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Air-cooled cooling

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has advantages compared to cooling with water. More and more fresh water-cooling (rivers, lakes and below ground) is disallowed because of its potential thermal and bio-pollution. Sea and ocean water requires the use of expensive materials because of its high corrosion potential. Air-cooled cooling also has one main disadvantage: it requires a lot of plot space so that on offshore rigs space might become a particularly big problem. Here is the story of how to design ultra compact air-cooled coolers that fulfil the stringent space requirements on platforms.

improving the flexibility of the Litoral Processing Centre and to reduce flare gas using High Pressure Compression. The platform is to be capable of increasing the gas pressure to 85 bar.

The challenge The compressors for this platform were designed and supplied by a Houston-based compressor supplier, Dresser Rand in the US. Air-cooled coolers were to be used for cooling.

The project The Litoral-A field is a big oil and gas field in the Gulf of Mexico. Since the accident in the deep part of the Gulf of Mexico several years ago, Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) has


Above Location of the platform Above right Conventional design Right Table showing location/project constraints

been developing fields in the shallow part of the Gulf. The Litoral-A field is in the Bay of Campeche, where the local water depth is 26 metres. In order to boost the current oil and gas production, the platform design is aimed at

Bronswerk and Dresser Rand Houston (D-R) have supplied exciting combinations of High Pressure compressors and coolers in various offshore projects. The Litoral-A project required a design combining safe and reliable cooling in a limited space. D-R approached Bronswerk at an early stage, with the challenge of the project to find a solution for this situation and produce a design that would permit safe and reliable cooling in a tight space. Each of the compressors needs gas coolers for a first stage and a second stage, a recycle gas cooler and an oil cooler. For this project


Conventional #1 (without special considerations)

Plot space area

420 m2

+/- 700 m2

Absorbed power

350 kW

+/- 330 kW

Sound pressure level 85dB(a) @ 1m

>> 85 dB(a) @ 1m

European Oil and Gas Issue 105 Early Edition  

The latest edition of European Oil & Gas

European Oil and Gas Issue 105 Early Edition  

The latest edition of European Oil & Gas