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momentum Jifmar provides

long term IMR service contracts for offshore oil and gas terminal operators and owners, providing maintenance above and below water on CALMs and SPMs, floating and subsea hose, cable, moorings and PLEMS. It also works in the defence sector, where its main customer is the French military,

and has operations in the marine renewable sector, where clients are very diverse. As Denis Drouin, sales director explained, although the company is less than ten years old, it has already seen a lot of success: “Jifmar Offshore

Services is a France based business, which was established in 2005. We started from scratch and now the company employs about 80 people with an 18 million euro turnover in 2013.” He continued with more details on how the company works: “We operate six vessels and six ROVs, which we own, so our sailors are our employees. As a marine contractor our job is to design, work out a solution on behalf of our customers and then we are committed to carrying out the works ourselves.” Although Jifmar is committed to undertaking its contracts directly, periodically it finds it has more contracts than vessels and ROVs, and to address this it will charter vessels and ROVs in order to make sure the work is completed successfully. These contracts are undertaken in four different business areas, as Denis highlighted: “We work for the defence sector, the oil and gas industry, the marine renewable industry and we also carry out special works such as salvage, UXO survey, barging, consultancy services etc. We recover objects that have been left on the seabed for instance, such as anchors.” He added: “We tend to carry out operations in areas where it can be difficult to work, so for example we operate vessels and ROVs where currents or the swell is very strong, or in shallow

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European Oil and Gas Issue 105 Early Edition  

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