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FoodChain ISSUE 162 l JUNE 2020


Success under the skin

Launched in April 2001, FoodChain has firmly established itself as a must-read magazine in the globally important food and beverage market. Angela Santiago, CEO and

FoodChain is designed for the entire spectrum of the food, drink and hospitality industries – combining thought leadership articles and news with case studies about the most successful companies in the arena.

co-founder of The Little Potato

Company, explains how the business genuinely aims to ‘Feed the World, Better’

Industry News l

Future tastes A look at ‘real’ chocolate and the reasons why consumers should be more discerning




New brand identity unveiled for Linwoods Health Foods

Sprüngli launches a world first: Grand Cru Absolu chocolate Young’s Seafood wants to get fish on the menu across the UK

One step ahead How the Covid-19 Supply Chain Collaboration Group came together to share knowledge and ideas

Now incorporating award-winning magazine Food & Drink International, FoodChain’s readership has been extended over a much wider remit, embracing thousands of new readers from North America and Canada. Food & Drink International brings with it a distinguished pedigree and history of its own – together with FoodChain, the two magazines create a powerful platform from which industry leaders can share their stories of success.


FoodChain is targeted at those who want to keep up-to-date with the issues facing the food & drink industry, with prime examples being innovation in food manufacturing, new legislation, health & safety, food hygiene, packaging, IT, ingredients, maintenance, logistics, training and employment law, to name a few. By providing its highly targeted and selected readers the latest news, features and analysis of trends, in a well-designed and easy-to-read format, FoodChain is informative yet entertaining. Available as digital, website and print, FoodChain is produced in three formats, making it accessible for its wide audience.

The choice of change Famous for its delicious, mark et-leading rang meat-free ingre e of dients and dishe s, Quorn Food is committing to s some bold susta for the decade inability goals ahead

26 www.foodchain


Quorn Foods

EDITORIAL PROFILE FoodChain’s editorial is a balanced mix of industry news, feature articles, interviews, new products & projects and case studies.The magazine frequently features significant exhibitions and conferences in the food and beverage sector, highlighting emerging technology and the most recent discussions and conclusions drawn from these very important events. FoodChain gives both event organisers and exhibitors a platform to share their plans, highlight what’s new and get into the hands of visitors and buyers. In each issue, FoodChain’s editors interview top executives from successful companies, allowing them to share their best practices and give readers an insight into the issues affecting them and allowing them to learn from these examples. Bleiker’s Smokehouse

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against the current

Fresh off the back of an award-winning Papa creative rebrand, Bleiker’s Smokehouse www.foodchain magazine.com is combining 27 expertise with innovation to change the face of the smoked salmon market

Headq leadin uartered in and is g shelf-sta Nashvill neat represen ble, plan e, NC, Atla t-b te , Kaffr nt ee R d via four ased food ic Natur oma and T recogniz and beve al Foods ed br (A UNO™ ands rage man NF) is a ufac – Lom a Lind turer a®,

UK John’s


ürg Bleiker had a problem. A Swiss chef in the Yorkshire Dales, he found that he disliked all the smoked salmon delivered to his restaurant. The Scottish salmon was over-smoked, the London salmon was under-smoked, and neither seemed fit

for his guests. Determined to find great quality smoked salmon in the UK, Jürg eventually decided that – as the old adage suggests – if you want something done, it is best to do it yourself. Thus, in 1993, using a kiln in an outbuilding of his North Yorkshire home, Jürg began

