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Retail Merchandiser magazine has been reporting on the retail sector and all its complexities for nearly six decades. With coverage that includes the international market, Retail Merchandiser touches on topics that are relevant to readers in North America, the UK and EMEA. Alongside feature articles provided by companies with hands-on experience, and experts in the field, each issue of Retail Merchandiser includes case studies, product reviews, and industry news. The magazine also shines a spotlight on successful retailers through its Reports sections, where leaders and innovators give some insight into their own operations, and highlight what they are doing to maintain their course of success. With these in-depth profiles of successful retailers, the magazine showcases how businesses are evolving and changing to meet the needs of the market. Folio awards and nominations:

2016 Eddies Digital Award - B-to-B best website • 2015 Eddies Finalist - B-to-B, Retail, Single Article • 2014 Eddies Honorable Mention - B-to-B Series of Articles 2013 Eddies Honorable Mention - B-to-B Series of Articles • 2012 Silver Eddie - Best Series of Articles, B-to-B • 2010 Gold Eddie - B-to-B, Retail, Single Article 2009 Gold Eddie - B-to-B, Retail, Single Article • 2009 Bronze Eddie - B-to-B, Retail, Full Issue

EDITORIAL Working in the fast-moving and exciting retail sector requires keeping up-to-date with a broad range of industry issues – Retail Merchandiser covers these through its easy-to-navigate sections. UpFront A quick, informative part of the magazine, where readers can find articles on hot topics and trends, and advice on industry issues.These retail relevant articles and case studies will provide advice and inspiration for the readership, and will look at subject areas such as licensing, toys & games, confectionery, home & hardware, grocery & convenience, fashion & apparel, health & wellness, electronics, sports, food & beverage, technology, gifts, entertainment & lifestyle, e-commerce, wine & spirits, snacking, cosmetic & personal care, franchising and sustainability. New & Notable Keeping up with new product launches, additional flavours, exciting ideas and developments from key players in the industry, this section offers news in brief and key pointers on what to look out for as the next trend or game changer in the industry.

Exhibitions The magazine also previews the significant exhibitions and conferences in the retail space, highlighting emerging technology and the most recent information that is going to be discussed at these very important events. Reports This section is where Retail Merchandiser really looks into the heart of operators in the segment. Through interviews with those at the top of respected organizations, Retail Merchandiser’s team of editors report on the best practices that are working and the lessons that have been learned.These vital insights go across Retail, Licensing and the Supply Chain, alongside other relevant, growing sections of the market.

Retail Merchandiser is targeted at senior executives across the global retail sector and associated industries. With 180,000 readers throughout North America, the UK, and the rest of the world, the magazine reaches senior-level supplier executives, including Product Managers, Brand Managers, Senior Marketing Executives, and Senior Sales Executives.

WHY ADVERTISE IN RETAIL MERCHANDISER? Get your company’s products and services into the hands of 180,000 readers with real and genuine purchasing and specifying power; the senior executives who have hands-on roles in retail l

Our research team only targets CEOs, Presidents, Managing Directors, Purchasing Directors, Procurement Directors, Vice Presidents and Owners. Although marketing/communications and some technical professionals may come to view the publication, it primarily serves senior level officials l

The magazine investigates and reports on the issues that arise from running a retail operation, whether that is on the shop floor with customer facing employees, or in the back office with the latest technology. Supply and logistics, accounting, skills and talent, marketing, loss prevention, stock management, new equipment, real estate, licensing… all these topics and more are examined.

Maximize your marketing messages by utilizing multiple avenues of approach – digital magazines, hard copy print magazines, fully comprehensive website and social media platforms. Companies appearing in Retail Merchandiser get their stories straight into the hands of over 180,000 readers, and also reach a global audience online l

In order to appear on the most convenient platform for its readers, Retail Merchandiser appears in three versions - in digital format which is emailed to subscribers, a comprehensive website and hard copy print that is dispatched by post.

Increase your brand visibility and share your successes – and then use the resulting story in your own marketing collateral and promotional materials l

Deepen your relationship with your biggest customers and share the skills and services of your main suppliers l

Promote your presence at important exhibitions and highlight the new and exciting launches that visitors can expect to see on your stand l

Appear in the pages of a B2B magazine with a real heritage and pedigree in the industry – alongside your peers and those you aspire to work alongside in the future l

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FORWARD FEATURES 2022 RM 2022 Vol 62

Iss 1 January

Iss 2 February

Iss 3 March


Business success




Case study

Beauty sector

Merchandising/shelf space


Counterfeit goods


Sustainable shopping


Retail supply chain


Case study


Cash or card? Iss 4 April

Iss 5 May

Iss 6 June



Packaging impact

Store fit outs


Beauty sector

Delivery and returns

Hygiene and cleanliness



Self service

Retail logistics




Merchandising/shelf space


Sustainable shopping Iss 7 July

Iss 8 August

Iss 9 September


Packaging impact


Digital transformation


Delivery and returns

Brand licensing

Eco-friendly shopping


Self service

Consumer products



Store fit outs


Hygiene and cleanliness


Retail logistics Iss 10 October

Iss 11 November

Iss 12 December






Brand licensing

Product awareness

Retail trends


Consumer products

Ethical shopping



Digital transformation


Eco-friendly shopping



*Every edition is comprised of individual company profiles pertaining to the retail space. This is the bulk of the publication makeup. Advertorials, paid content, and industry case studies/independent contributions round out the rest. The magazine appears in three versions - in digital format which is emailed to subscribers, a comprehensive website and hard copy print that is dispatched by post. Readers then have the option to keep it on their desk, carry it in a briefcase, or access it by any smart device.

