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A Co-Founder's Vision by Jean Boyd Scholar-Baller Image It is with intense conviction and much joy that I convey these thoughts to those who visit our website. I am an individual who has been blessed with the opportunity to participate in and experience sport at the highest level (Division 1 and Professional Football). Two of my closest friends and I have set out on a mission to change the world of athletics through education! Sport in our society has created a culture in and of itself. This "culture" greatly affects our youth in many ways, both positively and unfortunately, negatively at times. It is the purpose of Scholar-Baller IMAGE to use this culture and the passion our youth have for athletics as a catalyst and vehicle for physical, mental and spiritual development of young people, particularly those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. My partners and I have become close personal friends and confidants. The three of us were brought together by our collective participation in athletics in the early 1990s. Our shared characteristics as competitors, men with vision, and people who care have kept us together. We at Scholar-Baller IMAGE look forward to working together and with all of you as we affect change in our world through sports and education.

A Co-Founders Vision  

a cofounders vision