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the market is demanding is the use of ultra-fine grind barite. This is a technology that is available to all of the competitors, but rather then using conventional barite and instead using ultra-find ground barite we have brought great stability to the fluids we supply and great assurances to the completions process. We have had to upgrade our milling facility to keep up with the demand for that technology.” As AMDF moves into the future it is well placed to take advantage of Azerbaijan’s increasingly important oil and gas market as Nick concludes: “I would say that this year one company’s main focuses has been on developing our local talent and increasing the level of nationalisation and Azerbaijani content that we use. We have spent tremendous amounts of money on training, so we have been doing a lot of recruiting to fuel the pipeline, if you will for further national development. That is probably the current key focus for AMDF as well as maintaining performance at historical levels.”

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of drilling waste that also makes up a huge percentage of our business here. Being able to combine our expertise with subsea experts, geo-science experts and all of the other joined disciplines in our industry means that we can provide a much more integrated solution to the customer and obviously draw on all the expertise that exists in Azerbaijan.” AMDF provides drilling fluids and associated services with the benefit of extensive experience and support. It provides drilling waste management including cuttings collection, transport, treatment, and re-injection and drying services. The company’s drilling fluids and systems include water based and non-aqueous options, which can be supported with drilling fluids simulation software including ECD and ESD management, real time performance management bridging agent selection and engineering applications. The company’s expertise and ability to deliver trusted solutions have resulted in an increase in demand, as Nick observes: “One of the things

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