of law and emerging specialties are taught, the intellectual property law curriculum, one of the broadest in scope, is continually emphasized and improved. The Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property offers the only

interdisci plinary oney e a r program in the United States. Their Masters of Intellectual Property ( M I P ) program is designed to prepare students to meet the needs of working intellectual property professionals. The program focuses on the acquisition of both substantive knowledge and practical skills through innovative academic courses and internships with corporations, law firms and governmental agencies. The college has been ranked among the top 10 IP schools since 1992 in the U.S. News & World

KGP’s Access Audit Initiative


RY IIT Kharagpur Volunteer Chapter is in charge of conducting an Access Audit of IIT Kharagpur. They initiated the revival of the Committee for the Physically Challenged Students of the institute, headed by Prof. S. K. Som, Dean UGS. Their audit report will assist the institute in taking measures to ensure that it becomes accessible to all, as per Universal Design norms. An ‘Access Audit’ is the study to determine the ‘accessibility’ of buildings to everybody in society, irrespective of gender, age and physical disability. This is the first time such an audit is being done for IIT Kharagpur. Such audits have been conducted in schools in major cities by various NGOs such as CRY, and also by various professional organizations in many offices of private firms, on request.

It shall be conducted for the complete academic complex and five nearby halls - RP, RK, BCR, SN/IG & MT. As this report will eventually be submitted to the Director, it has the potential of ultimately bringing infrastructural and strategic changes, which in turn will make access to the institute easier for all, especially PD students. Headed by Saptak Mohanta, Nikki Pathak and Himank Shankar, this team of 44 students expects to submit their report by the end of this month.

Report (1992-2011). The college boasts of a global network of over 5,000 alumni in more than 80 countries. Their large base of faculty members are experienced teachers who have been litigators, counselors, and transactional specialists in the full range of legal and business settings. Externships at prestigious law firms and corporations like Boeing, Ford Motor, Motorola, General Electric, Shell Oil, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Time-Warner, etc. are provided to students on a regular basis.


Admitted applicants can avail substantial International Grants to help supplement their finances during the course of their education.

B. C. Roy Launches Website



² T U E S D A Y , O C T O B E R 26 T H 2010


Casual Staff Protests in Campus

What the casual staff objected to

The HMC’s response

(details from before the DP holidays)

(noted after the DP holidays)

1. Receiving a monthly wage taking into account 26 days of work. They demand a consideration of the full 30 days.

1.The 26 day rule is a government rule which is adhered to by all government servants.

2. Not receiving documentation of the monthly amounts that go into each worker’s PF (provident fund) and ESI (Employee State Insurance) account. 3. Not having received a puja bonus this year. Extra benefits that accompany a permanent job under the HMC include LTC, medical benefits, 3.54 months off (during which casual workers receive no money) and others.

2. As regards PF/ESI, the HMC will receive information from the contractors, but providing documentation to the workers is the contractors’ business. 3. In the words of the Chairman: “They have received a bonus.” The minimum wage has been made a must since this session, and corresponding directives have been sent out to contractors.

WTMS Production: Rock Extraordinaire


his year’s much publicized WTMS production took place on 5th October. The venue was shifted from Kalidas to Netaji, the new and improved sound system working in its favour. True to KGP standard time, the performance started an hour late, although Shreyas's drumming fillers kept the audience shouting for more. Playing to a packed audience, the first few performances started off shakily with Netaji's acoustics playing tricks with them. The show came to

life when Jim Morrison was born again in Siddharth's cover of Love her madly followed by Nithin Nemani's Aqualung. Fans were then treated to the origins of rock with Johnny B. Goode and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Hridya and Aparajita’s sung “You shook me all night long” and impressed all. Hridya stole the show with her lively performance of ABBA's Gimme Gimme! Sayan Pramanik's energetic performance of Fear of the dark and Saakallya's guitar

mesmerized the audience and set the tune for rest of the show. Morom and Kumaresh covered Pantera's I'm Broken and broke all records for high decibel levels at Netaji. Koulick’s solo at the end only added to the delight. The rest of the show was a head banger's delight with a playlist that included songs like Enter Sandman, Children of the grave, Open Car and Lateralus. Digvijay's soulful rendition of Take it Easy and a near-flawless November Rain by Kumaresh were

some of the performances that stood out. The evening came to an end with On the Turning away, a customary Pink Floyd piece sung by Digvijay, and concluding with a brilliant solo by Vibhav. What was notable was that many songs were covered by the newly selected batch, signaling a bright future for the society. All in all, a highly entertaining production by WTMS that kept the audience craving for more. Kudos to them.




“All about learning”

² T U E S D A Y , O C T O B E R 26 T H 2010

Food-a-holic Woes


ll ye hungry folks who avow that JCB canteen was your sole mode of survival, is it 2012 a little early? And those who claimed HJB Special Lassi was better than Irish Cream, has your Lassi-connoisseurship been brought to a grinding halt? After the rapid closure of both canteens, we at The Scholars' Avenue took a closer look at the circumstances behind the impasse, and as things currently stand, it appears that nocturnal dwellers of KGP are in for a rough patch for a good while longer. As noted in our August 19 issue, the JCB canteen was shut down due to alleged constant misbehaviour on the part of the canteen owner. According to Pallab Datta, Hall President, JCB, the canteen owner incessantly failed to abide by the Hall rules, along with maintaining an unhygienic kitchen. He apparently rarely complied with the recommendations of either the hall council or the warden (which included renovation, better garbage disposal, changes in the menu, closing time and food rates). Moreover, the canteen was kept closed for the entire period between May and June without any prior notification, which resulted in a lot of distress for the JCB boarders as most of them stay in KGP during the summer vacations. The owner was warned in January and was kept under observation for 6 months, but when the water went over the head, he was asked to leave. A new tender will be released by the end of October, and the new canteen will be operational by the end of the spring semester. It will have a higher seating capacity, more distributioncum-exchange counters and a renovated kitchen.

