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TOMOE Valves is a leading supplier of one of the finest and most comprehensive ranges of butterfly valves and actuators in the world, offering one of the largest and most complete ranges of products to give clients unparalleled levels of leak tightness, longevity and wear resistance. With more than six decades of experience the business remains resolutely at the frontier of valve design today, providing such an extensive range of body designs, material options and sizes that customers will be hard-pushed to find an application for which there isn’t a TOMOE valve. “Based in Newport (South Wales), we provide products and solutions for the most challenging applications throughout the oil

and gas, petrochemical, power and mining industries, and we are renowned for offering bespoke solutions to clients who are operating high technology and critical applications,” says Nick Robertson, technical sales director at the business. “Our range of valves delivers control and/or isolation solutions that ensure that our clients minimise cost, operate safely and achieve the optimum results from their processes.” Where TOMOE Valves distinguishes itself in the market is in its approach to working closely with its customers. The industries that the company serves are demanding and as such the company produces tailor-made solutions for individual customer requirements. “Our focus is on engineered, manufactured to order products for niche applications. The majority of our customers don’t want an ‘off the shelf’ product,” Nick explains. “Rather, they want something that they can just ‘drop in’ without any fuss or modification, and so we like to get involved with the end users and engineering companies at the FEED stage. “Adopting this approach ensures that we fully understand the customer requirements, but it is also gives us the opportunity to show the end user that we can make our product fit their application, and we don’t have to have them

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