a small-scale production outfit supplying had what I would call a ‘Royal Warrant’ smoked salmon to the food service and feeling to it,” he states. “This is probably farm shops in North Yorkshire’s Golden because in the past, smoked salmon Triangle of Harrogate, York, and Leeds. was seen as a treat reserved for special Today, the company is in its third location occasions like Christmas or birthdays, and distributes its products to major but generally speaking, 25 to 45-year retailers across the UK and Europe. olds have a slightly different attitude and Having joined the business in 2004, see it more as a convenient source of Jürg’s son-in-law, Charlie Andrew, has protein. As a result, we’ve repositioned experienced Bleiker’s rapid expansion ourselves to be a contemporary premium first-hand. Now the firm’s owner and brand and more relevant to the people Managing Director, Charlie claims that who are contributing most to the growth the superior quality of Bleiker’s smoked of our products. This market segment is ® salmon means its increasing popularity is eating smoked salmon for breakfast with no real surprise. scrambled eggs or as a protein element in “I had always been disappointed by pasta and other every day meals because the smoked salmon I’d bought from it is a healthy, convenient, solution for supermarkets and when I compared it to busy, time-starved lives.” my father-in-law’s products, I truly tasted the difference,” Charlie says. “I thought Development process to myself, this is what smoked salmon Rolled out across all main supermarkets, is actually supposed to be like, and it including 262 Morrisons stores, the made me quite excited when I looked rebranded products were positively at the marketplace and realized the received and picked up a Silver Food opportunity we had to take it into retail and Beverage Design Award. Despite distribution. That’s when we created the what has been a difficult period in retail, Bleiker’s Brand. Bleiker’s has seen sales in some retailers “It didn’t take us long to find grow by up to 28 per cent since the traction through the likes of Booths launch. Charlie believes the rebrand has Supermarkets in the north. Within a few succeeded because the new products years we gained Morrisons, Budgens, stand out on the shelf, but do not alienate Londis, and Waitrose. I realized it was all the older demographic. about how the product was presented, “Our research told us that consumers the perceptions the consumer took generally found that smoked salmon looks away from the branding, and ultimately, quite boring and dull in supermarkets, so that the product always delivered on rather than dark designs, we’ve gone for a consumption. Eventually, we achieved much more pastel-focused look,” Charlie scalability when we invested in a new reports. “At its core, it’s about proper factory at one of our sites before arriving smoked salmon. It’s about cues that the at our current location which is near fish is responsibly sourced and high in Northallerton, in the heart of North both protein and Omega 3, and all those Yorkshire.” things that are important to, primarily, 25 Always searching for ways to help to 45-year olds, whilst still appealing to the business evolve, Charlie performed the over 45’s too.” extensive research in 2019 as part of an Though the company also produces a attempt to understand the consumption small range of alternative fish products, patterns of the UK smoked salmon such as mackerel, Bleiker’s is heavily market. On discovering that the market focused on smoked salmon. One area was growing at around 10 per cent each in which the new packaging excels is in year, and that this growth was being showcasing the huge breadth of flavors fueled by consumers in the 25 to 45 age the company has developed to help bracket, Charlie decided it was time for enhance taste, add value, and take its the company to rebrand and reposition offering to the next level. itself for the new decade. “Of course we have a basic smoked 40 previous “Lots of our salmon range, but what we are known www.f branding, and oodc hainm lots of our competitors’ branding, was for is our innovation and flavors like agaz ine.co all gold, silver, and dark colors and Yorkshire Peat smoked salmon, right m

producing his own smoked salmon and serving it in his restaurant. The salmon’s popularity soon soared, so much so that, after 21 years in the restaurant business, Jürg left the kitchen and formed Bleiker’s Smokehouse. In its humble early years, Bleiker’s was

56 www.foodchainmagazine.com

www.foodchainmagazine.com 57

Atlan tic N atura l Foo ds


ith a mis sion to and nou provid e reason rishing produc ably pric source ts for s of pla ed all life nt-bas manuf styles ed pro acture erages , ANF tein s, and create that foc While distrib s, us on plantutes hig delive based seen h-qual ring bot surges foods ity foo and veg h taste in pop to dra ds ularity etarian and val w on over rec /vegan ue. and Lom a very rich ent tim diets her ma a Linda ® es, AN itage, y have his inv which F is act ’s fou ention nding extend ually abl of by s in pro the cor back Dr J.H e gressiv to 189 nflake, . Kellog 0 e hea Dr Kel g. Fam vegeta lth refo log rian die ous for g was rm and t. ANF a major based a believ inherit protein leader er in the ed this s when benefit long his it acq s of a uired tory of Loma selling Linda ® plantin 201 4. and bev

