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in saving time, while also ensuring only the highest quality welds are accepted, leading to longer lifespan. When to use WeldChecker is also an important factor – timing is critical in order to maximise the benefits of the system. Video-only inspection tends to raise as many questions as it answers, often meaning that pipe joints need to be cut out to mitigate any risks, even if they turn out to be acceptable upon closer inspection later. Ultrasonic testing, although very detailed, can only be

performed after the weld has been completed. There will have been multiple weld passes before finishing the cap of the weld – and this means that if a flaw is found, many hours of work may have already been wasted. The OMS WeldChecker is best placed to inspect after the second pass, so if there is a flaw in the root weld, it can be cut out at this point – saving time and money. Another technical challenge is the ability to inspect welds around curved pipes. Many of OMS’ clients use CRA

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