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Tony Brown and the ‘Scho lar

Baller’ Manifesto:

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By C. Keith Harrison and the Scholar Baller Team

Scholar Baller To

ny Brown, #31 —Photo by Ind iana University Archives

1. Ashanti received an athletic scholarship for track and field to which university? Ashanti

2. What sport did Duke Ellington like the most and which position did he play?

3. What sport did Busta Rhymes play in high school? 4. Where did Isaiah Thomas receive his law degree? 5. In what sport did hip hop scholars Drs. Cornel West and Michael Eric Dyson participate in high school? 6. David Banner has a master’s degree from what institution and what concentration?

David Banner

Answers matched

In the movie Varsity Blues the main character is “Mox,” a backup quarterback who reads while sitting on the bench in his football uniform. Mox perseveres as the starter at his high school and earns an athletic scholarship to Brown University because of his academic and athletic prowess. This image and educational journey is not a fictional fantasy for Tony Brown, but a reality. Tony Brown is the epitome of the “scholar baller,” much like Mox in Varsity Blues. This raises the question, what is a scholar-baller? A scholar baller is a conceptualization that promotes the willingness for students to accept the challenge of harmonizing academics and athletics. The term scholar baller stresses the importance of a lifelong commitment to learning. A scholar baller is someone who succeeds academically and who accepts the challenge of balancing playbooks with textbooks. The scholar baller, in simple terms, is the synergy of education, sport and entertainment into one lifestyle. Tony Brown is definitely a scholar baller and here are more reasons why. Brown understands the value of the lessons learned from sports and how to apply them to the “corporate game” and any business task he faces. He understands how the “athletic incubator” teaches lessons of dedication, commitment, confidence and resiliency, to name only a few of its systemic character outcomes. Tony has truly, as Jay-Z hums in the Hard Knock life track, “stretched the game out” and put Tony Brown on top! The leadership skills Tony learned from the point guard position at Indiana have enabled him to “ball” in the biggest game and contest of all, life and career. Whether Tony is cutting a deal overseas or promoting a sporting event in the United States, he hustles until the job is done. Youth in America, especially African-American male youth, need more images like Tony Brown. With the redundant play of highflying dunks, touchdowns and sprint relays, one could easily miss the success of Brown in mainstream media. Tony is a scholar baller and most of all a shot caller. He is what my colleague and confidant, Professor Todd Boyd at USC, calls “a man in charge of his own destiny.” The Paul Robeson Research Center for Leadership, Academic and Athletic Prowess salutes Tony Brown as a tangible “ThinkMan” in our culture. Tony Brown is a walking example of our scholar baller logo, and he deserves the title of “the man.” The game never has to end if one follows Professor Harry Edwards’ message to black athletes for over 30 years as a sociologist at UCBerkeley: “use sports intelligently and dream with your eyes open.” Tony Brown has answered this call and then some.

Are you Ballin’ or Fallin’? Scholar-Baller Trivia Time

1. Princeton 2. Baseball, second base 3. Basketball 4. Wayne State University 5. Track and Field 6. University of Maryland, Education

na University Archives

p team—Photo by India tional Championshi sity NCAA 1981 Na ver Uni a ian Ind on Tony Brown

Scholar Baller® Manifesto  

Article freatured in BRE Magazine, 2004

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