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We're hiring! Are you any of the below? ©An enterprising first year eager to become a part of the most happening newspaper in West Bengal ©A designer or artist with an eye for detail ©A web dev who knows your <script language=“Javascript”>'s from your <?php>'s ©A writer with a nose for stories ©A grammar nazi with a nose for typos ©A person who likes cake

In the case of HJB, it appears that contractual issues have led to the shutters of its canteen being pulled. The G.Sec. (Mess) and Hall President of HJB Hall have confirmed that the contract had expired, and a new tender could not be floated as the Hall Manager has fallen ill and is currently in Bangalore for treatment. The canteen owner has been asked to continue till the end of this month till the Warden (HJB) releases a new tender on 31st October, 2010.

Then you have reasons aplenty to work at TSA! Venue: Technology Students' Gymkhana Monday, 1st November, 6 pm onwards

The proud Captains with their Trophies

Till further developments, we pray for you (and us) to be able to survive the desperate 2 AM need for JCB Maggi or HJB Lassi! Amen.



The Inflatable Bandi:


T H U R S D A Y , S E P T E M B E R 30 T H 2010


No bad dubs, no cheesy presenters and no jarring music. Here are wonderful products that will find real-world application as per the illustrative examples in the descriptions. Go ahead, browse through the brochure and take your pick!

“Dude, you have a girlfriend?” “Err, yeah.” “Whoa!” Tired of speaking the truth, you decided to fib a bit in order to secure that surprised response from your pals. So you began customarily ambling through lonely corridors with that mobile in your hand, your attention drawn at times towards a stray pebble or brick in a wall. So you made those expected Cal trips and received understanding nods and nudges on giving petty explanations. Lest the delicately constructed pretence comes crashing down if someone were to walk in on an announced meeting with the non-existent mate, we bring you: The Inflatable Bandi! Perfect for instant damage control and duping the short-sighted, you can now literally breathe life into the woman of your dreams. The model comes with the added benefits of being a patient listener to your rants and fitting into pockets without being a load on them. Do be mindful of piercing the thing though, for it's ultimately full of air: just like your claims. The Instant Tempo Generator: Cursing those juniors yet again for their lack of talent and drive? When GC performance is lacklustre, when the conscripted labour is far from satisfactory, do you prefer to sink your head remembering your own glory days? Worry no more, for here's presenting The Instant Tempo Generator: the perfected result of intense research (Bugs may have come close in Space Jam), it's made from a secret recipe whose ingredients include rocks from an alien moon and drugs from sand dunes. The capturing of the elusive driving force in a formula is possibly this era's greatest achievement. Chances of winning may seem bleak, but all you now need to do is administer the Generator. Accompanied by a tempo-shout, it makes for a potent combination. The boys on the field may be lousy, but just wait for the incantation to sear their ears and the effect kicks in, ensuring victory! Note: Results may vary. While the hall sod may require pounds of the Generator, those naturally disposed to respond to it feel its enhancements for days. The Indelible Grease Can: Take 1: “You are exactly... ” <shuffling of the sleeve to bring the watch in sight> “...fifty-nine seconds late. Explain yourself.” A few stupid blinks showing how you're half-asleep, and you hit upon an ingenious, convincing and absolutely reasonable

reason. “Sir, my cycle...” The rest of the story need not be told, you are shown the door for being rather bold. If the prof was a student here, he probably tried the same ruse himself. If it is difficult to find a good reason, we (who are committed to making your life here comfortable, we remind you) bring you something that makes the ageold reason good. Use our Indelible Grease Can. Take 2: “You are exactly...” <shuffling of the sleeve begins, but stops on seeing your condition> “...cycle giving trouble, hein? No problem, sit down.” You confidently take your seat, and the genuine grease marks on your limbs and clothes have done the trick. Our offering has become a hit with the politically active staff on campus, who absolutely love blacking out their opponents' mugs on each poster. We've registered it as the Smear Effect.Judicious use is advised. Else, Take 3: “What is this baboon doing in my class? Get out!”

The Registration Survival Kit: The holidays were fun! It is only towards the end that doubt takes seed in your brain, giving way to full-fledged horror if you realize that you'll have to register through the Dreaded Demand Draft method. No matter how early you reach, an uninspiring queue greets you. As time passes by, you are sucked into the human cauldron further. Fluctuations of frustration originating anywhere down the line are magnified into shock waves of bodies. Led by ill-tempered security personnel through a narrow corridor, almost asphyxiated, you pass through to the other side after what seems like an eternity, effectively converted into a zombie (it may be added that this process is an alternate preparation for the zombie-mode PSI). The Registration Survival Kit was assembled after several experiments on Registration test dummies (graphic, really) and includes kevlar padding, an oxygen tank and other indispensables. Special Offer: Early orders will receive a mace absolutely FREE!! Useful in clearing one's path. The Red Eye Corrector: Developed in quick response to meet current demand. In this season of conjunctivitis when sunglasses are the very heighth of fashion, why sport a run-of-the-mill pair that looks like one procured at a beach? The Red Eye Corrector is the coolest way to take the affliction in your stride. Medically backed to abstain from classes, you can now spend hours in your room before the mirror playing Matrix-Matrix (or Sivaji-Sivaji, if Rajni's your hero) with the shades on.





T U E S D A Y , O C T O B E R 26 T H 2010

October 26 2010  

Featured: Casual Staff Strike Inter IIT Aquatics Winners, VP Interview

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