READERSHIP BREAKDOWN The publication’s readership of 180,000 within the retail industry, stretches across almost every chain, as well as Tier 2 and Tier 3 retailers. Retail Merchandiser aims to reach those readers that are not well served by other B2B publications currently in the market.



Total 180,000

Mass Specialty Retailer and Dollar / Variety / Closeout 42.3%

Across: EMEA


North America


Corporate Management / Senior VP / VP Merchandising and Divisional VP


Category Directors / Manager / Merchandise Manager / Buyer


Mass Merchandise/ Supercenter and Membership Wholesale • Warehouse Club


Drugstore 23.3%

Supermarket / Grocery 20.5% Other 4.4%




45% 32%






7% Less than $100m

$100m to $499m

$500m to $999m

More Than $1B

CUSTOM MEDIA A bespoke Exclusive Feature in Retail Merchandiser is a brilliant way to increase your industry presence and highlight your products and services to a new audience. Published in both the print and digital magazines, an Exclusive Feature is tailored to your company – crafted by one of our editors, the content is driven by you; based around an in-depth interview. The ideal way to promote a new product or service, Exclusive Features can also be used to highlight interesting and significant company history, new developments, investments, M&A, recruitment drives, and any other areas of importance – the content is driven by what you would like to promote. Custom articles can be two, four, six or more pages long, and no advertising commitment is required, although the option to include your own ad in the layout is available. Cover images and/or text are negotiable.

2 page 6 page

4 page

8 page ALSO INCLUDED… Printed brochure, digital flip book, high/low resolution PDF Your Exclusive Feature will be launched in the digital and printed version of Retail Merchandiser magazine, but further value is added through the creation of printed, hard-copy brochures, a digital flip book (provided as a link for you to share) PLUS the Exclusive Feature as both High and Low resolution PDF files.

CUSTOM MEDIA Brochure Transforming your Exclusive Feature into a stand-alone printed brochure creates a very cost-effective and useful marketing tool for your sales team; ideal to send to clients who are looking for more information on your company, or to use as marketing collateral at exhibitions. The printed brochures will include the front cover of the magazine in which your Exclusive Feature appeared and your choice of back cover. Brochures create a very positive opportunity to gain a powerful marketing tool and elevate your profile in the market.


Digital flip books Created for you by our in-house team, the Digital Flip Book is a quick-click version of your Exclusive Feature, and can be placed on your website or emailed to new clients for unlimited use.


PDF A complete reproduction of your Exclusive Feature, provided in a well-established file format. High and Low resolution PDFs can be easily emailed as attachments, as well as being uploaded to your own website, and can be viewed on almost any platform

E-Blasts Body copy content is negotiable, with multiple image locations to use and a maximum of 800 words. Live ‘Enquire Now’ links can be inserted, alongside other eye-catching differentiators – cross headings, bullet points and pull-quotes can all be created. E-blasts are sent to the complete digital readership database.

WEBSITE Your Exclusive Feature will be automatically included on the Retail Merchandiser website. You can also create your own ‘As Featured In’ link on your website that connects directly to the story, making it easier for you to share the story online, and reach customers across the globe via online search and advertising opportunities.

MARKET LEADERS By continually highlighting the stories of success in the retail industry, over the years of its history Retail Merchandiser has been able to feature some of the world’s finest companies. The list below is just a selection of the market leaders that have benefitted from appearing in the pages of the publication; using the platform to share their stories of remarkable innovation, impressive development and solid growth.

Appearing in Retail Merchandiser not only puts your story into the hands of 180,000 readers but also makes it available to a global audience online. Furthermore, senior executives at recognized retailers receive Retail Merchandiser, from renowned organizations including:

Allen Brothers Wholesale Distribution

Mickey Mart


Guitar Center


Bartell Drugs

Native Roots Cannabis Co.

Barnes & Noble

Home Depot


Beacon & Bridge Market

Perkins Medical Supply

Best Buy



Brothers Food Mart

Potandon Produce



Tiffany & Co.

Busy Beaver

PSK Supermarkets



TJ Maxx

Cosentino’s Food Stores

Pump N Pantry Convenience Stores Inc.

Dollar Tree


Toys ‘R’ Us

Family Dollar



Pusateri’s Fine Foods

Foot Locker



Edwards Food Giant

Quik Mart/Edwards Oil Co.

Giant Food

Price Chopper

Whole Foods

Evergreen Market

Sam Ash Music

FAM Brands

Sunshine Gasoline Distributors

Ford Gum & Machine Company

Twice Daily

Kimbrell’s Home Furnishings

Wakanuga of America

Malco Theatres

Werner Gourmet Meat Snacks Inc.

DFW International Airport Concessions Program

CONTACT US Managing Director

VP of Operations

Joe Woolsgrove

Natalie Griffiths


VPs of Production

Libbie Hammond

Fleur Daniels

VP of Sales Alasdair Gamble Senior VP of Operations

Paul Gillings Profiles Editor Will Daynes

Philip Monument

Are you interested in becoming part of Retail Merchandiser?

If you would like to be profiled in our magazine, please call +44 1603 274 130 or 001 312 854 0123 Email

For further information contact: Schofield Publishing Ltd 10 Cringleford Business Centre, Intwood Rd, Cringleford, Norwich NR46AU. UK Tel: +44(0) 1603 274130

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