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Noreq AS


Harding was formed in 2013 when Schat Harding and Noreq AS was merged together in order to form the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of lifesaving equipment. Harding developed the first lifeboat (FF1200) fulfilling the new regulation, DNV 406, for the North Sea and it is also the developer of the enclosed davit system. Harding has a long and impressive track record with Samsung Heavy Industries and has been a trusted supplier for years.

The vessels constructed by SHI have likewise developed a strong reputation throughout the world and operate with distinction in various projects. In January 2013, Transocean set a new ultra-deepwater (UDW) record of 3.1 kilometres with the UDW drillship Dhirubhai Deepwater KG1. The vessel was constructed at SHI in Korea during 2009 and is rated for a water depth of 12,000 feet with a total drilling depth of 35,000 feet. The Dhirubhai Deepwater KG1 carried out the project while working for Indian state-owned Oil and Natural Gas Co (ONGC) off the nation’s coast. Transocean operates a fleet of 82 mobile offshore drilling units and held the previous world record for ultra-deep water drilling at a depth of 10,194 feet. The drill was undertaken by the KG1’s sister ship the Dhirubhai Deepwater KG2, which was built in 2010. With an impressive rate of growth and a host of world firsts to its name, Samsung Heavy Industries has set a precedent for excellence that it will seek to maintain well into the future. Despite a challenging year throughout 2012, the world’s leading shipbuilders anticipated an increase in demand in following years as energy companies seek new drill sites amid dwindling supplies. According to UK based researcher Douglas-Westwood, industry spending on exploration could reach $335 billion by 2016, and the strong orders taken by SHI during 2013 could be an indication that the oil and gas industry is indeed entering an aggressively expansive period. Whatever the case, SHI will be on hand to provide its clients with world-class ships and offshore facilities that can meet the increasing challenges that they will face in the oil and

gas market. With its five core values of people, excellence, change, integrity and co-prosperity, the company is committed to not only developing its own staff and reputation, but to offering mutually beneficial, turnkey solutions throughout the world’s oil and gas market.

Samsung Heavy Industries

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