Harboes Bryggeri

www.f oodc hainm agaz ine.co m 41

Top beer

of A slicetion the ac g, countin res and made the 450 sto ’s has re than With mo hise Papa John ate the UK’s vig nc e pizza fra s needed to na on cours ain rem ion adaptat pandemic and Covid-19 expansion r for furthe

m azine.co hainmag w.foodc 44 ww

The third-largest brewery in Denmark, Harboes Bryggeri is now managed by the sixth generation of the Harboe family and can draw on 137 years of brewing experience. Today with production both in Skælskør in Denmark, as well as in Dargun in MecklenburgVorpommern, Northern Germany, the company offers its clients a broad assortment of beverages and malt ingredients

45 e.com magazin odchain www.fo

32 www.foodchainmagazine.com

www.foodchainmagazine.com 33


Harboes Bryggeri

l AUG 2020 ISSUE 164


With 282,000 readers FoodChain magazine is sent to food & drink manufacturing sites that produce ready-meals, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, confectionery, and bakery products, as well as the main retailers and wholesalers, top contract catering companies, restaurants, production and distribution companies, packaging manufacturers, foodservice providers, major pubs, hotels and leisure chains. Its readers include Presidents,Vice Presidents, CEOs, MDs, Production, Works, Purchasing, Quality & Maintenance Directors, Managers & Engineers across the UK, North America and EMEA.The readers are the prime movers in their various fields, who are looking for an intellectually stimulating magazine that provides an insight into a wide variety of carefully chosen business success stories.



www. foodch

ainma gazine


Top beer

s Industry New

nce of The rising importa for the food online training sector and beverage

ed launches upgrad l Jimmy Joy Shake version of its Plenny flavors of mezze l Exciting new ed le from unearth dishes are availab ces zero sugar l nutpods introdu varieties two in r oat creame

A new dawn

Get your company’s products and services into the hands of 282,000 readers with real and genuine purchasing and specifying power; the senior executives who are controlling and managing the most significant food and beverage manufacturing companies, hotel and restaurant chains, and those involved up and down the supply chain

Top beer

maintain and In order to nt levels of exceed its curre oes Bryggeri success, Harb its not only on is focusing also brands, but famous core se of nuing relea on the conti products exciting new

class Leading the


The third-largest brewery in Denma managed by the rk, Harboes Brygge sixth generation ri is now draw on 137 years of the of brewing experi Harboe family and can both in Skælsk ence. Today with ør in Denmark, production as Vorpommern, Northern Germa well as in Dargun in Mecklenburgny, broad assortm ent of beverages the company offers its clients a and malt ingred ients

32 www.food chainmaga


red must be conside Currency risks export when increasing opportunities

www.foodchainmaga zine.com 33


Our research team only targets CEOs, Presidents, Managing Directors, Vice Presidents and Owners. Although marketing/ communications and some technical professionals may come to view the publication, it primarily serves senior level officials l

Maximize your marketing messages by utilizing multiple avenues of approach – digital magazines, hard copy print magazines, fully comprehensive website and social media platforms. Companies appearing in FoodChain get their stories straight into the hands of 282,000 readers, and also reach a global audience online

The magazine is published in three formats – published digitally every month, printed in hard copy bi-monthly and the full content of each magazine is also uploaded onto its comprehensive website on a monthly basis.


