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focused on a project on vessel routing, aimed at improving vessel performance and efficiency. We are collaborating with the University of Southampton, which is providing vessel performance knowledge, whilst Triskel Marine is providing some novel technologies for vessel data distribution. “We have access to new technologies that will help move us forward, in particular marine autonomous systems that can offer cost savings whilst improving the quality of the data, providing much more of a geo-spatial picture than traditional measurements. We are integrating our data across our service lines and can provide a common operating picture, which is of interest to numerous oil companies.” Looking to the future Mark acknowledges the potential of moving into new geographical locations: “The Arctic could be interesting, if the requirements placed on the operators become clearer, whilst gas reserve discoveries in East Africa continue to grow, creating a strong demand for accurate data in the region.”

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Supporting the concept that a stronger future develops through investment in training, Fugro GEOS has identified gaps within oceanographic training and now runs an accredited course for its graduate employees; this has also led to requests from clients to provide training in a number of areas. Mark goes on to say: “Across the Fugro Group the need for further investment in innovation has been acknowledged.” Fugro GEOS continues to develop new technologies and has been working with academic partners to obtain R&D funding from external sources. The MIDAS project was launched in November 2013 and Fugro GEOS has a specialist role to add a survey industry perspective with regard to assessment of the environmental impact of deep-sea mining on the ecosystem and to help promote standard practices for mining companies. Mark adds: “We have also recently been awarded funding by the Technology Strategy Board, which promotes business-led innovation in the UK. Following this award we are

Coller IP extends beyond traditional Patent and Trademark attorney services to provide IP strategy, competitor analysis, IP audits and training, independent IP valuations, brokering and clear legal opinions. These specialists advise on all IP matters to help companies protect and realise value from their developments, inventions, services and knowhow. In recent months, Coller has provided Fugro Geos with IP due diligence and strategic advice in relation to complex environmental projects and contracts. As a result, Fugro is better informed to protect its commercial position going forward. Working with Coller IP, you can be confident of the value of your intellectual property investments and how to protect them.


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