Increase your brand visibility and share your successes – and then use the resulting story in your own marketing collateral and promotional materials l

Deepen your relationship with your biggest customers and share the skills and services of your main suppliers l

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Appear in the pages of a B2B magazine with a real heritage and pedigree in the industry – alongside your peers and those you aspire to work alongside in the future

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FC 2021 Feature Feature Feature

January 169 Smart technology

February 170 Hospitality supply chain

March 171 Digitization

Food waste



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Food safety


April 172 Farming

May 173 CBD

June 173 (Combined) Fish and seafood



Food fraud

Health and safety


Cold chain

Restaurant sector

Food technology

August 175 Cold Chain

September 176 Food Distribution

Food Waste

Case Study



November 178 Sustainability

December 179 Plant Based Sector

Feature AI





Fast Food

July 174 Feature Food Safety Feature Drinks Feature Farming


October 177 Loyalty


*Every edition is comprised of individual company profiles pertaining to the food, beverage, retail, and hospitality space. This is the bulk of the publication makeup. Advertorials, paid content, and industry case studies/independent contributions round out the rest. The magazine appears in three versions - in digital format which is emailed to subscribers, a comprehensive website and hard copy print that is dispatched by post. Readers then have the option to keep it on their desk, carry it in a briefcase, or access it by any smart device.


40% CEO, President, Owner, Managing Director General Manager

North America

13% COO,VP Operations




CFO, Financial Principal


VP Franchise Development, Director of Development


VP Purchasing, Materials/Supply Chain












51.6% 100-499

28% Less than 100

13% 500-999

20% 40% 60% 80% 100%

22% VP Hospitality, Executive Chef, Food & Beverage Director

2% 10,000

5.4% 1,000-9,999

are in senior management 85% positions are integral to investment 96% opportunities 0

Suppliers: Equipment, Consultants, Contractors


involved in business development decisions

92% are key business decision makers

VP Business Development,VP Corporate Development VP Sales & Marketing

Producers/ Manufacturers



79% have purchasing power




Total 282,000













Less than $100m

$100m to $499m

$500m to $999m

More Than $1B

CUSTOM MEDIA A bespoke Exclusive Feature in FoodChain is a brilliant way to increase your industry presence and highlight your products and services to a new audience. Published in both the print and digital magazines, an Exclusive Feature is tailored to your company – crafted by one of our editors, the content is driven by you; based around an in-depth interview. The ideal way to promote a new product or service, Exclusive Features can also be used to highlight interesting and significant company history, new developments, investments, M&A, recruitment drives, and any other areas of importance – the content is driven by what you would like to promote. Custom articles can be two, four, six or more pages long, and no advertising commitment is required, although the option to include your own ad in the layout is available. Cover images and/or text are negotiable. Atlantic Natural Foods

Plant Plantpower power Plant power

Atlantic Natural Foods

6 page

Headquartered in Nashville, NC, Atlantic Natural Foods (ANF) is a leading shelf-stable, plant-based food and beverage manufacturer and isHeadquartered represented via recognized brands Natural – Loma Foods Linda®(ANF) , in four Nashville, NC, Atlantic is a ™ neat®leading , Kaffreeshelf-stable, Roma and TUNO plant-based food and beverage manufacturer and is represented via four recognized brands – Loma Linda®, Nashville, neat®Headquartered , Kaffree Roma in and TUNO™ NC, Atlantic Natural Foods (ANF) is a leading shelf-stable, plant-based food and beverage manufacturer and is represented via four recognized brands – Loma Linda®, neat®, Kaffree Roma and TUNO™

Quorn Foods

The choice of change

Atlantic Natural Foods

2 page

Famous for its delicious, market-leading range of meat-free ingredients and dishes, Quorn Foods is committing to some bold sustainability goals for the decade ahead


ith a mission to provide reasonably priced and nourishing sources of plant-based protein products for all lifestyles, ANF creates, ith a mission to provide reasonably priced manufactures, and distributes high-quality foods nourishingboth sources plant-based protein and beverages that focusand on delivering tasteofand value. products for all lifestyles, ANF creates, While plant-based foods and vegetarian/vegan diets may have andANF distributes high-quality foods seen surges in popularity manufactures, over recent is actually ithtimes, a mission to provide able reasonably priced beverages that focus onextends delivering taste and value. to draw onand a very rich heritage, which backboth to 1890 and nourishing sources of plant-based protein ® plant-based foods and vegetarian/vegan diets may have While and Loma Linda ’s founding by Dr J.H. Kellogg. for ANF creates, products for Famous all lifestyles, seen in popularity over recent times,leader ANF is actually able his invention of surges the cornflake, Dr Kellogg was a major manufactures, and distributes high-quality foods to draw on reform a very rich which extends back to 1890 in progressive health and heritage, a believer in the of aboth and beverages that focus on benefits delivering taste and value. ® ’s founding Dr J.H.selling Kellogg. Famous for vegetarianand diet.Loma ANF Linda inherited this long by history plantWhile plant-based foodsofand vegetarian/vegan diets may have ® his invention of the cornflake, Dr Kellogg was a major leader based proteins whenseen it acquired Linda in 2014. surges Loma in popularity over recent times, ANF is actually able in progressive health reform and a believer in the benefits of a to draw on a very rich heritage, which extends back to 1890 vegetarian diet. ANF inherited this long history of selling plantand Loma Linda®’s founding by Dr J.H. Kellogg. Famous for based proteins when it acquired Loma Linda® in 2014. his invention of the cornflake, Dr Kellogg was a major leader in progressive health reform and a believer in the benefits of a vegetarian diet. ANF inherited this long history of selling plantbased proteins when it acquired Loma Linda® in 2014.

40 www.foodchainmagazine.com

40 www.foodchainmagazine.com

www.foodchainmagazine.com 41

www.foodchainmagazine.com 41

40 www.foodchainmagazine.com

www.foodchainmagazine.com 41

Papa John’s UK

Harboes Bryggeri 26 www.foodchainmagazine.com

Papa John’s UK

Quorn Foods

www.foodchainmagazine.com 27

Papa John’s UK

“My HR experience has taught me that people are inspired by a shared purpose, and to achieve true, sustainable progress we must prioritize the engagement of our team. The Covid-19 pandemic poses serious challenges to the Quorn family, but the way our people are tackling the situation with bravery and dedication

has shown me that I have arrived at a special company that is well set to make a difference to the future of our planet.” At the same time as announcing the new role, Quorn set itself a number of targets against which it will measure its future progress in HR and sustainability. These included:

4 page Top beer

• To become a net positive company by 2030 • To achieve net zero emissions within its own operations by 2030 • To achieve net zero emissions across its whole supply chain by 2050 • To serve eight billion meals a year worldwide by 2030 – one for every person on the planet

are a ‘step in the right direction’ when it comes to climate change, due to its low carbon footprint, the campaign arrived in a year when studies have suggested that more than 50 per cent of consumers have stated that they eat meat free for environmental reasons. Peter Harrison, CCO of Quorn Foods, commented on the pioneering development as the company became the first meat free food manufacturer to introduce third party carbon footprint accreditation via the Carbon Trust. “For over 30 years, we have been proudly delivering Healthy Protein for a Healthy Planet. Quorn is proven to provide significant health and environmental benefits and today we’re delighted to offer carbon footprint data to our customers, whom we know are actively trying to find ways to reduce their impact on the planet. “This is about giving people the information needed to make informed

decisions about the food they eat and the effect it has on our planet’s climate – in the same way that nutrition information is clearly labelled to help inform decisions on health – and we’re asking other brands to get on board with us. Currently no RDAs exist for carbon emissions, but we hope that if other food brands follow suit, we will be able to make better comparisons in our shopping baskets.” Following successful collaboration with Greggs on its sell-out vegan sausage rolls, and KFC on its popular vegan burger, Quorn turned

its attentions to football in June, announcing a global partnership with Liverpool FC. The multi-year deal will see Quorn become the club’s Official Sustainable Protein Partner, helping Liverpool contribute to greater food sustainability as part of its Reds Go Green initiative. During the last two seasons, the Reds Go Green program has had a significant effect on improving the club’s environmental impact, with positive steps made to eliminate the use of single-use plastics and reduce the club’s carbon footprint through

Royal Avebe® Royal Avebe® is the world leader in potato starch and potato protein, offering unique texture solutions for plant-based meat and dairy alternatives. Our full range of potato-based ingredients is 100 per cent vegan, free from allergen labeling, and GM-free. For plant-based meat alternatives, we offer ‘clean label’ binding solutions, giving the right firmness, juiciness and stability to burgers, sausages and deli products. Quorn Foods was one of the first to recognize the capabilities of potato protein to improve the quality of plant-based meats. This has led to a long-standing key partnership. We thank Quorn Foods for its trust and wish it lots of success in the future!

Papa John’s UK

8 page

The third-largest brewery in Denmark, Harboes BryggeriCarbon is now footprint The targets managed by the sixth generation of the Harboe family and canaim to help Quorn build on its history of sustainability draw on 137 years of brewing experience. Today with production achievements. Over a six-year period, both in Skælskør in Denmark, as well as in Dargun in Mecklenburgthe company has reduced its carbon Vorpommern, Northern Germany, the company offers itsemissions clients by 38aper cent and its water usage by 16 per cent. Additionally, broad assortment of beverages and malt ingredients

A slice of A slice of the A action slice of the action A slice of the action the action

all electricity used at the company’s Stokesley and Methwold factories is 100 per cent renewable and as much as 80 per cent of Quorn packaging is recyclable. In 2018 alone, Quorn products enabled savings of 200,000 tons of CO2e compared to meat


32 www.foodchainmagazine.com

30 www.foodchainmagazine.com

equivalents, with the greenhouse gas impact of mycoprotein, the unique protein in all Quorn products, being 90 per cent lower than beef. Always looking for ways to increase customer awareness surrounding the environmental impact of the foods they buy - and what the company is doing to help - Quorn recently introduced carbon footprint data on packaging for 60 per cent of its product offering. The ‘Farm to Shop’ data, certified by the Carbon Trust, marked the start of a trailblazing new campaign concentrating on how food choices can impact our climate. With a focus on how products such as Quorn Mince

www.foodchainmagazine.com 33

www.foodchainmagazine.com 31


With more than 450 stores and counting, pizza franchise Papa John’s has made the adaptations needed navigate s With more thanto450 storesthe andUK’ counting, Covid-19 pandemic and remain onhas course pizza franchise Papa John’s made the for further expansion adaptations needed navigate the UK’ s With more than to 450 stores and counting, Covid-19 remain course pizzapandemic franchiseand Papa John’son has made the for further expansion adaptations needed navigate s With more thanto450 storesthe andUK’ counting, Covid-19 pandemic and remain on course www.foodchainmagazine.com pizza franchise Papa John’s has made the for further expansion adaptations needed to navigate the UK’s Covid-19 pandemic and remain on course 44 www.foodchainmagazine.com for further expansion 44 www.foodchainmagazine.com

Printed brochure, digital flip book, high/low resolution PDF

44 www.foodchainmagazine.com

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www.foodchainmagazine.com 45

www.foodchainmagazine.com 45

www.foodchainmagazine.com 45

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ADVERTISING RATES & SPECS 2021 r makers e for cide expertis ar ug industry. S e and ing r mak d, beverag lity Pure g and cide qua for the foo create the the brewin e sugars



2-page spread

Full page

r to pur rs. cles help supplie r of bulk ps and trea ts, lagers and cide ufacture a leading ars, syru is a man Ragus is ales, stou 8, Ragus talline sug hed in 192 kets. Ragus crys nce of bitters, pale Establis mar eara ceutical and app .uk pharma e, texture ragus.co iue tast and unq - sales@

oice ker’s ch cider ma Ragus, the


HERE 1/2 page Vertical

1/2 page Horizontal


HERE 1/4 page




1/2 Page


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For your


w.r Visit ww



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Ragus A4


Ad Westo


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FoodChain n i a h FoodC F o g Th e n ch i oic e odCh k a M ain it easy of change ISSUE 165 l SEPT 2020

0 l Jan 202 issue 157

www.foodc hainmagaz ine.com


nk d dri od an of fo iness s u b The



arket foods m enience The conv changing to react to d tes ha s tas ha and lifestyles consumer

w.fo od

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20 20


Incorp oratin g

At a time when more people are considering their diet choices, Quorn Foods is proud to offer a nutritious protein as an alternativ e to meat

Top beer

One service – or a complete package

In o rder to m exce ainta ed it in an s cu succ d rre ess, Harb nt levels is fo oes o cusi Bryg f ng n famo o geri t only us co on it re b on th s rand e s, bu excit continu t also ing re ing n leas ew p e of rodu cts

The flexible approach from FC means that the above offers can be mixed and matched to meet your exact needs. If you would like to create a made-to-measure package that addresses your specific requirements, please do get in touch – it would be our pleasure to create a bespoke bundle just for you.

Industry News

News Industry

us malt Marvello

in tinue to rise edients con to Malted ingr ket expected with the mar gth popularity, ngth-to-stren go from stre

A healthy outlook

Now is the time for foodservice ology tes a providers to offer ed techn n inaugura immune- ght ese l Givauda Advancnourishing, to its Chin supporting choices tosyst em has brou extension cooling consumersd soup significant g facility A turnkey base manufacturin efits to a USa new major ben launched ufacturer has man e tos rove l Pura will imp and sauc project that agroforestry ers’ livelihoods farm


Spudsy crowned winner of PepsiCo’s North America Greenhouse program M&S introduces Vadasz’ chilled super condiments to its shelves



CAPRI SUN swaps juice for water to help local school children

Lead ing th

e cla The ris ing im ss onlin porta e train nce of and be ing for th e food verage sector

A loyal following Hospitality businesses are adopting tech based solutions to encourage repeat customers

Indu stry New

Jimm s y versio Joy laun ch n of its Pl es upgrad l Ex enny Shak ed dishes citing ne e are av w flavo rs of ailabl l nu m e from ez tpod unea ze oat cr s introdu rthed ces eamer in tw zero suga o varie r ties l


ew d Curre awn ncy ris ks m ust when increa be cons idered sing expo oppo rt rtuni ties

MARKET LEADERS Celebrating all that is remarkable in the global food and beverage industry, over the 20 years of its history FoodChain has featured some of the world’s finest companies. Now FoodChain incorporates Food & Drink International, the magazine has extended its global reach and benefits from the heritage of another leading publication. The lists below are just a selection of the market leaders that have benefitted from appearing in the pages of our publications; using the platform to share their stories of remarkable innovation, impressive development and solid growth. Appearing in FoodChain not only puts your story into the hands of 282,000 readers but also makes it available to a global audience online.




Crisp Malt


Amigos Foods

Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment


Culina Group

Marriott International Inc.

Berkeley Bowl

Maple Lodge Farms

Al Safi Danone

Douglas Laing & Co



Marsh Supermarkets

Anglian Country Inns

Gosh! Foods

Muntons plc

Captain D’s

Nathel & Nathel

Arla Foods


Pizza GoGo

Church’s Chicken

Papa John’s

Asahi UK

Hand Picked Hotels

Prima Cheese


Performance Food Group

Aston Manor Cider

Hilton Hotels & Resorts

Quorn Foods

Corner Bakery

Regal Entertainment Group

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y tato Compan The Little Po

FoodChain ISSUE 162


JUNE 2020

The Little Potato What’s more, ensures that new Company team year, to market every offerings come and distinctive taste each with its own a rise in “We are seeing profile. colour or I might call weird demand in what as d potatoes, such unusual coloure Splash, Chilean purple our yellow and s with Creamer potatoe or our Blue skin . These purple streaks yellow flesh and ally historic authentic are actually quite potato, heritage of the if you look at the s started in South and where potatoe of shapes were all sorts America, they ed. Angela explain and colours,”



VPs of Production

Libbie Hammond

Fleur Daniels



VP of Sales Alasdair Gamble

agamble@schofieldpublishing.com Senior VP of Operations

Success under the skin



underway programmes The breeding Company are at The Little Potato really interesting yielding some of n-wise, too. “Some results nutritio way are blue all the the varieties that

David Howard

are all the way through through, or red higher than antioxidants, really high in for is super exciting blueberries, which

us,” she added. n of ed the creatio Having discuss of potatoes, Angela new varietals how that moved on to explain s - is of the proces the beginning with the end result, connected to within on the shelves the products ly are quite vertical retail stores. “We g with the breedin integrated, starting to the s, then moving of new potatoe use our ate growers who really passion the field then s, proprietary varietie own people in our the onto teams, sales s and finally our packing facilitie sells team that directly and marketing s. We have like big retailer to customers chain tight-knit value established a a lot of fork. It gives us from farm to end the of the quality influence over of, and it’s taken care product, on how means process. This loved along the

t where “Another produc the best seller. rity a growth in popula we are seeing is again, ave tray, which is the microw ked, that are s, not precoo fresh potatoe , a seasoning packet put in a tray with minutes,” be ready in five and that can s, flavour four le in she added. Availab among a convenient trays feature the microwave ng Delicious and options, includi customer eating host of other whole Of course, a happy n of Creamer pre-seasoned the overall ambitio fully cooked, the potatoes is minutes, Angela in only seven Company, and potatoes, crispy The Little Potato need to the trays, that just have found that and oven-ready and her team stirred s, in minutes and ity of small potatoe heated for 30 be classic simplic still else added is a bag, with nothing

ent really good, consist that we can get New buy a pack in quality, so if you going it in LA, you are York or you buy nce potato experie to get the same eating it.”

San Antonio, Texas.

ers in Bolner, with headquart Products, Inc. of food. in 1955 by Clifton Bolner’s Fiesta a family owned and operated company founded into rubs and seasonings to enhance the flavour blending projects. Products, Inc. is dry herbs and spices

for custom Bolner’s Fiesta an art out of blending can adapt any flavour private label Bolner’s has made flavours, the company portion packing and For the last 65 years, and Southwestern custom blending, s in Cajun, Mexican s, as well as provides Although Fiesta specialise and food service businesse of blend. and retail, wholesale, up to 200lb drums only the highest quality Fiesta Brand services ¼ oz portion packages while manufacturing pack anywhere from customer service, packaging. They can certification and excellent in its SQF Level II Fiesta. of pride takes teams The company and production sales, marketing, the market. who manage the safest products on five grandchildren, by four children and Today, Clifton is joined

design@schofieldpublishing.com Angela Santiago, CEO and co-founder of The Little Potato

Profiles Editor

Company, explains how the business genuinely aims to

Will Daynes

‘Feed the World, Better’

Success un


Philip Monument

der the s kin

pmonument@schofieldpublishing.com Industry News l

Future tastes A look at ‘real’ chocolate and the reasons why consumers should be more discerning



New brand identity unveiled for Linwoods Health Foods

Sprüngli launches a world first: Grand Cru Absolu chocolate Young’s Seafood wants to get fish on the menu across the UK


The Littl e Potato Company Angela Santiag o, CEO and co-fou nder of The Little Potato Company and her father Jacob van der Schaaf

e.com 65 hainmagazin www.foodc

When the van der Sch growing aaf family Creamer first starte po seed tha d t became tatoes, they pla nted the The Little – intr e.com oducing Potat these de hainmagazin foodc nutritious www. licious, ver o Company potatoes sat ile and American to consumer the Canadian and

One step ahead How the Covid-19 Supply Chain Collaboration Group came together to share knowledge and ideas

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